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11 Best Skateboards For 5 Year Old (Helps In Safe Learning)

If you are a parent of a child and keeping an eye on the best skateboards for 5-year-old. Then you have found the gold mine. Because here you will get the most durable, strongest, and lightweight skateboards. The board must be durable and strong when it comes to buying a first-ever skateboard for the kid. Because the fluctuations in the child’s confidence can go up and down due to the skateboard

 At such a young age, developing your child’s interest in skateboarding won’t only lead to learning skills in the most growing sports. But will also bring an improvement in your child’s mental and physical health. One more thing selecting the appropriate size skateboard for your child will provide comfortable riding.

I’m going to recommend a few quality skateboards that we have tested and narrowed down to some of the best and most appropriate. After testing and realizing kids while skating, I found some mistakes, that parents usually do, one of them neglecting safety gear. Safety gears are the most important for your child when it comes to skating at such a young age. Because it may cause injuries to your child.

 So without wasting more time, let us take you to the best skateboard for 5-year-old options available right now in the market.

Our Top 3 Picks

Santa cruz skateboard

Santa Cruz Board

  • Made of high-quality and long-lasting maple wood
  • Medium concave to secure the kid’s feet
  • Perfect length board for the kids to handle easily
  • Extra efficient and grippy wheels and bearings
  • Best for street and park skating
Powell golden dragon skateboard

Powell Golden Board

  • Durable and sturdy maple wood constructed skateboard
  • The double kicktail design with a k12 concave shape provides better control for beginners and kids
  • Kid’s best board with a lot of control and stability
  • Easy to carry and can take it to school easily
  • Composite trucks and efficient wheels support higher weight and provide better speed
Scientoy Skateboard For Kids

Scientoy Kids Board

  • A strong and lightweight 100% Canadian maple-constructed deck
  • Enough length board to place feet comfortably
  • A repair bag involved a skateboard
  • The thermal transfer printing process is used to have long-lasting graphics
  • multifunctional skateboard with a double-wrapped design

Best Skateboards For 5-Year-Olds

All the skateboards are specially made for the 5-year-olds. The review skateboard’s durability and sturdiness are at their peak but it depends on how the kid behaves with the skateboard. Importantly, all are super dedicated towards speed control and balance their feet when riding by the 5-year kids

Image Product Details   Price
santa-Cruz-skateboard-for-5-year-old-2 Santa Cruz Skateboard

Quality: Best For Overall
Color: A couple of colors are available with multicolored feature
Benefits: Can be ridden on rough surfaces, medium concave, can ride any level of skater, maple-made deck
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Quality: best for having a long-lasting and quality package skateboard
Color: One color is available
Benefits: Comes with warranty, deck nose, and tail are 6.2″, 6.0″ and concave is K16, perfect size to learn on with strong construction
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megneto kids skateboard Magneto complete skateboard

Quality: Best beginner skateboard for 5-year-old
Color: You have different styles options to choose the required one
Benefits: Perfect length board for 5-year-old kids, double kick tail design for amazing protection, long-lasting material is used
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playwheels-spider-man-skateboard-1 Play wheel complete skateboard

Quality: Specially made for 5-year-old

Color: Attractive color with spiderman graphics on the board
Benefits: Double kicktail design helps both beginners and experts with control riding, High-quality maple-constructed deck
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scintoy skateboard beginner skateboard Scientoy skateboard for kids

Quality: best size skateboard for 5-year-old
Color: One color is available
Benefits: Double kick tail and double wrapped design, premium quality components with Canadian maple constructed deck, involved free repair tool bag with skateboard
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we-skate-beginner-skateboard Weskate beginner skateboard

Quality: best for learning and improving
Color: Different colors and graphics are provided on different skateboards
Benefits: Beginners and pros-oriented skateboard, maple wood veneer press constructed deck, efficient components, lightweight and carryable
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Beleeve skateboard for beginners Beleeve skateboard for beginners

