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How To Ship A Skateboard (Easy And Proficient Shipping)

The importance of riding can be described only by passionate skateboarders. Because they can’t lose the chance to perform their favorite activity at any value. For them, it doesn’t matter where we are riding. And how much time that shipping skateboard will take to knock on my door? The condition is the same here as we have received queries from feverish skaters that how to ship a skateboard.

There is no rocket science in shipping the skateboard, just you have to use your mind a little bit. Ascertain the board dimensions is the initial and essential step towards shipping. Secondly, find the shipping box and pack the board. And putting the address will lead you to hand over the courier.

There is more in-depth detail to avoid any kind of disturbance while packaging or shipping. So, make sure to stick with the guide and pack the board sensibly and professionally to deliver easily.

How To Ship A Skateboard Usps

Shipping the skateboard needs some materials to start the process. Wherever you ship it, there must be some accessories on the radar. Below are the all things you will be needed.

1- Skateboard

2- Shipping skateboard box

3- Bubble Wrap

4- Measuring tape for determining the dimensions

5- Writing tool to write the address

6- Must have shipping Charges

7- High-quality tape to fix the box to ship the skateboard

Now, let’s start with how to pack and ship a skateboard in easy steps without damaging anything inside.

Step 1- Measuring Skateboard Size

The first step is the base of having a successful skateboard packaging box and shipping. Because if this step goes well, you have done the job 80%. Why this measuring the board dimensions important? Because it will help you in finding the right shipping box for your board.

What if you don’t give importance to this step, you will bring the unsuitable box. And you will have to pay more for another box. So, it’s essential to know which length and width your board is giving.

Most of the time, the skateboards contain a length of 28 to 32″. And the width starts from 7.5′ and it goes up to 8.25″. These are average skateboards and are mostly used by technical and street skaters.

 If we talk about the weight of the average board, you are going to measure it around 5kg(11 pounds). This is all you have needed in the first step. Now move towards the second step.

Step 2- Finding Skateboard Shipping Boxes

Now finding the shipping box isn’t difficult anymore. Because it totally depends on your board dimensions. You just need to enter the market or buy online by giving them the size. The shipping box will be on the door after a couple of days.

But if you meet the situation that you couldn’t get a suitable box. As sometimes we can’t get what we need. Then you can get a few inches bigger shipping box than the dimensions you determined.

And this technique is rather more authentic and powerful. Because you need some extra space as the board will be packed or wrapped in any material.

There is another way to pack the board if you lose the above two methods. By adjusting and refining the old boxes, you can make a DIY box. And that will also assist you to place the board safely and comfortably. But it should be created accurately that suits the size of the skateboard.

Step 3- Preparing Skateboard Deck

It’s time to secure and wrap the board with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will protect your board from any type of scratches while shipping it. Because it has been seen the orders received online find scratched or sometimes found broken. To avoid any damage to the board, must use bubble wrap for securing the board.

Wrapping the skateboard should be done professionally for better results. Apart from protecting the board from scratches, it gives a captivating look to the receiver. We have a complete and dedicated guide on how to wrap a skateboard independently. You will wrap the board within a few minutes.

Once I was gifted a special skateboard on my birthday by my friends. When I collected the skateboard, it had some scratches as it was not wrapped and secured. So, make the wrapping as secure as it can be.

Step 4- Putting Skateboard In The Box

Before putting the skateboard deck in the box, make sure that you have wrapped the board successfully. Now place the board in the prepared shipping box. You will take benefit from extra space in the box here.

 As the packing or wrapped material will take that place. There shouldn’t be more space. Because the board can move in the carton. And that is the reason skaters get their boards with scratches.

Step 5- Label The Box

There is nothing important in this to mention. You just need to put your and the receiver’s details on the shipping box before sending it. This will help the shipper to deliver to the right place.

 There are multiple domestic courier companies that offer their services in the United States. Like Usps, Ups, and the FedEx. Importantly, you get your order within the working days. It took almost 4 days to receive my skateboard when I use their service.

Step 6- Ship It

Once everything is done properly, you can ship your board by choosing any domestic shipping company. Check everything again, have you put your details and the collector’s address? And observe the skateboard deck movement inside the box. If it is moving, then it’s not a good sign. Try to place some polystyrene peanuts to fix this issue. Instanter, moving towards how much it will cost you to ship the board.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Skateboard

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Skateboard

Two and sometimes three things can determine the shipping cost. The first one is how far it is going to ship and the second one is which service you are using for shipping the skateboard. If we talk about at the national level, the shipping order we receive average after 3 days. But internationally, it can take even 10 days to reach the destination.

Importantly, some shipping companies deliver within a day or 2 days. But they charge higher like express provides fast service and their charges are also high than standard services. The price varies from $7.95 to $24. And if you want to get it soon, their charges will be as high as 49$. So, keep this in mind while shipping it.

I got my board deck for $19.00 and you will cost around it too. But it’s better to have some extra bucks in your pocket. The cheapest way to ship a board is by using the standard service.

How To Ship A Skateboard With Wheels

Shipping a skateboard with wheels is possible as you can wrap the full board. But you have to confirm a few factors before shipping it. Your box should be high quality and it doesn’t let your wheels get wear and tear.

 While shipping, the wheels can be damaged, if keep rotating. Also, the box for the skateboard should be fully tightened to protect its opening from the downside.

How To Ship A Longboard

Longboards are bigger in size than standard skateboards. There is the same method to ship the longboard as we have shipped the skateboard above. Here you will need to have a bigger longboard shipping box and bubble wrap.  Then follow all the steps, choose the service, and then be ready to go.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Longboard?

You will be charged a bit higher as the size of the longboard is way bigger than the skateboard. And the weight of the longboard will also be higher. So, you will have to pay more than the skateboard shipping charges.

How Much To Ship A Snowboard Ups

The Ups charges $55-$80 for shipping the snowboard. And it can vary depending on the delivery days and the size of the snowboard. And how far it is going to be shipped. All these factors indeed determine ship snowboard ups cost.


How to ship a skateboard? there are some materials that have been mentioned above that are necessary to get. Because you can’t start the project without having those accessories on the radar. Then we moved towards measuring skateboard dimensions for a suitable skateboard deck shipping box.

And securing the board deck with bubble wrap was our next step. Finally, we placed the skateboard deck into the crate or case.  And shipped the board once we finalized the deal with the shipping company.

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