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Why Is Skateboarding So Hard (Tips To Make It Easy)

While performing tricks, one of the most confusing questions I came across that why is skateboarding so hard? Skateboarding is a difficult sport to learn and to have the full grip. Learning the skateboard isn’t difficult but becoming a pro at skateboarding is hard. You can learn the basics of skateboarding in days but it may take several months to learn the tricks.

Skateboarding becomes hard especially when it comes to learning all the technical tricks and the stunts. Many beginners quit skating because of not getting success. Speaking to all newbies, keep the patience and works hard until you don’t reach the destination. Because this sport needs a lot of dedication and time to reach there. Also, it becomes difficult when someone tries the tricks even before grasping the basics.

Balancing is the most essential part that every rider should consider when riding the skateboard. Let’s dive in and know all the factors that make skateboarding so hard for the skaters. One thing you need to keep in mind is that every pro skater is made after falling hundreds of times while practicing. If you are a beginner, I would suggest riding on the grass to avoid injuries.

Why Is Skateboarding So Hard

No doubt, skateboarding is hard for all levels of riders but at the same time, it gives the taste of enjoyment. You can never become a pro skater when you don’t have these things. The 1st one is coordination and the 2nd one is balancing. Because balancing performs a major role in executing the tricks very well.

Never go for just doing the tricks, learn the art and the techniques of specific tricks that help the riders to perform easily. It isn’t a cup of cake for everyone as there are still a few riders who started their journey with us and face trouble while doing hard tricks.

Just take the example of trying the ollie. Have you ever tried the ollie and how much time it took to grasp the technique and then gripping on the ollie? First of all, the basics should be as strong as the stone. while popping an ollie, place your back foot on the kicktail of the board. And keep your front foot in the middle. Then you push your kicktail down and then jump the board off the ground with the front foot.

Landing sets the eligibility of the rider as it can be the reason for falling on the ground and snapping the board. By having the proper and successful landing, Bring the back foot and the front foot on the EFP to protect yourself from getting injured.

Is Skateboarding Hard to Learn

Why is skateboarding hard to learn

Yes, the tricks of skateboarding are hard to learn but not possible. Lots of try and hard work will lead you to a successful pro skater. Those who can’t become what always wanted to be because of giving up too early. Now move toward the factors that make it harder or tell you is skateboarding hard or not

1- Lack Of Confidence

Lack of confidence is the first factor that makes skating harder. Because the starters don’t get into it especially for tricks because of falling. Look, there is no doubt that skateboarding can cause serious injury. And giving up isn’t the solution but keeping working can get the job done. If you have fear of getting injured then try on the grass. Just be on it until you don’t make your own.

2- Balancing

Maintaining your balance on the board takes you to the path of pro skaters. Because it’s a game of balancing and coordination. Yes, it matters when you turn the board, stop the board, and balance while landing. Your weight can also be the determining factor in balancing the board. Get the board that bears your weight and distribute it properly.

3- Your Passion

Keeps the passion alive and never lets it die. Because it will take your confidence as well as the already learned skill. Also, you can learn more fastly when you have a passion for achieving something.

4- Your Health

If you are heavy or inappropriate health, you can’t make your skateboarding own. Particularly the tricks that can’t be played by everyone. It demands a good fitness level, a huge amount of balance, and the techniques to be on it.

5- Wrong Way Of Skateboarding

What kind of aspects comes in when we talk about the wrong ways of skateboarding? Your foot placement describes your ability and approach to the skill. While riding put your foot on the landing area. And that is the middle part of the skateboard.

Tips To Make The Skateboarding Easy

1- Learn the Basics of skateboarding first like balancing and control on the board

2- Try the grass for trying tricks to avoid injuries in case of falling

3- If the skateboard doesn’t meet the standard, change it immediately and get the skateboard accordingly

4- Rides and try with friends, get some lessons, and share some tips as well within your circle

5- Videos can help you in this regard

6- Never forget to wear protective gears

Is It Hard To Skateboard

Questions might be still roaming in your mind is it hard to learn how to skateboard or why can’t I skateboard? Let me answer your first question. No, it’s not hard to learn how to skateboard. You make the skateboarding sport hard by not giving a proper time with full dedication. Yes, your sincerity and the time that you give are essential.

The answer to the second question is You can easily skateboard. But without proper time, it may take years to become a medium skateboarder.

And what if you ask someone if that is skateboarding easy? You will get the same answer you can make skateboarding easy by paying full attention and concentrating on the goal. You can make the skateboarding sport own within 6 months. But you will have to work hard to reach there.

Hardest Trick On Skateboard

The hardest skating trick is the laser flip or the ollies impossible. The laser flip includes 360 Shuv and varial heelflip. It is one of the hard skate tricks that almost make it impossible for the rider to execute it successfully.


No, skateboarding is not a difficult sport to play. It requires the same hard work as you do for other sports like football or cricket. You just need to ride with the right techniques with dedication. Passion and time should be more than enough.

Yes, it can be sometimes cruel. Because when the skaters ride downhill accidents can take their life as well. As the rider skates the board at a higher speed. Whenever and wherever you ride, wearing safety gear should be your habit.


Skateboarding would be difficult when you give up too early. Pay your full attention to balancing while turning and stopping the skateboard. Because learning the basics of skateboarding is essential. You can’t proceed ahead until your basics are not strong. A lot of balance is required when it comes to performing tricks. And the tricks are the actual reason why is skateboarding so hard.

I had dedicated all my childhood to skateboarding to make my future bright. You have to sacrifice your precious time for learning this amazing lucrative sport. But if you fear doing tricks, follow the tips to make skateboarding easy. Soft surfaces with protective gears will defeat the fear that you are having inside.

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