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Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane (All Airlines Rules)

An enthusiast skateboarder can’t leave the skateboard behind when traveling out of the city. As I have been attached to skateboarding for a couple of decades. And whenever I had to travel, I took my skateboard with me whether I paid for it or not. All the skateboard-addicted skaters out there have brought the query that can you bring a skateboard on a plane.

Yes, your query is solved now because you can bring a skateboard on the plane and can travel anywhere with it. But there will be some terms and considerations to follow before bringing a skateboard on an airplane. And every airline can contain different constraints and agreements. As you may have needed to pay extra cost for the skateboard.

Can You Take A Skateboard On A Plane

Yes, there are no restrictions for taking a skateboard on a plane. You can take your skateboard and the other luggage bring with you. But it depends on whether your luggage is counted as checked baggage or not.

1- Baggage Inspection

If we look at transport security, they have successfully declared the skateboards legal to bring on planes. The weight and size, most of the time suit the checked baggage. And they even don’t check the bag for inspection.

What you need to do:

You just need to do is check the airline’s terms and conditions for the weight and size. Because oversize can lead you to pay some extra bucks for the skateboard. Well, it depends on the airline.

Also, before confirming your ticket. It’s better to check the items they are allowing and what items can’t be in the luggage. So, it’s your duty to inspect by exploring their official website for authentic news.

I have never seen happening such things. Because every country allows bringing boards on the plane. But there can be the chance that your bag doesn’t suit their weight and size policies. And you will have to purchase another ticket or some calculated price for oversize.

There are two terms that are used especially in traveling by air. The first one has checked baggage and the last one is a carry-on bag.

2- Checked-Baggage

Checked baggage is the cargo area of an airplane where your luggage is stored until you land and then receive it. And there are multiple airlines that go through this process. The medium size that you can bring is 25-26 inches. But never forget to check the airline’s terms and conditions.

Here are these airlines:





Spirit Airlines

American Airlines


United Airlines

3- Carry On Baggage

Carry-on baggage hints at taking the luggage with you into the plane. And you can store it under the seat or there is a place above your head. You can utilize that place as well. A couple of airlines facilitate this for skateboarders.

As you don’t need to wait for the baggage and then leave the airport. And the size dimensions mostly use are  9 inches x 14 inches x 22. Again depends on the country and its airlines.

Air Canada


Checked-In Baggage Airlines And their policies

Above we have discussed some of the popular airlines. And some of them and their policies are given below. You can easily take an idea from all the airlines around the world.

Delta Airlines Skateboard

1- You can’t take your skateboard unpacked onto delta airlines. As they have clearly mentioned in their policies bear skateboards are not allowed.

2- If you are going with over 50lbs weight of the bag, you will have to pay extra fees for this.

3- Overall the size of over 115″ can’t travel with skateboarders in delta airlines

4- This airline also charges while keeping in mind the travel area and cabin as well.

American Airlines Skateboard

1- American airline applies standard charges when you have a weight over 50 lbs. Or the overall size is beating the 126 inches. Overall size means all the dimensions such as length, width, and height.

Spirit Airlines Skateboard

1- Spirit airline has disallowed the electric and hovers skateboards to protect materials.

2- This airline counts the skateboards as a guest bag allowance.

How To Bring A Skateboard On A Plane

After giving detail on whether can i take a skateboard on a plane, I hope it will be cleared now. Some size dimensions have been discussed as well as a few airlines and their policies for skateboarders. Now it’s time to take on how to bring a skateboard on a plane.

There are different ways to take the skateboard on a plane. But not all are authentic and beneficial. Because the bare and unprotected skateboard can get wear and tear. For example, if you place your skateboard in the cargo area barely and unsightly. There are chances that you are going to have some cracks.

And there are some airlines that don’t recommend unpacked skateboards. I would suggest getting the appropriate bag and storing your skateboard safely in it. Make sure you are satisfying the desired airline-sized policies.

Tips For Bringing Skateboard On a Plane

These tips can avoid you from paying the extra amount for the skateboard. And it will assist you in protecting your skateboard from breaking or getting cracks.

Checking Specific Airline Policies

To avoid any extra charges or fees, it would be best to check the policies of the airline you are traveling on. Because you don’t know what kind of size dimensions they are offering. And where they will cut extra money.

Packed Skateboard

Make sure that the skateboard is fully packed. If this is not, you can face trouble by getting the damaged skateboard after landing. Another tip, if you can do this. Try to detach all the components and store the overall skateboard separately. Then you have to purchase a suitable bag for the board that keeps sensible storage.

Suitable Bag

Sometimes, skateboarders try to purchase smaller-size bags for avoiding getting charged an extra fee. Although, it will save you money in purchasing the bag as well as charging high from the airline. But can break any of the smaller parts or something threatening to the skateboard. Also, never get a bigger bag that none of the airlines allow you.


Yes, you can carry a skateboard on a plane. But there always be some considerations or policies suggested by the airline. And you have to follow them for bringing a skateboard on the plane.

Yes, skateboards are allowed but skateboarding is not allowed. You can carry your skateboard on your back or pack it in a bag. Even you can travel with a skateboard as well.

Yes but you can face trouble by paying an extra see because of increased size dimensions. And it depends on which airline you have chosen for traveling.

You can bring a skateboard to Southwest Airlines. And they give you choices. As if the skateboard can fit under your legs. You don’t need to have the bag and cover it.


Flying with a skateboard isn’t a difficult or odd thing. Rather it exposes your passion for skateboarding. Pro tips and suggestions would be very helpful when it comes to whether can you bring a skateboard on a plane. What actually it included and we’ve described. You get different storage options from airlines.

 And there can be different rules and regulations as well. It depends on which way you like the most. Whether you want it under your legs or above the head, go for carry-on luggage. If you want to place it in the cargo region, checked baggage would be the name.

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