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How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last (Lasted For 2 Years)

How long do skateboard wheels last? It can be the bucks-saving query and it’ll be. Because properly repairing and taking care of skateboard wheels will enhance their lifespan of wheels. And if you don’t look after them, they might lose their quality within a month. Or it can last for several months, depending on how you behave and use the wheels.

Ordinary and medium-quality material-made skateboard wheels can last for an average of 3 months. Your riding style matters a lot when it comes to finding the lifespan of skateboard wheels. Because performing tricks decreases the life of the wheels. Also, continuous riding makes the wheels wear out quickly.

Nobody will be able to provide the exact agedness of skateboard wheels. Because there are a lot of factors that make the decision altogether. If you wanna have the complete guide and all the factors that determine the lifespan of the wheel. Paying attention to worn-out wheels is very necessary. Because it can cause injuries while riding the skateboard. Indeed every part needs attention and checking before riding.

How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last

You may have seen your surroundings and the friends with your skating. That they take their skateboard wheels for a year or 2. But some of them don’t even able to last for a couple of months.

Have you ever found the reason? No, let me tell you then. First of all the quality of the material is the first step in detecting the lifetime of skateboard wheels. Because the low-quality material wheels not only get wear and tear quickly. But also it doesn’t provide you with the required speed and smooth riding.

You must have the pliers or the skate tool to detach the bearings and wheels. Make a schedule to clean the board wheels and all the other components to keep it fresh. Selecting the right material and the right size wheels makes them long-lasting. What factors affect the life span is essential to know before riding the board.

Factors That Reduce The Skateboard Wheels’ Lifespan

Look! all the components not only the wheels can be worn out with the passage of time. The age of skateboarding is based on how you take care of your favorite things. Because if you wanna have a long-lasting board, then repairing it from time to time is important. Listed down are all the factors that decide the dotage of skateboard wheels.

1- Terrain

Some of the experienced skateboarders might have missed this point but I won’t. Because it performs a major role in wearing skateboard wheels. As the specific vehicles are designed for a particular surface.

And when you skate onto an unsuitable surface. You will lose the quality of wheels whether it’s made with high-quality material. Because those wheels are not specifically designed for that surface. So initially you are dragging the vehicles in the wrong direction to damage fastly. And avoid riding the board on the pebbles and the terrains.

2- Your Weight

If you are skating the board that can’t bear your weight. Then you are not only losing the wheels but also other skateboard components. Putting a higher weight can split the deck into two pieces.

 Especially when you land on the board while performing ollie or other tricks. Some skateboards are made for heavy riders but some are for normal riders. So you have to choose the wheels and the overall board accordingly.

3- Riding Style And Level

Maybe you are the one who likes to just cruise with friends or in the streets. Then your board vehicles are gonna last for years. But this isn’t enough to determine whether you cruise only. You’ll have to analyze the time you give the skating per day or per week.

Also, cleaning the board and its wheels are also included in determining the lifespan. When it comes to tricks, the wheels definitely get damaged fastly than cruising. Because it tolerates your weight when landing.

4- Cleaning The Wheels

This is another essential factor that can increase or decrease the life of skateboard wheels. Do you love to skate in rain or planning to do so? I won’t recommend you to ride in muddy or rainy places. Because it will spoil the whole board, as well as injuries, can occur. The board will get damaged if you don’t clean it immediately after riding. Make a habit or a schedule, but cleaning must be done properly to get rid of damaging any part.

5- Riding Swiftly

When you ride the board fastly, it causes friction. And the friction compels your skateboard wheels to get wear and tear quickly. So ride the board at an appropriate speed.

How To Make Skateboard Wheels Spin Longer

If you are an experienced skater, you would know that the bearings have a direct relation to wheels. The skateboard bearings help the wheels to roll fastly and smoothly. Taking care of bearings is also important to keep the wheels healthy and rotate at an appropriate speed.

1- I will suggest lubricating the skateboard bearings after some time. You can lubricate the vehicles with a coating of oil.

2- Avoid your wheels from getting into contact with the skateboard deck. Your board vehicles will wear out fastly and the deck will also be damaged.

3- Rotating the wheels at 90° when sliding is very essential. Because this angle causes the wheels to stop while sliding. If this isn’t the angle, then flat spots are created. And the flat spots don’t give you the required ride. So keep in mind this factor too.

4- Putting a lot of weight while sliding or performing technical tricks can damage the skateboard wheels. Keep rotating the wheels and distribute your weight on every rather than on one side.

5- Cleaning the skateboard wheels and other parts can amazingly increase the life span. I had a medium level of wheels but lasted for 2 years. Yes, because I used to clean the wheels and bearings as well when needed.

 Indeed I had a habit of repairing my skateboard collection from time to time and it’s going on as well. So it’s necessary to save your money and increase your skateboarding interest and confidence.

When To Replace Skateboard Wheels

When to replace skateboard wheels

You need to replace your skateboard wheels when you see flat spots are there. It’s one of the reasons that shows a sign to change them as soon as possible. Because flat-spotting wheels don’t provide you the smooth and better riding. You can analyze this by riding the board and doing tricks.

In case of having damaging wheels, you will observe the bumpy riding on better surfaces too. It means you will need to replace the board wheels.

The skateboard vehicles get smaller when you are riding those wheels for so long. It might be the reason for not having the desired ride. And you to consider new pairs.

As you see this is not the color when I purchased this. Then the wheels are worn out now. These are the possible factors that you must consider and pay attention to. If you find these faults in your skateboard wheels, change them immediately to have better skating.

Things To Consider When Buying Skateboard Wheels

1- Material used for wheels

2- Skateboard wheels price

3- Riding intentions from wheels

4- Wheels size

1- Material Quality

The quality of the material is very important because it performs a vital role in maintaining the health of the wheels. One of the best materials that are used for wheels is polyurethane but choose that have synthetic rubber.

2- High Or Low Price?

You can’t compromise on the quality of the material whether you get that at a low or high price. If you do the research, you can get quality wheels at a reasonable price. Get high-quality material-constructed wheels and have them for years with proper protection.

3- Riding Intentions From Wheels

You can’t get the wheels that only assist you in cruising but you like to do tricks, right? So you have to choose the wheels according to your riding style. Smaller and lightweight wheels are used for tricks. On the other hand, larger wheels are used for cruising and commuting.

4- Wheels Size

If you are looking for the wheels only, ask the manufacturer about the weight-bearing capacity of these vehicles. Otherwise, it won’t bear your weight when doing ollies or flips.


You can’t guide anyone exactly on how long do skateboard wheels last. Because there are multiple factors that decide the life span of skateboard wheels. But you can guide on how to make skateboard wheels last longer. Your style and the level of riding, material quality, the surface you ride on, cleaning wheels, and riding at high speed will determine the lifespan.

 And you can make your skateboard wheels last longer by taking care of the wheels and rotating at 90 degrees. Also, avoid the wheel bite as well as lubricate the bearings and so on. Make sure you also have read the essential points about purchasing skateboard wheels.

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