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Best Skateboard Wheels Oct 2023 (Pro Skaters Tested)

Quality is not only the factor that includes when it comes to the best skateboard wheels. Indeed, the required style of skateboarding, the size that fits your skateboard, and the quality are the combined elements that make the set perfect. Rollers for street skating, Cruising, and park skating keep different criteria.

On the basis of performance and cost-effectiveness, different types of wheels have been reviewed. The precious thing that we have learned throughout testing the wheels always give preference to premium rollers. These might seem a little bit expensive but can last for years even after the hard riding.

The essential things that you need to look for when looking for the best wheels are the wheel’s type and size. Because these differentiate the style of riding. So, you can easily get your desired set once you understand which size and type are good for your skateboard. The concepts will get cleared after reading the overall guide.

Best Skate Wheels

Before I start reviewing our tested and suggested good skateboard wheels. Let me help you out with how you can get your required set without reading the guide. When it comes to choosing the rollers, hardness is the factor that comes into mind. And it starts from 78A and goes above 100A.

The 78A to 87A wheels hardness is the best choice for cruising and longboarding lovers. Because these wheels are larger, more speedy, and provide the best grip when riding over pebbles and cracks. Rough surfaces seem the flat terrains when riding these rollers. But the construction matters a lot.

The 96A or above hardness of wheels ensures that street skaters have the best technical skateboarding. Because these rollers contains a small size yet hard. This makes it lightweight and helps professional skaters easily take off the board. For further information, you will have to be with us until the end.

Image Product Best For Price
Powell-Peralta-G-Bones-97a-Skateboard-Wheels Powell Peralta G-Bones 97a Skateboard Wheels Best For Pro Riders Check Price
Bones-Wheels-ATF-Rough-Riders-Runners-Skateboard-Wheels Bones Wheels ATF Rough Riders Runners Skateboard Wheels Best skateboard wheels for beginners Check Price
spitfire-99a-formula-wheels Spitfire Formula 99A Skateboard Wheels Best-size wheels for street skating Check Price
OJ-58mm-Plain-Jane-Keyframe-87a-Skateboard-Wheels OJ 58mm Plain Jane Keyframe 87A Wheels Best skateboard wheels for cruising Check Price
Landyachtz-Chubby-and-Fatty-Hawgs-Wheels Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels Coolest skateboard wheels Check Price
SANTA-CRUZ-Slime-Balls-OG-wheels Santa Cruz Slime Balls OG Wheels Fastest skateboard wheels Check Price
Bones-Filmers-80A-Wheels Bones Filmers 80A Wheels Best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks Check Price

1- Powell Peralta G-Bones 97a Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta G-Bones 97a Skateboard Wheels

Specifications: Best skateboard wheels for street

  • Powell Peralta 97A and 64mm rollers are made with urethane to make the set durable
  • Power sliding feels very smooth when riding these wheels
  • Whatever style you choose, you will find it a good choice
  • These Old-School wheels are best for street, bowl, and park skating because of the hardness
  • Air-bubbles free The diameter ensures the cruising riders have it for a good experience but not ideal
  • This set absorbs the shocks and passes over the pebbles and cracks smoothly

To be honest, you don’t get mostly the price-effective skateboarding gear when you choose the Powell Peralta. But this pair has proved that you can get one of the best sets in terms of performance and durability at a decent value. My father used to have these 97A rollers for versatile riding.

Before riding this set, I was unsure whether it is the best skate wheels for street skating or not. Because the wheels had bigger sizes like the cruiser and longboards. But found it the top choice for street riding due to its lightweight construction as well as bowl and park skating. Another thing that I like the most about these wheels is the power sliding.

The power sliding becomes easy and safe on these rollers. Because the grip it provides makes the power sliding smooth. Even cruising is possible with these 97A wheels. Although this is not an ideal hardness, that’s the reason behind its versatility. The 64mm diameter and the construction have made it a good choice for cruising on rough pavements.

