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How To Loosen Skateboard Wheels (Without Tools)

Getting the required ride becomes difficult when your skateboard wheels are not adjusted properly. You might be facing intricacy in performing your favorite tricks because the tight skateboard wheels make it complex for the skaters to do maneuvers. Most probably that is the reason why you are looking for how to loosen skateboard wheels. As the resistant vehicles lose the ability to pick up the board easily.

The wheels problem can happen anytime whether you are skating in the park or on the streets. There can be the possibility of not having the skate tool. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have the tool at the time. So it’s essential to know how to loosen the skateboard wheels without tools.

You’ll be able to fix your skateboard vehicles within seconds if you know how to. Don’t be on tenterhooks because we’ve disclosed how to remove skateboard wheels without a tool. Make your skateboard vehicle adjustments by sticking with us until the guide finishes.

Materials Needed For Loosening The Skateboard Wheels

Loosening the skateboard wheels takes you to less speed. But it happens in the case when you lose the wheels more than required. It can be detected by rotating the vehicles. And note down the time for finding the vehicle adjustment.

Apart from this part, most of the time riders don’t have the skate tool to unfasten or fix the problems. Because some of the brands deliver the skateboard with skate tools free. But this is not the same in every case. As you have to buy that separately and its importance is unmasked to every skater. But there are some best alternatives that can get the job done smoothly.

And can fit like a glove to nuts as well without damaging any part of a skateboard. Yes, but you have to do research to find a suitable size. Look, when you ride alone and there is no one in your surroundings. You must have the skate or other easily available tool to repair the skateboard immediately. Importantly, the skaters that prefer downhill riding far away from their homes should have repairing tools.

Here Are The Three Best Alternative Tools Of Skateboards Tool:

1- Socket Wrench

2- Pliers

3- Wrench

These are the best substitutes for skate tools and you can easily get these at the local hardware shop. But make sure that the size of the skateboard vehicle screw is known. And get the wrench or pliers accordingly to have quality finishing. Let me explain these tools first. So that it may create ease while selecting the suitable material for your skateboard.

1-Socket Wrench

The socket wrench is the quicker and the most efficient tool to loosen skateboard wheels. Its main quality and feature are that it won’t let you adjust the wrench every time when you try to turn it. I have experienced this tool and works superbly when adjusting the skateboard wheels. Because it spins the bolts easily and smoothly without creating any disturbance.

2- Pliers

One of the best advantages of pliers is it grabs the bolts and nuts strongly. And it doesn’t let your wrench leave the bolts until the process gets finished. You can easily lose the skateboard wheels with the wrench.

3- Wrench

There is a variety of wrenches and different sizes available in the market. What you need to do is just size the vehicle’s screws and take the suitable size. These tools are mostly available at home for fixing the screws and all the other stuff.

How To Loosen Wheels On A Skateboard

How to loosen wheels on a skateboard

If you are a beginner, loosening the wheels can be a hassle for you. But don’t let this chance go away because it will boost your confidence in solving technical issues. Ultimately your riding skills will be precipitated.

Before loosening the vehicles, take important pieces of advice that never lose them excessively. Because it affects your riding and makes a huge difference to riding. How to loosen your skateboard wheels includes very easy 3 steps with a little bit of instruction.

1-  You can loosen the skateboard wheels by taking the tool that you prefer and is easily available too. whether it is a skate tool or the alternatives such as socket wrench, wrench, and pliers. Now place the tool in the right direction and grab the nut.

2- Just rotate the tool in the direction anti-clockwise. Do it a couple of times and then analyze by flicking the wheels to see the wheel’s adjustment. It’ll help you in detecting the exact looseness or tightness of skateboard vehicles.

3- If the wheels are taking still less time when rotating, it means you need to lose them again with a couple of spins more. But keep in mind that don’t overloose the board vehicles to avoid wiggling. Now, your issue will be solved after spinning the nut 2nd time. This is the best way how to tighten bolts on skateboards and vehicles.

Loosening The Skateboard Wheels Is Necessary Or Not

Loosening the wheels or how loose should skateboard wheels be? It totally based on your riding style. Because loosening the vehicles will work until you perform tricks. As the loosening vehicles assist the board in lifting up easily rather than in tight vehicles. But it won’t work when your purpose is to get high speed and protect your skateboard from wheel biting. So, take the decision accordingly.

The Signs That Show The Wheels Are Fixed From Every Aspect?

There is no rocket science, just spin the skateboard wheels. Now find how many seconds it rotates. If it keeps spinning for enough time like 15 to 20 seconds, Your wheels are good to go. Now you can get the speed as well as the performing tricks. Neither the wheels should be tightened nor loose.


Customizing your skateboard wheels by loosening them can be done with the home usage tools like wrenches and pliers. And there is no need for a skate tool. How to loosen the skateboard wheels is as easy as a piece of cake. You can loosen the wheels by spinning the nuts with the pliers or socket wrench. Then adjust the wheels as your riding demands.

You can read the reasons above which style is better for tight and loose vehicles. I hope the guide will assist you in losing the skateboard within the seconds even. If you find it handy, help those who are looking for the solution to how to loosen skateboard wheels.

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