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Can You Use Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates In 2023

Using skateboard wheels on roller skates is possible. But there will be some pros and cons to adjusting the skate wheels on a roller skate. Because both work for different surfaces and use for dissimilar purposes as well. You always keep in mind essential factors when riding a skateboard with skateboard wheels. So, yeah you will have to see some challenges when using these wheels.

 Can you use skateboard wheels on roller skates? straight forwarding, I will say yes. But logically and technically, it will steamroll to think twice before riding roller skate on skateboard wheels. First of all, you may have an issue with the size of the board wheels that don’t fit in roller skate properly. Losing control is the major problem with this technique. Importantly, it affects the performance and the style of your riding.

But if the purpose is to check how this system works, go for it. You will learn a lot of things, especially balance. It’s better to do some research before changing the wheels of the roller skate. And all the essential elements that need to be remembered have been elaborated on below. Make sure to stick with the guide till the end and understand all the pros and cons of this change.

Can Skateboard Wheels Be Used On Roller Skates

Yes, the skateboard wheels can be used on roller skates. And analyzing a few elements is more essential than anything. Because it will directly affect your riding. Let’s dive into the factors to consider when changing wheels for roller skates.

1- Wheel Size (Diameter and Width)

2- Bearings Size

1- Wheel Size (Diameter And Width)

Now it comes to a really common mind. Because when you have the larger or smaller wheel size, you won’t be able to adjust skateboard wheels into roller skates. It won’t work until you don’t have suitable skateboard wheels for roller skate.

If we talk about the diameter of the skate wheels. You must have the size that suits the roller skate wheel size. And most of the time 55-65mm wheels suit the roller skates. So, if you are having this range of vehicles. You are ready to go, just follow the steps of changing wheels mentioned below.

Move towards the width that roller skate accepts for a better riding experience. Similarly, most of the time roller skaters use wheels in between the range of 30-35mm. If this is the range of your skateboard wheels, you will count this memorable ride as one of the best.

2- The Size Of The Bearings

Another noticeable factor to consider when changing the roller skating wheels and bearings. Again different sizes are used for the bearings. But you get the space here too in terms of specific dimensions used in both skateboards and rollerskates. The 7mm or 8mm is the suitable bearings size cab fit in roller skates

Advantages Of Riding Roller Skate With Skateboard Wheels

Once the wheels are fitted properly into the roller skate. Now you can take the multiple advantages of these changes. As you know that skateboard wheels are longer in size than roller skate vehicles. And you get a higher speed and better drive. Because the bigger the wheels, the higher the speed you get.

When it comes to resistant and shock absorption wheels, skateboard wheels will be at the top of the list. Because their hardness makes them unique in performing tricks and stunts easily. Also, cruising can be done efficiently. Another benefit that roller skaters get is safe and grippy riding. The skateboard wheels provide incredible grip. And assist the beginners to take the benefits as much as they can.

Disadvantages Of Using Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skate

Whenever we talk about the speed of the boards in skating, the wheels are the equipment that comes to mind the earliest rudimentary. And you can’t compromise on speed if you love to get higher momentum. And that is done proficiently with the type of skateboard wheels.

Ostensibly, the speed you will get would be better than roller skate wheels. But balancing the roller skate would be difficult with the skateboard wheels. As this is your first experience and it can cause an injury while falling on the ground. If you are experimenting, I would suggest going there are no traffic and fewer chances of being injured such as grass.

Remember, not every skateboard wheel is suitable for every surface. You have to ride on those terrains which the manufacturer has suggested. As the bigger wheels are specifically made for the rougher roads. On the other hand, smaller skateboard wheels assist to ride better in street for technical riding.

Technically, there will be more stress on your knees and ankles. It happens when there is unsuitable thing is done. Because you always try to balance yourself with changing wheels. And that automatically puts a lot of force onto the feet. As a result, your knees and ankles hurt.

The shoes can make a problem in gripping successfully. Because the shoes are made particularly for roller skate wheels. Similarly, skateboard wheels are made for skateboarding. So, you will see the difference in riding. But after a few tries, you will use it. I always suggest skaters try different things but follow the instructions as well to avoid injuries.

Are Skateboard And Roller Skate Bearings The Same?

Before we go down to how to change the roller skate wheels and put on skateboard wheels. We should discuss the bearings of both skateboard and roller skate. Because the bearings are the reason behind getting the higher speed and smoother ride.

Yes, you can use the skateboard bearings on roller skates. But if your roller skateboard is the 7mm size of a truck’s axle. Then you can’t put the skateboard bearings. You can install the skateboard bearings when you have the 8mm tucks axle.

The board bearings have a larger size than roller skate bearings. So, it will be difficult for roller skaters to install skateboard bearings on roller skates. But if you have the mentioned size of the truck’s axle, you can change it without any hesitation.

How To Change Roller Skate Wheels (Putting Skateboard Wheels)

For changing and installing the skateboard wheels, you will need the skate tool or a suitable wrench. And make sure that you are having the right pair of skateboard wheels that fit in properly. Once these two pieces of equipment are on the radar, move towards the steps of replacing the wheels.

1- Detach the wheels from the skateboard, you can use the T-tool or the pair of pliers. On the other hand, remove the roller skate wheels by using a suitable tool to avoid any damage. Because scratches can take place when using the wrong tool, a skater can understand.

2- Once the skateboard and roller skate wheels are detached. Now try to place the skateboard vehicles into roller skates. You may face difficulty while placing it. You can give them a little bit of push for fitting them accurately.

3- Tight the screws and make sure that neither the wheels should be tightened so much nor loosened. Because it can affect your performance.

4- The tightness of the wheels can be detected by the test riding. Once the wheels are successfully installed, check whether you are getting free rides or not. If not, then make some changes in tightening or loosening the wheels. Keep changing until the wheels started moving freely.

Skate Wheel Types (What Type Should Get)

Getting the type of wheels depends on the surface and the required style of riding. For example, if you like to skate indoors, you will surely be going to grab the wheels’ hardness of 88a-100a. No doubt, this hardness gives you better speed and safe riding too.

And outdoor riders prefer the wheel’s hardness of 78a to ride on harder surfaces. So you can select any of the wheel types according to your demand.


Using skateboard wheels on roller skate will provide you with a different experience. Especially, the benefit that I got was the speed and the shock-absorbing riding. But it can be a challenge for the ones who are trying the first time as you can lack balance.

Now all the aspects and factors are discussed can you use skateboard wheels on roller skates? Whether these are the advantages or disadvantages. And at the moment you can take the decision.

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