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How To Make Your Skateboard Faster (6 Efficient Ways)

You get flabbergasted when you watch the people staking at a higher speed in the skateparks or on the roadway. But your skateboard is slower than the time you skated it for the first time. Speed is the feature that everyone wants to have on their board to have great output with a small effort. And now you are looking for a long-lasting solution on how to make your skateboard faster. We’ll be going through some of the essential ways to elevate your skateboard speed within a few minutes.

As the faster board creates excitement and this exhilaration touches the sky. But at the same time, it can be extremely dangerous for skateboarders when going at a faster speed while riding downhill or on the roads. If you are looking for a speedy skateboard, make sure you have also a lot of control when it comes to stopping the board. Because it can lead you to quitting this field in case of life-threatening and heavy injuries.

You can make your skateboard faster by having quality and suitable bearings and wheels. And riding on a suitable surface according to the manufacturing of the skateboard. You are going to have multiple ways that can describe to you how to make your skateboard faster than you always wanted to be. Sticking with the guide and understanding it with proper implementation will easily speed up your board.

How To Make My Skateboard Faster

Skateboarding is nothing less than complete entertainment. Rather riding the board with enough speed enhances confidence and elation as well. But the skaters that have spent a couple of months or years, want to have the optimized brisking or quicking board.

Without spending more time, we should go down to solve your query. And make your skateboard much more nimble and sporty. Your skateboard will run like the board is running in the video after reading and implementing the guide.

6 Effective Ways Of How To Make a Skateboard Faster

If we look at the speed of skateboarding, two components that play an essential role are bearings and wheels. So these components need to be highly speedy as the hardness of wheels and rating bearings tell the truth. And these two will be discussed when describing both of them. Here are the ways of making your skateboard whirlwind.

1- Have you the right bearings

2- Are you skating with speedy wheels

3- What’s your weight

4-  What’s the surface you are skating at

5- What about your stance

6- Traveling Directions

1- Analyzing Bearings quality (how to go faster on a skateboard)

Just check the bearing’s ABEC rating to whether it’s suitable for providing the speed. If the rating is suitable, then check the quality of the bearings. Have you ever cleaned the bearing after purchasing them? Because the bearings lose quality steadily when you don’t take care or scrubbed the bearings.

Building up the dust and reaching the water damages the bearings. So pristine the bearings after 3 to 4 months is necessary to maintain their standard of them. The ABEC rating system is defined with the odd number of 1,3,5,7,9. Higher the ABEC rating, the fast the skateboard wheels rotate.

If you are having a bearings rating of 3 or 5, make sure to change the bearings at least up to 7. It’ll assist your wheels to roll faster and the skateboard will run sprightly. I had the issue of speed some time ago, I checked the complete board after disassembling it. But the real reason for the slow speed was the wheels and bearings.

2- Wheels Ability For Speed

After the skateboard bearings, skateboard wheels and their health are the part that comes in when looking for a faster speed. There are two types of wheels, one is smaller and the second is harder wheels. The skaters who love to do tricks and perform technical tricks, use the smaller wheels because it’s lightweight. But it’s not suitable for providing the speed as it can cover a distance of 1 foot per minute.

On the other hand, larger wheels are also known as harder wheels. The riders prefer to skate downhill and cover long distances skateboarding, larger wheels (hardness above 90 A) are used. And it can cover the double distance as compared to smaller wheels. But these wheels are not perfect for doing tricks.

 You don’t need to worry about the turning ability of larger wheels. Both types of wheels have got the potential of turning at 360 angles. Your purpose for getting faster speed will be fulfilled by the harder wheels. If you are skating with smaller vehicles, change the vehicles and start enjoying the fastness of the skateboard.

3- The Rider’s Weight Matters A Lot In Speeding Up The Skateboard

First of all, it doesn’t directly depend on the pace but indirectly it affects the speed of the skateboard. When you buy a board that isn’t suitable for your weight. Let’s suppose you have 100kg weight but the skateboard can only bear 80 kg. Then it won’t only influence the speed but also the deck can also be broken and the other components. So, this is another thing that means a lot when it comes to the speed of the board.

4-  What’s The Surface You Are Skating At

One of the major reasons for not getting faster speed is the wrong surface or terrain. When the components of the skateboard get made, the component quality and suitability tell the rider to skate on those recommended surfaces. Otherwise, you won’t get the pace that you want for the board. You can’t compromise on the road, as bumper surfaces can damage your board too.

Try to skate the board on steeper and clean roads to get a lofty speed. Especially when you have the harder wheels and your only purpose is to skate sky-high.

5- What About Your Stance

Your position is also a key factor in maintaining or enhancing the speed of the skateboard. Let me tell you and you would be aware of that term if you have a little bit of experience in skating. The tuck stance is the term that allows you to bend your knees and take your thighs near the chest. In this way, you enhance your skateboard speed. But make sure you are doing it properly and avoid any kind of accidents if you are going at high speed.

6- Travelling Direction

Changing the directions and sides while skating slows down the skateboard but moving into a straight road can grab a lot of speed. So direction also makes a difference to your riding and discloses the reason how to make a skateboard go faster. There can’t be any other reason that describes the slower speed of skateboarding.

Whenever your skateboard slows down, the first-ever thing you need to do is check the bearings rating and the wheels. If these are fine, then move toward the other components.


You can make your skateboard fast by optimizing your wheel’s hardness and bearings rating. Because higher the bearing rating and wheels hardness, the faster the skateboard runs

High-speed lubricant can get the job done by bringing the highest speed. Also, if you don’t get satisfied with this, change the bearings up to the ABEC rating of a minimum of 5 to 7.

You can make your wheels faster on a skateboard by bringing suitable wheels for the board. Also cleaning the surface of the wheels can also be the reason for having a slower speed.


There are multiple ways and in each way, how to make your skateboard faster is elaborated on above in detail. You just need to unfasten the board and start analyzing the parts by checking their quality one by one. More chances are there as you’ll get the damaged wheels and bearings loaded with dust. That completely destroys the parts if you haven’t cleaned them for a couple of months.

 When you skate in dusty areas, It’s your duty to clean or choose some other surface to ride. I hope everything would be clean and clear like a crystal about how to go faster on a skateboard.

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