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7 Tested & Found Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising 2023

A certain style of skateboarding gets easier and awe-inspiring with the right quality components. If you are not having the suitable and best skateboard wheels for cruising. You can have several types of tricks conveniently on the best street wheels. But you will have to do enough struggle for cruising the board.

I and everyone will agree that cruising is the easiest style of skateboarding. You just need a couple of things to be good at when cruising around the town. The balance is the first factor that requires. Especially when you take a curve and when it becomes necessary to stop the board suddenly. With the passage of time, you learn these factors from your experience.

I haven’t found any better way than cruising to travel shorter distances for working or exercising. But you must have the right board with the appropriate components. Below are the factors that assist you in getting the best cruiser wheels.

  • Diameter Of Wheels

Two important elements decide what style is going to be done with these wheels. And one of them is the diameter of skateboard vehicles. The best way of recognizing the diameter is its direct relation with your best skateboard deck. Higher the deck length, the larger the diameter of the wheels you will get. So, if you are riding a skateboard with a length of 40″, 70 mm-75 mm would be the best choice.

Most of the skaters use medium cruiser skateboards with a size of 34-42″ or below 34″. The 68mm-72mm and 60mm-67mm wheels diameter will be used for those sizes respectively. For us, the best diameter is 60mm or above for the cruiser wheels. Because with this size, you get satisfying riding.

  • Hardness Of Wheels

Different type of boards requires dissimilar wheels for making that specific style easier and more awesome. When it comes to cruiser boards, you should go within the hardness range of 78a-87a. Because you get the required control and the grip even riding over the bumps and roads. More importantly, the best speed without pushing hard.

  • The Shape Of Wheels

The shape of the wheels is another factor that performs a vital role. For better grip and smooth riding, the sharp-lip shape has been used. Because it allows the cruising riders to have the shaper turns easily.

  • Wheels Material

Some skaters might ignore this factor but I don’t. Because it’s one of the elements that ensure the durability of wheels. Synthetic rubber is the best skateboard wheels material and is also known as polyurethane. The polyurethane special coating makes it durable.

More essential factors are waiting in the buying guide section. Stay till the guide and make sure to get to know all the elements before making a purchase. Because this guide can help you anywhere in getting the best and most suitable set. Here are our top recommendations for cruising wheels.

Top 3 Cruising Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Wheels

Orangatang 70 mm

  • The urethane formula is used for making wheels durable
  • This set is made to give the smooth cruising experience
  • Good-sized rollers with a hardness of 86a
  • You can use this set for the tricks as well
  • The cracky roads don’t harm these wheels
  • Best for beginners and pro skaters
RICTA Clouds 54mm

RICTA Clouds 54mm

  • The kids can use this amazing set for their smaller cruisers
  • As it comes with the 54mm dia and 78a hardness
  • Another set that doesn’t care about the damaged surfaces
  • Importantly, the lightweight construction yet very strong
  • Smooth and silent wheels
Sector 9 65mm cruiser wheels

Sector 9 wheels

  • Sliding while cruising is too easy and effortless with these rollers
  • Different sizes are provided with the perfect cruising hardness of 80a
  • Gives you brilliant balance while riding due to the wider contact patch
  • Wheels core set is another reason for beginners to start with this set
  • Fat skaters gonna love these rollers

Best Wheels For Cruiser Skateboard

I used to spend more of my time skateboarding. Even when I had to get some groceries, I used to use my best cruiser skateboards. Riding different brands of quality cruising wheels has made it difficult to select. But a lot of concentration has done the job for us.

Sometimes, it gets complex when you choose a versatile product at a reasonable price. We always prefer that helps the rider to fulfill their requirements for a long. If getting a few bucks expensive wheels can last for years. Then why do we need to waste our money and precious time for the sake of money?