Our three generations have used these wheels and never found a single problem in terms of quality. My son has ridden them as a beginner. It was a perfect start and combination with the Powell Peralta Flight deck.

This old-school set comes in different colors that match your skateboard. I know the same colors can be your selection as it attracts. One issue you can face is wheel biting with these wheels. If you are having a street skateboard, use the risers to get the clearance.



  • Urethane rollers are best for technical skateboarding
  • The size makes it a good choice for cruising too
  • Every level can consider this quality set
  • Old-school wheels are ideal for power sliding
  • Different color option
  • Rough surfaces are easy to ride on
  • Wheel biting is possible with bigger wheels on a street skateboard, use risers

2- Bones ATF Rough Runners Wheels

Bones Wheels ATF Rough Riders Runners Skateboard Wheels

Specifications: Best skateboard wheels for rough roads

  • This 80A hardness comes in different diameters to find the related one for your skateboard
  • The revolutionary formula has been used to make the set unique in terms of durability as well as performance
  • Wider contact patch for stable and speedy riding, a gift for the beginners
  • Unique urethane is used for making the set ideal for skateboarding
  • Perfect start for the beginners and ideal set for pro riders to use for the required tricks

Bones ATF skateboard wheels are the rollers that every level of skater would love to ride. The feeling I got when tested was superb. Because the set has come up with a wider contact patch. It helps beginners to get a stable and safer ride yet at a very good speed.

The best thing that I like about this set is the use of revolutionary formulas. This formula doesn’t only assist in providing a smooth and protected ride. But also absorbs the harsh impacts and the pebbles when riding on rougher terrains. Even the speed remains constant instead of decreasing when going over the cracks.

Bones skateboard wheels have got unique durability. Its ATF (all terrains formula) has made riding possible on every kind of pavement. Even when you skateboard on the sidewalks or the ramps, sliding causes flat spots on rollers. But you have got the set which is flat spot resistant.

One of the best pairs of wheels to consider for your best cruising skateboards. Because it is durable, speedy, efficient, and versatile to ride everywhere. Another attractive thing you should know about these wheels is the use of particular Urethane for skateboarding.

As far as I experienced this set, this specific urethane is the reason for its best performance and longevity. Because when you use specific applications for the required style of wheels, it remains for years. Get the best set and enjoy riding for a long.



  • Revolutionary Formula to have the best riding experience
  • Wider contact patch for stable and speedy skating
  • Free from the flat spots
  • Perfect for beginners and pro riders
  • Unique Urethane material for skateboard wheels
  • 80A hardness with different diameters
  • Wheel graphics are not durable

3- Spitfire Formula 99A Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Formula 99A Skateboard Wheels

Specifications: All-terrain skateboard wheels

  • An anti-slick design is considered to construct the wheels for safe and easiest sliding
  • The 100% pure urethane formula has been used to make it durable and efficient
  • Street skaters gonna love this set because of its features to perform the tricks
  • I haven’t got the flat spots in 6 months even after using this for continuous riding
  • Spitfire skateboard wheels have been designed in a way to make them riding possible on every surface
  • You have got different diameters with a hardness of 99A

Another set of 4 spitfire wheels known for its versatility. The best thing about these wheels is you can take them on every kind of surface. Even you will get the best speed and smoother ride. I haven’t enjoyed anything more than sliding on these rollers. Because the anti-slick design has made it easy for those who love to slide on their boards.

I have been riding them for 6 months and performing a lot of tricks. Still, I’m unable to find the flat spots. It shows the quality and longevity of skateboard wheels. These 99A rollers are ideal for street, park, and bowl skating. Because this hardness allows you to flip the board easily and lightly.

It has got a classic shape. When you ride them, the wheels start spreading gradually. You will think that the wheels are going to be damaged.

