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Mall Grabbing Skateboard (Why Is It Bad)

You might be thinking that mall-grabbing skateboard is a particular term and adheres to skateboarding. Yes, it is used specifically for skateboarders and was invented in the early 2000s. And now it has been a completely controversial topic. Every type and style of skateboarder will be talking about this.

Mall Grab skateboard is when you hold the skateboard through the trucks. How actually skaters hold the skateboard, riders clasp the kingpin by placing all the fingers above it and then fold the hand tightly. You can see these types of skaters in skate parks. Many of them will be beginners.

There are more talks about why mall grabbing is bad especially when it comes to skateboarding. Also, what is the best way of holding a skateboard? Make sure to be with us till the end of the guide to clear all the points.

Why Is Mall Grabbing Bad

Apart from the other reasons that I will discuss ahead, I would like to raise another reason why mall grabbing is bad. The skateboarders that hate to cruise and get speed can ignore this. It would be a gold mine for the real skateboarders that prefer cruising as well as performing stunts.

When you grab a skateboard via trucks, unwittingly you push the trucks hard. It doesn’t look like a problem to anyone. But it can lose the base of assembling steadily. And it will take you to separate the trucks with wheels on the road. Imagine, if you are riding downhill, you can face serious trouble and threatening injuries.

Now move toward the common reasons that most senior skateboarders suggest you avoid mall-grabbing skateboards. First of all, beginner skaters make such mistakes by looking cool. Also, giving the best impressions to senior skateboarders. But unfortunately, experienced skaters take them as a newcomer in this industry.

There is a logic as well for leaving the mall and grabbing the skateboard. For example, when you hold the skateboard and start walking. The upper side of the skateboard rubs with the shorts or what you have worn.

And both of the things get damaged by mall grabbing. As the grip tape of the skateboard deck will start losing quality. And the shorts will start causing wear and tear. It’s better to avoid mall grab skate as it puts a bad impact on the skateboarding industry.

How To Hold A Skateboard (Best Way)

Now the term mall grabbing and why mall grabbing is bad are cleared. It’s time to know the best way of holding a skateboard that gives a better look as well as leaves a good impression. Wherever you want to go skating, you should reach there by riding the skateboard. The main reason for the invention was to cover short distances and show some tricks.

But if there is no way other than holding it, you can grasp the board from the middle part. Ultimately your fingers will start hurting from the pain. You can grip the skateboard from the downside. It will help you in releasing the pain in your fingers. As there is a full hand involved now and you are holding it by the middle part of the metacarpus.

Another way of holding the skateboard is using the straps and backpack. Then fix the skateboard by the straps. So, the best way to hold the skateboard is under the arms. It can cause some pain but depends on the distance that you have to cover by walking.

Mall Grabbing History

When I started my career back in the 2000s, mall-grabbing was getting popularity among the skateboarding community. Steadily, it became famous in the longboarding industry too. The term was introduced to skateboarders by the longboard brands first. As some outsiders like property owners and strollers hate skateboarders. Similarly, skateboarders hate those mall grabbers.

And this process is still going on. If any of the senior skateboarders catches the skater while holding the skateboard via the front truck. You might be called a poseur by him.

Try to hold the skateboard as you have been told in the guide. The best way is to carry it under the arms whether you hold it from the downside of the board. Or you grasp it from the upper part of the board.


Mall Grab defines as holding the skateboard from the trucks and it has been taken as the wrong holding technique. Pants and decks can lose their qualities. Also, puts a bad impact on senior skaters.

There are many ways of holding a skateboard while walking. The first is to hold it under the arms and the second one is to grasp it from the upper side of the skateboard. Lastly, you can use straps to attach the skateboard to the backpack.

Putting your skateboard into your hands looks like the skateboard is held like a pro. It can be carried on bicycles, bags, backpacks, and many more.


Mall-grabbing skateboards can be a normal thing for some skaters. But it can hurt someone by getting irritating calls from experienced skaters.

I would suggest changing the way of holding the skateboard. As I got a lot of punchlines from the experienced skaters that hurt. Because I was not aware of such a term and it was not much famous.

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