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Best Skateboard Helmets

Without wearing safety gear, the fear of falling doesn’t let you ride the skateboard calmly. There are many safety accessories but the head is one of the most sensitive parts of your body that needs to be covered. Not only with the helmet but with the certified and self-experienced best skateboard helmets. This ensures that you are getting quality helmets for the long term with optimum protection guarantee in case of bigger crashes as well.

The loathsome fall can cause your head terrible damage if you are not wearing a helmet. Even I have seen some of the skaters leaving this field because of heavy injuries. And my experience while having on the helmets has been superb. Because it has saved me a lot of time throughout my skateboarding career.

Several skateboard helmets have been bought and tested but very few have met the standard. I have never compromised on quality especially when it comes to the protection of your health. Because it doesn’t only preserve from the smaller falls. You will get safety and contentment when facing bigger collapses.

Best Skating Helmets

You can’t select any part or safety gear, there will always be some points to figure out for having top skateboard helmets. The most important part is the material and its quality. Because the products break due to low-quality material.

And we have seen the breaking of cheap skateboard helmets while colliding with stone at moderate pressure for once. But the standard helmets that we have mentioned can absorb the hard impacts with optimum protection. Here are the few points you need to inspect for the best helmet.

  • Interior Material
  • Exterior Material
  • Ventilation
  • Certification

Let’s move toward the reviews of the best skate helmets that can provide you with unbelievable protection.

Image Product Best For Price
backpac Triple Eight Certified Skateboard Helmet Best helmet for skateboarding Check Price
Pro-Tec-Classic-Certified-Skate-Helmet Pro-Tech Classic Certified Skate Helmet Best skateboard helmets for adults Check Price
cordlessblower JBM Skateboard Helmet Best skateboard helmets for kids Check Price
OutdoorMaster-Skateboard-Cycling-Helmet OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Best skateboard helmet for hot weather Check Price
Apusale-Skateboard-helmet Apusale Skateboard Helmet Cool skateboard helmets Check Price

1- Triple Eight Certified Skateboarding Helmet

Triple Eight Certified Skateboarding Helmet


  • A perfect skateboard helmet with EPS interior thick foam that won’t only protect from injuries but provide you comfort while riding
  • There is no doubt about this safety because it is certified by the reputed institutes of CPSC and ASTM
  • Famous for absorbing hard impacts and sweat-save lining
  • Individuals face issues while wearing regarding sizes, dual thick foam has solved the problem
  • Non-skaters can also use this helmet which gives you 4 different sizes
  • Recommended by One and only Tony Hawk
  • 180 days warranty, if it keeps any manufacturing defect

For me, the quality that makes a perfect helmet for all ages of skateboarders is the helmet adjustment feature. Also, the perfect exterior and interior that doesn’t let your head injured in case of falling. And that actually forces the rider to consider that helmet. Triple Eight has provided not only the helmets with mentioned attributes but also dazzling designs.

I haven’t felt the impacts for at least 6 months while testing this helmet. Because the high-quality EPS and the dual-density thick interior foam have made it an unbelievable impacts absorber. Importantly, it doesn’t only protect the rider’s head but also gives ultimate comfort due to sweat save lining fabric.

To enhance the safety of this helmet, it has been certified by the best organizations like CPSC and ASTM. Interestingly, kids aged 5 or above can wear this as well while riding a suitable board. Even non-skaters can find this wonderful helmet a suitable head protective gear.

The only issue you can face with this helmet is the sizing. There are different four sizes, you can measure via soft tape. If you can’t determine the exact size, the adjustable straps can get the job done. Even the all-time greatest Tony Hawk has called it super fit and game-changing safety gear.



  • EPS interior foam for absorbing the harder impacts
  • Certified by CPSC and ASTM
  • Recommended by the Tony Hawk
  • Sweatsave lining for ultimate comfort
  • Dual-density thick foam for a snug fit
  • Cyclists or kids can get this as well
  • Comes in four sizes
  • You have got the 180 days manufacturing warranty
  • The price might look high to you but indeed is less for this product

2- Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet


  • This Pro-Tech helmet can give you ideal protection and comfort for your head
  • The EPS and ABS are used to construct the headgear
  • 11 open vents for easy breathing and drying the dangerous sweat because sweat on the eyes can do the damage
  • You have got another certified helmet from CPSC, ASTM, and CE to ensure superlative protection
  • Get the different sizes and aesthetic designs
  • Teens and adults can feel secure while wearing it
  • Best plushy moisture absorber liner

Being an old user and analyzer of Pro-Tec helmets, I have seen a lot of revolutions in their helmets throughout the 20 years of skating. Over the years, they have always given the headgear with optimum protection and ultimate comfort. Before I share my experience with this helmet, let me tell you that this is certified with CPSC, ASTM, and CE. Which ensures the rider that you are getting a helmet that meets the safety standards.

