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7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Skating (Oct 2023)

Different styles of skateboarding require dissimilar skateboard wheels. For street skating, not any pairs of wheels would be suitable. You will have to consider the best skateboard wheels for the street. Because these assist the riders to get the street skating done easily without hurting themselves.

For example, without having a better sliding ability and being lightweight is arduous to perform the ollies, powerslides, and flip tricks. So, strenuously you will need to have specific wheels for street and park skating. The harder wheels are used for street skateboarding. Because you can flip the board effortlessly for performing the tricks.

The best dimensions for the harder wheels are 95A-101A hardness. And you can go for a diameter in the range of 50 mm-54 mm. Wheels shape also matters a lot when it comes to street skating. Our testing has been continued for the different styles of skateboard wheels. But here we are going specifically by reviewing the top skateboard wheels for the street. And get all the essential factors in buying guide to choose the suitable one.

Top 3 Skateboard Wheels For Street Skating

Spitfir bighead Wheels Set of 4

Spitfire Bighead Set of 4

  • The ideal skateboard wheels size and a durometer of 52mm and the 99a
  • There are no limitations for the skating level, beginners and pros both can ride these rollers
  • This versatile set offers you to ride on rough surfaces too
  • You get superb control while performing the tricks
  • Provided with the different colors to choose your favorite one
  • Surely you are getting the quality more than the price
Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A  wheels

Powell Dragon Formula 93A

  • Unique and special Dragon urethane Formula is used to protect the wheels from the flat spots
  • The durable rollers provide the best speed in wet areas as well
  • The versatile wheels offer both cruising as well as street skating
  • 93a with the different sizes
  • You have attained the Warranty if you get the manufacturing defects
RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheels

RICTA Clouds 78a

  • RICTA has also used the NRG Energy Urethane Formula to construct the wheels
  • It increases the life of skateboard wheels
  • 78a and 92a hardness are offered to select as per your required skateboarding style
  • You get much amount of balance and grip with 78a wheels
  • These rollers don’t care about the pebbles and cracks
  • The lightweight offers you to perform tricks easily

Best Skate Wheels For Street

Finding the perfect skateboard part becomes difficult. Particularly when you are just getting into skateboarding. To make this job easy, read the highly efficient and long-lasting wheels reviews. Even we have listed our top 3 picks as well to get the job done more easily.

We have got superb responses when riding these wheels in streets and parks. Some of them will be used for street skating and cruising as well. You just need to determine which pairs are going to suit your best skateboard trucks. As the quality is already there to give an epic experience.

Image Product Best For Price
Spitfire-Bighead-Wheels-Set-of-4 Spitfire Bighead Wheels Set of 4 Best spitfire wheels for street Check Price
Powell-Peralta-Dragon-Formula-93A-wheels Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A Wheels Best hard skateboard wheels Check Price
RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheels RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a Wheels  Best skateboard wheels for rough street Check Price
Spitfire-Formula-Four-99D-Tablet-Skateboard-Wheels-Set-of-4 Spitfire Formula Four 99D Tablet Wheels – Set of 4 Best wheels for skateboard tricks Check Price
Bones-100A-skateboard-wheels Bones 100A skateboard wheels Fastest skateboard wheels Check Price
CCS-Skateboard-Wheels CCS skateboard wheels Best skateboard wheels for park Check Price
Skateboard-Wheels-with-ABEC-7-Bearings-and-Spacers Skateboard Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings and Spacers Best wheels for bowl skating Check Price

1- Spitfire Bighead Wheels Set of 4

Spitfire Bighead Wheels Set of 4

Specifications: Best durometer for street skating

  • The Spitfire has brought a set 4 wheels for all levels of skateboarders
  • The wheels are super durable and give enough speed
  • These provide the best grip when doing ollies, power sliding, and even grinding
  • Not only smooth surfaces are suitable, but you can also ride them on rougher terrains as well
  • Perfect sizes and captivating colors are offered
  • Quality for the price

Spitfire Bighead is one of the best sets of skateboard wheels that I have ever got for street skateboarding. Because these wheels are the perfect example of street skateboard wheels. As the dimensions of this set are accurate. And the quality of doing the ollies, grinding, and powerslides were up to the mark.

Importantly, you won’t only get Notewheels for street skating. Rather all the smooth surfaces can be considered for them. Even though I have ridden these wheels on rougher surfaces, I didn’t find any flaw there.

Our testing is vast, which is why we get to know component issues. Such as creating an irritating sound while riding on the wrong surfaces. But this set has been ridden on different terrains and didn’t feel the damage a single time. You can imagine the versatility of this pure-quality made set of wheels.

