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How Fast Can A Skateboard Go (Up to 146.73 km/h?)

Have you been drained or dog-tired of walking miles or distances in a day? Skateboard might be the source of traveling for daily purposes or to have the time of one’s life while skating around the town. And we always prefer the board that doesn’t put your feet in trouble while skating. But the question might be confusing you how fast can a skateboard go? Simply the answer is it depends on many factors. Initially, the skateboard components and the board setup matter a lot when it comes to the speed of the board.

If we talk about the average speed of a skateboard mph, it runs at speed of ranges from 5-12 MPH. The beginners will face difficulty in speeding up the board as they are not familiar with it. And experienced skaters can take the skateboard speed to 8 MPH or even more. But this range of speed increases to an average speed of 8-10 MPH when you skate the longboards. Let me shock you, Peter Connolly got the highest and fastest skateboard speed of 146.73 km/h (91.17mph) while riding downhill.

Because the high speedy wheels are designed for this specific skating style. The whole guide is about how you can fast your board. And all the factors to avoid and adapt for better speed. Now let’s dive into the factors one by one that affects the speed of skateboarding and tells you how fast can you go on a skateboard.

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Where the skateboard can be ridden?

Let me tell you that all terrains and surfaces are not designed for every kind of board. Because the skateboard wheels and the trucks don’t allow you to use any surface for skating. Some of the skateboards and components are made for every surface but not all. And you can recognize the surface after perceiving the ability of board components such as wheels, trucks, and bearings.

The terrain and the environment (surrounding area) performs a major role in speeding up the board. Because the important components such as the wheels are designed according to the demand of a specific board. As the faster wheels are designed for the longboards. But the skateboard wheels are designed to do flips and maneuverability.

Pulling off the tricks and doing flips continues to affect the speed of the board and taking more turns modifies the pace of your board as well. More importantly, select the terrains that suit your skateboard as it can badly devastate the tempo.

Roads are used for skating as well as the skate parks and the pools. Both the soft surfaces and the hard surfaces are used for skating but it depends on the board as I described the reason above. Most of the riders favor street skating and skate parks. But you are not allowed to skate blindly in these places as the strollers cross the road or pedestrians walk in the streets.

 If you are a beginner, keep your skating limits and don’t ride on those traffic roads to avoid any danger. To avoid bumping into the ramblers that can cause injuries to them and yourself, keep your speed limit up to 25 MPH or less, especially at these venues. Also, wear all the important safety gear such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, etc.

Factors Affecting the Speed of the Skateboard

One of the major reasons that affect the average skateboard speed is the setup of a complete board. The assembling of your skateboard can make it more speedy or can down the speed. As a few manufacturing companies don’t use anti-wheel bite technology. The deck comes in contact with the wheels and ultimately it affects your speed. Because the wheels start losing quality. Also if the board wheels are bigger, you are gonna enjoy your ride with the fast speed.

You might be thinking that the wheels are enough for getting good speed. No, the bearings are the component of a board that indeed allows the wheels to roll. The quality and the ABEC rating of bearings reveal whether the hoop will turn smoothly or not. The ABEC rating starts from 1 to 9(odd numbers) and can be described performance-wise from lower to higher. A skateboard with a higher rating will be faster with a smooth and comfortable ride.

How Does Experience Affect Your Average Skateboard Speed?

The individuals who just enter the skateboarding industry, ride the board not more than any rovers. As they usually don’t have the experience of pushing the board wisely. So it credits the skilled skaters in terms of speed by using their feet prudently. Because the experienced skater has a high level of fitness that quality assists them in building long-lasting and strong pushing or jostling skills.

Larger Wheels To Increase Your Skateboard Speed

As I discussed above, the wheels are the most essential and play a prominent role in how fast can a skateboard go. But the flaw is the bigger vehicles are less grippy as compared to softer wheels. Although smaller vehicles are not speedy but provide a smooth and safe ride. And those vehicles don’t disappoint you going through the obstacles as they absorb the shocks.

Wheels also come in different diameters and durometers(hardness). And those specifications describe the acceleration and turning of your board. The diameter ranges from 50-53mm, 54-59mm, and above 60mm.

Whenever you choose the board in terms of better speed, turn your eyes to the 54-59mm for medium speed. Wanna ride downhill or race with friends, select the wheels that have a diameter of more than 60mm. This range of wheels will realize you how fast does a skateboard go.

On the other hand, the wheel’s hardness ranges from 78a-87. It’s a perfect combination of having a grippy and faster ride by absorbing the shocks and executing amazingly on rough surfaces with higher speed.

The vehicles with the hardness of 88a-95a, 96a-99a, and 101a+ are harder and provide you with less grip as well. The higher the durometer wheels you have, the faster the ride you will enjoy. This range of wheels tells you the accuracy of how fast is a skateboard but you never get the grippy ride that the beginner has always been looking for.


A skateboard can go too fast towards the downhill as some professional skaters have broken the record of speed over 85 miles per hour. Whenever you hear the downhill riding, it clues to the speed but maintaining board control.

Skateboarding is completely faster than walking as skateboarders travel with an average of 8 to 10 miles per hour. But it strongly depends on the board type and the terrain as well. Even the riders skate faster than the fast runners.

The bearings make the board fast because the friction between the vehicles and the axles gets decreases due to ball bearings. But board wheels play an essential role in making your board faster. You can make your board faster by choosing the right bearings and wheels.

Sometimes the penny board can go faster than the longboard only in instances. But the professional and intermediate skaters don’t use the penny boards. It can be good for the kids to just get to know the skateboard basics before coming onto the standard skateboard.

You can slow down on a skateboard while riding downhill by taking your back foot off the skateboard. Then drag it slightly according to the speed of the board. After some time, the board will be slowed down.


All the factors have been discussed in the proper detail to make it clear for all of you to get your required skateboard. One of the essential factors is choosing the right pairs of wheels and the suitable rating of bearings. As selecting the low hardness wheels and lower ABEC bearings will lead you to the pushing the skateboard hard for better speed. Also, protect your board from skating over the rocks and the other stumbling block to make it endurable.

An experienced improvement in skills can get you the speed that you couldn’t manage to have before. Skateboards make sure the riders improve and enhance their mental and physical strength. But taking a skateboard for fast speed can fountainhead an injury. So it’s important to wear safety accessories to protect yourself from any danger.

 And avoid skating on the roads where the traffic is always there. Because it can be harmful to pedestrians as well. By following all the guides on how fast can a skateboard go, you would be able to make changes to a skateboard. Or get the perfect one to enjoy the speedy riding around the town and downhill.

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