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Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard (Drunk Skating Defects)

Apart from having the knowledge of riding the skateboard and repairing the skateboard. You should keep an eye on the specific country rules to avoid any kind of charges while riding. One of the essential points that you need to keep in mind while skating is that can you get a DUI on a skateboard. The DUI will be pronounced as driving under the influence of alcohol.

 Let me clear this term more, driving your skateboard, car, or any vehicle when you are drunk, DUI gets implemented with heavy charges. Charges may vary from country to country and that is one of the reasons this rule and its punishment should be in your knowledge. There are many other reasons you should never skate when you are drunk with unbearable quantity. Because it causes you in losing a lot of control when riding the skateboard and it leads to an accident.

And you put your own life in danger as well as the other’s life who will be passing the road. For us, your life and the other’s life are very important than being charged a heavy price or paying for another skateboard. So make sure you are far away from the alcohol when skating on the skateboard with friends or lonely. To make it crystalline or limpid, let’s move into the complete guide.

 Can you get a DUI on a skateboard?

Yes, you can get a DUI on a skateboard but depends on the rules of the country where you are skating the board. Apart from the punishment, just ask your mind that would it be better to ride when already drunk alcohol. Whether the state where you’re living imposes your DUI on the skateboard or not. No, it won’t be better rather terrifying and threatening for everyone who’ll meet you accidentally while riding.

Another important thing that causes when DUI skateboard applies is it impacts a lot in your life. And the chances of suspending your license are also there. So be aware of every rule that relates to driving the vehicle. And if someone asks you about can you get a DUI riding a skateboard. You can easily answer all the questions after reading the guide.

The reason you should never be drunk when skateboarding

There are multiple reasons that warn you not to ride the skateboard if you are an alcohol intake at a higher level. Also describes how it can be affected your life and skateboarding career. Let’s go through all the reasons one by one in detail.

1- Vandalization of Properties (Place you pass by)

Other than becoming the reason for injuring others in case of accidents. Destroying other properties is another reason that doesn’t allow you to ride when you are fully drunk. You will be thinking about what can include in the properties that can be damaged. Because of our illegal riding, sculptures, and farmstead gets affected. So keep your mind awake when driving and say no to alcohol when skating the skateboard.

2- How it’s dangerous physically

Drinking alcohol and then skateboarding isn’t only fatal for yourself. And all the other people who get affected in case of meeting accidents. We’ve seen a lot of individuals getting head injuries and bone fractures when falling at a higher speed during our years of career. And many of them quit their skateboarding career because of dangerous and life-threatening fractures.

 For a while, we keep alcohol aside, the chances of getting wounded are always there without drinking alcohol even if you are experienced. But the safety gears almost save you from harmful injuries. But when you ride the skateboard after drinking too much alcohol, there are 100% chances of getting maimed.

Another intimidating aspect of riding when drunk is, that any kind of feet mutilated can lead you to leave this field. Because skateboarding depends totally on your feet. Other than getting injured when drunk, Skateboarding in rain can also hurt your feet. As the board can be slipped because of a slippery surface. So you have to keep in mind that too.

3- Understanding traffic perils

Sometimes the individuals who drink a little bit of alcohol don’t meet accidents while riding the skateboard. Because they are usually in sense and can handle the skateboard as well. Let’s suppose you’ve protected yourself from any disaster. But breaking traffic can be the reason for injuring someone and getting a DUI on skateboarding.

 And breaking traffic laws can put you in deep trouble. There can be a lot of reasons you should avoid skateboarding in case of drinking alcohol. Only to protect yourself from mangling and saving your skateboarding career.

Punishments for not following DUI on a skateboard

Should I tell you what punishments you can get when you don’t follow the DUI on a skateboard? I know there would be many who don’t know about the penalizing of DUI on skateboarding. So let us describe all the punishments.

1- Restricting from skateboarding and getting arrested

There is nothing more painful for the passionate skateboarder than restricting from riding the board. And it would be more terrifying than getting arrested with full life imprisonment. Some states have strict rules for DUI on skateboards. So be aware of your state-specific rules to avoid any kind of disturbance.

dui on a skateboard

2- Paying fine for breaking laws and damaging properties

Not following or not obeying the particular law will lead you to a fine of the charges of $1,000. But again it varies from state to state or country to country. And for that, you have to present in court. On the other hand, if you get caught by the police while damaging the properties. You can be charged for that and can be put in jail for the required fixed time.


Yes, you can get a DUI on a skateboard in California. Because it is against the law of California if someone riding under the influence. Even they have declared wearing helmets and lights on a skateboard while can you get a DUI riding a skateboard riding at night compulsory.

It depends on which country and city you are living in. Whether they have declared the DUI on a skateboard or not. You have to confirm it before it creates a problem.


The DUI comes on vehicles that run by the motor and not ride by human efforts. Electric skateboards come into this specific law but all the other skateboards don’t come into this. However, when you are drunk with alcohol and riding the board, don’t overthink that you can’t be arrested and get fined. It’s always dangerous for your career and health.

Do let me know via comments if you have any queries about whether can you get a DUI on a skateboard. Although there won’t be any questions I guess after delivering a lot of detailed guidelines. But if so, we’d love to give your all answers.

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