Quality: best for rough surfaces
Color: Different styles and colors are offered
Benefits: Canadian maple-made deck with double kicktail design, for better turning experience, aluminum alloy trucks are used, non-slippery grip to provide safety while riding or tricks
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PLAYSHION-COMPLETE-22-INCH-MINI-CRUISER-SKATEBOARD-FOR-BEGINNERS PlayShion complete 22 inches mini skateboard for beginners

Quality: best for getting super control while riding
Color: A lot of colors are available
Benefits: Ideal skateboard for 5-year-old kids with captivating colors, you can carry it easily, anti wheel bite feature has got this little one, fiberglass constructed strong skateboard, waterproof ability as well
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merkapa-skateboard-for-kids-with-light-up-wheels MERKAPA 22″ COMPLETE skateboard with LED light-up wheels

Quality: Perfect size and quality skateboard with LED wheels
Color: Tons of colors are available to select
Benefits: CE-certified skateboard, lightening wheel without battery, resistant to abrasion wheels, fortunate product to get your kids into skateboarding and enhancing interest
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SKATEBOARD-COMPLETE-22-INCHES Complete skateboard 22 inches

Quality: best for having a safe ride with CE Certified
Color: Various colors are there
Benefits: Another CE-certified board for a safe ride, kids-oriented skateboard, strong construction, still affordable
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WHITE-FANG-SKATEBOARD-32-INCHES White Fang Skateboard 32 Inches

Quality: Most popular skateboards for five-year-olds
Color: A lot of styles and colors are available
Note: Can be ridden on smooth surfaces, double kicktail design, waterproof ability, can ride any level of skater, Canadian maple-made deck
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1- Santa Cruz Skateboard

santa cruz skateboard


  • The skateboard is made by the company which has been producing since 1980
  • Traditional maple wood is used to construct the board with the size of 7.8″ x 31.0″
  • Grippy and smooth 95A wheels are used with ABEC 5 bearings for providing the best grip
  • Sturdy and durable trucks are equipped for an amazing experience
  • To protect your feet while carving, the medium concave will give the ultimate prevention when moving around
  • You will get the multicolored board

There is nothing as essential as getting a safe ride with durability for kids when it comes to skateboarding. And Santa Cruz has brought in everything that any age of kid will be looking for. Because I have seen my kid while riding this skateboard. The board was pretty smooth while passing the cracks and rough surfaces with a lot of balance.

The quality and suitable manufacturing of the deck with the 7 plies maple wood describes their 40 years of experience. The skateboard deck has got a medium concave which secures the kid’s feet when taking curves. Toddlers that love to skate in the street and park should have this skateboard. Because the wheels with 95A durometer provide the best grip which makes it is ideal for kids and beginners.

On the other hand, ABEC 5 bearings assist the wheels to roll persuasively with decent speed. Forget about the noise and durability, my son has ridden the skateboard for 1 year. And there was only a bit of a decrease in quality.

If we look at the trucks, these are super suitable for the deck and wheels. We had effortless movements with stunning overall performance. The board comes in a couple of different colors within the multicolored feature. The one and only issue that can stop you from purchasing this quality and kid-oriented board is the higher price. I know, it’s expensive but worth a lot.



  • 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood deck
  • Support weight to 220 lbs
  • The board is lightweight and compact
  • double kick concave design
  • Eye-catchy in graphics on the board
  • available at a very affordable price
  • Need to clean the deck after a month


Powell golden dragon skateboard


  • A perfect board to start your skateboarding career because of the quality of the skateboard.
  • 7.5″ wide and 28.65″ in length which is a perfect size for kids.
  • Deck nose, Deck tail, and concave shape are: 6.2″, 6.0″, and K16
  • Comes with warranty

Before I share my experience, I would like to say something about this board.  Sometimes you don’t need reviews to buy the board because you trust blindly those brands and Powell is one of the 80s brands. And still has been in the market and providing goods and making their customers satisfied.

When I rode this board, I got it perfect for small riders and beginners as it has a 28.65-inch length and width of 7.5. When they designed this board they kept in mind that the deck may break by beginners while learning. So it should be strong, durable, lightweight, and long lasted.

