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What to Wear when Skateboarding (Clothes For Skating)

Skateboarding is one of the easiest sports when it comes to what to wear when skateboarding. Because it gives you the freedom to wear whatever you like or feel comfortable in. You can wear medium-fitting shirts combined with median-fitted jeans. To cover your feet, wear joggers. Don’t need to have a special uniform to skate. As you can ride the board in a night dress or in a casual costume depends which let you skate more easily. But there is one thing that is more important for you to mention here safety gear.

Other than covering your body with the costume that gives you solace and confidence while riding. Covering your sensitive parts are essential to protect your life. Also, avoid major or threatening injuries that drag onto the bed for a long time.

Wear the necessary gear lower body as well as the upper body to protect yourself from every side. To get to know about skater attires, make sure to read each and every sentence. Because there will be some instructions to keep yourself safe from injuries and to wear the best skater outfits and ideal skateboarding clothes.

Wearing Clothes That Give You Comfort For Every Riding Style

Clothes for skateboarding

It doesn’t matter how you look in the costume. But performing tricks and doing movements easily with the clothes means a lot for the skater. Half-sleeve or full-sleeve shirts would be the best to go skating.

 One thing that I have experienced is that don’t wear loose clothes. Because carving the board or performing difficult tricks can make you fall. So try to wear medium-fitting shirts to make your ride easier.

When it comes to thinking about the lower body wearing accessories. You can wear jeans or fitting pants for skating. But it depends on you which type of clothes make you a comfortable feel while riding a skateboard.

Well, covering your feet is very important because you can’t skate without your feet. As getting an injury to the feet can take you away from skateboarding. Joggers are shoes to cover the feet. Because the joggers provide you comfort and make your legs and ankles cool while skating. Also, considered to be the best footwear for sports persons.

Are you skating in the summer season? if yes, then purchasing the cap and the sunglasses would be the best decision. I’ll stop the raises of the sun into your eyes and the head as well. I loved to skate in summer but I always had a cold water bottle to keep myself warm. I would recommend wearing and keeping all the mentioned accessories. Otherwise, you won’t be able to continue skating after a couple of hours in hot weather.

What To Wear When Skating (Clothing Choices)

A little bit of introduction has been done above. Now let’s dive into the detailed guide on what to wear when skateboarding or what do skateboarders wear. And what upper-body skater wears you should consider, lower-body wears, and then footwear too? Also, we’ll go through the safety accessories to protect yourself when you fall suddenly.

What to wear when skating

T-Shirts (Cool Skateboard Outfits )

T-shirts are one of the best upper-body-wearing accessories. Because it makes you feel snuggly while skating. Importantly, it doesn’t restrict you from doing any kind of tricks or movements.

When you cruise down the hill or skate at a higher speed. Never wear loose clothes as they can become the reason for falling. And falling at a higher speed will probably snatch the skateboarding from you.

Full Sleeve Or Half Sleeve?

Both options are acceptable and perfect for skating the board. Because there is no official or recommended specific shirt for skateboarding. Choosing these kinds of shirts might be hinting at the weather. As you feel discomfort when riding the board because of pouring the body. So if you are riding on a hot day, try to wear a half-sleeve and a thin shirt.

 In the winter season, long sleeves would be the best for riding a skateboard. When the winter season comes, there are more options to cover your upper body. The accessories don’t only cover your body from cold weather. Also, it doesn’t stop you from doing your required style of riding.

Some Outerwear For Cold Weather (Skateboarding Apparel)

The specific outerwear makes riding easy as well as gives you a comfortable feeling while wearing. If you are skating somewhere in the cloudy weather on daily basis. Windbreakers are one of the best outerwear to protect yourself from rain. Because these are extremely lightweight to wear. The sweaters and zip and unzip hoodies can be used for riding the skateboard.

Pants For Skateboarding

The pants are mostly loose fitting and that can be dangerous for the riders to skate while wearing these pants. Avoiding loose-fitted pants should be the priority for beginners especially. Experienced skaters will be aware of the cons of these pants.

Have you ever heard about chino pants? If not, you might be missing the best lower body accessory. Because apart from the comfort of these pants. These can be the best pant for those who like to have skateboard-style clothes. Because it gives you a stylish and captivating look.

Shorts can be a recommendation because it provides you flexibility. That helps you in doing the tricks properly. On the other hand, you can use jeans as well for skateboarding. But make sure that it must have elastic material for a better experience.

Another suggestion for lower body wear is sweatpants. Because of its ease while skating the board. Even these can be used at home or wherever you go while wearing this.

What Shoes Are Good For Skateboarding

When it comes to having skating shoes, you’ll need to consider some of the essential factors to reach the result. The soles, exterior, and resilience should be the elements to keep in mind when purchasing.

Divide the soles into three types, the first one is the insole, midsole, and outer sole. To have the comfort of riding that bears the hard impacts, the insole, and the midsole should be the high quality. As you sometimes walk through the stones or hard surfaces, a quality outer sole would be ideal.

The Exterior provides you the longevity but you can’t consider material other than leather. Because it’s suitable for the skaters wear to have the best riding experience.

There should always be elasticity or resilience whether you talk about the upper or lower body accessories. Because flexibility is important in skating to do the tricks easily.

If any of the shoes meet those three points, you can absolutely go for it. As it won’t improve your riding only but also your feet will feel relaxed.

Caps Are Important?

It doesn’t keep the significance until the weather is good. But as the summer season comes, it compels you to wear it because of the hotness in the field. Choose the cap that has the more percentage of cotton. On the other hand, we wear hoodies or jackets on winter days. You can wear the beanies and these accessories are easily available.

Safety Gears

Apart from the skateboarding clothing style accessories, move towards the safety gear. And that is more important for me. Because I have seen many of my friends and colleagues getting menacingly. injured.

Helmets And Other Safety Pads

The beginners take inspiration from the skilled and pro riders. As we see the pro skateboarders don’t wear helmets because of their experience. But they don’t know how it can be dangerous for beginners. Its an advice for the starters to use the helmet and make it a habit before skateboarding.

Whenever you plan to buy a helmet for skateboarding, always ask for the expanded polystyrene foam. Because it’ll protect you in case of falling from the skateboard. But make sure that it should be thick enough to prevent our head and face.

Other safety items are wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow gear. Make sure you are wearing all the safety gear especially when you are skating for the first time. Because over-confidence can make you pay off.


Everything that you wear from the top to bottom and then the feet are elaborated. And the possible changes have also been discussed according to the weather conditions. Just get the instructions that are mentioned in the guide. And then choose the accessories that suit your body and make you feel comfortable. Because riding more good while wearing the accessories is important.

You just need to get the wearing equipment that makes you feel easy. Also doesn’t stop you from taking curves or doing tricks. The guide on what to wear when skateboarding should be followed to reach the final result.

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