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5 Best Skateboard Knee Pads For Ideal Protection Oct 2023

There are a few accessories that make your skateboarding fearless and safe. One of them is the best skateboard knee pads to ensure the rider’s superlative protection of your knees in case of falling. These types of accessories might be absurd for pro skaters.

Especially when it comes to technical skateboarding. As their confidence and staggering in the right way don’t let them wear this type of equipment. But the longboarders don’t neglect these types of equipment, particularly the downhill racers. But there shouldn’t be anything more important for beginners than these wears. Even you can keep your first priority skateboarding on the side.

Let me go through some of the requisite factors to consider when going for knee pads. The very first factor has always been size but here you can compromise. Because it would be a few cm below and above the knee pads. There is no concern but your knees should be covered easily.

The two remaining things decide whether you are going to select it or not. And those are the pads material and the straps type. There is more demonstration of these elements and more factors to talk about in buying guide. Be sure to stay with us and find the components to have quality and long-lasting pads.

Top 3 Knee Pads

187 Knee Pads

187 Knee Pads

  • Contoured form-fitting design to make the pads stable and avoid losing the position
  • To make your knees feel comfortable, high-grade interior foam is added
  • Streamline shape pads for easy movements
  • Protect the knees from hard impacts
  • Weight stitching is done on an industrial level to make them durable
  • Outdoor sports lovers can get this versatile pair for an amazing experience
JBM Adult/child

JBM Adult/child

  • The suitable EVA material made pads for long duration
  • Velcro straps that enhance the protection
  • The versatile pads can be used for different sports too, not only skating
  • This pair comes with elbow pads and wrist guards
  • Perfect choice for the children to get started in their career
187 Pro Knee Pads

187 Pro Knee Pads

  • Highly recommended and highly durable pro knee pads with the industrial construction
  • Unseen and soft interior foam finish that provides the peak of comfort
  • You are going to protect yourself on bigger falls too because of V-22 dual-density foam
  • Pro pads are come up with replacement features for caps
  • Skaters who love to perform at the bowls, mini ramps, and the verts gonna love this pair

Best Knee Pads For Skaters

Considering the above factors, the impact of knee pads is also a vital feature. It must feel comfortable and soft while doing movements or performing tricks. By testing a lot of different brands of skateboard knee pads, I got to know one thing. The material and the suitability can make you feel cozy while wearing it.

This testing has bought me some low-quality pads. But I found a few high-quality and precious pads for the skateboarders. That won’t wear quickly and break because of sturdiness. And almost save your knees when you collapse from the bigger lumps.

Apart from the overall reviews of knee pads, we have given our top 3 choices too. You might get sometimes heavy and low-priced products in the top 3. As we can’t just rely on affordability because our preference has always been quality. But you will see in our reviews by providing high-quality goods at cheap bucks. So, it depends totally on the material and the brands. Here we have brought some cost-effective gems to continue your skating career without any fear.

Getting the expensive pads doesn’t mean you are losing them in a few days or weeks. Because you’re having it for a long time and saving yourself from threatening injuries. Let’s dive into the reviews of successfully tested products.

Image Product Best For Price
187-Killer-Pads-Fly-Knee-Pads 187 Fly Knee Pads Best from every aspect Check Price
JBM-Adult-Knee-Pads JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads Best construction yet affordable knee pads Check Price
187-Killer-Pads-Pro-Knee-Pad 187 Pro Knee Pads Best for protection from big falls Check Price
Triple-Eight-Saver-Series-Pad-Set Triple Eight Pad Set best quality knee pads Check Price
Pro-Tec-Street-Knee-Pads Pro-Tech Street Knee Pads Best for street riders Check Price

1- 187 Fly Knee Pads

187 fly knee pads

Specifications: Best for ultimate comfort and protection

  • The contoured form-fitting design makes it easy for beginners to wear on and off them
  • To make your knees comfortable while skateboarding, the internal finish of the foam is slushy
  • The foam doesn’t only give comfort but also tolerates the hard impacts
  • You’ve got everything like protection, comfort, durability
  • Streamline shape for better padding and movement
  • To make the pads more durable, a standard industrial-weight sewing process is used with ballistic nylon
  • Every level of rider can get this pair for an amazing experience at such a reasonable amount

These 187 killer pads have to be the fly knee pads because of their versatility. As you can’t only use them for skateboarding. But also BMX cycling or any other outdoor sports. The quality lightweight construction of these pads is superior and durable. Because the high-standard industrial-weight stitching process is done with ballistic nylon.

