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Why Is My Skateboard Squeaky (How To Solve This)

Have you ever found your skateboard squeaky or recently faced this issue while skateboarding? It’s extremely annoying for the skater because it varnishes the pleasant riding. You might be trying to find the real facts to get to know Why is my skateboard squeaky? Indeed it totally depends on multiple factors that determine you the reason for squeaking your board.

 Skateboard components make you realize the squeaking problem after analyzing the required components. Most of the time the squeaky is caused because of the bushings. Squeaking happens due to the damaged bushings and the weather condition can be the reason. Or the cutting washers can make the skateboard rattling noise.

Also, the riser pads and the axles can also be the reason when it comes to having the squeaking vocal. The friction causes due to applying imprudent pressure on the board. As a result, you get a squeaky voice from the board. If you are not still managing to find the mistake why your skateboard is giving a squeaking sound? Just dive into the guide, because we have covered each factor that causes the skateboard to squeak.

Is It Bad If My Skateboard Squeaks

Before we come onto all the reasons and the components that make the skateboard squeaky. I would like to give you a brief intro that why is it bad if my skateboard squeaks. Or would it be harmful to my skateboard and all its parts? First of all, it will bring a lot of difference to your riding because of distracting and annoying noise.

 A rider who is sincere with the profession can’t compromise on the quality of the board. Probably, you wanted to ride in the rain (that’s not recommended). And what if your board wouldn’t bear the mud or water? So I would advise the skater to fix this issue for comfort riding. All the issues and fixing have been mentioned below, make sure to read them all.

As far as the components are concerned, You may need to change a single or couple of parts. But optimization and repair would be needed to finish this maddening sound. Changing will be done when you have been using the components for so long. Because most used parts become the reason for squeaking.

Why Does My Skateboard Squeak

Multiple reasons can detect the squeaking sound. Everyone describes the factors based on their research and experience too. And what we have experienced the reasons are listed below in the detail. Also how you can recognize the issue and solve this issue within the minutes?

Taking care of your skateboard doesn’t only provide you the huge life to ride it. Rather this special skill will be added to the skateboarding skills. And that describes the passion and love of the skater for skateboarding.

Why does my skateboard squeaky

1- Skateboard Bushings

Experienced skateboarders would be aware of squeaking that the trucks indeed give an annoying sound. And it happens because of the damaging business. You can determine the problem by unscrewing the nuts and skateboard trucks.

 Remove the bearings and analyze the signs of bushings. Whether it’s giving the wear and tear scribbles, if so. You might need to change the bushings because when the bushings start changing shape. The quality also changes and it doesn’t help your board to turn and pivot properly with the passage of time. In case of cracks in the bushings, replace the bushings as soon as possible.

But if there is nothing like that, then after unscrewing the bushings. First of all, you’ll need to wax the bushings. Then to make the bushings reliable, rub the oil onto them. And get back to the trucks, unfasten them and just take a ride. Your problem will be solved.

2- Bearings

After repairing the bushings, if the problem doesn’t get solved and the issue can be detected while skateboarding. it’s time to concentrate on the bearings because of the bearings. First of all, unfasten the wheels and check every bearing while rotating the wheel. Once you recognize the squeaky bearing, Firstly use nail remover or something like that and clean that bearing after removing the shields.

Now take the tissue paper to clean and dry the bearings and make sure there shouldn’t be any dust. Now you have to apply silicon lubricant to make it even better than the back. Once everything gets done, Now rotate the wheel and check the bearing, whether working fine or not. if not, you have to change the bearings.

3- Riser Pads

Riser pads can be the reason for producing squeaky sounds. You need to check the tightness of the screws. Are they fully tightened or not?

 Because it causes vibration and creates an annoying sound. Inspecting the riser pads is very essential to save your board. When the cracks appear on the pads, it compels the board to be broken.

4- Skateboard Wheels

If your skateboard wheels are new, fewer chances of this problem happening. But if the wheels are old and have been used for so long, the squeaking voice can occur because of excessive use. As the most used wheels lose their diameter with the passage of time. If this is the issue, change the wheels and enjoy squeakless riding.

Squeaky Skateboard Trucks

You can stop the skateboard trucks from squeaking by only coating the bushings, nuts, and trucks with lubricant wax. Just take the skateboard tool or the wrench and detach the trucks. Once all the nuts, bushings, and trucks are unfastened.

Take a wax and apply it on squeaky skateboard trucks. Also, apply a suitable amount of wax on the bushings. Don’t forget to wax the skateboard truck’s hole. When everything is dried, fasten the components and start skating. I hope the problem of how to fix squeaky trucks on a skateboard will be solved. You can easily do the process of how to stop trucks from squeaking.

 Using lubricant for overcoming annoying sound

 This is one of the best methods to repair or reduce the squeaking sound. As you have been told in the guide for using the lubricant on the components. But if you don’t get satisfied with this method, you might be needed to change the affected parts without a doubt. But the complete inspection and applying the methods is your first priority.

The Bottom Line

After describing the factors that make you realize why is my skateboard squeaky, it’s time to analyze the problem of your skateboard. Just take the skate tool and unfasten the trucks and wheels.

Before anything, check each of the bushings to reach the solution. Then go for bearings and wheels to analyze where the actual problem is. And apply the lubricant, and use silicon quality-based lubricant to get a better effect.

Once all the methods get done and the problem isn’t solved yet. You should change the components. Probably you didn’t care about them or used it more than their life.

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