These criteria are applied to all the designed decks. Whether for beginners, intermediate, or pro riders. The wheels (53mm 101A) are lightweight and perfect for smooth surfaces. Doing technical tricks becomes easier on these wheels. This skateboard is perfect for giving a gift to a child as it has eye-catchy and attractive graphics. That actually enhances the beauty of the deck.

If you are looking for quality, Powell Peralta is the best option. I would highly recommend it to all beginners if they have a budget in the range. You must go for this board as they are providing high quality at an affordable price. although it is not cheap but not expensive too when it comes to quality.



  • Strong deck due to its unique production
  • 101A wheels make easy-to-perform tricks
  • Eye-catchy graphics
  • Perfect size for kids and beginners
  • Wonderful skateboard to learn as a kid
  • Little bit expensive

3- Magneto Kids Skateboard

Magneto kids skateboard


  • The deck is made of 7 plies of high-quality hard rock maple which is absolutely comparable with other recommended materials.
  • It provides good control to 5-year-old kids while skating because of the double kicktail design
    with the shallow concave.
  • Size is given: 27.5″ long and 7.75″ wide, and this is a perfect size for the kids to learn.

  • This board provides you with plenty of pop to have a better experience as a beginner or as a kid.
  • You won’t need to assemble the board, just order it and be ready to ride.

Finding the perfect one for the child should be your first priority. And that’s what magneto is doing and making your desire fulfilled. They have designed the board keeping in mind specifically kids and teens.

Adjusting the foot on the board for a 5-year-old can be frustrating when the length of the board is bigger than the traditional board. This is what I realized while watching the kids skating on the traditional boards. So, inappropriate size can make a huge difference in riding.

When this model was tested, I found one thing that was the quality of the board. Because it was withstanding the force amazingly while doing ollies and performing other tricks. This board will give you comfortable riding as it is made of hard rock maple with an eco-friendly concave.

That is what you can expect from a quality skateboard for your kid. The white and black color design won’t only attract the kid. Rather will increase the aesthetic view of the skateboard as well.

Before and after magneto kids skateboard

Polyurethane wheels are used in this deck which is super light. Also, roll smoothly and sliding becomes easy. These kinds of wheels make flips and tricks easy.

And are considered to be best when riding on the street and in the parks. For all the parents who want their kids to learn skateboarding, then I will be recommending this highly. Because it is perfect for 5-year-old kids or above or beginners.



  • Perfect size for kids and beginners
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Polyurethane wheels provide smooth riding
  •  high-quality skateboard
  • No need to assemble.
  • None

4- PlayWheels Complete skateboard

Play Wheels complete skateboard


  • This deck is constructed with 9 plies of long-lasting and strong maple wood to ensure you have it for too long.
  • To provide you with fully controlled riding and easy braking, it has been designed double kicktail.
  • perfect width has been defined as 7.5″ to have comfortable positioning while skating.
  • Steel axles with trucks will provide you support in terms of bearing your weight.
  • And all the kid’s favorite hero spiderman graphics have been printed.

A decent look with attractive graphics skateboard is manufactured with 9 layers of laminated Canadian maple wood. That has made it sturdy and long-lasting yet lightweight too. This durable board not only enhances the kid’s interest in learning but also helps in developing advanced skills. It offers you a single kicktail to give you greater control and easy braking with the permission of some tricks as well.

The PVC-injected soft wheels are used for this board to grant you comfort and smooth riding with excellent grip. And the composite trucks are made to assist in granting you a nice speed. And the equipped steel axle bears a weight of 100 lbs. PLAY WHEEL is not giving you any kind of warranty if this board gets cracked after using it twice.

As a beginner, the chances of mistakes are always up and the deck can get scratches or cracks. So, the father’s supervision is very important whether it’s your kid’s safety or the good’s safety. I would suggest to all the parents to get this board and gift their toddler. As it’ll help in learning the skill easily at a much more affordable price.