Whatever the kind of style you are riding, these are going to fulfill the requirements. As I have tried longboarding and technical skating. I found it perfect in every style and even each level too.

Note: I have fallen to the ground so many times while performing technical tricks. But 187 or 187 pro knee pads never let me feel that I have fallen. These are the pads that have always been in my collection. As you can see our experience with it is in the image below.

Fly knee pads before and after

One thing that I like the most other than versatility is their Contoured form-fitting design of knee pads. You don’t get any hassle while wearing or taking off the pads. Another thing that I like is the soft and sturdy foam that doesn’t let the impacts feel you. And protects your knees while falling at enough speed.

If you are a beginner, you won’t be aware of the shape and design importance in pads. But the experienced skaters would know how the suitable shape helps them to move freely. And the same quality I found in 187 as their Streamline shape enhances the flexibility. Which makes the movements easier.

These 24.02 x 13.98 x 13.98 inches provide amazing consolation because of the internal finishing. When it comes to protection, comfort, versatility, and durability, you can’t ignore this super amazing pair. There are different sizes given, make your own choice that suits you.



  • Streamline shape pads for better flexibility
  • Soft and comfortable internal finish
  • Contoured form-fitting design for easy wearing
  • For impact bearing, high-quality foam is made
  • Industrial material-made pads with astonishing nylon
  • Safety, comfort, versatility, and durability, everything is added
  • Best for beginners as well as experienced
  • Caps are not removable

2- JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads

JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads

Specifications: Best knee and elbow pads for adults

  • JBM skateboard knee pads are made with the durable EVA padded elastic and strong material
  • To have comfort and secure your knees, the Velcro straps are added
  • You can use these pads for general activities and extreme sports as well
  • Additionally, you get elbow pads and wrist guards in a skateboard gear set
  • The child can get this as their starter skateboard knee pads

One of the bigger reasons for choosing this pair is the addition of elbow pads and wrist guards. If this pair would have been medium quality, I might have considered this in my knee pads collection. But fortunately, it has got the best quality with versatility.

And this set isn’t limited to skateboarding. You can use this superset as the best roller skating pads, cycling, and scooter as well. Other activities can be done with this extreme skateboarding gear set. Children who are just getting into skateboarding can try this set.

Extremely flexible and sturdy EVA(ethylene vinyl acetate) is used for manufacturing. This material hasn’t only added durability but also made it comfortable. And long-lasting plastic plates are made to tolerate the impacts.

Importantly, the elastic straps with the pads are easily adjustable to any type of knee. The straps that don’t hurt your knees and last long are even more essential. And you have got this feature of Velcro locks.

Save your money on buying the other gears that are already added to this set. And get these efficient pads with extra equipment that never disappoints. This super affordable JBM set is recommended for all.



  • EVA padded pads remain long and give protection
  • The elastic Velcro straps secure the pads
  • Tough plastic plates for bearing impacts
  • Can be used for other activities other than skateboarding
  • It comes with elbow pads and wrist guards
  • Best kid’s knee pads as well as adult
  • Size can be an issue for the fat guys

3- 187 Pro Knee Pads

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad

Specifications: Best for every style and level

  • To ensure the riders about the durability, weight stitching is done on the industry level with ballistic nylons
  • There are different sizes and colors are provided
  • The internal part of the pads have got a seamless foam finish for enhancing the comfort
  • V-22 dual-density foam is made to make sure that the hardest fall won’t hurt you
  • This pro pair is come up with the feature of replacing the lock-in caps
  • The vert, mini ramps, and the bowl skaters are going to have an epic experience

If you are looking for cushions that can be used for the years, 187 pros are the pads to consider. The foam is made with V-22 technology to make the upholstery more durable. So, it can protect the rider’s knees in case of falling.

If we look at 187 simple knee pads, it was difficult to remove the caps. But here you can remove and replace the lock-in caps easily. And you can adjust them in the right position. I have found this pair purely for the pro skaters. As I performed almost every type of technical skateboarding like vert, mini ramps, and bowl skateboarding.

These padded knee pads are cushy and made to protect the riders from the harder falls. Because of higher duty and dual-density foam, you might get it difficult to wear. But once you have worn them a couple of times, they will be easy to put on and take off them.

A touchless internal finish has been prepared for providing your knees comfort. The versatility at its best, one thing that can stop you is the price. But if you want to invest your money in the right way, get 187 pro pads. And protect your knees from the hardest stumbling as well as pro pads.



