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How Long Do Skateboards Last (Surprising Facts And Tips)

This happens to everyone, whenever you buy a skateboard, the first query comes into your mind how long do skateboards last? Because I can feel this all and have experienced it. When I used to purchase the skateboard with my added pocket money in my childhood. I had the vision to make it longer whatever the riding style I adopt. With the passage of time, I got to know which material skateboard and the components can go for a specific time with usability conditions.

The skateboard duration can be detected by analyzing multiple factors. But the essential factor of the board’s life span is the material that has been used for the construction of the skateboard. Another important thing the skateboard you are using for tricks has got the ability to bear. If not, it’ll break the board.

 The average skateboard continuance is 1 to 2 years but has seen skateboarders have taken their skateboard for up to 5 years. But some of the riders couldn’t manage the skateboard for more than 6 months. All the possible elements have been discussed below but to know everything about how long do skateboards last. Reading the full guide is compulsory otherwise it would be difficult to get all the points.

How Long Does A Skateboard Last (Important Factors To Know)

How long does a skateboard last

Quality And Style Of Riding

  • Skateboard’s life span can be determined by the quality of the material. And how the skateboard deck and all the components are made. Your riding style matters a lot when it comes to the tenure of skateboarding.

Skateboarding Level

  • Another thing that most senior skateboarders ignore the point in lasting the skateboard is riding level. Yes, it’s absolutely essential because beginners can break the average quality board within the month or second day after purchasing.

Wrong Tricks

  • There are some essential things that are compulsory to understand when looking for the life span of the board. Look, the quality material-made board offers you to do the technical tricks and for daily uses as long as you can. But performing the wrong tricks or learning the tricks cannot increase the lifespan.

Using A Skateboard For Daily Purposes

  • If the board is used for only riding the skateboard around the town or for transportation. Surely, it’s gonna last for several years but depends on the quality of the components. Doing stunts on the skateboard only at the sports festival enhances the span of the skateboard.

Doing Tricks On A Daily Basis

  • When you purchase the board for tricks purposes. And do the tricks on a daily basis affects the skateboard steadily because the chances of wear and tear get increase. It happens when you don’t take care of the board for the days. If you keep it clean, it can go long as well.

Taking Care Of Skateboard

  • So, cleaning from the inside by removing and unfastening the trucks and wheels is important. Because if you keep riding in the mud or dirty area without taking care of it, You’ll have to pay for a new skateboard. As the parts of the board will lose quality and stop working. Taking care of or modifying the skateboards from time to time enlightens you on how long do skateboards last.

Checking Skateboard Importance

  • Additionally, you can make the average quality skateboard even longer like the quality board keeps the life span. But it can happen only when you look after your skateboard very well. But it doesn’t mean stop getting the quality skateboard instead of the medium standard board. As medium-quality boards can be afforded at a low budget.

Well-Maintained Skateboard

  • The well-maintained board has always been the rider’s preference. Whether you buy it cheaply or expensively depends on your research. Just be with us and not only get the quality board as well at low-end bucks.

Riding The Wrong Size Skateboard

  • The skateboard life can be decreased when you ride a skateboard that doesn’t suit your size. An appropriate size board won’t only affect your riding. Rather you lose money on purchasing the wrong skateboard. So keep in mind this factor as well to make your skateboard safe from every aspect.

Now, let me give you helpful tips on how you can make your long-lasting skateboard.

Important Tips: How To Make Your Skateboard Last Longer

How often do skateboards break

There are multiple essential tips that we are gonna discuss. You need to dig in to have as much knowledge as you can to enhance your skateboard life. But I have added one more tip that how to buy a quality board from scratch and how long do skateboards last.

1- Buying The First Skateboard

Let’s start from scratch with how you can buy the best skateboard. Those who own the board can start directly from the 2nd tip. I will cover it in one sentence, whenever you go for a long-lasting skateboard. Always give value to the wood-constructed deck.

 And if the deck has maple wood and bamboo construction, then it’s the icing on the cake. Separate maple wood is also the best material to consider for a long-lasting skateboard.

2- Inspectioning The Skateboard

Well, this is one of the best tips if you take it to make your board longer. The inspections or checking the board after a day or when you think, it should be checked. Then you can take it as long as you can.

You’ll have to make a schedule or routine to check all the board components and clean them wisely. The mud or dirt on the wheels should be cleaned and lubricated in the bearings if needed.

3- Keep The Skateboard Safely On The Ground.

Fewer riders don’t place the board onto the ground safely. They just throw the boards and the possibility of breaking gets increases. Some manufacturing companies made a board that is not breakable by the car’s tires too. But the tail and nose can be broken because of sensitivity. When you ollie or do other advanced tricks wrong, the tail can be damaged.

Skateboarders do these mistakes when they get disappointed by not completing the skating task. As a result, when they get frustrated then it leads them to throw the board.

4- Focus On The Basics First

The beginners that just started their skateboarding career damage the board by trying the ollies or other tricks. Riding the board with the wrong technique can lead to the damaging or cracking of the board. So start riding with the proper guidance to save your worthy skateboard.

5- Perfect Surface To Take The Skateboard Longer

It totally depends on the construction of the board. When you bought the board, had you read the review about the eligible surfaces for this specific skateboard? If not then you are going to waste your money by riding on hard surfaces. Because the wrong surface can be harmful or threaten the board’s life.

 Make sure to have the right board and the wheels, trucks, bearings, and bushings. So that you can enjoy the riding as well as the longevity.

6- Does Your Deck Bears Your Weight Easily

Choosing the skateboard while analyzing the weight-bearing ability is very important. Because of putting the extra weight onto the board, the deck won’t be able to tolerate it. And it’ll break your board. You must consider the weight capacity before purchasing. Because it doesn’t affect your riding only but also causes you to lose it.

7- Keep the skateboard completely dry

This is the bitter truth that the water damages the skateboard. You can’t skate when it’s raining until the manufacturing company doesn’t allow for it. As we have seen most skateboards get damaged from rain or any kind of water.

 Whenever you skate into the rain, you’ll have to detach all the components and then dry them. Otherwise, all the parts get affected by the water.

8- Don’t Place It At The Higher Temperature

Whatever the place is, never keep your board there because the high temperature makes your board thin. And it won’t be able to bear your weight as it used to. Don’t make a mistake by putting your skateboard into the car. Hanging on the wall would be the better decision.

9- Landing Properly

The tricks performer at an intermediate level can break a skateboard by not landing properly on it. When you won’t land properly as the pro riders, it splits the board into two pieces. So when doing tricks, keep in mind to take your skateboard longer.

How Often Do Skateboards Break

If you have a quality skateboard, it must be taken at least 2 years to break. But the way uses it and your riding level, the board will behave accordingly.

How Long Do Skateboard Decks Last

It depends on how you are using the board and which kind of material has been used for it. You can take your skateboard deck for up to 3 years or can be lasted for 6 months only. Quality matters a lot when you search for how long do skateboards or decks last. You shouldn’t give preference to money over quality.


The question of how long do skateboards last is described in detail. You can’t make your board longer until you don’t follow all the factors that are mentioned above. As the elements will help you in maintaining your board.

If you are looking for a long-lasting skateboard, just check the first tip. And follow all the remaining tips and guides to keep your board healthy and better. I hope the guide will help you in clearing your concepts and making your board even longer than its life of it.

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