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Why Do People Hate Skateboarders?

The skateboarding tricks are absolutely thrilling to perform and watch them. Because there is infinite love for the skateboarders as well as the skateboarding. But at the same time, you receive hate from some individuals. The property owners are the ones who say I hate skateboarding and the skaters badly. You might be thinking why do people hate skateboarders and what connection is there between skating and the property owner?

The people who hate skateboarders are the property owners, scooters and bicycle owners, and all the pedestrians. The property holders hate them because of destructing or damaging their outside property. Especially when the skaters ride on the road or streets. Scooters and bicycle riders also face accidents by hitting skateboarders. The same goes for pedestrians while passing the road or walking on the streets.

It all got started back in the 70s when the kids broke essential things by hitting skateboards in backyards. And it still going on and the kids are destroying the swimming pools and their setups. Unfortunately, there is no stop to this. To convert this hate into love for skateboarding, there are tips for all of you beginners, just be with us. Also, get the details of all the people that hate skateboarders and their authentic reason too.

Why Skaters Are Hated

The major reason for skater haters that I got found. When someone was caught damaging the property was not following the rules of traffic. If you follow the traffic laws, you will be stopped at the red signals. Automatically it will save the people that will be crossing the road. Also, if you ride the skateboard in a suitable place in the streets. There won’t be any damage or destruction. And the pedestrians will have a safe walk as well.

There are more common and noticed reasons why people hate skateboarders. You need to keep this in mind while riding the skateboard. Only to avoid these disturbances in your skating career.

1- Damaging Properties

The newcomers ask by hearing the people saying they love skateboarding but hate skateboarders when they see the environment surrounding One of the reasons that skateboarders get hate is damaging their properties. Now what kind of properties could be? breaking someone’s flowerpot that is situated outside of the house is enough reason to hate them. While skating in backyards, the setup can be damaged where kids or teens ride the boards.

Some of the tricks performers try their luck while performing the tricks over the chair or the benches. And few of them gets failed and they break their essential materials. You can’t overcome this hate until you don’t ride your board sensibly. Apart from riding sensibly, skating in the right place is essential. Also, following your country-specific rules for riding can lead you to a sensible and successful skateboarder.

2- Irritating Noise From Skateboarding

Another issue that can drag someone into depression is if he/she has a problem with noise. Because there is a huge amount of skateboarders on the streets. And two types of noises hurt them such as the conversation with each other and the skateboarding noise. The noise of skateboarding is quite irritating especially when you are sleeping. Or spending some time with the family.

It can be horrible in the case of working as well. Suppose you are working at home and you suddenly hear the skateboarding noise. You’ll be distracted and disappointed if there is a daily routine.

You may have gone for the complaint to get relief. But you will never see the skateboarders and their viewers get irritated. Because they are used to it. Although it can be exasperating initially, it would be ok after some time.

3-Skateboarders are hated by Strollers and Vehicles Owners

The skateboarders are not aware that specific surfaces and grounds have been made for skating. Those get trolled by the strollers while riding the skateboard on the sidewalk. Because the chances are bright to get hit by the skaters. This is the reason why people hate skateboarders.

There are particular places for the skaters to show their skills and skate in their favorite style. Move on to why vehicle owners hate skaters. What if you hit the car’s bumper or another part? It will take enough bucks to repair the bumper. Also, it can break any part of your skateboard.

Sometimes, the vehicle owners don’t forgive. They get the amount that you have damaged by hitting the skateboard. So, you have to pay twice for your skateboard and for the bumper. The only solution is just to obey the traffic laws or stop riding on the road.

4- Skaters Marked as Vandalized

When all gets started, the skateboarders get labeled as vandalized. That destroys essential property. But now the changes have been made as the skaters are now more focused on their future rather than damaging. But now the skateboarder’s community is suffering this all. As you can’t remove the label until the high court orders it to remove.

I would suggest to every beginner skateboarder that doesn’t show recklessness. And always concentrate on your future to have the title of pro skateboarder for your country.

5- Skateboarders are mean and unsafe to roam around

Skateboarders are mean when you don’t obey the skateparks rules as a beginner. There is the chance that you can be advised on a few steps such as the riding direction and the behavior on the board. Don’t try to tease the pro skaters or stopping them continuously will lead you to leave the skatepark.

The skaters are absolutely safe to watch closely too. But if you are watching the rider that doesn’t have good control then it’s not a good sign. Because you can get injured. Otherwise, the skaters are fully thrilled and fortunate to watch. Just be careful when roaming into the skateparks.


The basics of hating skateboarding and skaters are harming the people and their essential materials. Skateboarders need to learn the real and authentic places for skateboarding. It doesn’t only help you in learning the skill but fastly. It’s better rather than cruising around the town on the sidewalks or breaking the traffic signals.

You will see the question of why do people hate skateboarders will be stopped asking. As the skaters will be sensible as well as more focused on their goals. And that quality I have seen in this new generation. The kids are highly motivated and have the enthusiasm to do something for their parents and for the country.

Try to avoid riding on dangerous surfaces like busy roads and sidewalks. Also, wear protective gear to protect yourself. Remember, damaging other properties can get you DUI on a skateboard. DUI on a skateboard is the punishment that has been given by the court to the skateboarder.

This law isn’t approved in every country but some have. You may have needed to pay heavy fines and jail for some years. Importantly, it destroys the whole skating career. To protect yourself from these disasters as well as others. If you are riding in unsafe places, follow the country-specific rules.

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