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Skateboard Trucks Size Guide

The skateboard trucks might look simple but they are like the steering wheel of your skateboard. Think of trucks as the bridge between your deck (that’s the wooden part you stand on) and your wheels. They help you turn and balance, making sure you don’t tip over while doing those cool moves.

Why Size Matters: How Skateboard Truck Size Impacts Your Ride: Now, about their size. It’s like choosing the right shoes for your feet. The size of your skateboard truck affects how smoothly you can turn and how stable you feel. It’s like finding that sweet spot where your skateboard feels just right.

Navigating the Guide: Finding the Perfect Trucks for Your Style: This guide is like a treasure map to help you find the perfect trucks for your style. Whether you’re into tricks, cruising, or just having fun, understanding these trucks is like having a secret key to making your skateboard dance the way you want it to. Let’s jump in and discover the world of skateboard trucks together!

A complete table of Skateboard Trucks Size Guide is here:

Hanger Length (inches)Axle Length (inches)Recommended Deck Width (inches)
5.07.6257.25 – 7.75 – 8.25 – 8.5
5.758.58.25 – 8.75
6.08.758.5 – 9.0 – 9.25 – 9.5
6.759.59.25 – 9.75
7.09.759.5 – 10.0

Getting Down to Basics: Skateboard Truck Anatomy

Skateboarding isn’t just about flashy moves; it’s a synergy of art and mechanics. And at the heart of this harmony are the intricately designed skateboard trucks. These unassuming components are the architects of control, enabling you to navigate the urban landscape with finesse.

At a glance, a skateboard truck might seem like a simple metal piece, but it’s a fusion of precision engineering. There are several key components that make up a truck: the hanger, baseplate, kingpin, bushings, and pivot cups. Hanger, Baseplate, and Kingpin: Understanding Each Component’s Function

The hanger is the T-shaped part that houses the axle and holds the wheels in place. The baseplate connects the truck to the deck. While the kingpin is the large bolt that holds everything together, allowing the truck to pivot.

Bushings and Pivot Cups:

The bushings, those small rubbery bits, play a crucial role in how your board turns. They determine the responsiveness of your trucks, affecting how easily you can steer. The pivot cups, on the other hand, help your trucks pivot smoothly, contributing to the fluidity of your turns.

Finding the Balance Between Deck Width and Trucks:

Now, let’s talk about sizing. It’s like finding the perfect puzzle piece. Matching trucks to the deck is key. If your trucks are too wide or narrow for your deck, it can throw off your balance and control.

The Impact of Axle Width:

The axle width plays a role in how stable your board feels. Wider axles offer more stability, making them great for cruising and downhill rides. Narrower axles, on the other hand, increase your turning radius, perfect for those tight maneuvers.

Understanding these intricate details of skateboard truck anatomy sets the stage for a well-tailored ride. As we journey through this skateboard trucks size guide, keep these elements in mind; they’re the foundation upon which your skateboarding experience rests.

Truck Size and Style:

Skateboarding isn’t just a sport; it’s a canvas for self-expression. And when it comes to your skateboard trucks, their size, and style are your personal brushstrokes on this dynamic canvas.

Street vs. Vert: How Different Styles Affect Truck Choice

Your skating style plays a major role in the type of trucks you’ll want. If you’re all about nailing tricks and grinding rails in the concrete jungle, street skating trucks are your ticket. They’re designed for responsiveness and agility, allowing you to flick and flip with finesse. On the other hand, if you’re conquering ramps and dominating the vert world, you’ll lean towards vert skating trucks. These emphasize stability and control, helping you soar fearlessly.

Street Skating Trucks:

Street skating demands quick turns, snappy tricks, and impeccable grinds. Street skating trucks typically have a smaller profile and responsive geometry. This setup allows you to conquer technical tricks and slide through grinds like a maestro.

Vert Skating Trucks:

When you’re taking on vert ramps and halfpipes, stability reigns supreme. Vert skating trucks often have a wider hanger and a bit more weight, giving you the confidence to drop in and carve those massive transitions.

Cruiser and Longboard Trucks:

Beyond the tricks and flips, there’s a world of cruising and carving waiting to be explored. For laid-back cruising and casual rides, you’ll want cruiser trucks. They offer smoother turns and a more comfortable ride, perfect for soaking in the scenery. Longboard trucks are engineered for the art of carving and embracing those sweeping turns. Their wider stance and responsive design make every ride a symphony of smoothness.

As you delve into this skateboard truck size guide, remember that your style is your signature. Choose your trucks wisely, for they’re the conduit through which you paint your skating masterpiece.

Crucial Factors in Choosing the Right Truck Size

When it comes to skateboarding, every element is a piece of the puzzle that determines your experience. Among these, the size of your skateboard trucks is a pivotal factor that can make or break your ride.

How to Match Trucks with Different Deck Sizes

Here’s the thing: your trucks should be buddies with your deck. Matching trucks to deck width is like finding a harmonious partnership. If they’re mismatched, your ride might feel wonky, affecting your control and balance.

