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Why Are Skateboards So Expensive (Get Best In 80-100$)

Skateboarding can be worth it if you take care of your overall skateboard. And you can skateboard for years, it depends on you. But the question you are asking is why are skateboards so expensive. Skateboards are not costly or cheap. You can get the best skateboard for under 100$ that fulfills all your requirements and riding style.

 Getting a decent complete skateboard for under 80 to100$ isn’t a big deal. Whether you are just getting into it or have some experience. Because it may last for a decade as well. It totally based on how you look after your skateboard. The cost of a skateboard can be analyzed by the quality of the material via all parts made.

Other than taking care of the skateboard to make it inexpensive. Another factor involves is how many times you skate in a day or days in a week. Because riding the board aggressively and with more time loses the quality with the passage of time. And you’ll need to replace the skateboard components after every 4 to 5 months. Let’s get into the guide on why are skateboards so expensive. We are gonna discuss each skateboard component and its price to make it clean and crystal.

How Much Do Skateboards Cost?

How much are Good skateboards? Good skateboards can cost you around 100$ or they may go up. As I told you the quality of material matters a lot when it comes to the pricing of skateboards. The brand is another thing that makes enough difference in cost.

 If you are looking to buy from the local shop, you’ll get cheap skateboards. But when you buy the board online, it’ll make you pay more as compared to a local shop. Further, the blank deck indeed reduces the price as compared to a printed deck with attractive graphics. But the well-known brands don’t sell blank skateboards.

You’ll have to access the direct local manufacturers of skating boards. Importantly, prefer the complete skateboard rather than getting separate parts. It’ll decrease the price. And it can also be a hassle for those who don’t like to assemble the board. Now move towards steadily how much does a complete skateboard costs.

How Much Do Skateboard Decks Cost

The Skateboard deck is one of the components where you stand to ride the board. Different technologies and materials are used to manufacture quality skateboard decks. And specific technologies like carbon and fiber increases the price of skateboard because of their quality.

The deck’s cost can be finalized after analyzing multiple factors other than the technology. I had the skateboard deck that had lasted for several years with all the components as well. Because I had a craze of cleaning my personal things. And when there is a skateboard, I would leave everything behind for skateboarding.

How much do skateboard decks cost

Deck Material

If we talk about the material, there are particular substances that are used to construct the skateboard deck. The maple wood, bamboo, carbon, and fiberglass. Fiberglass is less expensive than maple wood and bamboo. Because the maple wood and the bamboo provide you an ideal strength with amazing durability.

 And fiberglass can’t give you that kind of strength. If you get a mixture of maple and bamboo, you will get a dreamy ride. But you may have needed to pay more for getting epic skateboarding. It doesn’t mean the fiberglass-made decks can’t be expensive. As one of the power, Peralta skateboard decks are made with fiberglass and sold at 90$.

Deck Size And Thickness

The deck size can increase the price of the skateboard deck. As the bigger size decks in length and width ask you to pay more than the smaller decks. Another thing that makes a difference to the cost of the deck is its thickness. The thickened the deck is, the more you’ll pay. Because more material or layers is used to make the deck thicker.

The Graphics And The Brand To Buy

The graphics on the skateboard deck makes you pay separately with the deck. As the graphics are firstly designed on the software and then printed via printer. Then it has been transferred through the suitable equipment. So it’ll take extra money to add to the deck price.

 The brand or the shop matters a lot in terms of price. Because of some of the brand’s mixture of material and the branded logos or graphics on the deck. There are some brands that sell the set of 5 blank decks that actually reduces the price. As there will be no graphics or logo charges as well.

Overall the best material-made and printed graphics deck will cost you an average of 40 to 50$. And when you buy the blank skateboard deck, you’ll need to pay as less as 25 or 30$. But again, the material and the place decide the price.

Price Of Skateboard Trucks And Bolts

The trucks are one of the most essential components to have. As your skating performance and doing tricks depend on the trucks. Because it tolerates your weight when you land on the board.

You can’t compromise on the quality of trucks because the failure of trucks can make you fall. And it can hurt any part of your body. Never forget to wear safety gear whether you have quality components or not.

As far as the price of trucks is concerned, trucks are quite expensive. It will cost you a minimum of 25$ to get quality trucks. Avoid getting hollow trucks for the sake of money concession and buy aluminum-made trucks. So do a one-time investment and get high-quality trucks to bear the landing and enhance your confidence. You’ll have to buy the bolts to keep your skateboard tightened with the deck.

Cost Of Skateboard Wheels

When it comes to the cost of skateboard wheels, the hardness and the size of the wheel determine the price. Also, the quality of material has been used for the wheels and the density as well. The higher the size and the hardness, you will get the more speedy wheels. But the higher hardness wheels don’t support you in doing tricks.

Polyurethane is the best material that is used for the wheels. As the other material wheels get wear and tear with the passage of time. And your wheels lose the speed that you had at the start. You can have quality wheels within the range of 25 to 40$. But in the case of a brand, it can take up to 50$ as well.

When you are a beginner and have a tight budget, you can get the wheels at a cheap price with decent quality. But if you can pay more, then get high-quality and suitable wheels to make your riding amazing.

Price of skateboarding bearings and spacers

Skateboard bearings directly affect the speed of the board. The bearings have the ABEC rating with odd numbers of 1 to 9. And the higher the ABEC rating, the more speed you will get on the skateboard. You can last the bearings for many years as it depending on how you take care of them.

 Avoiding the bearings from rain or water is very essential to have it for long. And if there is a speck of dirt, make sure you are cleaning it all from time to time. The skateboard bearings are selling at the rate of 10 to 200$. The dirt and friction destroy the skateboard bearings, we use the spacers to avoid these defects. And you’ll have to pay 2 or 3$ to get them.

Cost Of Bushings And Grip Tape

You can get the skateboard bushings for up to 5$ but as up as 15$. As the wheels are made with polyurethane. The material used for bushings is plastic.

 It also comes in different sizes and hardness as well. Heavier riders can go for above 92A but others can accept the 92A. As far as the kids are concerned, below 90A bushings should be accepted. And the skateboard grip can be purchased in the range of 6 to 10$.

How Much Are Skateboards

How much are skateboards

Apart from wearing accessories and safety gear, you can get the best skateboard for under 100$. This refers to when you buy the complete skateboard. Because you get a lot of bucks concession with full board.

 Otherwise, if you get first all the components and then assemble them can cost you much more expensive. As the prices are mentioned above, you can check each of the parts in detail. This is how you can get to know how expensive are skateboards.

Skateboarding Wearing Accessories

You’ll need to have a comfortable shirt and pants. Also, shoes will also be needed. If you want to get high-quality material wearing accessories. You’ll need to pay more than 100 to 150$. Skating in hot weather will compel you to wear a cap and sunglasses to keep yourself protected.

Skateboarding Safety Accessories

The helmet is one of the most essential safety equipment you must have when skateboarding. Because the quality and the thickened helmet protect you when falling severely. You can get the best helmet for up to 40 to 50$ with guaranteed protection of the head and face.

Also, the elbow pads and the wrist guards will snatch the 50$ more from you. Look, never ignore the quality of safety gear. I used to spend more on safety gear than on the skateboard. Because it prevents you from harmful injuries. It doesn’t mean you stop buying quality skateboards.


Skateboarding is one of the sports that makes the rider feel proud when the tricks are performed. Because it’s quite an interesting and exciting activity yet lucrative and affordable. But there was confusion about why are skateboards so expensive.

 Onward, there won’t be any questions because it has been described in detail above. Just scroll up and read all the guides to know everything about how much for a skateboard is and why these are expensive.

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