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Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Skateboard?(Problem Solved)

Getting bruised or regularly soreness on your feet while skateboarding can directly affect your skating activity, first and foremost for a punk. Let me tell you that if you are a pupil, you may have faced this kind of hurdle while skating. But questions can appear in the mind about the actual reason why do my feet hurt when I skateboard.

Your feet hurt because of riding a board with the wrong shoes. And the other reason is that you’ve just started skating and you’re not used to it in terms of standing on the board and pushing via feet accurately. And you get skateboarding pushing foot pain after every ride.

But it doesn’t mean experienced skaters can’t get injured in their feet or ankles. Indeed You need to observe the problem while riding the skateboard deck that is why your feet get hurt. is there a default in skateboard size and quality or something else? If I take you all to a few years back when I started learning skating in my childhood.

 My father told me that I used to have foot pain in my learning days. But after spending a couple of months skating, the pain went disappeared or I got used to it. If you are a beginner would recommend starting under any expert supervision. To enlighten all the factors that drag your trotter in pain, just stick with the guide and let the cramp away.

why do my feet hurt when I skate

One of the most essential assets of any sportsman is his/her feet. You can’t skate anymore if have tootsie issues rather you may discontinue this field. So trotter care is as important as you’re passionate for skateboarding.

Your feet don’t only get hurt when you don’t know how to skate. Riding the board on dangerous surfaces also hurt the feet when you fall while riding in the rain. And it spoils your complete skateboard too. Let’s discuss some of the most common and important factors to look at that notify you why your feet on the skateboard hurt when you ride it.

Does Skateboarding Hurt Every Skater And It’s Normal?

What I’ve seen is that every beginner must suffer from foot pain because of not have proper knowledge of stabilizing their feet mostly. But sometimes shoes can be the reason for throbbing your tootsie. If this is the thing in your case, immediately consult with an expert in this field instead of chewing the fat with doctors and correct your skating techniques. Because it’s very important to have the superintendence of experts that let you learn difficult things in a shorter span.

Before asking the oracle about skateboarding, make sure to have some rest to let the soreness after skateboarding goes away. So you can easily continue your skating career without any disturbance.

Putting Pressure Can Sore The Foot And Ankle

Skateboarding puts you in a difficult time when your foot and ankle pain skateboarding gets started. It happens when real pressure puts on the skater’s feet while riding the skateboard. Overuse of a skateboard (using more than your physical capabilities) can lead you to these kinds of throbs.

Performing technical tricks and jumping fractures the skateboard tootsie and ankle. Doing technical and basic tricks is full of fun but it becomes dangerous sometimes for the experts too in case it falls badly. Be careful when you make up your mind about tricks.

Why do my feet hurt when i skate

Fierce Gripping Of Toes Causes The Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis skateboarding is another type of skateboard pain that causes skateboarders when they put a large amount of pressure on their feet or fiercely grip of toes while riding. Forelimb thew and flexibility are essential to get rid of that type of pain. Because foreleg strength matters a lot when it comes to plantar fasciitis.

Our recommendation would be to take a rest to overcome this pain. When the pain gets disappeared, return to skateboarding with improved skills and better understanding. But if it’s salient to consult a doctor for treatment, you can access non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Ice packs can also be a source of treatment for plantar fasciitis. But make sure to certify the disease and then fix the appointment with the doctor to start the therapy.

Over-Pronation Causes Neuroma While Skateboarding

A neuroma is a strained or stressed nerve in the trotter and it tenets pain by getting the axon puffed up. The neuroma occurs because of applying the wrong technique and supination. Skating more than the ability can also cause a neuroma.

Analyzing The Shoes

You should understand one thing and save in your mind that you can’t use any shoes for a special activity. Because every activity or sport includes different foot movements or anything else. And the companies designed the shoes according to the demand of that particular flaunt.

Similarly, if you are using regular clogs for skating. Immediately change the cleat because you can say to yourself that this is the impetus why does my foot hurt when I skateboard? Skate shoes are preferable because they are made to provide you with heel and arch support.

 Additionally, you can use those shoes for a daily walk as much as you would like to. And there wouldn’t be an issue at the end of the day because it has grippy soles. If you have more budget to spend on skating only to add more support to your feet. I would suggest purchasing the insoles because it bears hard impacts and preserves the trotter while landing primo.

Not Good At The Basics Of Skating

One of the paramount or utmost reasons for getting throb in feet is having poor technique and inexperience. You can’t be good at skating until you don’t find and analyze the problems. Because scrutinizing the issue axiomatically leads you to the solution to that trouble. If it seems difficult to detect why my feet hurt when I skateboard, meet the skating expert.

Discuss the issue with him, will be able to find it, and then correct your technique too. You will see improvements in your feet as well as your skating abilities.


Yes, quality and skating-designed shoes make a huge difference to your riding and protect your feet. You get heel and arch support by wearing skate shoes. But choose the show carefully as every shoe doesn’t have the same features.

Your feet hurt when you longboard because you are having the wrong stance and put more weight on your feet when riding the board. The quality of shoes also matters a lot.

Skate shoes are not bad for your feet at all. It depends on what type and nature of shoes you are wearing. You can get Cupsole shoes to feel comfortable while riding and walking as well.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding can be difficult without having unhealthy or pained feet rather it seems impossible. You can continue your skating activity after realizing the cause of the pain and then its treatment. We have discussed that the wrong technique puts you in a tootsie’s throb.

And wearing inappropriate shoes becomes the source of extreme foot pain. To get the proper information on why do my feet hurt when I skateboard, make sure to follow all the guides.

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