When I was a kid, I used to buy with my pocket money and I said it earlier too. At that time, quality was my first priority. Because I had the vision while growing up and now it has been completed. Let’s take a look at our tested top cruiser skateboard wheels options in the market right now

Image Product Best For Price
Orangatang-Stimulus-70-mm-cruiser-wheels Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Best for Overall Check Price
RICTA-54mm-Clouds-White-78a-wheels RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a wheels Best for the Kids Check Price
Sector-9-Butterball-65mm Sector 9 Butterball 65mm Wheels Best for bigfoot skateboard wheels Check Price
CCS-Cruiser-Skateboard-Wheels [CCS] Cruiser Skateboard Wheels Best-size cruiser wheels Check Price
Powell-Peralta-G-Slides-85a-Skateboard-Wheels Powell Peralta G-Slides 85a Best for durability and performance Check Price
VJ-Skateboard-Wheels-And-Other-Parts VJ Skateboard Wheels and Other Parts Best wheels for longboard sliding Check Price
LMAI-pro-skateboard-wheels-1 LMAI Pro Skateboard Wheels Best wheels for every level Check Price

1- Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm cruiser wheels

Specifications: Best for beginners and pro riders

  • The original Orangatang urethane formula constructed provides the smooth experience
  • The long-lasting set comes with a 70mm diameter and different durometers up to 86a.
  • You get the chance to perform the tricks too with the best cruising
  • Beneficially, you get the bearings with spacers and speed rings along the set
  • Cruising over the rocks is stunning with these wheels
  • To maintain the shape, the enveloped core is designed

The enjoyment gets increases while purchasing the cruiser wheels when you find the addition of bearings with wheels. The efficient set of 4 Orangatang skateboard wheels comes with high-performance V2 bearings. Also, you have got the spacers and the speed rings as well to have the best setup for cruising.

What I like the most about this set is its versatility. The shape and the construction is making it a perfect set for beginners to have the best cruising experience. On the other hand, the skateboard’s big wheels keep the size of 70mm with an ultimate hardness of 86a ensuring that pro riders perform the basic tricks coherently.

Sliding over the pebbles with these lightweight and quality wheels was an outstanding encounter. Even more important, the speed remained constant instead of decreasing. This is an absolutely durable set that lasts for years. Whether you ride it over the crags or not.

Note: One of the best cruising set for all level of riders has come up with a real-use example. You can see the image that is showing how long we have used this set.

Orangatang stimulus wheels before and after

In this era, the technique of manufacturing wheels with the urethane formula is indeed a brilliant innovation. Because it improves the durability and efficiency of the vehicles. And the Orangatang Stimulus is come up with its own urethane formula to have flashy and speedy riding.

For instance, I pulled back my hands while buying this set due to the rounded shape. But the support of encapsulated core to the rounded lip was quite admirable to get this. And after riding, it delivered what I was expecting. A highly recommended set for beginners as well as pro riders.



  • The real Orangatang urethane formula is used to construct wheels
  • Highly durable and efficient wheels
  • The set comes with bearings and a spacer and speed rings
  • Perfect for cruising and pro riders can also get the benefit
  • Brilliant over the pebbles
  • Folded and quality core for maintaining the shape
  • Fitting the bearings would be difficult at first

2- RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a

RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a

Specifications: Best cruiser wheels for rough roads

  • This set comes with a diameter of 54mm and a hardness of 78a which fits the smaller cruisers
  • The admirable quality is these rolls smoothly on cracks and rough pavements
  • Lightweight construction yet bears the impacts and road cracks beautifully
  • Get this set and cruise the soundless wheels

I know riding experience and quality matter a lot. And when you find both features but not a favorite color and size. You don’t get those wheels with the satisfied mindset up.

Thanks to RICTA Cloud rollers, you are getting everything. The new NRG Hi-Energy urethane formula has been used for the wheels. And that is the reason why these rollers were resisting the impacts smoothly when I was riding.

This factor is enough to describe the quality and durability of cruiser wheels. Let me take a moment to admire this set for high performance on rough roads. The 54mm diameter wheel isn’t a big size and yet the rollers were going effortlessly on the rough surfaces.

Another thing that I like about this set is it rolls soundlessly. Which makes your riding comfortable. There are more sizes available, don’t leave this because of the diameter.

You get different diameter options with the perfect cruising hardness of 60mm 78a. Get these rollers and ride over the cracks very smoothly. Also, make your cruising experience memorable.



