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7 Best Skateboard Trucks Advised By The Experts Oct 2023

Every component demands research to buy the quality and suitable one. Similarly, to get the best skateboard trucks, you will need to go through some of the essential factors. Because the trucks are the parts of the skateboard that describe your performance on the board. For example, doing tricks and turning the board depends on the trucks. So, it should not only be classified but also suit your skateboard deck.

Let’s understand why our riding and performance totally depend on the trucks and how we can make it better. First of all, trucks let your wheels and bearings work properly. Because this component securely attaches both the wheels and bearings to your best skateboard decks. Secondly, the wrong size or adjustment can cause the wheel to bite while turning the board and landing the tricks.

The trucks are made with multiple components such as kingpin, hanger, axle, and bushings. I have never compromised on skateboard trucks whether find them costly or not, quality matters a lot. If I do compromise, simply I will destroy the wheels, deck, and of course my riding. On the basis of quality and suitability, I have reviewed a few of the outstanding efficient, and versatile trucks.

Top 3 picks

Independent Stage 11 Trucks

  • Re-designed and improved trucks than older versions with modern features to increase the versatile performance of skateboard trucks
  • The 356 T6 aluminum composition is used to construct to make them more durable
  • Best trucks to protect the wear and tear
  • These are lightweight and speedy, lasted for 2 years
  • Cylindrical super cush bushings to turn the board smoothly
  • Technical skaters can take benefit of this versatile pair

CCS Skateboard Trucks

  • You have got 1″ Phillips screws as an add-on to mount the trucks very easily without damaging anything
  • There are high-standard slippery free kingpins to have the grinding smoothly
  • To get responsive turning and carving, high rebound bushings are added
  • Beginners can go for this pair as well because of its versatility

Thunder Polished Hollow 2

  • Here you have got the hollow structure of trucks to have a quick response when trying tricks
  • One of the best pairs to consider for every style of riding
  • Even this pair can be ridden on every surface
  • The construction is purely light, tricks are going to be performed too easily
  • To protect the kingpins, lightweight forged baseplates are used
  • High-quality bushings are used to provide sufficient turns

Best Skate Trucks

When it comes to the quality of skateboard trucks, the material is the first word that comes to our mind. But when the conversation is going on for suitability. You can’t just think about the size that suits the deck.

The style is also a factor that must be considered. Because some trucks are limited to street skateboarding. And few are best for cruising and longboarding.

 Although there are trucks reviewed that are versatile. Take a look at our best skateboarding trucks that fit your size and style. Because the quality is already involved in them.

Finding the top skateboard trucks out of 100 or 200 goods is not very complex. But choosing the top 3 trucks from the already reviewed is much more difficult. Because the quality is same as the other trucks contain. Then we prefer products that are versatile and less at price as well. Check our top 3 goods and get the best one for an epic experience without doing any research.

Image Product Best For   Price
Independent-Skateboard-Stage-11-Trucks Independent skateboard stage-11 trucks Top and pro skateboard trucks Check Price
CCS-Skateboard-Trucks CCS Skateboard Trucks Best skateboard trucks for beginners Check Price
Thunder-Polished-Hollow-Lights-2-Trucks Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks Lightest skateboard trucks Check Price
Ace-Classic-Lightweight-Skateboard-Trucks-Set-of-2 Ace Classic Lightweight Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2) Best trucks for transition skating Check Price
KRUX-K5-Standard-Skateboard-Trucks-Set-of-2 KRUX K5 Standard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2) good skateboard trucks for every style of riding Check Price
Gullwing-Sidewinder-11-Longboard-Skateboard-Trucks Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Best for cruising and longboarding Check Price
venture-polished-skateboard-trucks Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks Best brand of skateboard trucks Check Price

1- Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks

Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks

Specifications: Best trucks for street skating

  • The aluminum material made skateboard trucks with the composition of 356 T6
  • This material is used to make the trucks sturdy and durable
  • Get these trucks and avoid the wear resistance problem
  • These contain a height of 5.75″ which is a good size to get enough clearance from the ground
  • Top-notch cylindrical super cush bushings are used to give you a better turning and carving experience
  • You can get an amazing response when doing technical skating

Whenever I purchase trucks for my skateboard. I always prefer there shouldn’t be anything that causes wear. Because it decreases the life of skateboard trucks.

