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How To Carry A Skateboard On A Bike (6 Efficacious Methods)

Riding a skateboard for miles can be a dangerous sign especially if the board doesn’t have the ability to go for miles. As the standard skateboards are not properly meant for cruising long distances. But the cruiser and longboards can be used. Mostly, the skaters wish to ride the board onto their favorite places. And that is miles away from their home. Then they get confused about how to carry a skateboard on a bike.

There are multiple methods that can be considered for carrying a skateboard on a bike. The first one is that you can use the bike racks that keep the skateboard fixed with the bike. The second one is wearing the skateboard on your back and riding the bike. The third method we have used is fixing the skateboard in the frame of the bike. But it depends on the size of the bike frame.

All the methods are effective and discussed below in detail. We had multiple skateboards that we took to desired places such as skate parks. All the mentioned ways of carrying the board have been tried by us. And found them super easy and lucrative. Just go through the guide and select the method that suits you.

How To Carry A Skateboard

How To Carry A Skateboard On A motorcycle

Before we start the process of skateboard carriers for bicycles, there are a few things you will need to have on the radar. Further, we will be discussing why you need this before going for the methods of carrying a skateboard on a bike.

1- Skateboard bags

2- Bicycle

3- Skateboard straps

4- Skateboard backpack

5- Bike rack

6- Bungee cord

1- Skateboard Bag

The skateboard bag is specially made for holding the skateboard alonely. Also, it includes little pockets to fit your skateboard T-tool or some other necessary parts. Importantly, it’ll be paid but effective because it protects your skateboard and other materials. The smooth inside layers of the bag don’t let your board damage whether it’s dust or something else.

2- Bicycle And Its Frame

Well, this material totally depends on the distance from your home to your desired place. If the board gets damaged by riding for 2 or three miles, you can cover the by walking with friends. But if the facility is available, one must utilize this to reach the destination.

One thing you must have on your bike is the rack. Without the bike rack, you won’t be able to hang or fit the skateboard easily. In case of having a backpack or bag, you will need a rack to hang the skateboard easily.

One of the dangerous methods is using the bike frame to secure the skateboard. The bike frame is indeed the essential part of the bike that grasps all the parts of a bicycle such as wheels, handles, and other components.

3- Skateboard Straps

Skateboard straps are used for holding the skateboard easily and smoothly. You don’t need a bag or backpack for the skateboard straps. You can install or attach the skateboard within the seconds. It doesn’t harm your body when wearing or holding these straps. Because of the nylon body and comfortable clothing.

4- Skateboard Backpack

The skateboard backpack is used for holding multiple things along with the skateboard. Because most of the time backpack has many pockets for storing related things. Different shapes and types of backpacks are there, you need to select one that fulfills your requirements. You fix the backpack with the bike rack by putting the hook into the rack.

5- Bike Rack For Skateboard

This one is important and legit as well. The bike rack makes a sense of securing and holding the bag. Because you don’t get the right place in bikes other than racks.

6- Bungee Cord

It helps the skateboarders to fix the skateboard on the rack. But the skateboard should be fitted into the bag to make it safe all the way.

How To Carry A Skateboard On A Bike

Now moving towards the methods of how to carry a skateboard on a bike without any difficulty. Check all the methods and their pros and cons. Then figure out accordingly which to select for yourself.

1- Putting Skateboard In Bag

This is one of the easiest methods to get the work done within the seconds. You don’t need to do anything, just get the bag and unzip the pocket. Then place the skateboard into the bag and zip the bag. But make sure to have the right size skateboard. Always purchase the bag after analyzing the size of the board.

The inside surface of the bag has always been plain sailing that preventing the board from any kind of cracks. You might have needed to repair the skateboard when you go outside. So, try to add a skate tool to throw this tension away.

2- Skateboard On Motorcycle Or Bike

A bike or Bicycle can be used for clenching the skateboard in two different ways. The first one is to store the board in the frame of the bike. And the second one is to fix the board with the racks.

Putting the board into the frame is savage for the product and the bicycle as well. It can happen when you are a beginner and doing this all for the very first time. Because the skaters try to adjust the board into the frame and then leave it.

I would suggest finding the frame first, then analyzing the size of the frame. Whether your skateboard fits into it or not. If it fits then make sure to protect it when riding the bicycle. Because it will be touched by the bicycle while riding. And the chances of getting cracks on board and bicycle gets increase.

But there is a solution, fix the board with the frame as strong as it can’t even move a bit when propelling. In this way, you can make this method successful. Another thing pushing the paddles can be difficult when the skateboard is fixed in the frame. So, you will have to be conscious when pushing.

3- Using Straps To Clasp It

A super easy method is skateboard straps to hand it on your back. Once you purchase the suitable size straps, place the board into it. The belt can be tightened or loosened. You have to finalize the tightness or looseness as it will be on your back. Lose the belt as much as it feels comfortable on your shoulder, back, and chest. When the setting gets done, wear it as the belt of straps comes onto the chest to make it comfortable.

4- How To Carry Your Skateboard On Your Backpack

To install or attach the skateboard to the backpack, you will be needed sturdy lock straps to hold the skateboard strongly. Then fastening the straps with each end of the skateboard will be done. It’ll protect and secure your skateboard from any wrecking.

Make sure the wheels are facing out when putting in the skateboard. Because there is no such space for the wheels in the backpack. If the wheels and trucks are detached, you can place them separately in the backpack with different pockets.

5- Using Skateboard Bike Rack

A very useful skateboard bike holder option is using the skate bike rack. First of all, the rack should be that suits your skateboard size. Then place the board very firmly with the rack to avoid any blight. Also, make sure the wheels and trucks are not touching the bicycle. Because the cracks on the wheels will less the vehicle’s life.

6- Using Bungee Cord

By using bungee cords, you can easily install the skateboard on the bike or bicycle. Just get the bungee cord, and cover both the straps of the bag. Then hang the bag by fixing the hooks with the rack. This is a legit and effective way of carrying a skateboard on a bike.

Final Words

How to carry a skateboard on a bike? 6 effective and efficient methods of carrying a skateboard on a bike have been given. You just need to check which method fits properly into your budget and your comfort. Just protect yourself and your precious things while riding the bike.

 If you ask me to give my experience with good results method. I would suggest leaving the bike frame method when you are a starter. Because the damage can be done while pushing via feet. All the other methods are effective for beginners too. You can select one of them accordingly.

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