Note: See the image and take the idea of how long it can last by riding aggressively

Spitfire bighead wheels before and after condition

This set has come up with a durometer of 99a which is an ideal hardness. And the absolutely suitable diameter it contains is 52mm. Although there are multiple diameters up to 63mm. You can select according to your skateboard. Also, the superlative colored and amazing printed different designs skateboard wheels are provided to make own choice.

One more thing is done usually the wheels get flat spots on the contact patch. It is done after continuously using the wheels. But I haven’t got any spot even ridden it for 2 months. I had performed a lot of tricks and variations on these wheels. I would say, this is an ideal set of rollers for every level of skater.



  • Ideal dimensions of 52mm and 99a for street skaters
  • Provide enough speed and last longer
  • Can be ridden on all smooth surfaces
  • Even rough surfaces will be suitable too
  • Multiple sizes are given with different colors designs
  • Perfect for every level of a skateboarder
  • Value is more than the price
  • Printed graphics are not durable

2- Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A Wheels

Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A Wheels

Specifications: Best skateboarding wheels for street

  • Rolling the Dragon Rollers is easy on almost every terrain without any fear of flat spots
  • Distinctive Dragon Formula Urethane is used for the manufacturing of skateboard wheels to make them durable
  • These are the best when it comes to cruising
  • These are amazing when it comes to street skating
  • They have offered you different diameters with a hardness of 93a
  • Perfect for every beginner or master of skating
  • A warranty is provided if you find any manufacturing defects

I don’t think any of the experienced skaters won’t be aware of Powell Peralta. One of the most admired brands for its quality products and have been in the market for 40 years. To be honest, I have checked different versions of skateboarding goods. Their top priority has been customer demand and unbelievable strength.

The unique and innovative Dragon Formula polyurethane is used to construct the Best skateboard wheels. And this makes them unique in the skateboarding industry. And the hardness this set keeps is the 93a. Get the reason why I love this set. I was getting the best speed when riding these wheels. But going in doubt to have the less speed when in bowls or the parks.

But it proved me wrong because the speed was brilliant there too. The high rebound wheels are created almost 20% higher than the harder wheels. So, the speed is perfect rather it’s more for street skateboarders. You don’t get the speed with 93a wheels as higher as with the special Dragon Formula.

Note: You can have the top wheels when you have to know how long it can last. Also, what performance am I gonna get? Our ex[perience has answered your queries, take a look at the image.

Powell dragon wheels before and after

The thing that I like about Powell is they grow with the market. As I have seen, they have made a lot of positive changes to their products to meet the skater’s requirements. This versatile piece is pushing you to have the best ride on smooth and rough surfaces too. It’ll be super fun to have these rollers. Whether you get it for the best cruiser skateboard or street and park skating. Different sizes are provided with only one color.



  • Unique Dragon Formula Urethane Is used
  • High-quality material to avoid flat spots
  • Super durable and Give good speed in parks and pools too
  • Excellent at both smooth and rougher surfaces
  • Best for street and park skating
  • A warranty is given in case of getting the defective set
  • Good for cruising as well
  • Multiple sizes are given
  • The best example of versatility
  • I found the green graphics wearing out after a couple of moths

3- RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a Wheels 

RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheels

Specifications: Soft street skateboard wheels

  • NRG energy formula has been used for the durability of skateboard wheels
  • If you want to get the best speed with tricks qualitative wheels, get 78a. If wants to have the wheels for specifically street skating, get 92a rollers.
  • You get amazing balance and grip on 78a
  • The lighter rollers allow for the tricks
  • These run smoothly over the pebbles and cracks
  • Beginners can get the required things on these wheels.

As the Dragon Formula is used previously, the RICTA has brought the new NRG Hi-Energy Formula urethane. The purpose of using this technology is to avoid getting flat spots on the contact patch as well as to make it durable. Now, this set of rollers has come up with an explosion of quality.

I would love to have this set of wheels as a beginner. Because the way you get the control and the grip ability while riding is amazing. And the beginner mostly faces the same t problems of balancing and grip. The hardness of skateboard wheels is 78a with a diameter of 54mm. These soft wheels are going to give you a smooth ride over bumpy and rougher roads.

Note: When it comes to cruising, we found the Ricta 78a wheels ideal. Even we got chances to perform the tricks because of the lightweight construction.

Ricta 78a wheels before and after condition

You can show some tricks in the streets. Because it is easier to flip than other softer wheels. As the weight of these rollers set is light. So, it’s fulfilling the requirements of street skaters.

Despite the fact that there is another hardness option of 92a. You can go more specifically for the street and park skating. There are different sizes and color options.

You can match the color of the wheels with your best skateboard deck. Make sure that you are having the right skateboard as well for a better combination. The right thing and direction can bring success to you.



