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Wheel Bite Skateboard (Causes, Prevention, And Fixing)

If you have just stepped into one of the amazing sports skateboarding, you might be oblivious to the term ‘wheel bite skateboard‘. Because when you start learning skating. Focusing on riding and balancing on the board has always been your preference instead of concerning about technical things. But it should be your thread when it comes to buying your best skateboard as a kid or beginner to have it for so long.

 However, the skilled riders would be enlightened about wheel bite. And they have absolutely clued up about how to avoid the wheel bite. Rather if a wheel bite occurs on their board, they tackle it within the minutes. Let me address your question about what is wheel bite. A wheel bite can be defined as when the bottom of the skateboard deck comes in contact with the board while skateboarding.

Further, wheel biting causes your wheels to stop or lose enough speed. Even sometimes the heavy wheel bite can make you fall off the board because of dropping your balance. Whatever the condition is, whether the board has been sapped off a wheel bite. Or looking for a solution to prevent your board from wheel biting. Just be in the guide until you don’t get your answer.

The Reasons Why Wheel Bite Causes

Before we dive into the complete detail of how you can prevent the board from wheel bites. Firstly why does it happens, there are a couple of reasons that ensure the rider on your board is gonna get the wheel bite.

  • Bigger wheels are the biggest reason for having a wheel bite. And there are more chances of wheel biting when someone has the longboards. Because the longboards have bigger wheels for better speed and for longer distances. But it doesn’t mean that the skateboards can’t get the wheel bite.
  • When you carve or turn the board, the possibility is there to have the wheel bite if the board isn’t optimized. Also while doing tricks or sliding down the stairs can genesis the wheel bite skateboard.
  • Are you using the wheel wells or not? If not. You might be getting the wheel bite because of not having the wheel wells. The wheel wells are actually used to enhance the interspace between the skateboard deck and skateboard vehicles.
  •  Skateboard trucks can be the reason. yes, you heard it, because having loose trucks leads you to cause the wheel bite.

Why you must be avoided wheel bite skateboarding

One of the major factors, why you should avoid wheel bite skateboarding, is skating the board without any tension. As you fear having the wheel bite while riding. And it doesn’t let you skate properly with better confidence.

 Another factor is it saves your spent money on the product. Because its increases the life of your skateboard deck and the wheels as well. Saving your life and protecting yourself from threatening injuries should be your first priority. The wheel bites while going at a higher speed can make it possible. So it’s essential to protect yourself from wheel bite.

How To Prevent Wheel Bite When Skating The Board

We’ll be going through in detail some of the essential factors. You’ll need to keep it in mind as it will help you in buying the skateboard if you are the starter. But make sure you are following all the tips and reasons to protect your board from wheel biting.

1- Screw Up The Skateboard Trucks

This step can make a difference in riding because of tightening the skateboard trucks. After sewing up the trucks, it can feel like you stiffed riding. But you have to go for this because you want to protect your board from wheel bite.

Just get the skate tool and tighten your board trucks. It’ll decrease the chances of wheel bite because of less movement of the axle. So just go for it without thinking more and avoid wheel bite.

wheelbite skateboard

2- What Do Risers Pads Do On A Skateboard

If you are skateboarding without the riser pads, wheel bite can be done anytime. Riser pads help you in enhancing the clearance between the skateboard deck and the vehicles to reduce wheel bite possibilities. Commonly, if you see when there is a big difference between the deck and wheels, carving the board will be easier. Also, it helps in absorbing the shocks and hard impacts.

But there is a difference in using the riser pads. And every wheel and deck size doesn’t need to have riser pads for avoiding wheel bite. If you are using 49 to 54-mm diameter wheels, you don’t need to consider the riser pads.

 Even I won’t recommend riser pads when you have 54 to 56-mm diameter wheels. Just you need to tighten your trucks only. But if the trucks are loose, make sure you have the riser pads. When you go above 56mm wheels, good to have 1/8″ riser pads.

3- Analyzing Bushings

Bushings assist in carrying the rider’s weight, just use your common sense. If you don’t have quality bushings that can’t able to carry the weight. Your skateboard deck comes in contact with the skateboard vehicles. So if you are using the heavier skateboard, make sure you are having the harder bushings as well.

wheel bite skateboarding
broken kingpin and bushings from a skateboard truck.

Let’s discuss the hardness of the bushing for your skating level. If you are a lightweight skater(up to 140lbs) or just prefer carving and riding the board, use 80 to 90a soft bushings. The 90 to 96a bushings would be the best decision for street skateboarders or bowl skaters(up to 190). And 96a+ hardness bushing can be used for heavier skaters(190lbs+) or for doing technical tricks.

4- Smaller Wheels


One of the biggest reasons that I have found for wheel bite is bigger wheels. Whenever you skate with larger wheels, a wheel bite happens while carving or turning the board. But smaller wheels have fewer chances of wheel bite.

Better to have 50 to 54mm wheels to have better results. But the smaller wheels are not suitable for providing you with better speed. So make the decision properly or use the riser pads and tighten the trucks.

5- Understanding Wheel Wells

To get more distance between the wheels and the skateboard deck, use the wheel wells. It can make enough difference but it depends on whether your deck offers this or not. But this isn’t a strong factor and if you keep yourself more focused on the above elements. It would be sufficient to protect the wheel-bite skateboard.


A wheel-bite skateboard can be dangerous in every aspect especially treacherous for your health. A wheel bites while traveling can cause a perilous injury. That will lead you to bed rest instead of enjoying the riding and performing tricks. And you will lose your money as well in losing the skateboard wheels and deck with the passage of time.

So how you can prevent it by tightening the trucks and turning your bigger wheels into smaller vehicles? Also, use the riser pads according to the mentioned guide and harder bushings. Making wheel wells can get the job done for you.

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