  • Super durable and thickened material skateboard          
  • Last longer and quality components
  • Perfect presentable board for a gift
  • Single kicktail design
  • Much affordable
  • Only one color is available

5- Scientoy Skateboard For Kids


  • The deck has been manufactured in the material of 9 plies quality maple wood deck. And got the ability to withstand the 220lbs weight and will go as long as you want to.
  • Other than the all-around performance of the skateboard, you will be additionally getting the repair tool bag along with the complete skateboard for 5-year-olds.
  • Double-wrapped design with the kicks of both nose and tail will give you full control while doing maneuverability.
  • Perfect skateboard for 5-year-old kids to start their career.

There are multiple brands that are popular as they produce fully-fitted beginner skateboards. And Scientology is one of them. They have designed this board not only for beginners but for pro riders as well. And to make it easy for the riders to control the sliding direction of the skateboard, it has a double kick concave design. It’s s a perfect package for all-around skaters whether used for cruising or tricks.

As I have ridden the board, 9 layers of Canadian maple deck made my riding easy even on the cracks and rough surfaces. The 95 wheels and ABEC 7 beginners make sliding and ollies easy for the riders because they are lightweight. The deek width is specially designed for kids. Because we all know sometimes it has been difficult for kids to set foot on small surfaces, especially beginner kids. Actually, this model is designed for all ages.

Another thing I would like to say because it can be the reason for liking the board for your child. And that is the blue design on the bottom of the board as it is attractive enough. It can be given as a gift to your dear ones. It will provide you with controllable riding while performing skills as the deck has a double-wrapped design. And the highly recommended for beginners, kids, and advanced skaters.



  • Double kick concave design for all-level skaters
  • Canadian maple deck with magnesium alloy trucks
  • Double-wrapped design for controlling while performing tricks
  • While weight can be bear till 220lbs
  • Use thermal transfer for making patterns realistic and clear
  • Premium quality components
  •  available at an affordable price
  • There is only one color available

6- We Skate Beginner’s Skateboard

We Skate Beginners Skateboard


  • This deck is made of 7 plies maple wood veneer press that ensures the riders play any kind of tricks.
  • Easy for the kids to take it to their school.
  • Solid trucks and bearings with the modern concave design board
  • Suitable for beginner’s kids as well as the experienced riders

 Once I was riding on the board, my nephew saw me and asked me for this board. As he was developing his interest in skateboarding. But unfortunately, he didn’t know about skateboarding at all. I bought this board for him and gifted him as it comes in fancy packing. And he also got attracted by the images on the board.

 As I knew the quality of the board, I was damn sure that it will develop my nephew’s interest in learning this valuable skill. Who knows maybe he is the next Tony Hawk. The day gift arrived, he started skating and learning the same day. He was improving his skating day by day. And at the end of the day, he was able to control the board while quickly turning and balancing himself under my supervision.

This board is perfectly made for beginners because it provides fully balanced and controlled riding and satisfied positioning as well while performing tricks and ollies. The boat has super durability as it’s made of 7 piles of maple wood veneer press.

The soft and solid trucks make the ride safe on and off the ground. ABEC11 bearings and the wheels provide smooth and soft riding. Also, enhance the speed of the board more than the normal bearings. These are the qualities I was realizing while watching my nephew skating.

 All the components are made of high quality. The board is well built and ideal for beginners and for advanced skaters too. This is totally recommended to parents or experience skaters who are looking for the top skateboards for their 5-year-old kids. Because it’s a high-quality skateboard and surely will help in learning or enhancing their skills.



  • Made of 7 piles of maple wood veneer press
  • High-Quality components
  • Perfectly designed for beginners and pro
  • Non Slippery grip tape
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes in fully assembled and affordable
  • Can bear weight till 100kg
  • I haven’t found any con

7- BELEEV Skateboard For Beginners

BELEEV Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners


  • Another deck which made of 7 layers of flexible and durable Canadian maple wood that ensures you have any kind of style of riding without facing any disturbance.
  • Double kick concave design ensures the beginner learns the movements easily with control.
  • To get the amazing turning and sliding, aluminum alloy trucks are equipped.
  • The non-slippery grip tape has been used to provide you non-slippery ride while performing tricks.

This board has got a lot of encouragement over the years as you can see the rating has been given by the customers. It is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood which makes the deck strong and durable. And keeps the ability to bear the weight of the rider to 220 lbs.