  • The new NRG Hi-Energy urethane formula for the mesmerizing performance
  • 54mm fits the smaller cruisers but there are different sizes too
  • The perfect hardness of 78a for cruising
  • These rolls softly on the rough surfaces
  • Lightweight wheels don’t feel when riding
  • Didn’t find any flaw

3- Sector 9 Butterball 65mm Wheels

Sector 9 Butterball 65mm wheels

Specifications: Wide skateboard wheels

  • Urethane sliding formula constructed wheels for the best sliding at enough speed
  • The rollers come in a couple of different sizes with 80a hardness
  • Contact patch distributes your weight adequately
  • The Center core set ensures that beginners have this set to start their skating career with the best
  • Fat skaters would love these rollers

This sector 9 Butterball wheels have got the perfect contact patch of 38mm. My fleshy friend has ridden these wheels with enough control and balance. Because the distribution of his weight on the board was outstanding due to the higher contact patch.

Another thing that can attract any cruising expert is the sliding urethane formula. As most beginners fear doing the slides while cruising. And this formula has made it easy for you to do the controllable slide. Fo getting the grip riding, the center core set is designed.

Balance and control are the factors that enhance the rider’s confidence. And this set is made to impress the riders. There are some cruising rollers that are purely soft. But few come with a little bit of hardness to assist different styles of riders.

Note: Best set for fat riders and can get a good balance because of the higher contact patch. For clearing the concept, check the image as it has been used by every level.

Sector 9 butterball wheels before and after

This priority is for those who can’t afford to miss the basic tricks opportunities. You have got two different diameters 65mm and 70mm. You can choose any of them that fits your cruiser board.



  • Urethane slide formula to make the sliding effortless and controlled
  • The bigger contact patch of 38mm for better grip and weight distribution
  • Perfect-sized wheels in terms of both diameter and hardness
  • The Center core is set to increase the stability
  • There is no doubt in this set for beginners and experienced skaters
  • It creates a bit of sound on a hard surface like asphalt

4- [CCS] Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

[CCS] Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

Specifications: Good cruising wheels

  • These standard urethane wheels have come up with different diameters and a hardness of 78a
  • Gliding and sliding is very unique with this valuable set of rollers
  • It shines on rougher surfaces with a lot of grip and speed too.
  • You don’t feel unsafe or unbalanced while riding
  • Beginners can find their favorite features in these wheels

You can not get the CCS out when it comes to skateboarding whether it’s the best complete skateboard or the components. This brand has always entertained the skaters with their best production. This cruiser wheels set is come up with a versatile construction. As the tweener hardness allows popping the ollies and riding smoothly over the cracks is possible with these rollers.

One thing that I like more about this set is the ability to glide on the roughest pavements. Usually, the softer wheels don’t perform well on these specific surfaces. But my gliding was grippy, speedy, and controlled with these rollers. Different sizes are given to fit different sizes of cruiser skateboards.

I would recommend this to beginners especially. Because you don’t need the force to push it. Also, you get the best grip and control on rough roads when riding them. Which makes it an ideal setting to start your skating career. Although pro skaters can also have this for a better experience.



  • High-quality urethane versatile constructed wheels
  • Tweener hardness to do tricks with cruising
  • Gliding is unique on fuzzy surfaces
  • Speedy and grippy rollers
  • Suitable hardness for cruiser boards with different diameters
  • Worth the buying
  • Don’t get it an appropriate setting for tricks, popping ollies was difficult

5- Powell Peralta G-Slides 85A

Powell Peralta G-Slides 85a Skateboard Wheels

Specifications: Best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks

  • It doesn’t only come with 56mm rather there are different diameters to select for your cruiser skateboard
  • You find everything like the extreme speed, durability, and the way it slides just brilliant
  • If someone loves to pass the board over the cracks, this can do in a much better way
  • It doesn’t get worn out whether you ride on any terrain
  • Sliding, ollies, and other tricks are possible with this set

One of the most durable and improved cruiser rollers is Powell Peralta G-Slides wheels. Their previous versions were not bad at all but this one has got all the features that the best cruiser skateboard wheels should have. These wheels provide you with the required speed. And to control the board, you get the grip. Even sliding becomes effortless with this set.

