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How To Paint a Skateboard Deck(8 Easy and Plausible Steps)

Many of the skateboard decks are made alluring with beautiful designs and well-combined colors. And some of the companies sell blank board decks as well. Here you get the chance to paint and customize your skateboard decks with your favorite colors. But the query is how to paint a skateboard deck. that won’t only attract the eyes but also the quality of paint remains the same after passing the years. You can paint the board deck by spraying or by hand painting.

As a passionate skateboarder, I learned all the skills related to skateboarding such as the construction of a skateboard deck. And repairing the boards by using the skate tool because I was addicted to skateboarding. Making my board look awesome and performing well has been always my priority by optimizing and customizing the boards.

Since I got aware of the ‘painting skateboard’ word, I have been painting and customizing the board from that time. There’ll be some of the important materials needed to complete this process within a few minutes. And it’s not a complex task, just follow the very easy steps and reward your board deck with a different look.

Materials Needed For Painting The Skateboard Deck

  • Stencil
  • Tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Any primers
  • liquetex matte medium
  • Gloss varnish(optional)
  • Acrylic gesso
  • Spray paints
  • Clear coat

You might be thinking that are these materials qualitative enough and suitable too? Yes, these are the materials that should be on the radar whenever you think about painting a skateboard deck. But the way you utilize it is essential. So, the process should be done as you have been told in the guide.

Easy-Peasy Steps Of How To Paint A Skateboard Deck

Unfastening the skateboard is very important because without detaching it, you won’t be able to paint some parts of the board. If you are having only the top skateboard deck, then you can start immediately without doing anything. Let’s start the process of painting a skateboard one by one step.

1- Unfastening The Trucks And Wheels

This step is compulsory if you want to paint on both sides of the skateboard deck. Because you can’t customize the deck from the downward side of the skateboard. Start detaching the trucks and wheels by using the skate tool.

First of all, remove the bolts using the tool by unscrewing them and the trucks will get detached. As the wheels are equipped with the trucks. In this way, your wheels will also get unfastened.

Another thing is that doing the process in hurry has a chance of losing some detached or removed essential things. So you have to make sure that you are exploiting the process very placidly.

2- Using Sandpaper On The Deck

Using sandpaper is essential because it will remove scratches or any kind of material layers. It also assists in making the surface smoother and cleaner to help in painting the skateboard deck. Now wrap the sandpaper around the skateboard deck but you can only wrap it around. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense and it won’t be wrapped well.

 On the other hand, prepare the warm water and mix the soap into it. At the same time, you should have the sponge, and soak the sponge in that prepared water. Start buffing the deck via sponge. When all it gets done, let the skateboard deck leave for minutes to get dry completely.

3- Applying The Tape Onto The Skateboard Deck

Applying the tape on the deck is the only reason to protect the paint from flowing towards the grip of the skateboard. You’ll fix the tape on the holes where the trucks are attached and the verges of the skateboard as well.

4- Acrylic Gesso And Primer

This step includes the process of putting some acrylic gesso into the cup of water. And then mix them with the primer completely. Now prepare your lower side deck for getting the paint. You can use the bigger primer or short primer as well, it’s up to you. And start painting the deck underside, the paint won’t cross the side by the holes as the tape is fixed.

Easy skateboard deck painting ideas

After completing the first coat, it’s time to paint the deck again with the second coat. Only to make sure that every area has been painted fully. Use tissue paper or any paper to clean the deck before proceeding further.

how to paint a skateboard

5- Spraying Paint And Liquitex Matte Medium

Now we’re assuming that you have selected and purchased the spray painting skateboard of your favorite color. I will recommend using the cardboard before spraying it onto the deck. Because the spray can fly anywhere as the nozzle sometimes makes enough difference. As well as the area will be protected and you won’t need to clean that place.

spray painting skateboard

 Start spraying the deck from one side horizontally and complete the spraying process in this way. Now use a small amount of Liquitex matte medium to make the spray more beneficial and have a smooth finish. If you want to make the surface more smooth, you can use the gloss varnish by polishing it with the primer.

6- Showing Graphical Skills

Now the time has come for showing your graphical skills. You can draw some graphics with pencils or markers to make it a custom-painted skateboard and then paint via acrylic gesso to make the graphic places more beautiful. Printed graphics can also be anchored if you don’t have hand graphical skills. Once the process gets done, make sure to let the skateboard deck be painted dry.

custom painted skateboard

7- Remove The Tape

When you see everything has been done and is completely dry, go for removing the tape. There shouldn’t be any disturbance while removing the tape.

8- Fasten The Skateboard Trucks And Wheels

As the process is done and dusted, move towards the first step that we had detached the trucks by using the skate tool. Now fasten the trucks with the skateboard and start riding custom-painted skateboards around the town.


Customizing the skateboard deck for the zealous riders is more important than everything. But painting the skateboard with your favorite color gives a wonderful feeling. Particularly when you ride the unique colored skateboard deck painted with other skaters. Onwards you won’t be worried when going for how to paint a skateboard deck. Our guide will help you paint a skateboard deck within a few minutes.

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