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Why Is My Skateboard So Loud (Reasons & Solution)

When you get into skateboarding, you face some kind of problems while riding the board. Such as speed hurdles, and hearing strange squeaky sounds, and noise as well. One of the problems that skateboarders face is loudness when skating the board. And then the question comes from the beginners why is my skateboard so loud?

Here are the reasons why your skateboard generates higher sounds when riding the board.

 You might have needed to lubricate your skateboard bearings because of dryness

 Access the skateboard and check the screws whether are loose or tight. If loose then tight them appropriately

Your skateboard bushings have lost their quality and probably the life has been completed

Check the washers that help the skateboard to get higher speed and have instability

Pivot cups and the riser pads are damaged or worn out and need to change for avoiding the loudness of the skateboard

Another major reason for getting louder sounds from skateboards is losing the hardness of skateboard wheels.

These are the most factors that make the skateboard loud. Let’s discuss all the factors one by one to go through with the proper guide on fixing the annoying sound. One thing, if the problem is bearings. You will need to purchase the lubricant to lubricate the bearings for maintenance.

Why Are Skateboards So Loud

Skateboard sound

The reasons that are mentioned, have to check them one by one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find the problem and then the solution. For that, you must have knowledge of how to detach all the components by using the skate tool.

1- Dry Bearings

One of the most authentic reasons for getting rattling sounds is dry bearings. It mostly happens when you don’t look after your skateboard and its components. Maintenance or keeping it clean is essential because it increases the overall life of the skateboard.

First of all, use a skate tool or the wrench to detach the wheels and then take off the bearings. Once the bearings are out, make sure to remove the shield from the bearings. Now you should have an alcohol solution to soak the bearings into it. When the soaking process gets done, good to remove all the dirt or anything from the wheel core.

Before applying the lubricant, let the bearings dry. When bearings are dried, apply silicon-based lubricant to have quality results. Also, the effects of the material remain for a long time.

After lubricating the bearings, install the wheels and bearings into the skateboard. If this would be your problem, it’ll get solved. As I had the same problem, checked all the components. But the problem was the bearings, I applied the lubricant and got it back as it was before.

2- Screws Are Loose

The screw’s tightness or looseness can cause of annoying voice from the skateboard. There can be another thing which is wear and tear of screws. If screws are worn out, changing them would be a wise decision. If not, then losing screws is the main problem. And you just need to tighten them as much as needed.

3- Skateboard Bushings

Most of the time the reason I have also got in getting the loud voice is because of wear and tear bushings. If there is a beginner, just keep it in mind or make a habit to clean the bushings. Interestingly, the defaced bushings can be repaired. Just need to repair them in the right way. Let’s go through this step as well.

  • The very first step is removing the bushings by unfastening the nut
  • Check the cracks on the bushings
  • Get the lubricant and apply it to the bushings
  • Give some time to dry and fasten with the trucks

Now go for a ride and check the sound of the skateboard. If it still creating problems, move towards the next step.

4- Unfixed Washers

The washers can make a difference in your riding as well as can create a louder voice. It happens because of not having an appropriate size that fits in. Probably you are using the wrong-sized washers that don’t fit properly on the kingpin. And you will have to buy new suitable size washers to overcome this issue. These are easily affordable and available too.

But you can fix this issue without having the new washers. You will need to have the Teflon tape to fix or use washers. Get the skate tool and unscrew the nut. Then use Teflon tape or glue to fix the threads of the kingpin. But this method is for the short time because of the friction.

As it won’t work for long. you have to buy new washers. But for an instance, if you are not in a condition to arrange new washers. Apply this method and fix the loudness issue.

5- Pivot Cup & Riser Pads

Pivot cups are the things that also require maintenance and are taken care of for better performance. The first step is to remove the pivot cup by sagging the nut with the tool and detaching the truck’s body. Once the pivot cup is detached, analyze the problem by checking marks or some kinds of cracks.

Don’t apply the lubricant until you don’t clean the specific material. After cleaning, apply the lubricant and after a couple of minutes, assemble the board. Now give it a try to check whether the problem is resolved or not.

As far as the riser pads are concerned, you just need to make sure that the screws are tightened enough. If these are tight enough, you won’t get any problems from this end. Loose screws indeed deface the skateboard deck.

6- Checking the Hardness Of Wheels

The louder skateboard sound comes when there are few amounts of hardness left. Yes, the hardness gets reduced when you do the power slides on those wheels. Or the continuous use of wheels can get the damage done. So there is no way other than changing the wheels. Check the wheels, if this is the issue then change the wheels.

7- Riding Terrain

The skateboard is not always the problem, it might be the ground or surface where you are riding. So, if the surface is what produces the noise when riding. It’s better to change the ground if you dislike the generating sound.


Whatever the sports you choose, there will always be maintenance required or a bit of checking after some time. Because it helps you in maintaining the quality of the product as well as your game level. Skateboard is one of them and you need to take care of all its parts to avoid repairing it.

When you don’t divert your mind toward cleaning the skateboard. It leads you to the repairing skateboard and that costs you heavily. And that is the reason you ask why is my skateboard so loud.

To avoid this issue, keep cleaning the board with a schedule. Now if you are facing this issue, apply all the methods and check all the components. Then apply the solution and get the issue solved.

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