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Worst Skateboard Brands

Skateboarding is a famous activity among people of all ages, but it’s important to choose the right skateboard and skateboard brand to suit your individual riding style. There are a lot of different skateboard brands out there, and not all of them are created equal. Because some worst skateboard brands out there as well, and you need to avoid them if you’re looking for a quality skateboard.

One of the worst skateboard brands out there is called “Blind.” Blind is a very cheap brand that produces skateboards that are of poor quality. The materials used to make Blind skateboards are often inferior, and the construction is often shoddy. This results in skateboards that are prone to breakage and that don’t offer a good ride.

The next brand on our list is Darkstar. Darkstar is another new brand, and they’re also one of the worst. Their boards are extremely poorly made, and they’re known for being very fragile. In addition, their customer service is terrible, and they’re often unresponsive to customer complaints. Overall, we would recommend avoiding Darkstar skateboards.

List of Worst Skateboard Brands

1- Blind

2- Darkstar

3- Mongoose

4- Airwalk 

5- Decathlon Oxelo

6- Walmart

7- Kryptonics 

8- World Industries

Let’s explain more about all these mentioned worst skateboard brands to know why these are worst and need to avoid.

1- Blind Skateboards

There are a few reasons why the Blind Skateboard brand is the worst. One of the reasons is that they don’t have very good quality control. This means that their products are often poorly made and don’t meet the standards that other brands do. As I had a bad experience while riding the board in terms of durability and better control.

Also, the Blind Skateboard brand is often overpriced. This means that you’ll likely be paying more for their products than you would for other brands. Finally, the Blind Skateboard brand is often difficult to find in stores. This can make it frustrating to try to get your hands on their products.

Blind skateboards are not good because they do not provide the rider with the ability to see where they are going. This can lead to serious injuries if the rider hits something or falls off the skateboard. So, if you want to avoid losing balance while riding, better to stay away from this brand.

2- Darkstar Skateboards

There are quality concerns as we found issues with the decks such as delaminating or breaking more easily than other brands. Lower-quality materials or manufacturing processes can lead to these problems. One more thing we’ve found is that Darkstar skateboards didn’t perform as well as other brands in terms of pop (the ability to ollie) or overall feel while riding. Skateboarders often have specific preferences for how a board responds, and not all boards suit everyone’s riding style.

Another reason is that Darkstar boards didn’t hold up well to consistent use and showed signs of wear and tear relatively quickly. Darkstar’s product range is perceived as more limited compared to other skateboard brands, which could make it harder for riders to find the right board for their preferences.

3- Mongoose Skateboards

One of the major reasons for getting the worst boards is Mongoose’s primary focus has been on bicycles, and skateboarding requires a different set of expertise in terms of board design, materials, and construction. Brands that specialize in skateboards tend to have a better understanding of skateboarders’ needs and preferences. So, this can be the deciding point for the skateboarders to ignore their skateboards.

Since Mongoose is not a prominent skateboard brand, there could be concerns about the quality and durability of their skateboard products. Skaters often rely on established skateboard brands with a track record of producing high-quality and durable boards. The factors where this skateboard got trapped while riding are pop, responsiveness, and overall skateboarding experience.

This brand doesn’t provide variety when it comes to skateboards. As a skateboarder, it doesn’t let me take an interest in this brand. Because they are focusing on other products like BMX and mountain bikes. It would be better to avoid this brand as well for choosing the skateboard.

4- Airwalk Skateboards

As far as the Airwalk brand is concerned, it is not recognized as a prominent skateboard brand with a history of producing high-quality skateboard products. Established skateboard brands often have a reputation built on years of experience and dedication to skateboarding. When it comes to the performance of the overall skateboard, the bearings, and the skateboard deck will start losing quality after riding once or twice. Also, instead of selling this low-quality skateboard for a lower cost, they sell it for higher bucks.

5- Decathlon Oxelo Skateboards

There are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t consider Decathlon Oxelo skateboards. First, the quality of the deck and components can be hit or miss. Because I felt the wearing of skateboard deck after riding it for one hour. Some skateboards in this line have been known to break or fall apart easily.

Second, the Decathlon Oxelo brand is not as well-known or respected as some other skateboard brands. So it may be difficult to find replacement parts or professional help if something goes wrong with your board. Finally, these skateboards are not made for serious skateboarding. But if someone is a beginner and has bought it already, don’t worry, you can use it for the learning process.

6- Walmart Skateboards

The one thing that can be attracted to a skateboard would be its durability of the skateboard. And Walmart skateboards lack this quality. There is no use of even quality material for the skateboard deck which takes to the breaking of skateboards. Even can lead to serious injuries in case of falling from the skateboard.

7- Kryptonics Skateboards

Kryptonics is not as bad as the above brands are because it has been great in the 70s and 80s in terms of producing high-quality decks. Even Kryptonics was the 1st brand to introduce bouncy wheels but now I’ve felt the decline in the quality production of the overall skateboard, especially the deck. I felt the difficulty in the flexibility of the deck while cruising. Also, the trucks started losing quality after 2 weeks of riding.

8- World Industries Skateboards

World Industries skateboards have been criticized for their quality and durability. As an old user of this brand, I’m quite disappointed with their new approach to constructing the skateboard. A few years ago, they used to have the best wood material to ensure the rider that the board will be durable.

Now they are using the inferior quality material to decrease the manufacturing price and taking higher profits. But this step is taking them away from the reach of skateboarding products competition. Now their boards feel heavy while lifting and trying the tricks which identify the quality of the material.


A skateboard brand may be considered one of the worst for several reasons, such as poor product quality, lack of durability, subpar performance, limited variety, or a negative brand image in the skateboarding community.

Avoiding skateboards from the worst brands is typically recommended to ensure you get a high-quality and safe riding experience. Skateboards from established and reputable brands are more likely to provide better performance, durability, and safety.

Not necessarily. While certain skateboard brands might have a reputation for being among the worst, it doesn’t mean that every single product they offer is of poor quality. Some riders may still find specific items from these brands that suit their preferences.


When it comes to skateboard brands, there are some that have earned a reputation for being among the worst in the skateboarding community. These worst skateboard brands often face criticism for various reasons, including poor product quality, lack of durability, subpar performance, limited variety, and controversial marketing strategies. While not all products from these brands may be of low quality, caution is advised when considering them.

Skateboarding is a sport that requires reliable and safe equipment, and choosing the right skateboard brand can significantly impact the overall riding experience. As such, it is generally recommended to avoid brands with a history of negative feedback and opt for reputable and established skateboard brands. It’ll be depending on the use of that specific product.

The review will get the job done for you. Because sometimes you get the damaged product from the best brand as well. So, it’s better to have the review from the person who tested the particular skateboard. As you can read we listed top skateboard brands to consider for all levels and ages of skater.

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