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Can You Skateboard In The Rain (Spoil the Board)

Don’t get panic if your skateboard got wet and unearthing for the expert’s reviews about whether can you skateboard in the rain or not. Yes, you can skateboard in the rain but there are few limits and get differences a lot. Because it affects your skating skills such as getting a strong grip and tricks that are difficult to perform. The pro riders are allowed to try some new things as it will add up to their skating abilities. But it’s a big no for beginners to go out and skateboarding in the rain because a little bit of slide can defilement.

A couple of months ago, I went out in rain to check how my best skateboard deck and all the components will behave. And it make me impossible to do technical tricks as the board lost its grip. After spending enough time in the rain, skateboard components started losing their quality. As the bearings went to rack and ruin from its interior. And I lost the grip tape because it was totally peeled off after some time and never got the non-slippery riding on that board.

Also, lost the skateboard deck’s pop and the board wheels’ grip when I rode after a couple of days. Even the weight capacity and its carving ability went down because the board trucks became tarnished or rusty and then got broken. You might get a squeaky sound while riding the board. Let’s take a look at why skateboarding is dangerous when it’s wet outside. Or is there any place where we can skate as well as can enjoy the rainfall?

Can You Skate In the rain?

Your skateboarding can be different when it comes to skating in the rain or on wet grounds. But your skateboard deck should be waterproof along with all the other components as well. if you are a pro rider, you would already be aware that how much riding in rain affects your board.

Riding carefully while raining doesn’t harm you if the ground is not dangerous where you are riding. But you lost the money as you destroy all the components of the board from the inside. So your skateboard is safe and has a whale of a time.

Nevertheless, make sure you’ve covered all the essential safety gear that protects you in case of falling. There are many factors that are described above in short about why you can’t skateboard in rain. Now move into the detailed guide to keep your board long-lasting by protecting it from skating onto wet grounds.

Skateboarding in the rain

Step 1- Effects Of Rain On A Skateboard Deck

The material used for the deck is wood and multiple layers have been used to construct it and glued with epoxy resin. Another material used for the deck is bamboo but nowadays plastic has also made a place in the market.

The mixture of bamboo and maple makes it an ideal combination for the riders to have an epic experience. But when it comes to skating in rain, the deck comes in contact with the water leading to de-lamination or water-logging of the skateboard deck.

Step 2- Lost Skateboard Wheels Grip

Do you love to skate on wet terrains or roads, then make sure to have waterproof wheels that give you a better grip in that condition as well. But if have typically skateboard wheels, our recommendation is not to go outside in raindrops. Because the wheels won’t be able to provide you enough grip to tackle and handle that environment. And the chances of falling will be increases when vehicles slide.

Step 3- Bearings Lost The Quality

Bearings must be durable and consistently efficient as the bearings help the wheels to rotate faster and rolls smoothly. When the water gets into the bearings, deterioration places inside, and the bearings start losing their lubrication. It directly affects the skateboard wheels and the speed of the board gets decelerated.

Step 4- Analyzing Trucks, Nuts, And Bolts

As we know that the trucks have been made from the material of metals. And it takes a time to be rusty until you don’t dry all the trucks completely after disassembling them. But the nuts and the bolts will break once. After cleaning them immediately, you’ll see the differences when riding this board. If the nuts and bolts don’t get broken.

Step 5- Take A Look At Grip Tape

Grip tape must be non-slippery to make sure we have a better grip while cruising or performing tricks. When the water tangled with the grip tape, the flaw is that it starts peeling off. And you’ll have to purchase another grip tape but it’s super affordable. Now your all queries would be finished after reading this handy guide on whether can you skateboard in the rain. Let us share some tips and tricks to save the board once it gets wet.

Best Tips For Skateboarders To Look After Their Board

Make sure that there are no puddles to not let the water gets into the trucks and the wheels as much as possible. If you wanna take your board for several years, you’ll have to clean the board after riding the board. That doesn’t let your skateboard slow down. Because keeping the components dirty for some time, the components start getting rusting steadily. Another thing, your shoes should be clean and clear before skating the board.

Can Skateboard Gets Wet?

Sure, the skateboard gets wet when you ride in the rain, But the question is what to do when it gets wet? First of all, you need to have the skate tool to detach the components one by one to clean them. The socket wrench will help you in detaching or disconnecting the board trucks in case of don’t have a skate tool.

After unfastening the full board, give them a proper time for drying completely. You can use the standing fan or place all the components under the sun’s raises. If you are a skateboarder, you must have this skate tool. Because any time you may need to clean the fastened parts. It’ll help you in making your skateboard faster with less effort and overall the health of it.

But if you are cleaning the board after several days of rain, then it might be too late. But try this method, maybe the water doesn’t get into the parts deeply.

Other Places For Skateboarding When It Rains Outside

Now you might be thinking after reading the article that we can’t skate when it’s raining outside. No, you can skate but not on the wet grounds. But you can visit the skate indoor parks, and parking garages, and show some skills on the carpet.


It’s dangerous to skateboard in the rain because water damages the skateboard and can cause injury to yourself while skating in rain. As a beginner, you should never think of skating in the rain as you are not aware of such things. So it can be badly dangerous.

Yes, it’s bad to skateboard on wet grounds because all the components of the board get affected by the water. As grip tape starts peeling off, the deck gets waterlogged. Similarly, all the parts of the board start losing their quality after some time.

You will get to know about the water-logging of the board by hitting the skateboard. And the sound of the skateboard will tell you the water-logging of the board. If it sounds like a hollow thing or dull sound, more chances are now you have a waterlogged skateboard.


One of the major defects of skateboarding in the rain is that it ruins the whole board if your board is not waterproof. And it puts you in the situation to get the new skateboard ultimately because the components stop working after a few days.

If you’ve skated in the light rain today or skated some days before, there might be chances of recovering your skateboard from damage. Immediately unfasten the board with the required tools and start cleaning deeply all parts of it. Probably you’ve saved your board by cleaning it completely.

Another thing is if you love to skate in the rain or impatiently wait for the rain to skate. Make sure to wear all the safety gear to protect yourself in case of falling on the ground. But it’s not recommended for even the pro skateboarders to ride the board in rain. I hope the guide will be helpful for you and I believe, if someone asks you about can you skateboard in the rain. You will answer the question with full confidence.

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