  • New NRG Hi-Energy Formula urethane is used to make the wheels durable
  • The set has a durometer of 78a with 54mm, 92a is also available
  • Best for getting quality control when cruising and doing tricks
  • Gripping is brilliant
  • With a little pushing, the wheels will rotate fastly and smoothly
  • Couldn’t find any flaw

4- Spitfire Formula Four 99D Tablet Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four 99D Tablet Wheels - Set of 4

Specifications: Best-size wheels for street skateboarding

  • The lightweight skateboard rollers for skating in streets easily
  • One of the best rollers to have a quick response with Original Tablet shape when doing tricks
  • High-rebound wheels for fast speed to fulfill the cruiser riders’ requirements
  • The best hardness for street and park skating
  • These are going to last for long

I have discussed the Spitfire above but this one has also got the attention for the quality performance. Because the level of durability is unbeatable. It’s been 8 months since using these wheels for athletic moves, stunts, and cruising. My eyes haven’t seen yet the spots or any disturbing signs.

The abrasion-resistant urethane wheels are made to run briskly. And lasts more than the other skateboard components. I would rank this set in our top 5 in terms of responsiveness. Probably, one of the best rollers to have a quicker response when performing tricks. This impartiality has come due to the Tablet shape of skateboard wheels.

Your board not only becomes more receptive but you have found it more lightweight too. Now, it’s the perfect combination roller for street and park skateboarding with a hardness of 99d. The diameter will be depending on your skateboard setup. As there are multiple sizes, you can select according to your skateboard.

The wheels run quietly and there is no stickiness to the ground as well. You can get a smooth and controlled ride. These are made for smooth surfaces, it’s better to keep them away from the other terrains. Use them for tricks as well as cruising but on the mentioned surfaces.



  • High rebound 99d wheels to have a faster ride
  • Tablet shape rollers for quicker response
  • Good for street skateboarding and cruising
  • Long-lasting and grippy wheels
  • Ideal sizes to fit any skateboard
  • Not ideal for rougher surfaces

5- Bones 100A skateboard wheels

Bones 100A skateboard wheels


  • Bones Street Tech Urethane Formula has been used to create the masterpiece for the street skaters
  • Durability is high and speed is good enough
  • Better grip when doing ollies or slides because of lightweight construction
  • 100a hardness with different diameters to select
  • Doesn’t let create the flat spots
  • Available at a cheap price

Bones is famous for producing quality skateboarding parts. Apart from the quality what I like the most is they don’t waste the money of the beginner. As they give warranty on the quality of the wheels. If any of us find a manufacturing defect, we can return the product. And can get a refund or will ship the alternative one.

This set of 4 wheels is made for street and park skateboarding with a hardness of 100a. Bones have always made quality and long-lasting wheels. And they use the specific urethane formula like Bones Street Tech Formula for street skating and Bones SkatePark Formula for transition skating.

You have got two different options for sizes as well as designs. Make sure that you are having suitable other components to have a better ride. Let me share a bit of my experience with these wheels. My cousin wanted to have the bone wheels, especially for the tricks.

His words were, “high quality” with a lot of control and balance when riding. These are one of the best options to have in the market right now. You can consider them as a beginner as well as pro skaters for showing stunts in parks or streets. One thing I would like to mention is flat spots.



  • Bones Street Tech Urethane Formula for long-lasting results
  • 100a hardness rollers for street and park skating
  • High-quality constructed rollers with a lot of grips
  • Flat spots resistant wheels
  • Affordable at a reasonable price
  • Don’t use sloppily, rollers will start damaging

6- CCS Skateboard Wheels

CCS Skateboard Wheels


  • To make the wheels long-lasting, high-grade professional urethane material is used
  • It has come up with the 100a hardness with different sizes
  • Street and park skaters can get the tricks done easily and smoothly with this set
  • Provides a better grip when doing power sliding or the ollies
  • The price is too low if we look at the quality of the rollers
  • You have got dissimilar color options as well

If you are less on a budget, surely you are going to have the quality wheel at these bucks. The durable skateboard wheels are made with urethane. These highly standard wheels assist the riders to have the best experience in street and park skating. Interestingly, I haven’t found such a difference between the Bones and the CCS skateboard rollers.

As both the best skateboard brands have offered the same sizes and a hardness level of 100a. But its price point differs from the Bones. You get the cheaper yet quality rollers. These are absolutely grippy and have non-slippery wheels. Usually, we don’t get a better grip when it comes to the wheels for technical skating.

Tested each and everything as these are ridden for almost 4 months. Because of the smoother wheels, you get a soundless ride. The power sliding and grinding are effortless with these wheels.

The one thing that I dislike is putting the bearings into the wheels and that can be ignorable. It took me a hard to install the bearings into the wheels. But once it is installed, these rollers will work efficiently.



