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How To Make Skateboard Wheels Faster?

Getting an unexpected skateboard speed always threats the defection of skateboard wheels. But it’s only a myth that speed affects every time by low quality or damaged wheels. Indeed there are various factors that decide why are my skateboard wheels slow or how to make skateboard wheels faster.

You can make your skateboard wheels faster by cleaning them using any liquid as a soap that washes the dishes. Cleaning skateboard wheels’ contact surface can make the wheels eligible to spin faster. Take the skate tool and adjust the axle nuts with a bit of looseness. Also, cleaning the bearings that are fully loaded with dirt can lead you to solve the issue. You can make your skateboard wheels faster by getting suitable vehicles that suit your style as well as the surface.

To get your answer in detail, make sure to follow all the guides. It’ll help you in getting all the factors that make your skateboard wheels faster or not. You just need to analyze the reason for the low speed by checking all the given elements one by one.

How To Make Skateboard Wheels Spin Longer

Before we get into all the steps that will assure you to get the solution of slower wheels. There should be bone speed cream and the skate tool on the radar to execute the process.

Method 1- Cleaning Skateboard Wheels

One of the most essential duties to make your skateboard last longer with quality is cleaning. Every part of skateboard demands the cleaning on a scheduled basis. It should be your habit to detach all the board components and shine them after a weak or when needed. Because when you ride the board, dirt takes on the wheels. It compels you to push more effort for better speed.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

For cleaning the wheels, you must have a suitable tool to detach the skateboard wheels with bearings. If you don’t have the tool, you can get the job done with the right combination of wrenches. Yes, take the wrench that fits well into the nuts and bolts.

After removing the wheels and bearings, now take a tub and put some warm water into it with dishwashing soap. Once all gets done, soak the wheels in the tub and leave them in a tub for 20 minutes.

Further, you need to brush the bearings with light hands. And make sure that every part of the skateboard wheels is submerged and brushed as well. Now to dry the wheels, you must have the towel to make it eligible for attaching to a skateboard.

Method 2- Cleaning Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings bring a lot of difference to your riding. Indeed the bearings have an ABEC rating given as 1 to 9 in odd numbers. The higher the bearings rating, the more you will get the speed. Quality and suitable bearings help the wheels to rotate smoothly and fastly as well. Bearings can be the bigger reason for your skateboard’s slow speed. So, cleaning them on a scheduled basis is very essential for having a better riding experience.

You have removed the skateboard bearings while detaching the wheels. Now it’s time to lubricate the bearings and remove the dirt that is not letting the vehicles run fast. One thing you need to do is remove the shield from the bearings.

Get the rubbing alcohol and start rubbing with the toothbrush to finish the things quickly. It’s up to you whether you can wait for some minutes to let it dry. Or get a paper to dry it without waiting for a few minutes.

When you see it has been dried completely, it’s time to lubricate the bearings to make it as new as you just bought it. Most skateboarders use WD-40 for lubricating the bearings. But it’s not recommended as it loses the quality and doesn’t give you long-lasting results.

I would suggest using the Bones speed cream to lubricate the skateboard bearings. It’s effective as well as provides you with durable results. Importantly, use the appropriate amount of cream for repairing. You just need to put two drops for each bearing. Now wear the shield on bearings and attached them with wheels. Get a ride and check that the wheels are rotating rapidly.

Method 3- Loosening The Axle Nuts

If this is the issue in your case, then it’s going to be solved within 5 minutes. Try to understand that when we buy a skateboard, always prefer to have a strong assembled board. And sometimes the axle nuts are too tight. It has been done to avoid any kind of irritating voice or disturbance in riding.

You will have to lose the axle nuts a little bit. This would be done again by the skate tool or a suitable wrench can also be used. Put the tool into the nuts and try to turn anti-clockwise. You might have needed to do this a couple of times. Because after every try, you will need to rotate the wheels for speed checking.

After a couple of tries, you will see the wheels will start rotating freely. It means you have done the job and the skateboard is ready to fly.

Method 4- Flat Spotting Wheels

Flat spotting is the bigger reason for having an unexpected skateboard speed. When your skateboard wheels are not in their real shape, then your wheels have lost their quality.

Method 5- Change Your Wheels

There are many reasons that define why you should change your skateboard vehicle. One of the reasons is that your wheels are damaged and lost their quality. Losing the quality determines the less hardness and flat spotting signs on the wheels.

Another reason is you have unsuitable wheels. So, you have to buy two pairs of suitable fast wheels for skateboards. To get the high speedy wheels, you will have to divert your mind to harder wheels. These are more friendly on smoother surfaces but can be irritating on rougher roads. The softer and smaller wheels assist their riders to get a good experience on rougher surfaces.

Method 6- Get The Quality Bearings

Similarly, if you are not getting the results even after cleaning and lubricating the bearings. Unfortunately, there is no way other than to purchase the new skateboard bearings. For getting the higher speed, you will have to consider the higher rating bearings. At least get the ABEC 7 bearings to have a smooth and faster ride.

You can get the 9 rating as well. But these are not good for skateboards. Because the real purpose of skateboarding is to perform the tricks. And you can’t use the much bigger wheels and bearings. So, we need to stay in the middle to get the cruising as well as maneuvering

How To Go Faster On A Skateboard

By going faster on a skateboard, you must have all the components functioning properly. And their functioning should be qualitative. If your components are damaged or need some lubrication. Just follow the above process and make your skateboard wheels faster.

Other than the parts of skateboarding, there are some techniques you need to follow for increasing skateboard speed. Your pushing and pumping technique should be professional. Ride the board aerodynamically to don’t let the air stops you from getting higher speed.

Your knees should be bent. Essentially, side changing continuously decreases the speed of the skateboard. Turning or taking moves can lower the speed. Indeed your position will decide what speed you are gonna get on this board


There is no particular and one-way method on how to make skateboard wheels faster. You need to go through all the methods that determine the problems and then you apply steps for getting the solution. Just follow the guide and check all the methods one by one to analyze the real part that is creating the problem.

Once you will be used to it, it will be as easy as a cup of cake. Because you can’t get rid of these problems as I have faced them a lot in my earlier days. I hope the guide has helped you a lot in solving this issue of my new skateboard wheels are stiff.

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