My younger cousin was asking me for the gift of a skateboard of his favorite design on his birthday. And I was looking for the best beginner skateboard that helps him to learn and I got Beleeve the perfect one as it is the best skateboard for cruising and for some movements.

 As he received the gift, started learning to skate. And he maintained his balance and control the speed with no problem. This board is recommended for those who love to skate on rough surfaces. Because it has high rebound PU 78A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings that absorb the shock.

A double-kick concave design gives the full advantage to the rider. Especially when it comes to controlling their boards. Also, making their movements, tricks, quick turns, and braking.

The non-slippery best skateboard grip tape will help the kid to ensure their feet have the best positioning on the board. As I told you earlier. I gave this skateboard as a gift to my younger cousin. And now it’s been 6 months and he is still riding that skateboard which determines the quality of the board. It’s totally recommended for kids and beginners and pro riders.



  • 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood deck
  • Support weight to 220 lbs
  • The board is lightweight and compact
  • double kick concave design
  • Eye-catchy in graphics on the board
  • available at a very affordable price
  • Need to clean the deck after a month

8- PLAYSHION Complete 22-Inch Mini BOARD



  • Another small and suitable size aluminum-made board for the kids to ride on.
  • It has got anti-wheel bite ability to turn easily for the riders.
  • Polyurethane wheels and ABEC 9 bearings are made to provide a smooth and fast ride.
  • Can bear up to the weight of 220 lbs.

The board is completely designed for 5 year old. As I experienced it and suggesting these skateboards for 5-year-old sizes of boards to kids would always be a wise decision. Because they are easy to control and easy to carry than the traditional boards.

If the kids wanna go to school by riding a skateboard, then this is the best option to consider for transportation. The deck is made of fiberglass compound which makes the deck sturdy and durable. This material has better waterproofing ability than other waterproof decks.

Playshion skateboard after riding for 7 months

Another important thing for beginners is when they start skating. They don’t know about maintaining their balance while turning and they fall because of wheel bite. Beneficially, they have designed it as an anti-wheel bite while keeping in mind the newbies.

Polyurethane wheels are used for the board that provides greater load-bearing capacity while providing shock absorption. And high precision ABEC 9 bearings give the rider a smooth and comfortable ride.

 The trucks are outfitted with quality skateboard bearings for exciting riding. This is an ideal skateboard for 5-year-old kids and if you have spent a lot of bucks on the other boards and didn’t get satisfied because of the quality issue. Then this is for you as it is super sturdy and an all-around board according to your requirements.



  • Ideal size for 5-year-old kids
  • The board is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Anti-wheel bite quality
  • Made up of fiberglass compound
  • The deck has the waterproof ability
  • Polyurethane wheels and ABEC 9 bearings
  • Has the ability to bear weight to 220 lbs
  • Need to clean the deck after a month

9- MERKAPA 22″ Board With LED Light-Up Wheels

MERKAPA 22" COMPLETE skateboard with LED light-up wheels


  • Another heat-resistant and durable plastic-made deck that provides full support to its riders by bearing up to the weight of 220 lbs.
  • Rotary-powered LED wheels are used for this board and they light up without the batteries to create too much fun at night.
  • Polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings are used to provide you with shock absorption and abrasion resistance.
  • It has been made for 5-year-old kids.

Merkapa is one of the brands that has gained a lot of popularity in the skateboarding industry. Apart from the quality, the style and the lighting feature have made this board attractive. Because their unique Identity is colorful LED light wheels that help the rider while skating at the night.

And obviously attracts the kids if you give this as a present to your dear ones. It is one of the finest skateboards that have a mini-cruiser deck with a length of 22 inches and a width of 6 inches. That is ideally suited and the perfect size for a 5-year-old kid or above.

You will be thinking inside if I buy this board for kids that changing wheels batteries can be a jostle. But the fact is you don’t need to worry because the LED of Merkapa lights up while riding without batteries. Soft polyethylene wheels are used in the board that is resistant to abrasion. And the amazing ability to bear the weather condition. The ABEC 7 bearings are used to make the board fast and smooth.

