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Types Of Skateboard Wheels

When it comes to skateboard wheels, you can’t compromise on choosing randomly as well as quality. Because quality will make the wheels durable and well-performing. And the right types of skateboard wheels will assist you in getting the required style of riding easily. You can’t get these two factors out of skateboarding.

Mainly, there are three different types of skateboard wheels used for different types of skateboards too. And every type provides you with a different style of skating. The first one is street skateboard wheels. These vehicles do the favor for the tricks performer by showing technical tricks or stunts.

And the second one is cruiser wheels. Neither you can take these vehicles too far nor you can use them for tricks. But you can cover medium distances more than on street wheels. Last but not least, the longboard is the third type and it is used for downhill riding. You can go on a longboard as far as you would like to.

Skate Wheel Types

Discussing the types of skateboard wheels would be the best thing for new skateboarders. Because you will be able to select the right wheel type that suits your riding style. I have guided many beginners on how to choose the right size and type of skateboard wheels.

 Never just select the board with all the components without analyzing your size, and style of riding. It would be nothing but a waste of money and time. So, it’s essential to know which type of wheel can get you there. Let’s swim more deeply to understand all the factors that define every type of wheel.

1- Street Skateboard Wheels

Street skateboard wheels

First of all, try to understand what are street skateboards. Street skateboards are those that help skaters to perform tricks easily. And these skateboards are easily flippable, lightweight, and very strong to absorb landing impacts. Similarly, you will always be required a smaller and lightweight wheel for performing tricks.

The vehicles that are smaller and harder are called street skateboard wheels. The beauty of harder wheels is you can’t only perform the basic tricks. Every type of skateboarding trick can be done easily on those vehicles such as rails, bowls, and more technical tricks.

Even you can cruise on those vehicles as well around the town. That is why these vehicles and all the components that are specifically made for street skating are preferred. The suggested size for your best skateboard street wheels is 52-54mm in diameter. And you can go with the durometer rating of 95a to 104a.

You also use those wheels for skateparks. The individuals you see in skateparks while doing stunning stunts use street skateboard vehicles. Some recommend getting bigger and softer wheels for tricks. I will never because it takes a lot of hard work and lifting up abilities. As a beginner, it would be impossible but can give it a try.

2- Cruiser Wheels

The best cruiser skateboard wheels are used for cruising on rough roads. And these can run over the pebbles and cracks without creating any problems. But make sure that don’t use these cruiser vehicles more on rough roads. As vehicles will start losing their quality with the passage of time. Importantly, the cruiser vehicles provide you with extra grip while riding.

Grippy and protective vehicles are one of the reasons to take advantage as a beginner. They can kick off their career by getting the best cruiser boards for a better initial riding experience. If we talk about the hardness and the diameter of the cruiser wheels. You can get any range of hardness from 78A-98A. And it will be amazing when you have a 54-59mm diameter of vehicle.

When you are using larger wheels, there are more chances that you may get the wheel bite issue. And it can happen when there is no clearance between the vehicles and the deck. The bigger the vehicles, the higher the chances of wheel bite.

Tip: If there are larger vehicles, make sure to use the riser pad on your skateboard. The riser pad will create a distance between the vehicles and the best skateboard deck.

3- Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels

You can understand the meaning indeed from the heading. As you can’t use the smaller wheel with bigger or longboard. You will have to select big wheels for skateboards or longboards to keep the balance of everything. The longboard demands speedy wheels that keep the ability to cover larger distances.

And longboard vehicles are specially made for providing a higher speed than any board. But when it comes to fulfilling your passion for tricks. Unfortunately, these vehicles can’t give you permission. Especially when you don’t have any experience.

Let’s move towards the size dimensions of longboard wheels. The 60 and 75 mm would be the best choice with longboards. You can select any one of the mentioned criteria. And the hardness ranges from 75A-85A and these are also known as smooth skateboard wheels. There is more grip on longboards as compared to cruiser skateboard wheels.

Some of the terms that skateboard vehicles include are essential to discuss in detail. Such as the diameter, diameter, hardness, and softness of the skateboard wheels. These terms will clear each and everything about skateboarding vehicles and their purpose. And it will help you in making the decision within a few minutes.

Soft Wheels vs Hard Skateboard Wheels

The softest skateboard wheels are 75A and it continues till the 95A. But 75A is the softest and use for cruising and longboarding. The softer skateboard wheels are perfect for rough and bumpy roads. And a perfect source of getting a safer ride with grippy wheels.

The harder skateboard wheels are 99A or above. These vehicles are ideally made for performing tricks. Streets and skateparks are the perfect places for showing technical skills.

So it might be your question which wheel is better, soft or hard. It totally depends on what kind of riding you want. If you want to cruise, I won’t suggest using a harder wheel but softer wheels. Purchase the vehicles according to your requirements.

Skateboard Wheels Diameter vs Durometer

These two terms are important to know. It is actually the distance across the face of the wheel from bead to bead that constitutes the diameter. And the diameter dimensions range from 50mm to 75mm. The 50mm is the smallest skateboard wheel diameter and 75mm is the largest skateboard wheel size of skateboard wheels.

The durometer is the term that defines the hardness and the softness of skateboard wheels. It tells you how much the rigorous testing method has been used for the specific vehicles. It ranges from 75A-100A+ and different ratting is used for dissimilar styles of skating.

Skateboard Wheel Size Chart

I have mentioned and made a specific chart in previous guides. I would like to make a chart here as well. Because it is getting necessary for those who didn’t get it while reading the guide. It includes the skateboard vehicles’ hardness chart and the diameter of the vehicles.

WheelsDurometerDiameterStyle of Riding
Skateboard Wheels95A-101A +50-54mmStreet and skatepark skating
Cruiser Vehicles78A-98A54-59mmBest for beginners as you get balanced riding
Longboard Vehicles75A-85A60-75mmDownhill racing and covering long distances etc

Wider Wheels And Narrow Wheels (Which Is Better)

Narrower wheels are the best when it comes to trying some technical tricks. There is less grip but no friction as well. It helps the pro skaters to perform the tricks and do appreciable tricks

Skateboards with wider wheels are the same as skateboards with larger wheels and these are used by cruisers and longboarders. You get an amazing grip but no chance for the tricks. But the kind of balance these wheels provide can be the authentic reason for beginners to start from here.


You should get skateboard vehicles that suit your style. For example, if you love to watch and have a passion for tricks. Go for harder and smaller wheels for a better experience. And take softer wheels for cruising.

The harder wheels have a diameter of 50-54mm and keep the durometer above 95A. It keeps your passion continues and helps in executing the best street skating with these vehicles.


Skateboard, cruiser, and longboard vehicles are the widely used types of skateboard wheels. Just look at the concept of skateboarding. You expect two different styles of skating from dissimilar skateboards. At the top is doing tricks by using skateboard vehicles.

On the second number, you want to get fast wheels for skateboards. Or racing with friends while downhill riding or anything else. And these styles are done by the mentioned different skateboard wheel types. Now understand the kinds and best skateboard wheels guide to select your favorite style vehicles. And start riding today with the best of luck.

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