Indeed, the wheels contact patch starts increasing. And it makes the wheels durable and wears off slowly. I personally feel sorry for one drawback, you can’t lock into grinds with this classic skateboard wheels shape. You will have to get the conical skateboard wheels shape.

I haven’t noticed any flaw performance-wise since 6 months of riding and technical tricks. I had the 2 sets with the diameter of 52mm and 58mm. Just wanted to know whether these are great for cruising or not. Our recommendations would be 52mm or 54mm for all-around features.



  • 100% pure and special urethane-constructed wheels
  • Anti-slick design for easiest sliding
  • Suitable for street and park skating
  • Flat spots resistant feature has made it durable
  • Higher rebound quality wheels are good for all surfaces
  • Different diameters with a hardness of 99A
  • The best speed with good control
  • Lock into grinds is difficult because of the classic shape

4- OJ 58mm Plain Jane Keyframe 87A Wheels

OJ 58mm Plain Jane Keyframe 87A Wheels

Specifications: Best skateboard wheels for park

  • This OJ skateboard wheels keep the plain jane that allows you to ride it on the regular skateboard which makes it unique
  • It can be your perfect start in the cruising industry if you are getting into it or the experienced skater
  • Street or park skaters can take the benefits as well because of the wheels’ shape and size
  • Different sizes are offered with a hardness of 87A

OJ has brought the best offer for skateboarders. If you are having a regular skateboard, still you can get an epic experience of cruising. Because these 87A wheels allow you to use them on the standard skateboard. We are still using these rollers on our skateboard for commuting. So, this is a plus point for cruising lovers who don’t have a cruiser board.

One thing that I like about the OJ is they keep updating their skateboarding gear. And I have found multiple positive changes in this set of wheels when riding on different surfaces. Cruising the board with these rollers can be your ideal start. Because these are made to shine when cruising around the town.

I have tried it for street and park skateboarding due to its smaller size and wheel shape. Performing the tricks is possible on these wheels. But you can’t take it as an ideal set for street skating. The size starts from 52m and ends up at 58mm. The best size for the cruising skateboard would be 58mm.



  • Classic shape urethane 87A wheels
  • You can use this set on a regular skateboard
  • Wheel shape allows for street skating too
  • A good set to start cruising career
  • It comes in different sizes
  • I got them before the delivery timing
  • Rough riding will damage the wheels quickly

5- Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels

Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels

Specifications: Best skateboard wheels for powerslides

  • The Landyachtz has made the wheels with a unique and quality build structure
  • You will find these wheels friendly on every surface
  • Sliding is very easy and smooth because of its stone ground finish feature
  • Beginners and race lovers will like this set due to the wide skateboard wheels and contact patch
  • Get the wheels and install them on the cruiser board to have the best riding of your life

Today has been the day of reviewing the versatile yet cheap skateboard wheels. Because we have got another multifaceted set of rollers. Not in the terms of different styles. Landyachtz allows the rider to take their wheels at any skateboarding surface due to the roller’s built structure. The rollers will come out more efficient and admirable every time.

The best feature that everyone will like not only me is the stone ground finish. Sliding becomes easy, smooth, and safer with this type of roller. And the wider contact patch has boosted my confidence when sliding by giving me the best grip. Also, there are very less chances that these wheels get flat spots.

The set is purely made to cruise around the town. Because the hardness of 78A and the size of 60mm are clearly describing that these are the best soft skateboard wheels. You carve the board smoothly with these wheels. Indeed, it contains everything that a beginner may be looking for to have the best start.