This is the 2nd most loved board of any board I’ve reviewed. If you are looking for a board that should attract your kids performance-wise and looks-wise as well. There is no better option than this. It can bear the weight of 180 lbs and it would be enough for the kids and for the youth as well.



  • CE certified
  • Polyurethane wheels are highly resistant to abrasion
  • Lightning wheel without battery
  • Perfect board for 5-year-old kids
  • Available at an affordable price
  • None

10- Skateboard Complete 22 Inches

Skateboard Complete 22 Inches


  • The CE-certified skateboard is made of flexible and strong polypropylene to give a good experience to kids.
  • This is lightweight and easy to carry. Kids can take it anywhere by putting it into their bags.
  • You don’t need to have maple wood made for doing movements when you have a high-quality-made plastic skateboard.
  • Found it perfect for cruising or rolling on any terrain.
  • It has a size of 22.5″ long and 6″ wide

As I was aware of their traditional skateboard quality but never tested their mini skateboard before. And I was looking for the best beginner skateboard for kids to gift to my friend’s kid. Once I was skating and accidentally saw my neighbor’s kid.

He was learning on this board as he was a beginner and asked me to teach him some basics about skateboarding. Then I rode this board for a week and taught him some basic skills. And Perfectly found it for beginners and kids who are 5 years old or above.

The deck is not constructed with maple wood rather it is plastic made with high-quality plastic material. So no need to doubt their board because it is CE certified and safe to ride. A deck that has a length of 20 inches and a weight of 6 inches with multiple color options. Perfect for presenting a gift to a child it is specially made for the kids.

Polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings provide high speed and run smoothly. But for beginners, sometimes high speed can be harmful. And safety will be always our first priority. Parents should make sure their kids ride the best skateboards under their supervision. And all the safety gear should be worn such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc.



  • CE certified means a fully safe board to ride
  • Easy to ride and easy to carry
  • Board designed especially for the kids
  • Made of strong and durable plastic
  • The quality provided at a low price
  • Various color options are available
  • Wheels roll fast can be harmful to the kids

11- White Fang Skateboard 32 Inches

White Fang Skateboard 32 Inches


  • This board is made with 7 layers of Canadian maple to provide you long-lasting deck.
  • Its double-kick concave design ensures the rider performs tricks as well as cruising.
  • Wheels are made super smooth and perfect for parks, pools, and other smooth surfaces.
  • You are gonna get different styles, colors, and options as well.
  • It has a size ability of 31.75″ long and 7.88″ wide.

You may have multiple choices but can’t compromise on quality, When it comes to buying a skateboard, especially for beginners. Because the first board can decrease your kid’s confidence level or increase their interest in learning this skill.

What if the board gets shattered the very next day after buying? Automatically his confidence will fall down and may he leave this field. The purpose of telling you all is when I tested this board, I found it a quality-loaded board as they have got fifty thousand buyers last year.

You know what, the beauty of the board is that they optimize their goods according to buyers’ recommendations. But how? Simply the customers give feedback after buying and they optimize accordingly. The deck is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood which makes it super durable and sturdy. And the double kick concave design allows free maneuvers and creates ease for the rider to learn new skills.

To get high speed and smoother and more controlled ride, the board has got polyurethane 95a wheels with high rebound ABEC 9 bearing. If you are looking for a high-quality skateboard with a low budget, I will be recommending this for all levels of skaters.



  • 7 layers hard Canadian maple constructed deck
  • Non-slippery grip tape
  • Waterproof ability
  • No need to assemble the board
  • Designed for any level of skater
  • Wheels provide smooth riding
  • A quality board at a super affordable price
  • Didn’t find anything damage

Buying Guide For The Best Skateboards For 5 Years Old

skateboards for 5 year old kids

Is it safe for parents to take their kids skating at 5 years of age? As we all know that skateboarding has been gaining a lot of popularity in the USA. And the parents want their kids to get into this fastly growing sports to enhance their physical and mental health. And the kids are also getting excited about this interesting and heroic sport.

