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How Much Does a Skateboard Deck Weigh

The standard size of a skateboard deck’s weight ranges from 2 to 5 pounds(0.907 to 2.268 kg). But without all the other components of the skateboard deck such as wheels, trucks, bearings, and grip tape. If we talk about the skateboard with all the components that are equipped contains a weight of 7 to 11 pounds(3.1 to 5 Kg).

when someone asks about how much does a skateboard deck weigh. Answer them that the fluctuations can always be there because of the contriving material and the parts of the skateboard that you purchase. There are different weight ranges of the best skateboard decks and can be used for different skating styles as well.

Now let’s discuss the importance and defects of distinct-weight skateboards in dissimilar riding styles. Before we go further, let me tell you that the skateboard deck weight matters a lot. Especially when it comes to buying the best skateboard deck. Because if you are the one that prefers the flips and performing tricks on the board. A lighter skateboard deck would be preferred. And if downhill riding or traveling for long distances, heavier boards are used which are longboards.

How much does a skateboard deck weigh

The Skateboard deck matters a lot when it comes to different riding styles. As if you are a pro rider and love to perform tricks in front of an audience. You will go for the deck with less weight. And you can easily flip your board while doing ollies or other tricks. Now dive into the deep detail of how much does a skateboard deck weigh as well as other skateboard components.

Skateboard Deck

Most of the time the skateboard decks are made of laminated wood with layers of 7 to 9. With the 7-9 layers of laminated wood, the weight of the skateboard deck is almost up to 2.2kg. And the maple wood is used to construct the skateboard deck incessantly.  The other skateboard deck material used to put up the skateboard deck is Bamboo and Plastic.

skateboard deck weight

But now the changes have been made because of the carbon fiber and composite woods. These consists of skateboard decks commencing in the skateboarding industry. And that is superlative stronger and insubstantial. But if you are on the step to choosing the right skateboard deck, then the deck weight is not only a factor to look at. Yes, you’ll need to eyeball the standard skateboard deck’s length, width, and rider’s age.

The width of 7.5″-7.75″ size is good for those who want the board for flipping and technical tricks. And these range widths are perfect for street terrain.  Also, you can measure the skateboard deck length and width by measuring equipment.

And the small skate deck suits the kids whether they want them for learning or playing tricks. The widths range from 8.00″ to 8.50″ and are ideal for street and transition terrain. And the above widths sizes are preferable for cruising and for a bit of trick.

Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are one of the skateboard components that increases the overall weight fairly well. And these are yoked below the deck with wheels. Because these are the strongest and heavier. As they carry the weight of a skateboard and bear the weight of the rider as well.

Also to protect skateboarders from pressures and impacts, trucks are used. Powerful materials are used for the construction of trucks such as titanium, steel, magnesium, and aluminum to bear all the impacts.

skateboard truck's weight

And skate truck’s weight of 350g or more supports the rider and trucks come in different sizes and shapes as well. There are three sizes of trucks such as low, medium, and high trucks. Every size has different functions and benefits. But the truck size should be according to the width of the skateboard deck.

The low trucks are known for stability. While the high trucks assist you in doing ollie and are perfect for carving. And the medium-sized trucks are worthy for skating on streets, parks, and ramps as well.

Skateboard Wheels

skateboard deck material

The wheels are made with the material of plastic urethane and fabricated with a weight of 200 to 250 g (.44 to .55 pounds). And its hardness varies and defines which place is better for that specific wheel’s hardness. And what kind of style you should adopt on those skateboard wheels?

If you like to perform technical tricks on the board or flip. Smaller wheels can do it for you but they are less stable than the bigger wheels. The bigger and harder wheels provide stable rides but are not ideal for playing tricks. But harder wheels assist you in fulfilling your skating requirements on the streets.

Skateboard Bearings

A skateboard bearing is a round metal piece that attaches to the inside of the wheels to assist the wheels to climb to the axle. And you always need to have 8 skateboard bearings for the wheels to let the wheels properly function and get the required results. The materials used for the bearings are ceramic and steel of long-lasting quality.

And every bearing keeps a weight of 12 to 14 g. And by multiplying 14 g by the total number of bearings used, Your skateboard bearings have a weight of approximately 100g.

Other than the material, there is another thing that describes the efficiency of wheels and that is the ABEC rating. And it ranges from lower ABEC 1 to higher ABEC 9. If you have a higher bearings rating, it means you are going to have a faster speed. Mostly the higher rating is used when you prefer longboarding for downhill riding or covering large distances.

skateboard bearings weight

Grip Tape

The grip tape is applied to the top of the skateboard deck. And the name is showing its function as it is used to protect the rider’s feet. The grip tapes are made non-slippery to provide full protection from slipping while skating on rough surfaces or doing some tricks. It has a weight of 0.29 pounds and it comes in different colors and graphics. As far as the size is concerned, it depends on the skateboard deck.

Skateboard grip tape's weight


If you want the skateboard for street skating, it should range from 2.5 kg to 5 kg. It must be lightweight because you can perform the tricks easily. For the cruisers and longboards, go from 3.5 kg to 6 kg. There might be some increase or decrease according to brand

The 8 inches skateboard deck with all the components weighs around 2.5 kg. This all depends on the quality and the quantity of material. You will find different skateboards with dissimilar weights. But it should be lightweight.

Wrapping up

The skateboard decks are made of stronger and lighter materials and allow the skaters to perform technical tricks with full confidence. And it neither breaks nor gets the cracks after landing. So choosing the deck depends on your required skating style. But the trucks can make a fair difference to the weight of the skateboard.

You’ll need to have the strongest and most efficient trucks with lighter weights. But don’t forget that it bears the skateboarding impacts and rider’s weight, keep in mind this factor.

All the guide on the weight of the skateboard deck has been elaborated on in detail. And the components of skateboarding have also been discussed to make it easier while choosing the skateboard for your skating style. There is nothing that increases the deck weight and there wouldn’t be any queries left about how much does a skateboard deck weigh.

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