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Types Of Skateboards (21 Different Kinds)

Knowing the types of skateboards is essential because it leads you to choose the right skateboard for your riding style. You can’t just consider the skateboard without doing the research if you are a beginner. There are different types of skateboards that are known for their unique style. And every skateboarder chooses the board according to their skating style.

What are the different types of skateboards? The skateboard includes 21 different types such as street skateboards, double kick, electric, classic longboard skateboard, Slalom, pintail, Twin Tip Longboards, fishtail, and double drop longboards. Also, the cruiser, mini-cruiser, off-road skateboard, one-wheel skateboard, penny, carve skateboard, vert, steep kick, freestyle, egg board,  nickel skateboard, and the old school skateboards.

All the mentioned types of different skateboards are used for dissimilar styling and purposes. As street skateboards can get the job done for the tricks performer. And the slalom skateboard helps the skateboarders in winning the course competition. Also, provide a better riding experience when racing downhill. Now move towards all the skateboard types to enhance their skateboarding knowledge. Also, purchasing the right one for your skating style and level.

Types Of Skateboards

What types or kinds of skateboards are there is essential to know. But skateboard components should also be in your knowledge. Because it’ll assist you in protecting your overall skateboard by riding carefully. Also, cleaning the board to have it for a couple of years.

All Parts Of The Skateboard

The overall skateboard includes essentially the deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, and grip tape. All the skateboard parts fulfill their duties whether in terms of bearing the rider’s weight or providing better speed.


The very first one on our list of the anatomy of the skateboard is the deck. The board deck is the part where the skateboarders stand and ride. It is made with layers of maple wood, bamboo wood, and plastic have also been used. But most of the time maple and bamboo are preferred because of their strength, flexibility, and durability too.

This material can be damaged as well as the other components when riding in mud or water. Because it spoils the whole board. You have to clean the board from time to time.


The board drives and grabs the speed because of the quality and suitable wheels. The wheels are made with polyurethane material to make them long-lasting. Further, there are different wheel dimensions in terms of durometer and diameter. You select long-lasting wheels according to your riding style.


The skateboard bearings’ purpose is to assist the wheels to roll smoothly as well as swiftly. If the ABEC rating of skateboard bearings is low. You can’t get a speedy and smooth ride. The rating defines as 1 to 9 with odd numbers. Higher the ratings, the better the ride. These are made of steel and ceramics.


The skateboard trucks are equipped below with wheels and skateboard decks. Trucks help the board in control when you perform ollies or take the curves. Aluminum is the best material for skateboard trucks.

Grip tape

The grip tape is what you see on the top of the board. It is a kind of adhesive sandpaper but it must be non-slippery. Performing tricks or turning the board can make you fall because of the slipper grip tape. So must take care of it to have a better riding experience.

Different Types Of Skateboards

After delivering the healthy information about the components of the skateboard. Now dive into all the different types of skateboards. And you will be able to select the board for your desired style.

1- Street skateboards

Different types of skateboards

Street skateboards are known for assisting the rider in performing tricks easily. As these are smaller boards as compared to longboards. And the skateboard’s small size boards make it easier to flip it to perform tricks. Also, smaller wheels are used for this specific skateboard.

You might be aware of tony hawk if you know even a little bit about skateboarding. Because tony hawk is the man that gives huge popularity to this particular skateboard. Street skateboards are also known as popsicle stick skateboards.

2- Double Kick Skateboard

Street skateboarders or the pro skaters that favor the tricks use the double kick regular skateboard. The name itself shows the meaning of the mentioned term. Both the nose and the tail have a curved shape.

Skateboard types

It helps the pro skaters to easily pop the board up for doing ollies and grinding rails. A steep concave skateboard is found in double-kick skateboards. And performing tricks on those boards becomes easier.

3- Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards don’t consume your energy or effort while pushing via feet. You can use this specific board for commuting. But there isn’t good news for the tricks performers.

As it doesn’t let you do even basic tricks because of its design. But it is full of fun when it comes to commuting only. The flaw is you pay more on e-skateboards than on any other board. But it lasts longer than any other type of skateboard as well.

Different kinds of skateboards

4- Classic Longboard

The classic longboards are traditional longboards. These boards contain larger decks than skateboards. Averagely it has a length of more than 33″ but skateboards lie between 28-32″.

all types of skateboards

Most importantly, you won’t be able to do the tricks. But assist you in carving and turning the board so easily. Specifically these boards are designed for commuting longer distances and transportation.

5- Slalom Skateboard

type of skateboard

Slalom skateboarding will be a new term for you if you are just getting into the skateboarding industry. Experienced skaters will be aware of these specific skateboard uses. The slalom has been introduced in the 1960s and it’s still going on. It basically helps the riders in downhill racing or mountain roads.

More importantly, the types of skaters who use slalom boards take part in course competitions. The course competition involves the process of passing the plastic cones. And the time is fixed, and the racers try to reach the destination before every participant.

6- Pintail Longboard

types of skateboarding

Pintail longboards are designed for better cruising and carving experience. And not made for even the basic tricks. But I tried and went successful in doing the ollies. I did it well because of my experience Indeed wanted to do some unique by utilizing my experience.

The trucks are mounted very near both sides of the longboard. And it makes the carving and turning easy for this specific skateboarder style. Most skateboards have a chance of getting a wheel bite. But the pintail-style board protects the deck from getting into contact with wheels.

