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How to Wrap a Skateboard?

There is nothing better than surprising the hot-headed skater with an amazingly wrapped skateboard giving as a present. Surely, it’ll win the rider’s heart. But the question is how to wrap a skateboard independently and professionally that gives a captivating and enchanting look. The answer is fear not! Because you would be able to prepare and customize your skating board.

Wrapping a skateboard can always be a hassle if you are not familiar with it at all. Because the skateboard has dubious shape and the weight too. As the equipped wheels and trucks make a huge difference in their weight.

You can wrap the skateboard by following all the guides as we’ve muffled the board. It includes the process of 5 easy and tricky steps. To start and finish this process, you’ll need to have all the important materials mentioned below.

Things needed for wrapping a skateboard

1- Measuring tape

2- Cutter

3- Pencil and Paper

4- Quality Packaging Tape

5- Quality Tape for Gift Wrapping

6- Suitable cardboard box

7-  Sheets of Gift Wrapping Paper

10- Ribbon

You can find all the above accessories nearby your home as these are easily available at the local store. And there is not any single product that can’t be afforded as well. But it doesn’t mean you ignore the quality as you’ve already spent multi bucks more on a board than all the needed wrapped materials. So it’s better to spend some extra money for gaining more quality and making the wrap more beautiful.

How to wrap a skateboard for Christmas

Before going through the process, ensure all the equipment is on the radar. Because it’ll save your time in finding the particular material at the time while doing this process. Now let’s dive into the handy and easy process of how to wrap a skateboard deck and all the other components.

Step 1- Measuring the skateboard

The initial step is very essential because it gives you the idea of selecting the cardboard gift box for the skateboard and the skateboard wrapping paper. You’ll use the measuring tape to cunning the size of the skateboard to choose the cardboard box accordingly with the suitable length and width. Choosing the wrong cardboard box can waste your time and money as well. So before purchasing the cardboard box and the enclosing sheet, make sure you’ve measured the skateboard.

Step 2- Customizing the Cardboard box

Before wrapping the skateboard, move towards unfolding and preparing the cardboard box. Because the cardboard arrives fully packed and fixed with sticking tapes or can be packed by any other method. You’ll use the cutter to open it from the top as it opens from the top.

Make sure you are opening it from the right side and cutting it properly in the right way. Because the wrong cutting will make you pay for another cardboard as it’ll be wasted. So use the cutter wisely and carefully.

Once the cutting gets done, move towards the measuring of the cardboard box just to check whether the box dimensions are accurate or not. If the size of the box is completely suitable, then go ahead to the next step.

Step 3- How to gift wrap a Skateboard via different methods

It’s up to you whether you skateboard wraps only and put it into the cardboard box. Or wanna customize both the board and the box as well? Let’s customize the skateboard, now there are different ways of preparing and customizing the skateboard. You can cut the folding sheet according to the length of the board and then fix the sheet with tape.

how to wrap a skateboard for Christmas (step 1)

Similarly, measure the bottom side of it and wrap the sheet onto the wheels, trucks, and all the required areas. Come onto the second method, this technique involves the process of decorating the board with the whole swathe gifting sheet. You’ll place the sheet onto a clean and smooth place, and lay down the skating board onto the decorating paper. But make sure the bottom side of the board should be up while laying on the sheet.

how to wrap a skateboard deck for Christmas (step 2)

First of all, take one side of the skateboard and place the paper onto the top side and both the wheels should be covered. Now fold the wrapping paper from the left and right sides and fasten with the already wheels covered (top) using tape. Similarly, move towards the second side of the board, place the paper on top and make sure the wheels are properly covered here as well. And secure the left and right sides with the top covered side via quality tape.

how to gift wrap a skateboard (step 3)

Now the middle of the board is left to decorate, fold the paper and cover the board with wrapping paper and attach it with tape. Cover the skateboard from the other middle side and fixed the paper with the affixed tape.

how to wrap a skateboard deck (step 4)

Note: Wrapping the skateboard can be done by using simple paper or butcher paper, it’s only to make it more attractive to your dear ones. Also, you can wrap the board by only folding it with attractive paper.

skateboard wrap (step 5)

Step 4- Decorating the Cardboard box

For decorating the cardboard box, you’ll have to purchase another wrapping sheet or butcher paper. But always make sure that you have a suitable paper that can easily be swaddled around the box. Now place the wrapping sheet onto the smooth area, and lay the box loaded with the board.

You’ll mark each corner of the box by using a pencil. It’ll assist you in cutting the paper from the right and fixing it with the box. After cutting the paper from each corner, start attaching the wrapping sheet with the tape to make it more secure. And do the same towards the top side of the box.

gift box for skateboard

Step 5- Attractive sheet around the box and tie the Ribbon

Additionally, you can purchase an additional colorful sheet that is actually fixed onto the box before you tie the ribbon. As it enhances the overall look of the cardboard box. All the fixing would be done by using quality and large tape. And finally, the last step of how to wrap a skateboard has come. And that is tying the fancy ribbon to make your wrapping gift more unique and eye-catchy. This is the way how you can wrap difficult presents.


Wrapping the skateboard can be a waste of time for some individuals. But it was a lot of fun for us as we enjoyed it a lot while wrapping our board. We’ve seen passionate skaters that like to skate around the town and perform technical tricks. But some of them don’t like to repair or take care of their boards. Whether it’s making your own skating boards or wrapping the skateboard.

 I would say the skating addictions never ignore the manufacturing of boards or repairing of skateboards. All of the newbies or intermediate riders should convert to this side too. I hope the guide on how to wrap a skateboard will help you in wrapping up the board easily with different methods.

But make sure you have the quality materials to take the gift as long as you want it to. If you’ve any confusion, feel free to leave a comment. We’d love to answer all your queries.

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