Secondly, it should be solid and sturdy enough to bear the weight. This also helps in lasting the trucks for a long. Thirdly, you get the trucks that fit into your favorite style. I found everything like durability, suitability, and riding experience in Independent skateboard stage 11.

I wanted to get the trucks for street and technical skating. These made my day by giving a strong response to bear my weight politely. And by avoiding wheel biting as well. All was done because of the composition of 356 T6 aluminum material. As the aluminum made it strong.

Note: If you want to see the durability of trucks that have been performed for at least a year, Check our experience in the image below.

Independent stage 11 trucks condition before and after

Sometimes, the strong material products are heavy. But these trucks are extremely light with a weight of 0.91kg. There is no surprise that the pair lasted for 2 years. But the inspection and cleaning had been continued.

These trucks are famous for corrosion resistance as well. Apart from the quality, the cylindrical super cush bushings are used to help the skaters turn the board easily. Because this kind of bushing makes it easy to turn the board sharply and do quality tricks.

The height of trucks is very important and it is directly related to your skateboard. You must consider this according to your skateboard. These keep a height of 5.75″. Which can be attached to standard skateboards.

Well, this is enough height to create a good space between the deck and the wheels. So, forget the happening of contact. Bolts and locknuts are very important to connect the trucks with the deck. Probably, you will have to buy the skateboard hardware separately. Because they haven’t included this equipment.



  • 356 T6 aluminum-made trucks for durability and avoiding wear resistance
  • Sturdy and speedy trucks lasted for 2 years
  • They keep a decent height to avoid creating any problem
  • Lightweight trucks of 0.91kg
  • Cylindrical super cush bushings for the best turning experience
  • Best independent trucks for technical skating
  • You will need to buy bolts and nuts separately to connect the deck of the truck

2- CCS Skateboard Trucks

CCS Skateboard Trucks

Specifications: Best cheap skateboard trucks

  • Another strong aluminum body truck to bear the weight of the skater when landing
  • To attach the trucks to the deck, 1″ Phillips screws are added
  • High-quality non-slip kingpins to get the tricks done efficiently
  • High-rebound bushings are used giving smooth response to the beginners and pros
  • Multiple sizes are given to attach with every board
  • Every style of skateboarder can take the benefits

You don’t need to get the hardware separately from the CSS skateboard trucks. Because the pair is come up with the mounting hardware to attach the trucks to the deck. To mount them, You will use the screw named Phillips 1 received with the skateboard trucks”.

One of the best things that I have received while riding so far is grinding. The grinding looks very smooth because of the non-slip high-quality kingpins. All the tricks performers can consider these trucks for an amazing experience, especially with the slides on rails.

Importantly, there are multiple sizes that almost fit every type of board. Whether you are a technical skater, cruising lover, or passionate about downhill riding. You can mount the trucks by selecting the right size for your board. The sturdy steel base plate is used for the trucks that contain the kingpin and pivot cup.

Note: The cheap pairs of trucks perform brilliantly if we look at the price. We have got this ideal setting for every style of rider. The results can be seen in the picture below.

CCS trucks before and after condition

Now another reason that you will find for better and smooth tricks is high rebound bushings. These help in getting the best response when performing tricks and provide stability as well. Beginners can have these trucks to get the desired experience. If 5-year-old kids kids contain the best skateboard, they can get these trucks for the better start



  • 1″ Phillips screws are added to mount the trucks conveniently          
  • Non-slip high-grade kingpins are used for smooth grinding
  • High rebound bushings for the amazing response and better stability
  • Multiple sizes are given to fit into every type of board
  • Best for every style of riding
  • Beginners can take the benefits
  • Best budget skateboard trucks
  • Riding carelessly can break the trucks

3- Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks

Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks

Specifications: Best skateboard trucks for tricks

  • High-quality hollow trucks for quicker pop
  • Best for every style of riding
  • You have got multiple sizes to select the suitable according to your board size
  • You can ride these them on almost every surface
  • The quality bushings are used for amazing and smooth turns
  • When the truck comes in contact with the surface while griding, the truck makes grinding smooth and pristinely

One of the amazing versatile pairs of best thunder trucks can be an ideal combination for all styles of skateboards. Any level or style of skateboarder will be able to install these trucks on the board. The lightweight trucks always make it easier for the tricks performer to pop the board higher conveniently. And flip the board higher as well.