One of the best attributes that I admire when I wore this was lightweight. Literally, it doesn’t feel whether you are wearing it or not. High-quality ABS is used to manufacture the exterior. It has got the ability to resist harder impacts due to higher strength and compression quality.

The interior is made with EPS foam to let the skater’s head cozy. Another important feature that everyone should know before considering is the vent. There should be ventilation holes because it keeps you helps you in breathing and drying your sweat. And Pro-Tec has brought the headgear with 11 open vents which makes it unique from other brands.

The plushy liner has soaked up my moisture efficiently. Besides the protection and quality factors, the aesthetic design is another feature to consider in this product. Because there are multiple attractive designs with different sizes available.



  • Certified From CPSC, ASTM, and CE to ensure the superlative safety feature
  • High-quality EPS for durability and amazing snug
  • Standard ABS for best strength and speedy impacts resistant
  • 11 vents for breathing and drying the sweat
  • Multiple gorgeous designs and different sizes
  • Recommended for Adults and Teens
  • Straps will take some time to tight initially

3- JBM Skateboard Helmet

JBM skateboard helmet

Specifications: Best child skateboard helmet

  • This classic skateboard helmet keeps the unique feature of flexible straps
  • It comes in three sizes small, medium, and large with different attractive colors
  • Multiple vents to keep you calm and cool while riding your best skateboard
  • To make you feel comfortable, removable linings are equipped
  • Durable PVS and EPS foam for durability and staggering protection

I have never seen as much perfection as in this JBM skateboard helmet. Just name it, and you will find everything that makes an ideal headgear. The best experience that I had with this one was the flexibility of the straps.

Whenever I needed to tighten or loosen the straps, I would adjust them accordingly. My siblings and the kids have used the same size headgear comfortably due to its flexibility feature. There is no discrimination gender-wise when it comes to JBM headgear.

All outdoor sports enthusiasts like inline, roller skaters, and cyclists can wear this headgear as an ideal choice. If you are someone who sweats a lot, this helmet is going to be the perfect selection. Because it has got an aerodynamic cut which creates another way for passing the air. And to let your moisture dry.

There is not only the aerodynamic cut for ventilation. Multiple vents are already designed to keep you cool while riding in the hot. The lightweight PVC & PC yet sturdy and durable material is used with EPS foam to impact the hard resistances. I had to change the straps after 6 months of using them, this is the issue that really needs to be solved forever. So, everyone can use this super helmet for years.



  • Flexible straps to adjust and can be used by kids, girls, men, and women
  • All outdoor sports lovers can wear this as the best helmet for roller skating as well
  • Aerodynamic design with multiple vents for staying cool
  • Durable PVC and EPS foam to resist impacts
  • Detachable linings to let you ride snuggly
  • Straps got broken after 6 months

4- OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

Specifications: Best budget skateboard helmet

  • OutdoorMaster has brought the best feature of a dial-fit adjusting system for a better experience
  • The chin strap’s flexible attribute allows fixing according to your size
  • Fortified ABS shell for combating collisions and giving the optimum protection
  • EPS foam for sucking up the shocks to provide your head comfort
  • Several colors are available in different sizes
  • 2 detachable liners for fitting your head
  • Multiple vents to keep you cool while riding

You might have experienced the adjustment features in straps but rarely with the dial system. The OutdoorMaster is come up with a dial-fit system that is accommodating from the back. On the other hand, the adjustable chin strap allows you to fix it where it feels snug. There is no spartan when it comes to the OutdoorMaster helmet strap.

A strong outer reinforced ABS shell is made to prevent your head from the harder falls. Because the sturdy exterior has got a strong impact resistance quality. And the EPS thick layer provides a snug feel while colliding and tries to absorb the shocks.

The size is the issue usually the rider disturbs with, just get this helmet and have the two removable liners. These will help you detach and adjust your head efficiently. And there are several ventilation holes to keep your body temperature normal.

If we think technically, sweat can cause an accident. Because the perspiration on the eyes can distract your mind while riding. So, vents are the most essential part of headgear. Also, there are such attractive and alluring colors in different sizes.



