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How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn

Skateboarding is one of the sports that assist players to get fit physically as well as mentally. It doesn’t only make you fast rather than laying on the bad inactive whole day. But also it helps you in burning calories and lose weight. And you see a lot of improvements in balancing. The coordination quality produces when you skateboard. We’ll discuss below how we lose weight while skateboarding but now it’s clear that it soothes in emaciating.

How many calories does skateboarding burn? Skateboarding burns 400 calories when you skateboard for an hour. But these numbers are limited for an average skateboarder that doesn’t ride aggressively. And the combative rider can increase these numbers up to 800 burning calories per hour. If a fat skateboarder starts skating with aggressiveness, can bring changes in the body promptly.

Apart from losing the weight of your belly, it improves amazingly the strength of all the muscles that are attached to your legs. In simple words, it helps every single part of the body to be improved. Also, the mental health and its sharpness as well. More discussion in depth is waiting for you below, just scroll down and get all the handy guides.

 Is Skateboarding Good Exercise (Mentally And Physically)

One of the great benefits of skateboarding that helps in daily life is patience. Because when you try the tricks for the very first time. Most of the time you gets failed. And it continues for a couple of months to have a grip on skateboarding tricks. This is the reason why skateboarders have a huge amount of patience.

That’s one of the reasons why is skateboarding a good workout. If we talk about how much it brings changes to our mental health and mind freshness. When the skaters ride the board, the blood continues to flow in the brain. And that helps him/her to increase managerial power with a lot of creativity.

The most hurting problem nowadays is depression and anxiety especially found in youth. But skateboarding ensures the disappearance of the depression. Depression fades away because of releasing endorphins in the brain while riding the board.

When it comes to physical skateboarding benefits, it’s my favorite sport to lose weight and increase some extra skills too. One of my cousins was gaining some weight, so I advised him to start skateboarding.

And he was able to see several changes in his body within a couple of months. But he was young and went with aggressiveness. Age and weight matter a lot when it comes to combative skateboarding.

Everybody part takes benefit of skateboarding except the arms. It spreads positive effects on the core strength. Importantly. you can be the rider of a snowboard and surfboard too. Because 70 to 80% of skateboard riding is similar to snowboarding and surfboarding.

Does Skating Help You Lose Belly Weight

Most beginner fat skaters approach me in town and ask can skateboarding help them lose weight of our belly? Yes, you can lose your belly weight by skateboarding as the other exercises do. But how much time it will take to lose weight only depends on your riding style. Also, the time you are giving to skating per day. Because if you simply use the skateboard for cruising, surely it’s gonna take more time.

But when you go with transition skating, you might be losing weight more rapidly than you expect. Skateboard wheels and bearings can make a big difference in your weight loss progression. Hard wheels and slow bearings compel you to put in more power when pushing the skateboard. But soft wheels and smooth bearings will increase the time of this progression.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Skateboarding

The research has been done by Harvard Health education. That the rider who has a 125-pound weight can burn 300 calories by riding the board for only one hour per day. The 155 and 185 pounds weight riders will be able to burn 372 and 444 calories respectively.

Weight (Pounds)Weight (Kg)TimeCal
12556.71 Hour300
15570.31 Hour372
18583.91 Hour444

Just imagine, you can burn the mentioned calories by riding it for an hour. What if you learn all the technical skateboarding tricks? It will get the job done more powerfully and fastly. One thing which is very important that never forget to take a healthy diet. Because keeping yourself on diet makes it difficult to give enough time to skating. You can eat eggs, healthy fruits, fresh vegetables, and all the healthy stuff, it shouldn’t be oily.

Is Skateboarding Cardio?

There are two types of confusion. Some skaters ask is skateboarding cardio. and few of them are confused at is skateboarding good cardio. Yes, skateboarding is extremely good cardio. Even simply pushing the skateboard forward and backward can improves the pumping of the heart. Also, it controls your blood pressure and helps in burning extra calories. And the stamina for working more increases after riding the board.

Does Burning Calories Make You Lose Weight

Obviously, burning calories leads you to lose weight. But importantly, you can’t lose weight when you gain more calories than you release through hard work. So this point needs to be remembered to stop wasting your struggle.


Skateboarding ensures the rider burns at least 80 calories per mile if it goes at a moderate pace. Putting more effort in terms of pushing the skateboard will release more calories. You can recover your health within a couple of months by skateboarding.

Skateboarding workout includes the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, abs, and arms. It increases your patience power as well as coordination and balance. Mental health also gets improved skateboarding such as depression etc.

Yes, skating can be very effective when it comes to losing weight whether you take roller skating or skateboarding. Not only helps in weight reduction but also increases the strength of muscles.

Absolutely, skateboarding is good exercise with a full-body skateboarder workout. But it takes a little bit of time with an hour of hard work for a day. You will learn almost 400 calories if you ride with some effort.

Yes, skateboarding burns calories. An average amount of effort can burn 400 calories by riding only for an hour. But if you put a high effort into riding the board can release 800 calories per hour.

Final Thoughts

You can’t make any commitment on how many calories does skateboarding burn for any person. As the efforts of pushing the board matter a lot, wheels and bearings can bring the difference. The age and weight of skateboarders can also decide the progression time of calories burned in skateboarding and weight loss.

To burn more calories within a short time, you will have to give more time to skateboarding. Also, show some aggressiveness in skateboarding. And avoid oily and the related things that gain so many calories.

Eat healthy and fresh fruits with vegetables and boiled chicken to increase your stamina for riding. Although skateboarding is indeed a source of increasing stamina. But dies is essential and you have to be good there as well.

Now the concepts of how much calories does skateboarding burns or whether can you lose weight skateboarding will be cleared now. And you can make a schedule or time progression to lose weight and burn calories by skateboarding within the expected time.

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