Thanks to Thunder, you have got the hollow structure in those trucks for an insubstantial feel. I had ridden the board on different terrains with these trucks to see how it behaves. I found them super versatile even for every style, level, and all the skateboarding grounds.

I kept riding the board with these trucks for the year. I performed a lot of tricks, even the hollow kingpins and axles were withstanding the impacts easily. And to protect the kingpin from breaking. lightweight forged baseplates are used. So, there is no doubt about the durability of Thunder Hollow trucks.

Note: The durability is at its peak when it comes to Thunder hollow light trucks. The pro riders can take this set as a gift for so long. Because we have used it for technical skating.

Thunder hollow light trucks after use of several months

Grinding with these trucks is amazing. The bushings that are fitted around the kingpin are made to turn and pivot the board smoothly. The height in these trucks is another factor that helps you in getting responsive riding. You can’t think about the other when you have these trucks for effortless tricks. Even these will last for years.



  • Hollow Trucks structure for insubstantial riding
  • Lighter and strong bushings for better turns
  • Durable and lightest skate trucks for higher pop
  • Lightweight forged baseplates for protecting kingpins
  • Perfect for every style of skateboard
  • Can be ridden on every surface
  • Suitable height to have the responsive riding
  • Can be arrived quicker than the mentioned time
  • Couldn’t find any flaw within a couple of years

4- Ace Classic Lightweight Trucks (Set of 2)

Specifications: Aluminum trucks skateboard

  • Quality aluminum trucks bodies and steel axles make them more durable and lightweight too
  • You can get a set of trucks for all styles of skateboards
  • Different sizes are given to choose from according to your board
  • If you love to grind and transition, get this pair

Talk about the quality and durability of the Ace Classic skateboard trucks. These are made with the aluminum and steel composition of 7071 and 3056. The truck’s aluminum body and the steel axle ensure the riders have these for a long. Because this material has got the quality to protect them from wear and tear.

Different sizes are provided to make sure every style of rider installs trucks on their board. Ace Classic has brought taller trucks for its customers. The higher trucks can be an add-on or beneficial for those who are facing wheel-biting issues.

The wheel bite is when wheels come in contact with the deck. But the taller trucks will ensure good clearance between two components to avoid wheel bite. Ace has also got an unbelievable grinding ability.

You get a smooth feel when grinding and helps you in lifting the up the board for performing tricks. Because the lightweight construction has been done. Two different colors are also offered silver and red.

The only thing that has led the trucks down to 99 from 100 is the bushings fitted around the kingpin. Although you can get good performance from the bushings. But most of us have found them not up to the mark like an outstanding quality.



  • 7071 and 3056 aluminum and steel material to make the trucks durable
  • Taller trucks for avoiding wheel bite
  • Lightweight trucks for better performance
  • Different sizes and colors are provided
  • These are amazing at Grinding and transitions
  • Perfect for skateboards as well as longboards
  • If you find a problem in turning, better to upgrade the bushings.

5- KRUX K5 Standard Trucks (Set of 2)

KRUX K5 Standard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

Specifications: Best trucks for skating

  • A lot of changes have been made to this new model of trucks for improving the design. The design is changed for the performance of the skateboard.
  • Re-modeled hanger has made the grinding smooth
  • Sturdy construction for enhancing the durability
  • Suits every style of skateboarding
  • Different sizes are provided
  • The trucks are worthy of everyone

I tested the old models of KRUX skateboard trucks. And I didn’t find such versatility and enough qualities to review. But this K5 standard skateboard truck has gotten the job done because of its amazing design. Each and every handy component of trucks has been constructed with a lot of good changes for better performance.

What I like the most about this model is the improvement they have brought to the design. Because the design has made turning the board smoothly, cruising the board, and performing the tricks very easy and sleeky. I tried almost every type of trick and style of riding, it didn’t disappoint me at all. Especially the grinding on the thick renovated hanger and sliding was very smooth.