7- Twin Tip Longboards

Twin-tip longboards have the exact length and identical shapes on both ends of the longboard. This feature helps you in carving the board amazingly. And you do this without even thinking about the wheel bite. Importantly, it provides you with the best speed. So, if you are a speed lover, the twin-tip longboard can take you there.

skateboard type

8- Fishtail Skateboard

This is one of the best skateboards in terms of having a wider deck. Also, it reduces the chances of having a wheel bite. Because the cutting shape from the tail of the deck converts into a fishtail. It provides you with control of riding. The beginners can go for it when they want stable riding.

skateboard styles

9- Double drop longboards

The double-drop longboards have a higher nose and tail portion than the center of a longboard. Well, higher the ends section will prevent your board from wheel biting. The chances of falling get decrease because of the low center of gravity.

styles of skating

10- Cruiser Skateboard

Some of the most chosen riding styles is cruising. And the skaters use the cruiser skateboards to commute around the town. The cruiser boards don’t allow for longer distances but shorter distances. The bigger wheels have been used for this style to fulfill their requirements. And it can’t be used for performing tricks.

skating board

11- Mini Cruiser

The mini cruisers are preferred for kids because of their size and captivating design. Also, the alluring colors are used for the mini cruiser boards. The mini boards have smaller sizes. So, kids under 8 can go for this specific style of skating board.

skateboarder style

12- Off-Road Skateboard

The off-road skateboards have larger wheels in terms of size and provide you the better speed. These kinds of boards can be ridden off-road such as in muddy areas and the grass can also be considered. An off-road skateboard can be the best choice for those who don’t live near the road or far away from the roads.

off road skateboard

13- One-Wheel Skateboard

You are not aware of the term one-wheel skateboard, If not. Let me tell you that there are different types of wheels and this type of skateboard includes the only wheel to ride on. You can’t ride this style easily because it requires a lot of practice and dedication towards it.

different types of skateboard wheels

You have to balance yourself on one wheel. Which looks quite difficult but not impossible. An electric motor has been added to one wheel skateboard. One of the difficult things beginners face is balancing. Once you get into it, you will be able to ride it easily.

14- Penny Skateboards

The penny boards are made with plastic material and these are known for their smaller size boards. The shorter length and width don’t let your feet in a secure position. And the bigger riders can’t ride this board until you are experienced.

smallest skateboard

Although the kids can choose this for learning purposes as they have smaller feet. You don’t need extra support to make you feel safe while riding. Because it pledges you the waffle grip.

15- Carve Skateboards

The carved skateboards are designed while keeping in mind the surfer board’s behavior. You can get the epic experience from the carve boards when it comes to learning the turning and carving deeply. This specific design has got the abilities of both cruiser and longboards. As you get the best speed on this with almost no effort.

carve boards skateboards

16- Vert Skateboards

Vert skateboarding is known for performing flips and tricks on skating ramps at higher levels. The vert boards provide you the better speed because of steeper inclines. The vert skaters use the larger wheels and wider boards to get their passion fulfilled.

vert board

17- Steep Kick

You can analyze the use of this specific skateboard because of the term steep. Better the steeper kick of the skateboard, the higher the pop you get. And you perform the tricks easily on steep kick skateboards.

little popsicle stick skateboard

18- Freestyle

Another skateboard that helps pro skaters to perform tricks is the freestyle board. But freestyle skateboard doesn’t have extra concave. And it makes it a little bit difficult for the pro riders in doing the tricks easily. But the freestyle skaters use the skidding plates on the nose and tail to get the tricks done successfully with full safety.

freestyle skateboard

19- Egg Board

The egg board is the smallest skateboard. It allows for downhill riding and cruising around the town. It has a wider deck but a short length of up to 9″. You will get stability but not the appropriate length. You have to adjust yourself wisely to avoid injuries.

short board skate board

20- Nickel Skateboard

You can call the nickel skateboard the version of penny boards. But it has a little bit large size than the penny boards up to 27″. All the functions of penny boards relate to the nickel board such as the waffle grip. Also, the material of the board as well as comes in different attractive colors. You can get these types of boards at affordable prices.

skateboarder style

21- Old School Skateboard

The old-school skateboards provide the best riding when skating in the pool or vert. The cruising can be done brilliantly on these boards. But when it comes to tricks, you can perform the basic tricks. The technical tricks wouldn’t be a wise decision. Because these boards are heavier and bigger than the standard or regular skateboards.

regular skateboard

Old-school skateboards were introduced late in the 1980s. The main purpose of this board was to perform basic tricks and use them for cruising as well. At that time, skaters just started doing ollies and other basic tricks.

How to choose a skateboard?

You can choose the skateboard after making the decision about the riding style. Once the riding style is finalized, now it comes to your feet’ size, weight, and height as well. When this also gets done, purchase the board and start skating board.


The street and double kick skateboards are best for performing tricks. The board must be smaller enough and suitable for your feet size. A little bit of stability will always be required in shortboard skateboards. So select the board accordingly.

Choosing the board depends completely on your desired riding style and level. If you want a board that helps you with stability, a longboard would be best. And skateboards are mostly utilized for tricks.

Tony hawk used to ride 31 0r 32″ long and 8.5″ wide. Because this size helps the riders to perform the tricks and flips easily with better control. And every skateboarder knows that tony hawk was addicted to skating acrobatics.

Final Thoughts

The 21 mentioned numbers have exposed the different kinds of skateboards on the planet. The champion skateboarders have made their name by gripping the desired boards in their required style of skating. Whatever the types of skateboards are, the skaters select them according to their passion.

The most used skateboard types are street skateboards, longboards, and cruiser boards. Because these are flexible and almost every style of riding can be done. As skateboards are the best choice for the tricks.

 On the other hand, a cruiser would be best for commuting short distances. The longboards help in downhill racing for longer distances. Again select the board by seeing your comfort and riding style.

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