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How Long Do Skateboard Bearings Last (Facts And Longevity)

Skateboard bearings matter a lot for getting smoother and faster riding. Because the quality bearings assist the wheels to roll unwrinkled and Swiftly. Without functional bearings, you can’t get the required skateboarding (faster riding). The bearings get wear and tear when you skate in the rain or dirty area if you don’t look after them.

 Indeed how long do skateboard bearings last depends on how many times it has been cleaned in a week. Skating with the same bearings for a long decreases the quality and starts getting wear and tear with time. And you lose your bearings within 5 to 6 months. But when you keep an eye on the skateboard bearings, they last for several years. There is no hard and fast rule except the cleaning of skateboard bearings.

First of all, avoid riding the board into the water or the muddy place. If you have just ridden there, immediately use the skate tool, remove the bearings, and clean them. Make sure that you are sure about how to take out skateboard bearings. Let’s dive into it and stick with the guide to know each and every aspect of how long do skateboard bearings last.

How Long Do Skateboard Bearings Last

how to change skate bearings

Putting in less effort and getting faster speed can make this possible by having workable standard skateboard bearings. And it affects you a lot your riding especially when you love to cruise around the town. Avoid your bearings to get rusty as it’ll decrease the lifespan of skateboard bearings.

You can last your bearings for 1 to 2 years. Because most of the time the quality bearings averagely last for up to 2 years. But without proper maintenance, it won’t even last for 6 months based on our experience.

Doing tricks also gets affected when you have low-performing bearings. Because you show the tricks while moving at a better speed like jumping off or sliding. Also sliding and speedy jumping damages your skateboard bearings with the passage of time.

At the same time, these tricks need a faster speed before performing. What you have to do, is just take care of your bearings. If they need maintenance or repair, do it straight away. Otherwise, you may have needed to get new skateboard bearings to get the required riding.

The water eats the skateboard bearings inside. You have to keep your complete skateboard away from the rain. Because it doesn’t only affect the bearings.

All the components get devastated by the water and the soil. So the median age is 1 to 2 years if you clean bearings with the proper schedule. It depends on how many times you ride in a day or in a week. Let’s go through the factors you need to consider when you think about long-life skateboard bearings.

How To Make Bearings Spin Longer

Make sure that you are gonna implement what you will learn below. Just implement the factors and make your skateboard bearings long-lasting.

1- Clean Or Fix Skateboard Bearings With The High-quality Tool

Cleaning the skateboard bearings is one of the most essential factors to execute. Because when you keep riding the board full day, a little bit of dirt appears on the bearings. And all you need to do is just clean them to avoid making the bearings rusty. But when you ride where the soil is all around, then you can’t make any delay. Because it’ll compel you to get new skateboard bearings.

Further, appearing dirt on bearings multiple times leads you to purchase lubricant. And it can cost you some of the bucks. To save yourself from purchasing lubricant, keep an eye on cleaning the bearings regularly. You should have the alcohol to rub the bearings with something like a toothbrush.

Detaching the bearings should be done with a quality skate tool. Because we can’t afford to damage or cracks on any part of a skateboard.

2- Is Putting Oil Dangerous On Dirty Bearings?

Yes, it’s dangerous for the bushings because the dirty area gets stuck due to putting oil. Before applying any repairing equipment, cleaning the bearings is very necessary. After cleaning and letting it dry for some time, apply lubricant to the bearings. Once everything gets dried, the bearings will start spinning better. Automatically, the speed of your skateboard will be increased.

Have you ever experienced about squeaking of a skateboard? because one of the yelping reasons can be the bearings. When your bearing is whimpering, then you can apply oil. Otherwise, it would be dangerous for the bearings. So use everything carefully.

3- Analyzing Quality Issues

If a man has a tight budget with zero knowledge of how to purchase skateboard bearings will purchase low-quality bearings. Never underestimate the quality of bearings. Go for the bearings that have the long-lasting ability and help the wheels to rotate smoothly and faster. Spend some extra bucks to have the best riding experience.

4- Is Rain Threatening For Bearings

Yes, the rain or the water is totally threatening for the bearings as the bearings get rusty after some time. I’ve never recommended any skater to ride his/her board in rain. Because you don’t only lose the bearings, you’ve lost your complete skateboard. Suppose if you have ridden the board in rain, inspections it is very important. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace the skateboard.

When To Replace Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings will be replaced in three shapes. The first one is when the bearings have been rusty because of riding into the water. In this case, if the maintenance isn’t working, you’ll need to change the bearings to have better riding. You may have seen yourself around while falling the balls and shields that bearings have. The bearings might be hinting at just changing them as soon as possible.

And the third shape is how you feel about the ride. As when I was riding the skateboard, there was a stiffness while riding. I unfastened the trucks and remove the bearings. The problem was in the bearings and that’s why I was getting tough riding. So I changed the bearings instantly to enjoy my real riding. If it’s the case, don’t wait for anyone and just change them.

How To Clean Skateboard Bearings

How often to replace wheels bearings

We are cleaning the skateboard bearings in some steps. Just get the skate tool and unfasten the trucks and wheels. You should have the bearing shield removal tool, you can do this with the knife as well. 

Now remove the bearings with the use of the right tool. When the bearings are removed, soak them in the cleaner solution. You can use a container or a jar to wet the bearings for half an hour.

Once the bearings are dried properly, keep the coating continuously for the second time by lubricating the bearings again. After lubricating, let the bearings dry. When you see everything has been dried, fasten every component and start riding. I hope there won’t be any difficulty after repairing the skateboard bearings.

Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the conclusion, that there won’t be anything that we have left about how long do skateboard bearings last. The time quality bearings take on average is 1 to 2 years which is discussed above in the catalog. And how you can increase the life of skateboard bearings to save your money for a couple of years.

 You have to get around the importance of maintaining skateboard bearings. As the life span of bearings will be enhanced. And no doubt, it can go on for several years. If you take care of them whenever it will be needed. If you still have any queries related to how long do skateboard bearings last, leave a comment and get your answer.

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