Sweet Spot Sizing:

The secret sauce lies in the right ratios. There’s a sweet spot sizing that ensures your trucks cover the right amount of deck. This balance guarantees stability, responsiveness, and an overall smooth ride.

Wide vs. Narrow:

When your trucks are too wide for your deck, it’s like trying to squeeze a watermelon into a shoebox. And if they’re too narrow, it’s like wearing shoes two sizes too small. Both scenarios mess with your ride’s equilibrium.

How Truck Size Affects Your Turning Experience

Now, let’s talk about how truck size affects your turns. If you’re a fan of tight turns and quick reactions, consider smaller trucks. They allow you to maneuver swiftly, which is great for street tricks.

Tight Turns and Quick Response:

Smaller trucks are your ticket to threading through tight spots and unleashing snappy tricks. They’re like the acrobats of the skate world.

Carving Elegance and Stability:

On the flip side, if you’re all about that carving life and crave stability in your ride, consider larger trucks. They offer a more graceful turning radius and a stable platform, perfect for cruising and longboarding.

In this journey through the skateboard trucks size guide, remember that size isn’t just a number; it’s a key to unlocking the full potential of your ride.

Customizing Your Setup:

As you delve into the art of skateboarding, you’ll soon realize that customization is your secret weapon. And when it comes to skateboard trucks, this realm of customization gets even more intriguing.

Bushing Durometer:

Ever wondered why your trucks feel the way they do? It’s all about the bushing durometer, which determines how soft or firm your trucks feel when you turn.

Soft vs. Hard Bushings:

Choosing between soft and hard bushings is like choosing between marshmallows and rubber bands. Soft bushings offer a looser, surfy feel, while hard ones provide stability and control.

How Your Weight and Riding Style Determine Durometer

Your weight and riding style play a starring role in this durometer drama. If you’re on the heavier side, you might opt for harder bushings for better support, while lighter riders might lean towards softer ones for agility.

Upgrading Your Bushings:

Guess what? You’re not stuck with the stock bushings that came with your trucks. Upgrading to aftermarket bushings can be a game-changer, allowing you to tailor your trucks to your unique style.

The World of Aftermarket Bushings:

From Cone to Barrel to Chubby, the world of aftermarket bushings is like a candy store for skaters. Brands like Bones, Thunder, and Independent offer a range of options to tweak your ride’s feel.

Tuning Your Trucks:

Think of tuning your trucks like tuning a musical instrument. The right bushings can make your trucks sing to your rhythm. Experiment, fine-tune, and discover the setup that feels like an extension of you.

In this skateboard trucks size guide, remember that the journey doesn’t end with truck selection. It’s about sculpting your ride to fit your vibe perfectly, ensuring that every trick and turn is a testament to your unique style.

The Endless Quest for the Right Truck Size:

Skateboarding isn’t just about the destination; it’s the journey that carves your style. And when it comes to the size of your skateboard trucks, that journey is a continuous exploration of trial, error, and the ever-evolving art of adaptation.

Experimenting with Different Truck Sizes:

Picture yourself as a scientist in your own skate lab. Experimenting with different truck sizes is like mixing potions to find the elixir that grants you the perfect ride.

Borrowing from Friends: Trying Out Their Trucks for Size

Ever tried your friend’s skateboard and felt a difference? That’s because their truck size is like their skate DNA. Borrowing their setup is like slipping into their shoes for a moment.

Skate Shop Wisdom:

Stepping into a skate shop isn’t just about shopping; it’s like stepping into a treasure trove of insights. Skating veterans and shop experts can drop golden nuggets of advice that shape your choices.

Embracing Change:

As you skate through different phases of your journey, your style evolves. Adapting your truck size is like tailoring your outfit to match your vibe. Whether you’re transitioning from beginner to pro or exploring new tricks, your trucks are your partners in change.

From Beginner to Pro:

Your truck size isn’t just a number; it’s a reflection of your journey. From those wobbly first rides to mastering tricks, your skills and preferences guide your choice.

Finding Your Sweet Spot:

Amid trial, error, and experimentation, you’re on a quest for the ultimate treasure: your perfect truck size. It’s a journey of evolution, a pursuit of balance, and a quest to carve your mark on the pavement.

In this exhilarating skateboard trucks size guide, remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your journey is unique, and the endless quest for the right truck size is what makes your skateboarding story truly yours.


Mastering the art of truck sizing is like adding the final brushstrokes to your skateboarding masterpiece. Elevating your experience is not just about conquering tricks; it’s about embracing the synergy between your style and your setup. Your ride, your rules, and the right truck size empowers you to take charge of your skateboarding journey. Whether you’re curving through streets or dominating ramps, your trucks become an extension of your expression.

So, keep rolling, keep experimenting. The quest for skateboard setup perfection is a perpetual adventure, evolving as you do. With this comprehensive skateboard trucks size guide in hand, you’re equipped to shape your ride, define your style, and leave your mark on the pavement. The journey continues – one trick, one turn, one perfect truck size at a time.

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