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How To Avoid And Fix Pressure Cracks On Skateboard

Riding the skateboard for a long time leads you to replace the complete skateboard or change some required components. Pressure cracks on skateboards also affect your riding. And the boards can be broken without repair if the pressure cracks remain there for some time. There will be some who might be thinking that what actually the pressure cracks on a skateboard? The pressure cracks on the skateboard are when you apply an extra amount of pressure or weight onto the board.

The pressure cracks skateboard happens when you perform tricks and put extra pressure in case of landing. Because when the riders do the ollies or other tricks, they land directly on the bolts where the trucks are equipped. Also, your weight can become a factor in pressure cracks on the skateboard. As all skateboards are not created equal. You have to consider your weight first before purchasing the skateboard.

The board can bear your heaviness or the force when you apply it while landing. Another thing is the tightly fixed bolts that can get pressure cracks on the board. Higher temperature brings defects to the skateboard. As it thickens the skateboard deck and affects the other components as well.

Reasons For Having Pressure Cracks On A Skateboard

You can get pressure cracks by fixing the bolts very tightly. And landing heavily onto the board becomes the reason for getting cracks. Landing in the mid of the board will be better to avoid pressure cracks. The humidity or the higher temperature can cause cracks. Also, the higher temperature decreases the quality of material via the skateboard decks manufactured.

How To Avoid Pressure Cracks

There are three essential factors that conclude how you can protect your skateboard from pressure cracks. Here are those three major elements:

1- Skateboard weight-bearing capacity

2- Bolts and riser pads

3- Landing properly

Let’s talk about the listed factors one by one.

Skateboard Weight-Bearing Capacity

Let’s start from scratch, suppose you are going to buy the complete skateboard. Your weight matters a lot when it comes to getting comfortable riding or utilizing the bucks. And you have to have a board that bears your mass easily. Rather it should have more weight-tolerating ability than your weight to avoid pressure cracks on a skateboard.

Bolts And Riser Pads

As I said the bolts need to be fixed a little bit to loosen. Otherwise, it’ll cause pressure cracks on the board when landing. Use the riser pads to make sure that the skateboard will absorb the hard impacts.

Landing Properly

Landing on the board when doing a pressure kickflip should be done properly and according to the experts. Do you know that the tail and nose are more sensitive than the middle part? Yes, other than getting pressure cracks. It can split the nose and tail into two pieces when doing ollies. Also, ineligibility can break or have cracks. So learn the basics first to avoid this all.

How To Fix Skateboard Pressure Cracks

  • Some skateboarders recommend not repairing the cracks if there is a small amount. But I would suggest fixing this issue whether you have got very few or large cracks. Because a little fault can affect the riding and after some time it will become a big problem. Sluggishly, it’ll be broken because of not repairing and bearing the impacts of tricks.
  • Before going for the fixing, you’ll need to have a couple of materials to fix this issue. Get high-quality wood glue and sandpaper to get the standard results.
  • Once you have purchased the materials, unfasten the trucks by using the skate tool. Now bring the wood glue and spread it onto the cracks.
  • You can use some of the equipment for spreading, it’s up to you. But you have to spread this glue into the gap of the crack. Choose something very thin to take the glue into the gap easily.
  • Make sure the holes are protected from wood glue. Now let the board completely dry whether it takes 24 hours or more. But it’ll be dried within some hours, just wait for it.
  • Once everything is dried, use sandpaper to smooth the glued place. Now that’s enough in terms of repairing the skateboard deck.
  • It’s time to fasten the components with the skateboard deck. Screw up the kingpin according to your ride and make sure that the bolts are screwed a little bit loose.


Your skateboard can be damaged by continuous pressure cracks. Because it’ll take you to the breaking of the board if you don’t look after it. We’ve discussed throughout that what actually the pressure cracks on skateboards are and the causes of cracks.

Also how you can avoid them by getting all the instructions mentioned above. Fixing of pressure cracks has also been elaborated on in detail. Just get into the guide and get all the answers you were looking for.

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