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How Long Is A Normal Skateboard (Skateboard Size Chart)

Skateboarding can be a stunning experience in terms of learning outstanding tricks. And covering appropriate distance while riding the skateboard. But some basic things confuse the beginners such as how long is a normal skateboard or how long the skateboard should be. Importantly, the skateboard size matters a lot when it comes to your skating style and foot size. Because it helps you in executing your favorite skills to perform on the board.

The normal skateboard has a length of 28″ to 32″ which ensures you skate whatever your riding style is. But you can’t use the normal size skateboard for longer distances. Still, you can use this type of board for cruising around the town. And the width of the normal skateboard is 7.5″ to 8.25″.

You can’t decide or purchase the board until you don’t know about your foot size. Because the smaller width that doesn’t suit your feet will make skateboarding difficult for you. If you wanna know everything about how long is a normal skateboard and which suits your riding style. Make sure to be with us and follow each step of the guide and clear your all confusion.

How Long is a Skateboard

How long is a skateboard

How long are the skateboards pointed at the standard skateboard length and width, The normal skateboard length and width can be as long as 34″ and 8.25″. Indeed boards are used to perform tricks and complete traveling small tasks.

If we move ahead, there is another type and that is longboarding. You can get the 59″ length and maximum 10″ width decks as well. But it offers you only to use it for transportation purposes to cover large distances.

And Skateboarding helps you in almost every type of skateboarding style. You might be wondering why the board assists you in skating whatever style you want to but longboarding doesn’t. First of all, the bigger boards create difficulty in flipping. Secondly, the wheels are very hard when it comes to longboarding.

But the board has the appropriate size deck with suitable, soft, and enough speedy wheels to perform tricks. Now move towards the complete guide on normal-size skateboards.

Skateboard Size Guide

One thing that you will need to install in your mind. You can’t get a skateboard and starts skating in your required style. As it demands research especially when you have a particular riding style. There are 4 types of skateboard decks that describe the suitability of the rider’s age.

1- Extra small skateboard decks

2- Small decks

3- Medium deck

4- Larger deck

 1- Extra Small Skateboard Deck

  • The extra small skateboard offers you a size of up to 27.6″ in length and 6.75″ in width. This board’s size doesn’t suit riders that are above 5 years old. But the kids under 5 can go for this size board deck.
  • Another thing, there can be a special case. A few of the kids have more height than the normal 3 or 4-year-old kids. So you have to get a little bit bigger deck than mentioned because of shoe size. If all is normal with a height of 3’5″, go for the mentioned board size.

2- Small decks

  • The small decks include a size of 28″ in length with a width of 7″. It’s a quite suitable board size for kids aged 5 years or above up to 8 years old. While analyzing or considering the height, never forget to take an eye on the shoe size. As the shorter widths don’t help you in getting comfortable riding. Well, this board’s size offers the 4’4″ taller with the shoe size of 4-6 to have snuggly or pleasant riding.

3- Medium Size Decks

  • To all the kids above 8 and up to 12 years old. The skateboard deck with a length of 29″ and a width of 7.3″ is waiting for you. But make sure that you are a maximum of 5’2″ with a shoe size of 7-8.
  • Age isn’t as essential as the skateboard’s length and width. So if you are still 12 years old but taller and have a bigger shoe size than the mentioned criteria. It’s better to go for the large skateboard decks to have congenial riding.

4- Large Decks

  • I will recommend the large board decks to all 13 years old or above. The standard-size skateboard decks include a length of 29″+ and 7.5″+ width. For that, you must have a height of more than 5’33” with a shoe size of 9 or above.

When the age, height, and shoe size will increase, you will move towards the higher widths deck with a bigger length. And skateboard size for 6 feet will be 8.50 width deck but check the shoe size also.

Things To Know About Size When Considering Skateboard

Some of the important things that you must know along with how big is a skateboard. The normal size skateboard just gives you an idea of how long the skateboard decks can be. But to have the comfortable riding and required skating style comes with the right board size. And it happens via the right shoe size information, your body weight, and height as well.

Your Weight

The body’s weight is a factor that determines whether you are getting comfy riding or not. Because when you select the skateboard that doesn’t suit your weight and can’t bear it. It might get cut into pieces and you will need to buy another skateboard. Before purchasing a board, weight is also an essential element to consider along with other factors.

You can recognize the size when purchasing. If you purchase online, the weight limit will be added there on the page. Well, the maple-constructed skateboard deck has got the ability to withstand the 220lbs weight. But better to check for avoiding making any mistake that costs you more after.

Size Skateboard For Height And Shoe

Height also matters because when the height increases, the size of the feet also increases. And you have to get the appropriate width deck that suits your height as well as the shoe size. Riders with average height can go for medium skateboards with 7-8 shoe sizes. As this size is better for them to have a cozy ride. But if you have 5′ and 6″ tall, you should go for the large board decks above 9 shoe sizes.

Your Required Skating Style

Even your riding style depends on the size of the skateboard. Let’s know how. If you are one who likes to do complex or technical tricks, you will need to have the deck width ranges from 7.5 to 8 inches. But when you go skating in parks, pools, or vert skating. Wider decks will be used in the range of 8.0 to 8.25 inches. And above the 8.25″, cruising or longboarding will be the style of riding to take on.


Undoubtedly, it can be difficult to be good at understand how long is a normal skateboard. But after reading this guide, all the confusion will get disappeared. Just go through all the guides and understand how long is the average skateboard.

Understanding the skateboard sizes, knowing the suitable sizes for your skating styles and the shoe size should be considered. I hope everything would have have been understood by you. Let me know in the comments if you have any queries.

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