  • V-22 dual-density foam to have the cushions for the years
  • Technical skaters will enjoy this pair
  • Removable and replaceable lock-in caps
  • Give protection on hardest falls
  • Touchless internal comfort foam
  • To increase durability, industrial-weight stitching is used with ballistic nylon
  • The pair will look bulky in the beginning

4- Triple Eight Pad Set

Triple eight pad set

Specifications: Best non slip knee pads

  • The high-grade fabric pads have got some serious kind of durability that you can’t miss
  • And the EVA padded foam has come up to provide your knees comfort
  • The caps are made with polycarbonate that is fully covered only to avoid even a small amount of bruising
  • Perfect choice for those who want elastic straps with adjustable hook
  • The design is made to protect you from the falls
  • Make your movements free and easy with this amazing set

Another pair of cushions come with elbow pads and wrist guards. When you fall, there are more chances that your hands and elbow can hurt. To avoid any kind of injury and to protect the rider’s body, these accessories are added. The convenient protective pad set is made with high-quality fabrics for protection in big fails.

And Discomfort is not the word in the Triple 8 dictionary. Because the EVA foam padding has already made the pads more comfortable and secure. The polycarbonate-made caps are made to tolerate hard impacts. And to let you move the skateboard easily.

Most of the skaters find it difficult while fitting the knee pads. Or even wearing or taking them off. This is the perfect choice for those who hate pads with straps that don’t allow adjustment. This set keeps the stiff elastic straps with adjustable hook and loop closures. So, you can easily make changes in losing or tightening them for a good experience.

Note: There is no better feeling when paying high for quality. Because this price doesn’t only save you from bigger injuries but also gets you free from paying every couple of months. You can clearly see in the image how much we have used triple 8 knee pads

Triple 8 knee pads before and after the use

You might be losing this set if you are having an extraordinary weight on your thighs. Because I had this set the straps got broken when my plumpy friend rode the board while wearing them. And it’s a brilliant selection for all styles of skateboarding.

Even rollerblades and bikers can also wear this gear. There are some designs that are just made to inspire. This gear contains the design that actually protects. And hopefully, your hands and elbow are also going to be saved.



  • Knee pads come with elbow cushions and wrist guards
  • Made of high-quality and long-lasting fabric and EVA-padded foam
  • Polycarbonate fully covered caps to avoid a bit of injury
  • Elastic strengthen straps with adjustable hook
  • You can fit the straps as much as needed
  • Perfect design pads for durability
  • Easy to wear and feel lightweight
  • Avoid wearing them if you have put on extra weight on your thighs

5- Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

Specifications: Best for the money

  • These are made to overcome the fear as it has been CE certified to provide full safety to their riders
  • Get these pads and have stable riding, the straps come with the wrap hook bucklers
  • Outstanding and multiple-featured Neoprene and lycra materials are used for external and internal parts
  • These are easily affordable with different sizes for every age group

This CE-certified pro-tech street knee pad is ensuring the safety of its riders. And its dual straps make sure that you will have a stable experience. Because these bands have got fasteners for the wrapped hook.

These are provided to protect eh straps from losing. As the fitting problem has been seen with many knee pads. I would say this is a good add-on for the skaters to avoid this repeating hassle.

These painless and comfortable knee pads come with unique construction, particularly the back upholstered. Neoprene has made the external body of knee pads flexible and abrasion resistant. Also, the higher temperature won’t harm the specific part.

The used material is the factor that defines the quality of the product. And this factor is covered by using the Lycra stretchy material for the internal part. It means that the inside is strong with amazing elasticity. This pro tech pair is surely gonna last for years.

Note: You can be surprised by seeing our experience with the Pro-tech knee pads. We have used it for 6 months, it was working amazingly. So, we tried to test it heavily by resisting the ground.

But couldn’t bear it. Indeed no pads can bear this test in the world. We keep testing the products for finding the monster at less price.

Pro tech knee pads after the use

There is one problem that I found with these affordable knee pads is the size of the caps. I ordered different sizes of pads, the caps were the same size on smaller as well as larger. This point needs some improvement as the caps perform a vital role in this gear.



  • CE-certified pro tech knee pads provide protection
  • The straps come with wrap hook fasteners
  • Stable pads with adjustable straps
  • Neoprene external material for resisting higher temperatures
  • Flexible and long-lasting exterior
  • Stretchy Lycra interior for amazing elasticity
  • Easily Affordable
  • Found caps containing the same size on smaller and large knee pads

What To Look For When Buying The Best Skateboard Knee Pads

Skateboard Knee Pads That Give Ensuing Protection

Knee pads are one of the safety gear that every skater should go for. Especially the longboarders or the beginners of any style. Never be overconfident by not wearing these accessories. Because it can take away your skateboarding.