But the actual question raises here is whether skateboarding safe for 5-year-old kids. Yes, absolutely safe for the kids. But if the parents don’t care about all the protective gear, then it’s not suggested by the experts for them. Because it may cause injuries to their face, wrists, and ankles.

Make sure all the safety gear is worn and they are skateboarding under your supervision. What I recommended for all the children and beginners is that they should skate on grass, especially in the beginning. As they don’t know how to balance and control. So, if they fall they don’t get hurt and this is a handy tip for all parents.

Also, if you are a skateboarder, you should teach your kid how to ride. And maintain their balance before coming into the park to skate. Because it would the more beneficial for the kids and they will have an idea.


Skateboarding has a lot of benefits and the main benefit of this sport for me is bringing a medal to the country by winning in the Olympics and making your country, parents, and yourself proud. On the other hand, it improves mental health and physical health. And helps you in developing coordination and core strength.

And your blood flow is boosted when you skate. It also enhances your decision-making power and makes your memory fast. Skateboarding makes sure that your kids will stay healthy and fit while building tolerance and developing muscle mass.

As we know it takes time to learn tricks, Skating is the best teacher to teach your kid patients if they do keep learning. Wearing protective gear like a helmet, wrists guard, knee pads, and elbow pads by your child is as important as your kid for you.

What Size Skateboard For 5-Year Old

What Size Skateboard For 5-Year Old

The first and main step before buying a skateboard is choosing the perfect size and best skateboard For a 5-year-old. That provides your kids comfort and a controllable ride. It mainly depends on the child’s height. For kids having a height of 4’5” or shorter you should select sizes of 7.0 to 7.75 and 7.75 to 8.25 that can be used for taller boys. How tall are 5-year-olds? Most of the time, the standard kids have a height of 43 inches or it can go as long as 50 inches.

It also depends on the kid’s choice whether he wants a board for learning tricks or only for cursing and transportation. If he wants to do tricks then a mini skateboard would be better. And I will choose a mini skateboard for kids because it is lightweight and easy to control.

If anyone wanna have the board for cursing long-distance, the longboard is recommended. After getting the right size and best quality skateboard deck, you should select the right shoe for your child to have the best positioning on the board and have a comfortable ride.


Before riding make sure the kid is wearing all the safety gears

1- First of all, just stand on the board to feel the balance
2- Push it with the back foot
3- When you push with your back foot, your front foot orientation should be forward
4- Once it is pushed, place both feet horizontally
5- Just look forward to the bend condition

Yes, skateboarding is safe for a 5-year-old kid. But it won’t be safe when a toddler is not wearing the necessary gear. Also, it’s better to ride on the grass as a kid to avoid big injuries.

Final Words

We have given all the skateboards that highly suit the 5-year-old kids. Whether it comes to having a better balance while riding. Or having control and getting it the long way. The kids can try possible tricks if they want to. Because the boards are sturdy as well as lightweight.

The first preference that we have got for all the 5-year-old kids out there is a Santa Cruz skateboard. As its versatility shows its importance in the skateboarding industry as well as for kids especially. High-quality hard rock maple is used that helps you in avoiding breaking the board while trying tricks or something hard.

On the other hand, it gives you a double kicktail to show technical skills, if have any. Also, you get a super supportive and controlled skateboard that suits the kids.

The skateboard that we have listed in 2nd position is Powell Golden Dragon. Its construction helps you to play openly with the board. And try whatever you want to do with the board. It won’t break until you don’t do this. If I think as a kid, I would love to have a skateboard that has a double kicktail design. It assists you in giving perfect control to your feet while riding.

Another important thing that mainly attracts the kids is the graphics on the board. And Play wheel has brought the spiderman graphics on the board. I think it will be more attractive for the kids to have a favorite hero graphics board.

The third best one that we have picked in our top 3 list is the Sceintoy skateboard. It’s known for its all-rounder feature. You can use it for tricks as well as for learning how to ride a skateboard with amazing control ability. Whatever skateboard you choose out of these 11 best skateboards for 5 year old, the kids are gonna rock whether the purpose is learning or skating their desired style.

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