  • Multifaceted rollers with unique build structure
  • The design has made the wheels eligible for every surface
  • Stone ground finish for trouble-free slides
  • Wider contact patch for best grip and safety while riding
  • Purely designed for cruiser skateboards and freeriding
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Unable to find any flaw

6- SANTA CRUZ Slime Balls OG Wheels

SANTA CRUZ Slime Balls OG Wheels

Specifications: Best wheels for bowl skating

  • These long-lasting wheels are offering different sizes and colors to choose from that suit your board
  • There are very few cruiser wheels that offer bowl and half-pipe skating, slime balls are one of them
  • The ideal rollers for the fastest speed yet the smoother ride
  • The beginners can take benefit of having wider wheels and avoiding the slippery riding

These Santa Slime Balls wheels have been admired by cruising lovers. Because these classic rollers have got me covered very well while bowl and half-pipe skating. The 80s wheels set was best at grabbing the sick air as well as providing amazing speed. Another special thing that makes it unique is the way wheels help the rider to perform seamless transitions.

Sometimes the wheels provide the best speed but lack smoothness. I found this set as one of the fastest and smoothest to have for a memorable cruising experience. If we talk about durability, your riding style plays a vital role. As I met one of the beginner skaters in my town while riding with a broken wheel. So careless usage of wheels will make you pay again for the new rollers.

The set comes in different sizes of 54.5mm, 60mm, and 66mm and colors. The wheels are bigger and are no less than a blessing for beginners in terms of suitability and quality. The wider the rollers, the lesser the chances of slippery. So, you make yourself more protected when riding cruiser wheels.



  • An ideal and durable set of wheels for cruising board
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • It has made the transitions seamless
  • Perfect for bowl and half-pipe styles
  • One of the skaters broke the wheel while 2nd ride

7- Bones Filmers 80A Wheels

Bones Filmers 80A Wheels


  • ATF Bones wheels come in only one size and color with dimensions of 50mm and 80A
  • To make your riding smooth and faster, the revolutionary formula has been used
  • The crackle or the pebbles will be crushed by the rollers because of the Core shape
  • The wheels are going to be much faster on the quality harder roads
  • It offers a lifetime warranty to the users regarding the manufacturing defects

There is nothing more important than getting a faster and smoother ride from quality wheels. Whenever I have ridden their ATF rollers, I found this attribute. And this time it has been done by their revolutionary formula applied on the wheels to roll quickly and glossy. Runs briskly while crushing the cracks due to core shape and rolling on the rougher terrains.

If you are having difficulty riding on hard surfaces, Bones ATF wheels are the perfect solution. Importantly, there are some wheels that make you push harder for a speedy ride. But here your one push will keep you going with better speed.

What about a suitable style? Before riding these wheels, I was double-minded because of the dimensions of 52mm diameter and 80A durometer. Because if we look at the diameter, it points towards the tricks but hardness signals for the cruising. And as much as I enjoyed the cruising, I performed the tricks too but basic ones.



  • Revolutionary application wheels for quality rolling
  • Suits cruising as well as basic tricks
  • A versatile and durable set is best for rougher surfaces
  • Squashed the cracks due to the core shape
  • Lifetime warranty against the manufacturing defects
  • I haven’t found any flaw

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheels For every style

Buying suitable and quality skateboard wheels is not possible without analyzing a few important things. Especially, beginners can get the wrong rollers if they miss out on the skateboard wheels guide. Whatever the skating product you choose, there will always be some things for having the best one.

Wheels Type

The first step you take while moving towards purchasing is the wheel type. Because it describes your required style of skateboarding. Here are the wheels types for your board.

  • Skateboard Wheels

The skateboard wheels are smaller in size but hard in hardness. And use for street and technical skateboarding. Because these are easy to lift the board up for the ollies or other tricks.

  • Cruiser Wheels

The cruiser wheels keep bigger sizes than the small skateboard wheels. And you can’t use them for tricks but for commuting or cruising in town. These wheels are soft for better grip and the best speed.

  • Longboard Wheels

The longboard wheels are the biggest in size and the hardest in hardness. Because the riders need amazing grip and speed too while riding downhill. Even tricks are possible on cruising wheels as some brands consider the all-around hardness and size. But longboards don’t allow for the tricks. Because heavy wheels and the board doesn’t let you perform.