More importantly, I have ridden these wheels on almost every surface. When it comes to rough terrains, these rolls are brilliant. As I didn’t find it the kind of worry when riding on the cracks or sidewalks. This 56mm set absorbs the impacts dexterously.

One thing that I don’t like when I received it was the exclusion of stickers. Having the stickers or logo of Powell Peralta on the skateboarding products is worth it. A pure all-rounder can suit any type of board and can perform well for a long.



  • The 56mm with a hardness of 85a makes it eligible for different styles
  • Multiple improvements have been seen in terms of quality and durability
  • It provides you best speed not only on smooth but rough surfaces as well
  • Cruising on the cracky road isn’t a big deal for these rollers
  • Almost can be ridden on any type of skating surface without fear of damaging
  • Stickers are not included which makes it more attractive

6- VJ Skateboard Wheels With Other Parts

VJ Skateboard Wheels with Other Parts


  • The VJ has come up with the offer of almost all the required skateboard parts with cruising wheels
  • 90a hardness and 60mm diameter ensure the rider has the best all-round experience besides the tricks
  • No need to buy extra bearings because ABEC 7 is in the package
  • If you love to skate on harder surfaces, you should have these rollers
  • KMultiple sizes and colors are offered to select that fit your skateboard

It makes you happy when you get some extra quality components with the skateboard cruising wheels. And there are very few brands that provide complementary parts, VJ is one of them. Because you have got the trucks, bearings, screws, and the riser pads with the wheels.

These are all-round wheels with a diameter of 60mm and a durometer is 90a. The skaters who prefer riding old-school boards will love this set. Also, I have found this wheel set super amazing, especially for the rougher surfaces. Rollers were crushing the cracks while riding. But it takes a lot of effort to try even basic tricks, it’s not an ideal set of wheels for tricks but for cruising.

The supplementary parts are not only qualitative excluding the trucks(which got broken after a few weeks) but suitable as well. You have got the bearings with the ABEC 7 rating that suits your skateboard wheels style. The bearings have made it the perfect combination with wheels to have a better cruising experience. The trucks come up with the 5″ hanger and 7.6″ axle to make the old-school skating much better.

The riser pads have also been added to keep the distance between the wheels and the deck for avoiding wheel bite. These wheels and the additional components can be attached up to a 7.8″ deck or above. But you don’t need to worry because the different sizes are given to choose from that suit your skateboard with multiple colors.



  • Cruiser wheels come with multiple forbye parts
  • 60mm rollers with ABEC 7 bearings for the best cruising experience
  • Found this ideal set to cruise on rougher surfaces
  • There are different sizes and colors available to select
  • Much value and addition at such a low price
  • Trucks are not made with quality material

7- LMAI Pro Skateboard Wheels

LMAI pro skateboard wheels


  • The set of wheels is absolutely durable and strong to have for the years
  • It comes with bearings and spacers and is still one of the cheapest.
  • To have the best grip and balance while riding, LMAI pro wheels would be recommended
  • There are different options with a lot of colors to choose your desired one

We always prefer the set with a low price or must be durable at least. And LMAI has brought wheels that are not only durable but cost-effective as well. One thing that I like, indeed every level of rider loves in rollers is the best grip. And the traction that I have experienced with the surface while riding is just ideal.

Secondly, the wheels haven’t disturbed me while kicking off or stopping them. So, you won’t get your feet hurt while pushing the skateboard. You have got the ABEC 9 bearings which are rated as the fastest. The bearings are already attached to the wheels, just have them and install them on the skateboard for a smooth ride.

These resilient wheels come in different colors. You can match it with your skateboard for a decent look. Both beginners and pro riders can get these rollers because of their archetypal grip with supreme control. But pro skaters can hate them while thinking about the faster speed. Because the wheels were not as faster as they should have been.



