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Can Fat People Skateboard

Riding simply the skateboard for fat skaters is as easy as the smart individuals ride it. It creates difficulty when you don’t have a suitable board that can bear the weight of the skateboarder. Similarly, the size also matters a lot. Because the appropriate size provides you enough width to stand on and place your feet securely.

Deck SizeTrucks axle width sizeWheels sizeBushings size (According to rider’s weight)
8.0″139mm50 – 54 mm86-90 A (<65kg)
8.25″149mm52-55mm90A-93A(Till 80 kg)
8.5″159mm50 – 54 mm100A (Above 100= kg)

But when it comes to doing the tricks, can fat people skateboard then? Yes, the fat skateboarder can get this job done. But if you are skateboarding with some extra weight, your board might be gonna break. Because thinner boards can’t bear the force of heavy riders. Powell Peralta deck or the skateboard would be an ideal choice in this case.

Importantly the technique of performing technical tricks can avoid the cracking of skateboards. Yes, it’s all about how you ride the board. Another thing is those fat skateboarders can suffer serious injuries when falling. To avoid these injuries and lay on the bed away from the game. Make sure to wear all the safety gear such as helmets, pads, guards, etc.

Can Fat People Skateboard?

Yes, you can’t only ride the skateboard rather skating is the best way of losing your extra weight. Skateboarding itself helps you to become a fitness freak and an amazing player of mine. Within the progression of your learning, you will have to protect yourself from threatening wounds.

Wrist sprains can be affected badly while falling on the ground. The doctors might suggest you rest for several months. So, riding isn’t a difficulty for all fat skaters. You just need to adopt some safety rules and learn some techniques to avoid splitting the board into two pieces.

Does Weight Affect Skateboarding?

Weight will affect your skateboarding as far as you are riding the wrong board. Well, if we look at the strength quality of skateboards for heavy riders, I don’t think you will get a weak board nowadays. Simply cruising and skating can be done easily. But the tricks can make a reasonable difference in your riding. Because the wrong landing technique on the deck can break the board as well as can bring serious injuries.

Things To Consider For Heavy Riders Before Skating

A fat guy on a skateboard can make big problems when doing ollies or kickflips. There must be a heavy skateboard setup for the heavy riders. One of the most common questions can fat people skateboard? Yes, they can get into skateboarding without any hesitation. But we need to make it more accurate for the heavy riders to perform tricks as easily as fit skateboarders do.

Feet Size For Heavy Riders

First of all, just look at your feet size. If you are wearing shoes that have a size of 9.5 or above, always go with 8 to 8.5″ width skateboards. Below 9 shoe sizes, you can select any of the numbers out of 7.5 to 8.0″ width decks. So, make sure that you have the right size skateboard.


Secondly, the skateboard bushings should be harder. Because bushings underpin the weight of the skateboarder while landing on the board. I would suggest heavy riders use 94A hardness bushings. Because my fatty cousin used to ride the skateboard based on these recommended numbers.


Thirdly, you must have quality skateboard trucks. Big riders can get the truck’s axle width of 155mm or above. Because this width suits that deck that has the 8.25 to 8.5″ width.


When it comes to skateboard wheels, a couple of questions rises. Because wheel selection depends on riding style. If you want to ride on streets and in skate parks. You should get the 99A hardness wheels to get a better experience.

By keeping in mind the above recommendations for the bushings, trucks, and the skateboard deck. Now you will get the 52mm to 54mm wheel size. Because it will create an ideal combination skateboard setup for fat skaters. And they can ride the board smoothly and can perform technical tricks easily as well.

Weight Bearing Capacity Of Skateboard

As far as the weight that a skateboard can bear is concerned. You should look at the specifications to get an accurate idea of that skateboard weight bearing capacity. Maple wood or bamboo wood-made skateboards have the capacity to bear even 350 lbs. Yes, rather fiberglass plastic constructed skateboards have also got that ability to prop up that weight.

Is Skateboarding Dangerous For Fat Guys

Skateboarding can be dangerous when you are naked in terms of wearing safety gear. Skateboarding for big guys can be vicious when you don’t know about the basics of skating. Because when you will push the board by feet, the chances of losing balance will be increased.

One of the most essential and initial factors that every skater looks at or does some research on is balancing. Don’t just pick the board and start riding. Firstly stand on the board and check how the board is behaving. If it’s good, then push the feet steadily backward for riding.

Who Is The Heaviest Pro Skateboarder?

Big Ben Schroeder is the heaviest skateboarder with a height of 6’6″ and a weight of 230 lbs. Which can be the biggest number for any of the skateboarders. But almost 10 years back riding downhill met an accident with a car.

One of the greatest skateboarders Tony Hawk was 170 lbs heavy and 6’3″ tall. But his skills and techniques were outstanding. Every skateboarder loved to watch his game.

All the skateboarders out there, just get the skateboard for big guys as you have been told above. It doesn’t matter whether you want skateboards for 300 lbs riders or skateboards for fat guys. Just visit the specifications listing and select accordingly.


Yes, you can lose weight from skateboarding easily by skating the board professionally as it demands. And the amount of burning calories depends on how much ride a day and how aggressively you ride.

Yes, big or fat guys can skateboard but they must do the research before getting the skateboard. Size your feet or shoes and then check your weight. Get the board that suits the mentioned factors.


Can fat people skateboard isn’t a big issue. It’s just a misconception and a myth that fat people can’t ride the skateboard. I have just told you we had a brilliant skateboarder 15 to 20 years back. Even Tony Hawk has entertained his fans with his weight of 170 lbs.

 If they can, you can also skateboard. Just need to wear important safety accessories. It’ll help you in continuing your skateboarding journey by avoiding accidents.

Follow the guide that has been mentioned above about the size of all the skateboard parts. This would decide whether you are going to have a better experience with skateboarding or not. Believe in yourself and start skating the board. You will regret wasting so much time thinking about whether should i skateboard or not as I am enough heavier.

Best of Luck!

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