Hardness Of Wheels

Indeed, you determine the style of wheels by the hardness. And the specific hardness has been designed for the different styles of skateboard wheels.

  • 78A-87A

This range of hardness falls in the cruising and longboarding styles. Because these are the softest rollers which is the demand of cruising and longboarding riders. The speed and the grip you get from this hardness are amazing.

  • 88A-95A

Most skaters recommend this hardness for street skating. I personally take this hardness as an all-round or in-between-the-street and cruising hardness. You can get the cruising taste as well as the street. But construction matters a lot.

  • 96A-101A

Well, this is the hardness purely used for the street, park, pools, and ramps wheels. Many skaters love to have these wheels because it provides versatility. This hardness makes the tricks easier due to its lightweight. But you don’t get the fastest speed as you find in a cruiser or longboard wheels.

Let’s talk about how you can identify your required wheels by the diameters.

Diameter Of Wheels For Specific Styles

Wheels diameter
  • 50mm-54mm

This range of diameter is widely used by street skaters. Because it contains less weight and area. Which leads to performing the tricks easily.

  • 55mm-58mm

You can be at both sides when you have got this range of sizes. Because it allows you to do the ollies due to its medium size. Also, you can make a cruise in your town. But shorter distances can be traveled.

  • 59mm Or Above

These diameters are used for cruising or longboarding. In longboarding, it can be increased up to 70mm. Because the higher the diameter, the wider the contact patch is. It means you are getting a grippy, speedy, and stable ride.

How To Identify The Wheels By Contact Patch

There is another way to recognize the wheels is the shape and the contact patch. If you have wider contact patch rollers, you can use the wheels for cruising and longboarding. But when you own the smaller contact patch rollers, the wheels will be used for tricks or street skating.

Bearings Importance In Wheels

The bearings are necessary to talk about because the way wheels perform depends on the top skateboard bearings. The speed and smoothness of skateboard wheels are directly proportional to the bearings. The better the bearings in terms of quality and speed, the higher the speed you get from the wheels.

The bearings are defined and identified by the ABEC rating. The ABEC 7 are the widely used bearings for skateboarding.

Best Skateboard Wheel Brands

There are multiple skateboard wheel brands that have different styles of skaters who admire and enjoy their smoothness and speed. But few of them are exceptional that doesn’t only get you there but rather remain for years.

Bones, Spitfire, and the Powell Peralta are those skateboard wheel brands. Because you find everything in those wheels that any rider prefers to have. Simply, these are making your ride memorable for several months.

What Are The Best Skateboard Wheels

The best skateboard wheels will always assist you in executing your style professionally. And they will be long-lasting too but might be expensive because of the quality and brand. You can’t get the best one until you don’t know your favorite riding style and the shape of the wheel. Bones, spitfire, and the Powell Peralta can be your choice as the best wheels for skateboarding.


Yes, 99A wheels are good for street skating. Because it provides an amazing lightweight feature to take the board off the ground easily. And these are best for smooth surfaces.

Yes, bearings make a lot of difference in skateboard wheels’ performance. The rotation of wheels depends on the bearing’s rating and quality. If you get ABEC 7 bearings, the wheels will roll more smoothly and fastly.


Simply, you need to make some rules whenever you are going to buy the best skateboard wheels or other skateboard components. Your required style will be on top because if you get the wrong wheels, it will affect your riding skills. Indeed every factor is directly proportional, you can’t ignore even a single element when considering wheels.

Once you have made up your mind about street skating, the smaller wheels are your destination. The 96A to 100A hardness should be your preference. Then look into the features and see how long it will last by analyzing the before and after pictures that are shown above in the reviews. Those images will clear your concept for longevity and performance as well.

Choosing the right size that fits your skateboard is very essential. It shouldn’t be like street wheels are installed on longboard or cruiser board. So, take the step by reading our guide to have the best one.

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