The sturdy truck’s body and the resilient axle ensure you are having the truck for a good tenure. I would suggest to every style of the skater to get this set of trucks. As I found them flawless for every style. Even you can get these earlier than the limited time.

Pro tip: The life of any component doesn’t only depend on which material is used. Your riding level, style, and care for the parts also matter a lot.



  • Improved design of good skate trucks for amazing performance
  • Turning the board is smooth
  • Best for all styles of skating
  • Renovated thick hanger for satiny grindings
  • Sliding is brilliant with this pair
  • Didn’t find any flaw

6- Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks

Specifications: Best skateboard trucks for cruising and longboarding

  • The longboarders can take benefit from these trucks. Because these are good at covering the distances and turning the board sharply and smoothly too
  • The strong and classy construction is done to have them for the long race
  • An adjusting feature is added to make some changes related to the tightness or looseness of skateboard trucks
  • You have got the multiple colors options to select the desired one

The first thing that you are not going to use is for performing the tricks. Because the Gullwing Longboard trucks contain enough height to stop doing tricks. There is no hard and fast rule but obviously, it would be difficult for to flip the board for beginners. I would say near impossible. So, get this pair for your best-cruising skateboard and longboard.

Let me talk about the quality of these trucks, I rode them on a longboard for a couple of months. Not even a single time I felt hardness while turning or carving the board because of the double-kingpin. It was riding and turning as smoothly as I used to get while snowboarding on fresh snow.

And there is no fear of wheel bite skateboard. Because the height of trucks has made enough clearance between the wheels and the deck. Never found losing the quality after doing so many turns and carves. Undoubtedly you have got durable and classy trucks. Also, different colors are provided. You can select according to your favorite color.



  • Top-notch quality skateboard trucks                                        
  • Durable and stable                                                     
  • Double kingpin trucks for better carving and sharp turns
  • Different colors are provided
  • You can adjust them by the adjusting feature
  • Not good for tricks
  • Hardware is not included

7- Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks


  • You have got amazing balancing and skateboard trucks that last
  • This is the best choice for beginners to consider
  • Not only the beginner can take the benefit, but pro skaters can also use these trucks for flip tricks because of the lower height
  • Turning is very smooth on them because of soft and medium bushings

When it comes to Venture skateboard trucks, stability is the feature that comes to mind. And maintaining your balance while riding the board is brilliant with this pair. Beginners can consider this pair for a better starting. Riding 8-year-old kids skateboard can get these trucks as well without any hesitation.

The kingpin keeps the soft bushing to ensure the rider has a smooth experience. Especially when turning and carving the board. These trucks are lower to the ground. And these are known for great transitions and flip-tricks. I had a better experience as well when grinding. But some surfaces can make the grinding slower or more difficult.

The flat bars and ledges are the ideal surfaces to grind the board. But you will face difficulty when grinding metal surfaces. The tricks cannot be done successfully until you don’t have the lightweight construction. The Venture has made this product lightweight and durable too.



  • Stable and balanced snappy trucks                                      
  • Recommended for beginners especially
  • Best for performing tricks like steep kicks and flip tricks due to lower trucks
  • Soft-medium bushings for a better turning experience
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • It doesn’t come with hardware

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Skateboard Trucks

Best skate trucks

I have been skating for 2 decades and I have never felt that skateboarding can be done without any particular part such as the best skateboard bearings and wheels. You can’t get the desired riding until you don’t get the suitable and quality components. And the truck is the component of a skateboard that can never be neglected. Because your overall riding performance completely depends on the trucks.

Even you can’t ignore getting the best skateboard grip tapes. Because it gives your feet full protection when doing the tricks or carving the board So, let’s talk about all the factors that you need to remember on your fingers when buying.

All About The Skateboard Trucks

The skateboard trucks’ sizes, material, weight, and the right setup for the right skateboard are going to be discussed. Open your mind and understand every element to buy suitable trucks for your skateboard. Look, this guide will help you everywhere without spending more time on research.

