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Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard (Experienced)

First of all, you need to understand the difference between skateboard wheels and longboard wheels. The skateboard uses smaller wheels for better tricks and helps in flipping the skateboard swiftly. But the longboard uses larger wheels that are smooth and provide a better cruising experience. But these vehicles don’t meet the level of pro skaters because of instability and heaviness. You can use them for long rides such as downhill riding.

Here is the answer can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard? Yes, you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard. But you can’t use wheels have more than 75mm in diameter. Also, use 1/2“ riser pads to avoid wheel bite. The skateboard decks have smaller sizes. Using the 1 1/2″ bolts is another essential factor to consider for avoiding wheel bite.

If the wheel-biting process continues for some time. It can lead to damage to both components. To avoid wheel bite, trucks are the elements that can bring it or not. Just tighten the trucks as much as you feel the ride is free. To get more about different size vehicles and see which longboard wheel size suits the skateboard more.

 Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard?

Longboard wheels on a skateboard

Don’t put yourself in trouble by making this a hard query. Let’s clear the concepts and all the confusion related to whether can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard. First of all, ask yourself why you want to put longboard wheels on your skateboard. You can’t have the longboard wheels if performing technical tricks is your intention. But the basic tricks like manuals and basic ollies can be done by mediocre longboard vehicles.

I tried the longboard wheels on a skateboard to check whether they were better for skateboarding or not. One of the biggest issues I faced was wheel bite when turning the skateboard. The reason is that there is very little clearance left when you use the longboard wheels. Also, I was unable to perform technical tricks.

 Landing properly with heavier weight can make contact with the deck with vehicles. Although I had harder bushings. So, I got saved myself as well as my skateboard deck and vehicles.

If you want to use big wheels for a skateboard, it’s better to have riser pads. That will bring clearance between both parts of the skateboard. In this way, you can turn your board in the streets safely. Have you got the points that you need to consider when going for putting longboard wheels on a skateboard? If not, then make it more clear by reading the advantages and disadvantages of putting longboard wheels on skateboards.

Benefits Of Longboard Wheels For Skateboard

1- Longboard Wheels Makes A Difference In Speed And Terrains(Cruising)

Whenever you think about longboard vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind is speed. You can’t get the speed as much as the longboard vehicles provide. Because these vehicles are designed for transportation, not for tricks.

Also, you’ll get smooth riding over hard surfaces with these vehicles. They don’t care about the cracks and pass the place smoothly. No matter where you take it until you don’t intend for tricks.

2- Longboard Wheels Have A Wider Contact Patch

The longboard wheels have a wider contact patch that offers the rider to have better riding with full grip. And that vehicles provide you with amazing stability while riding the board. So, if your purpose is to use them for commuting, getting the best speed, and bearing the cracks and bumps. You should put the longboard vehicles on a skateboard without any hesitation.

Detriments Of Longboard Wheels On The Skateboard

1- Wheel bite

Longboard vehicles make it easier to turn and land on the longboard deck. But these are dangerous when riding them with the skateboard. Especially when you turn the board and land on the board doing ollies. Taking the 70mm or 75mm wheels diameter on a skateboard aside, even the 65mm vehicles can cause a wheel bite. It can happen with any board whether longboard wheel bites or skateboard wheel bites.

2- Performing Tricks Is Difficult

Another detriment of putting on longboard vehicles is the difficulty of performing tricks. It can create a serious problem for beginners if they opt for tricks on them. Somehow the pro skaters can take only the benefit of their experience. But doing a trick on these wheels looks like lifting up enough heavy stone via feet. As far as the technical tricks are concerned, it’s a big no. Because you won’t be able of lifting the larger and heavier wheels.

How To Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

The things you will need to have before putting longboard wheels on a skateboard.

1- Longboard wheels (65mm)

2- 1/2″ riser pads

3- 1 1/2 bolts

4- Harder bushings

5- Bearings

6- Skateboard deck

7- Skate tool or the socket wrench to get the job done quickly and smoothly

1-Unfasten The Trucks

You don’t need to have the skate too, if you have, it’s better to use the skate tool. The plier and the socket wrench can also be used for this purpose. But make sure you have the right size tool to fit properly in the nuts.

Now get the available tool and start detaching the trucks, place the skate tool into the nut. And keep rotating until the skateboard trucks come off. Once it’s done, remove the trucks and place them in a safe place. So get all this when fastening.

2- Removing Old Hardware And Adding 1 1/2″ Skateboard Hardware

You will need to have 8 bolts and 8 locknuts for two trucks. This long skateboard hardware will protect your skateboard trucks.

3- Using 1/2″ Riser Pads

The 1/2″ riser pads are necessary to build in. Because it’ll secure the skateboard from causing wheel bite. As there will be created the clearance or the space in between the deck and the wheels. Ensure that the riser pads are placed over the bolts.

4- Install The Skateboard Trucks

Make sure you have successfully installed the riser pads in the skateboard deck over the bolts. Otherwise, you’ll face the wheel bite problem while carving. Now install the trucks after the installation of riser pads by using a wrench.

5- Put The Bearings Inside The Longboard Wheels

Use the skate tool and start installing the skateboard bearings into the longboard vehicles. Keep spinning the tool until you get successful in installing it. Fasten them one by one.

6- Mount The Longboard Wheels On The Skateboard

Once the process of installing the bearings into the vehicles is done, now mount the wheels on the truck’s axle. Importantly, if you want to make the bearings long-lasting. Use the speed washers To protect from the damage.

7- Ride The Skateboard With Longboard Wheels

Now ride the skateboard with longboard wheels to check the setup and whether it’s working for your required style or not. As I told the style of riding when it comes to having longboard vehicles. So I hope you would have made changes to the setup after reading the suitable styles for longboard wheels.

Can You Do Tricks On A Regular Skateboard With Longboard Wheels

Yes, it’s possible to perform tricks with longboard wheels on a regular skateboard. Because the bigger and leaden wheels are onerous to elevate or pick up off the ground. But if you are experienced, you would know how strenuous the tricks are with longboard wheels.


Yes, it matters a lot when it comes to doing basic and technical tricks. Also, when your objective is to have lightweight wheels. These are best for street skating and give you amazing pop.

Yes, you can change the wheels on your skateboard. But first, determine what kind of vehicles you and going to use and for what purpose. Also, the terrain matters a lot. As longboard wheels for rough roads with the skateboard are better.


Indeed changing the wheels depends on the type of riding you want. Because the wheels are specifically designed for a particular skateboard. As you can’t use the longboard wheels for tricks. And it’s difficult to use skateboard vehicles for transportation. You might have got the answer can you put longboard vehicles on a skateboard?

few things you must keep in mind when changing vehicles. Use the riser pads and skateboard hardware to avoid the wheel bite. If your skateboard can’t bear your weight, use the harder bushings. If you have used riser pads, that’s enough to create the clearance. But a mediocre amount of force can strike the deck with wheels. So use all the equipment that has been told to protect your overall skateboard.

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