  • Sturdy and durable wheels
  • Comes with Bearings and spacers
  • Rollers provide the best grip
  • Suits every level of rider
  • Different colors are available
  • Super affordable
  • The speed of the wheels was not upto the mark

How To Choose The Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

Skateboard cruiser wheels

Getting the cruiser wheels by only analyzing some of the factors isn’t enough. Riding them and testing them tell you how long you are going to have them. And how much comfort can any rider get with these wheels? All the mentioned cruiser wheels are tested, and there is no doubt about quality riding with durability.

The reason for mentioning all the factors is to get familiar with the best skateboard wheels. So, you can perceive what type of hardness, diameter, and shape is going to be best for a specific style of riding.

Durometer Of Wheels

Always prefer the softer skateboard wheels as these are best for rough surfaces. If you are a cruising lover, you will get an amazing and smoother ride with a hardness of 78a or above. Also, you get a big speed as well because of having larger vehicles. Initially, it takes more effort to push than the harder wheels. But it gives much better speed than the harder ones.

Wheels Diameter

Take your cruising to the next level with the right diameter of skateboard wheels. Every element needs to be perfect for having an epic experience. The diameter just can’t be decided without measuring the deck’s length. The best wheel diameter cruising is 60mm or above.

The kids ride the cruiser wheels that have a diameter of 52 or 53mm as well. So, it all depends on which size you are riding.


The top leading option is polyurethane for the skateboard wheels. Because it provides you the stability and durability. This material is made to resist wear and bear enough weigh weight for the rider. You get ultimate strength and smoothness for having the best skateboarding.


Distributing the rider’s weight equally matters a lot when it comes to skateboarding. Because the weight at a specific point can damage the wheels. You can distribute the weight properly with the square shape.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is the area of the wheels that comes in contact with the ground. It has to be larger, especially for those who have got some extra weight. So, it can give smooth and non-slippery riding.

Wheel Bearings

The skateboard bearings are the heart of skateboard wheels. Both of the components are useless when any of them is unavailable. Because the kind of speed you get with wheels is due to bearings.

These Come with the ABEC rating of 1 to 9 in odd numbers. Higher the rating, the more speed you will get. Get the best skateboard bearings having a rating of 7 or 9 for outstanding performance.

What Wheel Size Is Best For Cruising?

What Wheel Size Is Best For Cruising

If you ask generally, I would say get the wheels that fit your skateboard cruiser deck. But the widely used and efficient sizes recommendation is 59mm to 70mm. You can get a pure cruising experience with these wheels. And the hardness you can consider from 78a to 87a.

When you will select the hardness around 90, you will be able to give a bit of a touch of tricks. And 78a will be particularly used for cruising. So, choose the wheels that suit your deck and your style.

Can I Put Cruiser Wheels On A Regular Skateboard

Yes, you can put cruiser wheels on the skateboard. But it can damage your wheels and the skateboard deck due to wheel biting. Because less clearance gets left there.

What Are The Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising?

The best skateboard wheels for cruising are Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm, RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a wheels, and Powell Peralta G slides 85a. Because you don’t only get the durability. But also the performance of these wheels gets much better after a few tries.


Yes, absolutely 78a wheels are purely made for cruising. This type of durometer is known for its speed and the grip they provide while riding on rough surfaces is amazing. The best hardness range for cruising is 78a to 87a.

Yes, 70mm wheels are good for cruising. As the larger rollers help the riders to have balanced and grip riding. Because these types of diameter wheels have to roll brilliantly downhills.

You can choose the cruiser wheel by getting the right material, diameter, hardness, wheel shape, and contact patch. Also, the size of the bearings keep in mind while purchasing the rollers.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I have got an addiction to riding the skateboard for performing tricks. But this is not the end of skateboarding styles, cruising around the town and roaming with friends while cruising is the best ever experience. Especially the beginner gets frustrated when struggling with tricks.

To all those, just get the best skateboard wheels for cruising and give the style a try. It will make your day by providing you with effortless riding with a lot of speed too. Nowadays, I ride almost every style of board. Because every style of skateboarding gives you different tastes.

I hope the given reviews will help you in choosing the right rollers for your cruiser board. As the deep guide has helped many physically as well as online. Always make sure that you are having the right set of bearings to get fit into. Otherwise, you will lose the bucks absurdly.

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