Skateboard Deck WidthTruck’s Axle
5″ to 7.25″ 6″ to 7.25″
5″ to 8.0″7.75″ would be best
5″ to 9″ 8.5″
10″ You can get a 10.0″ trucks axle

Trucks Height

There are three types of skateboard trucks in terms of height from the ground. But two kinds of trucks are widely used, high and low trucks.

1- High trucks

2- Low trucks

3- Mid-trucks

  • High Trucks

The high trucks don’t have a relation with the length. It is actually the height from the ground. The higher trucks mean a higher distance from the ground to the skateboard. Also, more clearance between the wheels and the deck.

The higher trucks are ideal for your best cruising skateboards and longboards. And your skateboard gets protected from the wheel bite too. You can’t use these for tricks. But carving and turning are easy and smooth on the higher trucks. So, if you are having a wheel size of 56mm, you can get the higher trucks.

  • Low Trucks

You can get the meaning from the name as the low trucks keep a shorter distance from the ground. These are best for technical skateboarding. You can perform the tricks like steep kicks, flip tricks, ollies, etc.

The low trucks suit the smaller wheels. The smaller wheels contain a size of 50 to 53mm. If you are having wheels in this range and skateboard trucks are not valuable. Just get the low trucks, install, and ready to ride.

  • Medium Trucks

Medium trucks can also be used for park and street skating. You can perform some basic tricks on these trucks. And even you can taste the cruising and long rides as well.

You can select the size of the wheel up to 55mm. As there is no specific style that this type of truck contains. That is the reason, it doesn’t get popularity.

Trucks Material

For analyzing the material, we have to go deeper towards the further parts of the trucks. Because the overall trucks are made with these parts. So, you will have to take them into the conversation about skateboard trucks.

  • Hangers

The truck’s hangers are made with mostly aluminum material. Because this material makes the object durable and corrosion-resistant. One thing is cleared now, the quality aluminum trucks are going to last for years.

There are shorter and wider hangers. The shorter hangers will be making street skating easy for the skaters. Because it gives you a quick response.

And the wider hangers are known for better grip while turning the board. Also, the skaters use these trucks hangers for the longboarding

  • Bushings

The bushings indeed help you in taking the turns smoothly and easily. The thing I have not discussed above but in some other guides. Make sure to buy the bushings that can bear your weight.

 If you are heavy, you must attain the harder bushings for the expected ride. Otherwise, the bushings will be broken. And you can get seriously injured especially when riding downhill.

Trucks Set up (Loose vs Tight)

Tight TrucksRecommended BushingsLoose TrucksSuggested Bushings
Skaters who weigh around 65 kg or below
Get bushings of 86a to 90aIf you are around 65 kgGet 81a to 85a Bushings
66kg to 80kg91a to 95a

66kg to 80kg86a-90a
80kg to 90kg96a to 100a80kg to 90kg91a-95a
90kg or more 100a90kg or higher96a-100a

Kingpin And Axle

The kingpin and axle are made with steel material to increase the rigidity of skateboard trucks. Kingpin performs a vital role in trucks as it fastens the baseplate and hanger. You lose or tight them by adjusting the nut fitted on the end of the kingpin. Kingpins must be high quality and unbreakable to avoid breaking them. Similarly, you will have to have the best truck axle for attaching the wheels securely and firmly.


Tony Hawk used to have the most independent skateboard trucks. These help in doing the tricks easily due to being lightweight. Yet, the pair has got the best durability.

If you ride a skateboard deck having a length of 8″ or 8.35″. You will choose the truck’s axle of 7.75″ to 8.0″. When it comes to bushings, it must be according to size as well as your weight


There is no doubt when it comes to the quality of the best skateboard trucks. Because you have read the reviews of all the trucks have been done once we experienced them. More importantly, you can’t get the best trucks until you don’t fulfill the suitable factor. I would say, it’s as essential as the quality is.

Read the reviews as there is clearly mentioned what skateboard trucks are good for. You don’t need to do the research for quality and suitability as well. Some of the goods are recommended for technical skateboarding. Few of them are best for beginners to have the best response when riding them.

The skateboarder’s team is still testing some of the products. There might be a couple of trucks to be reviewed later. So, you can keep in touch with our article. If spending time reading the reviews is a hectic task, you can get any of the trucks in our top 3 picks.

Happy and Safe Riding.

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