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How Long Does It Take to Learn to Skateboard (Best Guide)

As the query appears by your side, you are brewing to learn skateboarding. But you’re unhinged about how long does it takes to learn to skateboard. Skateboarding is one of the best and most lucrative sports in terms of physical and mental health. Learning the skateboard isn’t a cup of tea as you’ll become a pro within a couple of months, it’s a myth. Well, the tenure of erudition depends on its level whether you wanna touch the technical tricks too or are limited to the basic pushing skills.

There are a couple of factors that decide how much time you’ll be required to adjoin all the skateboarding skills. First of all, your athletic skills matter a lot when it comes to getting into any sport especially skateboarding. Secondly, your time availability is a key factor in learning it faster. If the time has not been given properly by your side, it would be difficult to learn in a short span. So you have to be consistent with complete affordable time per day to learn as faster as possible.

Riding the board isn’t a strenuous task, you start skating the board after a few days or it might take a couple of weeks. But to become a hard skate tricks master, it can take years of practice or hard work to reach that destination. But it doesn’t take years to become a skateboarding expert for everyone some learn it faster. Because of their athletic skills and time availability. Let’s have a detailed guide on how to practice skating or how to learn to skateboard. Also, its basics and advanced tricks to learn fastly.

How long does it take to get good at skateboarding

How long does it take to get good at skateboarding

You learn every day differently in skateboarding even if you are a pro. It won’t take you longer if you have better coordination and some gymnastic dexterity. You should develop your first athletic skills and get more time for skating. All individuals learn according to their pace.

If you wanna utilize this skill at the international level, your maximum time should be given to skateboarding. The time can be divided if you just fulfill your desires by becoming a pro skater of society or your street. We suppose that you are a beginner(who never skated the board) in this field but more sincere about skateboarding and have the spirit to do it.

You are going to learn all the pivotal tricks in a time of 6 to 12 months with a lot of practice with patience. As far as the advanced tricks are concerned, with hundreds of practice days. You would be able to perform technical and advanced tricks(1 to 3 years).

 Again, the development timeline of your skating skills depends on the person. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step learning guide on how you can make yourself a pro skater by achieving all the milestones. And how long does it take to learn how to skateboard?

Most of the time the beginners come to me and ask how to begin skateboarding. Because their initial concepts are not cleared. So let’s start from scratch, from basics to advance.

Step 1- Learning basics of skateboarding (1st two months)

You’ll have to spend your first and second months learning the basics of skateboarding. Set your purpose in the first two months, and make sure to stand on the board. As the expert suggests by watching videos or under the supervision of experts. Then the pushing technique comes, it can hurt your feet in the beginning. So don’t be demotivated by the foot’s pain.

Feet pain can be overcome by the best and most recommended pushing technique. Turning and stopping the board should also be included in these two months of your learning phase. Keep practicing and riding the board on different surfaces to have the experience of balancing the board on different terrains. And don’t leave the field in case of facing any hurdles until all the mentioned tasks get completed. But make sure the skateboard allows you to skate on every kind of surface.

Step 2- Trying basic tricks for skateboarding (3rd to 7th month)

Once all the basic skills have been successfully done, now it’s time to warm up yourself for moving toward the skateboard trick progression. Basic tricks presume the small obstacles or hurdles while skating in skate parks, manuals, kick turns, and performing ollies. And there won’t be any trouble doing tricks like slappies (grinding curbs), shuvits, big spins, or decent ollies.

As a beginner, you must wear all the safety gear and the comfort skateboarding clothes to protect yourself from serious injuries while performing primary tricks. Because the chances of being injured get increase. Especially when you are the starter and doing tricks.

You might be disappointed by not properly doing tricks. But at the end of the day, hard work always pays off. So don’t lose hope and keep going until you don’t make them your own. The time of skateboard progression can be reduced or increased because the abilities and learning power vary from person to person.

Step 3- Some Advanced Tricks (8th and 9th month)

After the struggle and practice of 4 to 5 months, we are assuming that your basic riding and tricks skills have been good. Move on to some advanced tricks that involve the process of performing difficult ollies from at least 2 stairs. And then keep doing ollies from more stairs.

 If you think that you are capable enough then stand up to the ledges and the rails. And strong your some advanced skateboarding skills. Once all the mentioned tasks are completed, then move toward the second process. Because leaving the basic and early steps can’t make you a successful skater.

Doing technical tricks and kickflips sucks a lot of time and dedicated sessions by looking at the experts. We had fewer facilities when I started learning skateboarding but had the advantage that I was a son of a skateboarder.

Step 4- how long does it take to learn kickflip (10th and 11th month)

Kickflip and heelflip(More Advanced tricks) are the next doors you should knock on to get almost there to where you always wanted to be. When you see that you can perform hard skate tricks like kickflips and heelflips, dive into the practice of tre-flip.

But all the tricks take a lot of time when you are not aware of them at all. This is the best schedule you can make before starting skateboarding. As it will help in learning orderly to take it up there easily step by step.


If you are skating the board on the wrong terrains, it’ll affect your skateboarding. As the board won’t be friendly with the best speed, turning, balancing, and all. Because the heels are designed for the mentioned surfaces to ride on. So choosing the right ground will help you in learning fastly.

Another thing in the environment that matters a lot is the place where you are learning this all. As if you are with friends that are more confident toward their goals. When you skate with them, you get motivated and sincere toward the goal.

Skating with friends and sharing some tips with each other make you a faster learner. And it might expose to you how long does it take to ride a skateboard. If you keep doing hard work while skateboarding with mates.


It depends on whether you wanna skateboard for the passion and to spend the time. 2 hours are enough to learn the basic skills. If the goal is to become a professional skater, at least 6 hours should be dedicated to being the champion of that field.

You can learn basic skills of the skateboard in a month like pushing technique, carving the board, and stopping the skateboard. But learning and performing tricks takes a couple of years but depends on the learner.

First of all focus on the stance of how you stand and balance on the board. Then move towards pushing and stopping the skateboard with the technique by placing feet slowly. Carving is very important and it should be in your basic skills. And then move on to basic and advanced tricks.

The first trick to learn is ollie, doing kick turns, and manuals too. But make sure your primary expertise is up to mark. Then you can take on the kickflips and heelflips to have more grip on skateboarding.

Final Verdict

You learn the board according to your abilities and technically someone can claim I have learned in a day. Because you get to know the basic skateboarding moves and if you spend some time under the supervision of the master. You learn a lot in that specific period of time. But if you are serious and want to be a pro skater, make your schedule as it’s mentioned in the guide.

And start learning skateboarding with time as much as you can give. Because you’ll learn faster in this way than in the given tenure. When you are going to start skateboarding, make sure to have the recommended ground for skating.

Keep your skateboard on the surface and place your feet on the board to see how it behaves. Whether the board is bearing your weight or not. If there is no disturbance in the skateboard, start pushing and keep skating.

When you try to stop the board, don’t ever place the feet directly on the ground. Because by placing directly feet when the board is going for high speed, you’ll fall and can be injured. And be careful when turning the board, it can also be the reason for falling at high speed. So there are many factors that make it clear and crystal about how long does it take to learn to skateboard.

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