  • Durable high-quality urethane rollers
  • High-standard and professional wheels
  • Recommended for the streets and park skating
  • 100a hardness with different sizes to select
  • Low price for the quality
  • Different attractive colors are offered
  • Installing bearing was a problem, it took enough effort to adjust

7- Skateboard Wheels With Bearings & Spacers

Skateboard Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings and Spacers


  • You have got plenty of color options and sizes to try different styles of tricks like street, park, bowl, and old-school skating
  • Additionally, a set of 8 ABEC 7 bearings and spacers are added
  • Probably, you get the cheapest wheels, bearings, and spacers from this brand
  • The wheels have acquired the ability to last for a year
  • Get the set of rollers and increase the skateboard speed as well as protect the bearings from getting damaged.

The one thing that I like and everyone would like is getting the three types of equipment by spending only a few bucks. You have got plenty of options whether you talk about colors or sizes. Different sizes are given to not limit yourself to the street or park skating. You can get the wheels in the range of 55mm to 60mm for a bowl or old-school skating.

Importantly, most of the time skaters don’t get the speed when using skateboard wheels. Additionally, TGM has added the ABEC 7 bearings for providing good speed with technical skating. Another thing that I like is they have added the spacers as well.

The spacers help in rolling the bearings fastly. It takes to the fast-rolling of skateboard wheels and you get faster speed. Secondly, the spacers enhance the life of bearings.

Also, the spacers protect the wheels from wobbling by tightening the nuts down. Get these urethane rollers that last longer even after continuous riding for months. So, there are many reasons to consider these wheels.



  • The wheels offer to have different styles of tricks
  • Different sizes and colors are offered
  • A set of 8 bearings and spacers are added for protection and better speed
  • Enough durable rollers are made for smooth riding
  • One of the cheapest Options
  • Not highly durable

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Skateboard Wheels For Street

Skateboard wheels for street skating

Choosing the skateboard wheels for street skating isn’t a complex task. As there are many skateboard rollers selling even at lower prices for the best quality. But there will always be some factors, you need to consider when going for buying. Let’s take a look at those elements that helps you in finding the right one for your desired skateboard.

Wheels Size

The size is the first thing that should be on the list for getting street skateboard wheels. Because the size of the wheel directly affects the speed of your skateboard. If you get the larger wheels, you get the speed but don’t find the space for performing the tricks.

best size wheels for street skateboarding

And the smaller rollers are less on speed but fully assist in executing the tricks more efficiently and successfully. Because these are easy to flip due to their lightweight. The size you should get for the street skating wheels is 50 mm-54 mm. And this is the perfect size for street skaters for a better experience.


best skateboarding wheels for street

The hardness level that I suggest getting is within the range of 95a-101a. These are the harder wheels and make it easy for the riders to flip the board with less effort. And you get a suitable speed as well. Because the ABEC 7 bearings are used to provide the speed.

You can use these wheels on smooth surfaces. The medium softer wheels can also be used for tricks. But these are the bigger rollers and take a bit more effort to get the tricks done.

Wheels Shape And Texture

Other considerable factors are the wheel’s shape and the material. You can get conical-shaped rollers. Because this shape is completely suitable for the tricks that are done in streets and parks.

Most manufacturers use polyurethane wheels for increasing durability. But now the urethane tech formula is getting popular because of its versatile features. So, you can consider both materials for skateboard wheels. But if you find urethane formula-based wheels, go for it.

Contact Patch

The part of skateboard wheels that comes in contact with the ground is called the contact patch. The larger the contact patch, the more grippy and safe ride you get. The quality and weight-bearing ability matter a lot in getting a smooth ride. If it won’t bear the weight, damage can be done to your wheels.


Without the quality and suitable bearings, you are not going to get the required ride. Because these are the bearings that assist your wheels to roll smoothly and fastly. And street skaters prefer the ABEC 7 bearings for good enough speed. This is a great combination of wheels and bearings.


The harder wheels with a hardness of 95a-101a and a diameter of 50mm-54mm. Because these are lightweight, easy to flip, and provide you the grip that tricks performers are always looking for.

The softer wheels are made for cruising. Understand it, as you find some boards in street skating well for cruising as well. Similarly, you get the cruiser skateboards. But you can perform only basic tricks.


Whoever the individual steps into skateboarding, performing tricks in the street and park is always the dream. Because it gives you a different reputation across the pro skateboarders. And we have reviewed the best skateboard wheels for street skating and park skating.

Even some of them are suitable for cruising, bowl skating, riding in pools, and old-school skating. There are different sizes available, you just need to analyze your skateboard setup. And get the wheels accordingly. Check our top 3 choices as well to select without doing further research. I hope our reviews after testing and the guide on how to choose the right skateboard wheels will help you in finding the required set of wheels.

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