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How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be (Guide For Any Level)

While skateboarding, I’ve come across the query many times how tight should skateboard trucks be? The tightness or looseness of skateboard trucks can be adjusted, by the way, you ride the skateboard. If you are just getting into skateboarding, preferring the tight trucks would be the best decision. Because it’ll assist the starters to have controlled and better riding. One of the biggest worries that beginners usually face is balancing and safe skating.

Interestingly if some of the starters like to perform tricks, the tight trucks can get the job done easier than loose trucks. All the pro skateboarders recommend having tight trucks when you are a novice. Because it’ll help you in boosting your confidence toward the next step. But never underestimate the loose trucks as it provides you with better turning ability.

 Both types have their pros and cons, you just need to identify what actually suits your style and comfort. And we have given the detail on how tight should skateboard trucks be. Only to recognize tightness for your specific technique.

Loose Or Tight Trucks (Skateboard Truck Adjustment)

Before I dive into the guide on how tight should my trucks be. There is a technical way of determining the tightness or looseness of skateboard trucks. The wheel bite is a term that defines the wheel striking with a skateboard deck.

And it usually happens when you have loose trucks. And loosening wheels can also be the reason for having wheel bite. So you were looking for how tight should skateboard trucks be. The skateboard trucks should be as tight as you avoid the wheel bite. Also, execute your favorite style more easily.

Take on loose vs tightness trucks’ benefits and drawbacks for every style of riding. Every type of rider needs to concentrate here to create ease for their own styles. You meet different and experienced skateboarders while riding around the town or in the streets.

Every master influences newcomers by sharing their journey from struggling to pros. There would be many who totally differentiate their opinions with loose trucks vs tight trucks. And especially when it comes to how tight should trucks be. You should know just what styles suits the tight skateboard trucks and what suits the loose trucks.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Tight Trucks

One of the admirable features you get from tightened trucks is safety. Yes, the tightened trucks help the riders to have safe and controlled riding. When you have the right trucks, it keeps the deck and the wheels stable.

And doesn’t let you fall when having tight trucks. Apart from safe riding, it provides you with comfort skating as well. Because it assists your feet in keeping them secure while riding with no speed wobbles as well.

The advantage that I enjoyed is the tight trucks make it possible to run over the little stones. If the board is specifically constructed with the best material. The beginners indeed take benefit from tight trucks. As they get the extra feature that always wanted to have for control and equilibrium riding.

Performing the ollies or the basic skills like manuals becomes easy via tight trucks. But you must have control and you should know how to ollie. Also, the skateboard wheels must be neither too loose nor too tight. Because flipping the board would be difficult with the tighter wheels.

And the drawbacks are tight trucks make it difficult while turn the board. Also, the landing goes complex when you have tight skateboard trucks.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Loose Trucks

Setting up your skateboard trucks loose, you will be getting better carving and turning. But it doesn’t mean you overdo it while loosening them. As it can cause the wheel to bite when turning your board. To get a smoother ride, skaters favor loose trucks. Freestyle tricks can easily be performed with this setup.

The flaw of loose skateboard trucks is that it spoils the main components such as the deck and wheels by causing wheel bite. And doing ollies doesn’t fit this setup. So you have to choose the adjustment type according to your riding style. Your comfort matters a lot and you can check this by riding it with different truck versions.

How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks

How to tighten skateboard trucks

Riding the board after tightening the trucks is very essential. As it exposes the intensity of tightness and looseness. So you can get the job done on the second attempt. Move towards the adjust the tightness of skateboard trucks.

Just get the T-tool or the wrench and start adjusting the skateboard trucks. You can tighten the trucks by turning the bolt clockwise. And keep spinning until you get satisfied. I would suggest that don’t spin overly to more tighten them.

 Just spin the tool a little bit and then ride the board for checking tightness. If it wasn’t appropriate for your skating, spin the bolt more and then start riding. In this way, You can get to know how loose and tight should my trucks be.

When Should Your Trucks Be Tighter

Your trucks should be tightened well when your preference is performing ollies or getting the control riding. The beginners must have tight trucks. It will help them maintain their balance on the board.

You just need to focus on what is your riding style and make the changes accordingly. Because it’s all about your comfort when riding the board in streets, parks, or even downhill riding.

How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be For Beginners?

These should be tightened enough to get their desired ride. Tight trucks can bring comfort to beginners while skating. The tight trucks make balancing and stability more easily than the loose trucks. So beginners should go with the tight trucks to have a better experience. But don’t do overly causes putting more effort while riding and flipping the board.

Tight Or Loose Trucks For Street Skating

Tight trucks work better when you ride the board in the streets than downhill riding. Because you perform some tricks like ollies and other tricks. It helps you in doing more easier than the loosened trucks. So the tight skateboard trucks should be in street skating.

Final Words

You shouldn’t be confused now that how tight should skateboard trucks be. Because you would be able to set up your skateboard trucks as your riding style will demand. I prefer the truck’s adjustment on the medium level. Neither it should be tightened nor looser. Because it provides you with what the tight and loose trucks deliver.

You can easily turn your board as well as the tricks. And you get comfort and smooth riding. So make the adjustments that suit your style and bring comfort.

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