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How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ollie (Learn in few days)

You question exposing your level of skateboarding because you are planning to learn an ollie. But you don’t have any idea about how long does it take to learn to ollie? If you are an average skateboarder with a normal learning level. Then you have to practice for a few weeks or it may take you 6 months to do an ollie. Importantly, how long does it take to ollie on a skateboard completely depends on the time you practice per day and your learning abilities. If you spend enough time learning ollies, probably you will be a master of doing ollies within some days or even a day.

Popping an ollie isn’t a cup of tea for every skateboarder, some learn quickly but it creates difficulty for some while learning an ollie. But with the proper technique after learning, you can perform an ollie easily. Those who want to list their name in the skilled riders, they’ll have to go through this part of life. Because without technical tricks, you can’t become a pro rider. Although, the ollie is a common trick and it has been tried by everyone whether they do it properly or not.

To make learning an ollie easy, it’s essential to have a better grip on the basics of skateboarding. You should have the knowledge of controlling the skateboard while balancing yourself. Also, you take the turns quickly and safely. And make sure you have practiced a lot of kick-turns and manuals as well. As a senior skateboarder, I won’t prefer you to learn an ollie without basic riding skills. If you are sincere in your skating career, learn the fundamentals first.

How Long Does It Take To Learn An Ollie?

While learning ollie, the question comes into mind about how long does it take to learn to ollie or to reach my required level. First of all, overcome the fear which is inside. And that doesn’t let you play an ollie because of falling and getting some serious injury.

Look, take some advice, if you fear to ollie on hard or dangerous surfaces that will deface the head. Do an Ollie on the grass for practicing. And all the other tricks even skateboarding basic skills.

Another tip is when you try to ollie, make sure you are moving slowly. Because rolling while moving creates ease for the riders to do an ollie. Don’t skate the board at a higher speed especially when you are trying to do an ollie.

And the chances of falling gets increase if you are new to this. But it is time to take the task, you can’t learn it in minutes or in a day. You’ll have to be consistent and sincere with this trick to make it possible within a few days.

Ollieing Stationary

One of the major reasons why the new skateboarders fail to do an ollie? Rather they get injured themself is ignoring their basic riding skills. That immature step can become the reason for falling.

And probably you may need to say goodbye to skateboarding for some days. So make sure that you have a vigorous grip on the riding of the board. Then immediately go for doing ollies with better confidence.

How Much Time You Should Practice Ollie

This is the most asked question by newcomers to senior skateboarders. How much time we should give to learn skateboarding or tricks like ollies or other technical tricks? Without any doubt, skateboarding demands time and concentration on it.

Also, sometimes the place can be the reason for the failure of doing an ollie. Because the same I had experienced it during my struggling days for practicing ollie.

Actually, whatever profession you choose, a lot of obstacles come with the passage of time. Same here, the ollie or the other skateboarding tricks can bring difficulties while practicing. You just need to be more consistent than the back and more confident towards your goals.

How To Do An Ollie For Beginners?

How to do a ollie for beginners

Just make sure that you are completely fit. And available physically and mentally before going for an ollie. Also, your basic tricks before ollie are done, and now moving forward.

Whenever you try to ollie, the ollie foot position should be according to the recommendation for a better and easy ollie. As your back foot should be on the tail of the skateboard and the front foot can be in the middle of the skateboard. Or you can move your front foot a little bit ahead.

It’s time to do an ollie, now your tail of the skateboard will come in contact with the ground. In this way, you lift your skateboard up. And after covering the distance of feet in the air. The skateboard drops down onto the ground.

Importantly, if you have maximum weight. Try to find a skateboard that can bear your weight. Because while landing, it can leave some cracks right with the trucks.

 Importantly successful ollie is all about the timing as when your skateboard tail hits the ground for jumping up. Your foot needs to touch the nose of the skateboard to level the board. Because your back foot is touching the tail of the skateboard. Hence you’ll need to take your front foot to the nose for leveling the skateboard.

So the timing is very important when it comes to doing an ollie. Because just imagine you are doing an ollie and you’ve successfully hit the ground and lifted up the skateboard as well. But if you won’t take your feet to the nose, the board will lose its balance. And there will be more chances of falling, and the nose and tail of the skateboard can be broken. Because these are more sensitive.

For the beginners out there, it can demotivate you while practicing skateboarding ollie and getting failure. But hard work always pays off when you stay honest with your profession and be consonant. Also, get more time for this and do hard work as compared to the back days. And ultimately it won’t only attract the other skaters when you perform it. But also it’ll be dancing on your feet’s fingers.

Final words

Don’t do overthinking the difficulty of how long does it take to learn to ollie or would I be able to do tricks. Yes, you can absolutely do the ollie instead all the technical tricks as well. You just need to focus on two things, the first one is that remain honest in your work. And give as much time as possible to learn quickly. The second one is the compatibility of doing ollie is a key to success.

If you do all the stunts under the expert’s supervision, you will do it quickly and better. You can hang out with your friends too skating in parks. When you don’t take it seriously, it costs you years to get the job done.

I believe that I have covered everything about how long does it take to learn on a skateboard. You just need to get into it and don’t get only about the tenure of practicing. Rather get to know how you can perform an ollie as a beginner.

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