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How much weight Can A Skateboard Hold (Up To 300 LBS?)

Holding your weight by the skateboard is as essential as you do the research about all the board components when purchasing. Because it assists you in getting a better riding experience. When you perform tricks if the skateboard bears your weight, you’ll land smoothly and properly. Otherwise, it will get split into two pieces.

Apart from the significance of weight, heading towards how much weight can a skateboard hold? A skateboard can hold a weight of a maximum of 272.3 pounds (123.5132 kg). You can’t get the exact figure everywhere. As different companies use dissimilar material quality and even the nature of the material as well.

There are different weight dimensions depends which type of board you are looking for. Because the longboards pledge you more weight ability to withstand. And the skaters use this specific board for transportation to cover longer distances.

Bracing your landing load while tricks and affecting your speed can be decided by how much weight can a skateboard hold. Let’s talk about more aspects of board weight holding importance. And how much weight can a skateboard hold? Also, what benefits do you get when you have a board that weighs more than your body mass?

Skateboard Weight Limit

There is no exact skateboard weight limit. Because there are boards that can bear only 180 lbs or 200 lbs skateboarder. So it depends on the material used for the manufacturing of skateboards. At the same time, there are skating boards that have got the ability to bear up to 272 lbs of weight. You can’t just pick up the board, you’ll need to do the scrutiny before going for purchasing it.

The 272 lb skateboards are specially designed for healthy and fat riders. Especially if they like to do some movements, and perform basic, and advanced tricks. On the other hand, the longboards give you 300 pounds to have the best riding for fat riders.

How Much Weight Matters In Skateboarding

It matters a lot for every skateboard whether the rider is skinny or pudgy. Because it affects the way you ride your favorite style. I have experienced a lot by skateboarding with the corpulent and the scraggy.

 I have a friend that used to skate with me in my early days. We purchased the skateboard with our pocket money. At that time he was short of some bucks to have the best skateboard.

He bought the skateboard that couldn’t bear his weight as he was heavy enough. And he got fallen down while riding and doing tricks, causing some injuries that took him to bed rest for several days. So it’s important to have an eligible skateboard that doesn’t only suits your body weight. But also assist you in getting the required ride. Whether you want the board for cruising or technical tricks is your purpose.

Technical Aspects Of Weight-bearing Importance

Now talk about the technical aspects of why you need to have a suitable weightage board. Let’s suppose you are obese that exceed the weight limit of the skateboard. Importantly, when you’ll ride it, the foot pressure will be applied to the trucks, bolts, and wheels. Automatically, it will affect the speed of the board. Because that unbearable force compels the wheels to roll less and more slowly.

And bringing off the tricks makes it difficult for even skilled riders to execute well. Also, you might lose the skateboard in case of splinters when landing. Another technical and major aspect of the plumpy rider that can bring threatening injuries is downhill riding. Because the forces fascinate the heavy riders towards the earth.

Just imagine if it gets happened, you will be injured on a serious level. So it’s better to avoid downhill riding if you are healthy enough. Remember, if you are not getting the required speed. Most probably it’s because of your weight and there are no components or technical faults.

Just lose your body mass, then ride the board. It’ll be ridden at your requisite speed. Don’t ever forget to wear safety gear as well as the suggested skateboard clothes. It’ll help you in having the comfort and the safe riding too.

Also, your weight decreases the life of the board parts especially the trucks and the wheels. As the wheels get more resistant when the board is ridden by a heavy person. It drags you to get the new pairs of board wheels to have a better speed. You may have needed to get the bearings as well. Because without the bearings, the wheels don’t roll smoothly and properly. The ABEC bearings assist the wheels to run fastly as well.

Always keep in mind the weight-bearing limit or capacity of the board. And make sure you know how much weight your body has. To have an epic experience while riding the board, you will have to keep an eye on these factors.

Things Must Have In Your Skateboard When You Are Stout

This is gonna help the massive riders that will bring ease while choosing the skateboard as well as better riding. Let’s talk about how you’ll select the deck and the other skateboard components.

1- Skateboard Deck

First of all, take the skateboard deck under the eyes. As there are few riders that keep the heavyweight and like to skate because of their passion. If you are even above 230 lbs, don’t get frustrated. Just get the deck of 8.5” width, if the foot size is bigger, you can go for 8.75. Mostly 8.5″ deck suits weighty skaters.

Go for the best skateboard deck that has made with high-quality wooden material. Canadian maple and bamboo are the best materials for construction skateboards to bear your weight. You just need to check the weight-carrying ability when purchasing.

2- Harder Bushings

The bushings are used to bear the rider’s weight. It needs to be high quality and harder too. So it can prop up the mass of your body without splitting or crashing.

Why you need to consider this factor because the bushings are soft mostly for the skinny or tricks performers. You can get the Powell Peralta flight skateboard deck as it has the harder bushings

3- Skateboard Trucks

All the impacts that are holding up because of skateboard trucks. But when the extra pressure puts on the board, you get the pressure cracks downside of the board near the trucks. Get long-lasting and stable trucks. And you can get this all by reaching the independent, thunder, and king board trucks brands.

4- Quality Wheels

Have you heard about the spitfire classic wheels? These are the best skateboard wheels for heavy riders. But you’ll have to have the harder wheels with a hardness of 99A. As there’ll be multiple hardness options. So you have to choose the harder vehicles. Because it assists you in providing you the better speed whether you are heavy or not.

What do you think I need to talk about the weight of the skateboard too? I think it might be helpful for you in enhancing your boarding knowledge. Or helping in choosing the required weighty board.

How Heavy Is A Skateboard

The average weight of a skateboard is around 5 kg or can be said as 11 pounds. If we consider the board deck, it is made with 6 to 9 layers of wood mostly. And it is long and wide enough which also enhances its weight. Overall, the deck weighs 1 to 2.2 kg. But if you use high-quality material, it makes the deck lightweight, durable, and strong as well.

The skateboard trucks have got an extra weight(than wheels and bearings)that increases the overall weight of the board. It weighs almost 350 grams. But the wheels have a weight of 250 grams. The bearings quantity for the skateboard is 8 and it weighs 90 grams completely. And the grip tape adds a mass of 0.29 pounds only.

How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold In Kg?

So if I wind up the guide, the strength, and the durable board can bear easily 113.398 kg or 230 to 250 lbs weight. In some cases, it can reach up to 123.5132 kg or 272.3 lbs. Take an example, some power Peralta skateboard decks have got the ability to withstand heavy riders. Even the car tires have been passed from the deck to check quality. And all went brilliantly, the deck wasn’t broken.

How much weight can a longboard hold? Longboards help up to 300 lb riders to skate these boards with no fear. Never try to ride the penny board mistakenly, if you are heavy. Because it gives you a weight capacity of a maximum of 192 lbs. Advisingly, electric boards can be afforded by you, just get those boards. As these have 330 lbs maximum weight-bearing capacity.

Final Words

You will see tons of skateboards in the market or around the town. But the quality is rare and you can’t get it without research. Now you don’t need to analyze or research before purchasing. Because we have elaborated on all the technical and common aspects of how much weight can a skateboard hold. Even how much weight can a penny board and longboard are discussed to deliver the information as much as possible.

If you are getting a quality board that suits your weight. Also, meets the standard of its components. The long-lasting and strong board can fulfill your requirements. If flexibility is added, it’s a plus point. And get the skateboard for best riding.

Select the best one and enjoy your ride!

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