I met a lot of smaller accidents but kept safe because of these types of equipment. Let’s cover the factors and try to describe them deeply for better understanding. So, I can make it easy to choose the right pair of knee pads.

Size Consideration

I usually suggest skaters determine their size before analyzing the quality. If your size getting fulfilled, the quality is already there. And you can simply take an action. But it’s up to you whether you want to decide on quality first or not.

The size is essential and you can compromise in terms of getting a bigger size than the size of your knees. As I have seen and experienced by wearing some of the brand’s pads. If I get a medium size, the pair doesn’t fit the middling knees. If you find some extra weight, you can move towards the large size.

And you can measure your knees by having the itchy tape. Determine the length from top to bottom of your knees. If you are the 13″-15″ size, you fall in the category of youth. Here is the knees list of measurements that fits different age groups.

SizeThigh Perimeter In InchesSuitable Age Group Of Skaters
M17″-19″Large Teens/Adults

Straps Or Strapless

Buying guide on skateboard knee pads

You will find some of the pads on market are without the straps. And few brands take this equipment necessary to go with. Let me tell you that both are considerable. As you can’t just take the decision while relying on one thing.

There are skateboard knee pads that come with Velcro lock-in straps. These help the riders to have secured and protective riding. Make sure that these are long-lasting and long enough to adjust according to need.

On the other hand, strapless pads are open from both ends. This type is for those who usually hesitate to wear Velcro tape or adjust the straps. Because you just need to put them on and start riding.

What Are The Types Of Pads

There are indeed three types of skateboard knee pads. But you find hardly one type and that is the vert pads. It is used because of its construction and the ability to protect the riders from the hardest falls. The high-quality thick foam is made that tolerate the hard impacts and feel comfortable. And the external sturdy plastic ensures us the protection of knees for too long.

The two more types are the toy and the street pads. These are not as durable and qualitative as the vert skateboard knee pads. Although, you get good cushioning and better caps. But not enough to bear the falls successfully

What Cap Material We Should Choose?

This is the main part of knee pads and everyone wants the caps to be stronger. Because when you fall, the caps come in contact with the ground. So, it has to defend and defeat the ground against the knees.

The caps are mostly made with plastic or some brands use a combination of PVS, PE, or PP. Because the manufacturers know the importance of caps in knee pads. Resisting the harder impacts gets done by the plastic caps. So, you are going with the mentioned material.

What About The Foaming?

The internal part of knee pads is the foam. It’s very important to have because it provides your knees comfort and softness. The EVA foam is the best material that makes it not only durable. But also has got the ability to retain its shape by withstanding the compressive force.

How To Wear Knee Pads Professionally?

  • Take your first pad initially
  • Start sliding up and take it to the knees
  • Now make sure that the pad has been adjusted
  • Your full knee should be covered properly
  • Tight the straps accordingly to avoid loosening
  • It shouldn’t be tightened that it hurts your knees or loosened that it gets collapsed
  • Start riding and feel whether the adjustment is good or not

How To Measure Knee Pads Size

  • Get the measuring tape
  • start measuring with the around the knees
  • Then also determine the size from the below and above for proper size
  • Make sure that the measuring tape is not too tight or loose
  • Because the wrong calculation will get you the wrong size pair


The 187, JBM, and Triple 8 make the best knee pads for skateboarding. Because the high-quality specific material is used for the internal and external pads. These are long-lasting and provide optimum protection.

Don’t take inspiration from the pro riders in terms of not wearing knee pads. It’s a compulsory factor for beginners and longboarders. Because it can save from serious injuries. Add the wrist guards and elbow pads too.

The black kneepads are better than the white skateboard knee pads. Because these are weather-resistant and help the riders to stay calm in every temperature. It has got better thermal stability.


Comfortable and fearless riding is impossible without wearing the accessories like Best skateboard helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads. The Head and the knees are the essential parts of your body. These have to be covered with high-quality material. So, the purpose of using this equipment can be done comfortably.

This guide includes the best skateboard knee pads that are not only durable. But also providing you the protection that every skater would love to have. And the comforts that provide while wearing is wonderful.

Everything is explained successfully on how you can get the best skate knee pads. Make sure that you are making a purchase after reading the guide, especially when you are a beginner. The pro skaters can get the knee pads blindly.

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