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What Are Skateboard Wheels Made Of?

Without having the right quality set of skateboard wheels, you can’t get there. Because your riding is depending on how the wheels will behave on the desired surface. Whatever the surface or style is, wheels play an important role in getting easier and fast riding. Also, purchasing skateboard wheels without knowing what are skateboard wheels made of can affect skating grievously.

Now get your answer. The skateboard wheels are made with polyurethane material and are also known as synthetic rubber. The individuals who really adhere to and love skateboarding will know the history and beauty of this material. As when you go back to the 1960s, skateboard wheels were made out of steel and clay. The polyurethane material was introduced in the 1970s and it’s still going on because of the quality.

Every style of skating can be done easily and successfully with this astonishing material. Importantly, any surface can be used for this substance and it’s famous for its versatility. But you can’t take the decision of specific riding style on the basis of wheels material. Because there are some essential things to consider such as skateboard wheel softness and hardness. Let’s begin the detailed guide to help you in deep learning and understanding.

Why Polyurethane Material For Wheels

There are some benefits but drawbacks are also there. We have elaborated on both factors to give complete knowledge about the material you are going to use for wheels.


One of the great benefits of polyurethane material is its durability. It means you don’t need to change the skateboard vehicles every couple of months. As I had the polyurethane skateboard wheels that lasted for 2 years even after performing tricks as well. The resilient and wear resistance ability beats any wheel material right now.

Polyurethane doesn’t only help the riders to take benefits as much as they can. Rather the manufacturers and the designers can also get the advantages. As skateboard wheel companies find opportunities to attain different levels of hardness and softness. Even this material mucks around with the colored skateboard wheels and shapes as well.


As far as the disadvantages are concerned, let me tell you that the drawbacks have no connection with the performance of skateboard wheels. Spreading the pollution in the environment while riding is the biggest disadvantage of this substance. Polyurethane produces greenhouse gases. And the greenhouse gases affect health. These gases change the climate and come up with respiratory disease.

How Are Skateboard Wheels Made?

It was an impression and helpful transition from steel and clay skateboard wheels to polyurethane wheels. By the way, beginners can take more benefits from these materials vehicles. Because it provides you with amazing control and is not slippery when riding. Before constructing the skateboard wheels, the durometer rating and the diameter of the vehicles are done.

Now move ahead, first of all, the polyurethane material gets collected. And then it goes through the heating process with a specific amount by using the metering machine. Then pour the mixture of the material into the aluminum molds that you’ve got from the heating process gets started. The hardness of this material kicks off immediately and it takes almost 24-48 hours to dry. But it requires a minimum of 30 days to be fully dried and cured.

Curing the prepared wheels is essential because the diameter and the required surface for the wheels get decided. Once the wheels are made, it goes through another process which is printing images. Not everyone considers it, few of the brands put their logos onto wheels and some attractive images. It has been done by using screen printing machines or heat transfers.

Size Of Skateboard Wheels (Does It Matter)

Yes, the size of skateboard wheels does matter. Because it directly affects your riding. When you will choose the vehicles without research, you might gonna lose your bucks. As there are chances that you have got the wrong set. Let me clear it to you, Size is known as the diameter of vehicles. And it ranges from 50 to 70mm.

The smaller the wheel diameter, the lesser the speed you get when cruising. But it creates an ideal condition when someone wants it for performing tricks. Because it is suitable for street and technical skating. Smaller vehicles are easy to take off the ground and do ollies.

And the larger wheels don’t support tricks but run swiftly. And that is the reason skateboarders use larger wheels for cruising.

Skateboard Wheel Shapes (Classic vs Conical)

There are two types of skateboard wheels, the first one is classic and the second is conical. Classic contains a rounded shape which helps the skaters to do powerslides easily. And the Conical wheels contain the sharp. It delivers the best results when carving the board in terms of amazing grip.

Skateboard Wheels Hardness Guide

Well, every skateboarder wants the skateboard wheels according to requirements. The skaters use those wheels that suit their style of riding. Similarly, the hardness describes what style is gonna suit this hardness. The hardness of skateboard wheels ranges from 75A to 101A+. Look at the table and understand which hardness is gonna suit our style of skateboarding

Skateboard Wheels HardnessBest For Which Style
75A-87AProvide grip and absorb impacts, suits rough roads, best for tricks and street skating
88A-95AProvide less grip but good speed, good for bumpy roads, a little bit difficult to perform tricks
96A-100ABest for cruising on streets, ramps, and bowls are also suitable for these wheels
101A+Hardest and fastest wheels that mostly longboarders use


No, the skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane. The plastic wheels don’t provide you grip. And the plastic-made wheels are not long-lasting. So, these are not plastic or rubber skateboard wheels but polyurethane.

The skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane because of their versatility. It provides you with a much better grip when riding. Also, this material is long-lasting, abrasion resistant, and perfect for every type of surface.

Urethane skateboard wheels are flexible but strong enough. On the other hand, polyurethane wheels are best to provide traction when riding the board. And these are rigid as well at the same time.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that polyurethane wheels are doing wonders in the skateboarding industry. As if you are a skater, you will know how the wheels behave when skating. And how long they last after continuous riding. I hope that our guide has solved your query about what skateboard wheels are made of.

You won’t get any quality in other materials. Because performing tricks can destroy the wheels within 2 or 3 months. But this material can last too long. It depends on how you behave with them and whether you look after them by cleaning on a scheduled basis.

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