  • The dial-fit system adjustment feature
  • Moveable durable chin strap for a snug fit
  • Sturdy reinforced ABS outer shell for withstanding crashes
  • EPS thick foam for absorbing shocks
  • Several vents for keeping the body temperature normal
  • Multiple sizes and alluring colors
  • Two removable liners for adjusting your head accordingly
  • The foam has got a bit of unnecessary thickness

5- Apusale Skateboard Helmet

Apusale Skateboard Helmet

Specifications: Best looking skateboard helmet

  • Strong ABS material is used for exterior construction with EPS foam for the interior
  • These materials have made it ideal in terms of durability, comfort, and protection
  • Adjustable side buckles to fix them where it makes you feel comfortable
  • The helmet suits following sizes, S:48-52cm/18.89, 20.47in M:53, 58cm/20.86, 22.83in L:59, 62cm/23.23, 24.41in
  • You have got stunning designs with attractive colors
  • Removable liners to take off and wash the sweat
  • There are 11 vents to let the breathe easily and dry the moisture

The best thing that everyone likes about any brand is the refunding warranty if the product doesn’t meet the level. And I really admire their confidence in returning the money by not getting satisfied. Because I found this helmet as durable as the Powell Peralta provide decks. This headgear is made with a high-quality ABS shell to protect the head from threatening falls.

To neutralize the impacts or shocks, the EPS core is used for the headgear. Its lightweight has made it more comfortable and easy to carry as well. Kids can get benefits on their skateboards because of the size and translucency. The interior foam helps with easy breathing.

The 11 ventilation holes are letting you protect yourself from distractions due to higher temperatures. These distractions might look normal to you but can be the reason for falling. Removable lining indeed enhances life because you can wash the sweat.

The designs with beautiful colors are quite appealing and you should never miss them. Side buckle adjustment has made it more flexible to fit different sizes. Our kids have also ridden while wearing this helmet. It’s a superb helmet for toddlers and adults too.



  • Resilient exterior ABS shell for bearing the impacts
  • Durable EPS core to le your head feel comfortable and absorb shocks
  • 11 vents for easy breathing and drying the moisture
  • Comes in refunding money if you don’t get satisfied
  • Adjustable side buckles for flexibility
  • glamorous colors and designs helmets with removable liners
  • Received different color design

How To Choose The Best Skateboard Helmets

How To Choose The Best Skateboard Helmets

Everyone wants to buy the top helmet that meets each and every requirement. But this can’t be possible without having the knowledge of a few factors. When you are good at these elements, surely you’re bringing one of the best skateboard helmets. And here are all those essential aspects.

Interior Part

The internal part of the helmet is very important because it connects with the harder material. Even if you get hit by the helmet at moderate pressure. You can get serious bruises or pain. So, it has to be thick and made of high-quality material for the best protection.

The Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) foam is used to construct the internal part. Because it helps in absorbing the shocks and lets your head feel comfortable. It has got a lightweight feature with better durability.

Some of the brands use plush moisture-wicking padding to protect the skateboarder’s head from sweat. Triple Eight skateboard helmet comes with sweat pads. But these paddings can create the problem of size while wearing. The detachable paddings would be appreciatable.

Exterior Part

Now, this is the part that collides first when you fall. It has to be made with suitable and high-quality material. In simple words, it shouldn’t be broken whether crashing harder. To make this outer shell super sturdy, ABS thermoplastic is used. This material contains a lot of characteristics, you find everything that protects you in harder falls as well.

ABS keeps outstanding elastic strength and impact resistance. So, these material-made helmets protect you from bigger falls. ABS has also got better compression and chemical resistance qualities.

Certifications (Does It Matter?)

Yes, the certifications in helmets matter a lot, especially for the kids. Because it ensures the parents that the helmet will protect their kids from every fall. As it has been approved by one of the bigger institutes in the USA like CPSC and ASTM. And the certifications are not only implemented on skateboarding but also on cycling and scooter as well.

Remember, not every country issues certified helmets. Because this step has only been taken by the US, Australia, and Europe. The institutes that approve skateboard helmets are respectively AS and CE EN.

Adjustment Attributes

One of the most essential attributes to consider is the adjustment of straps and dial fit system. Let’s explore what kind of straps and dial system should you get for a better experience. Also, how many holes there should be in the ventilation?

  • Straps

The strap is part of the helmet that almost everyone provides but few of the offers the adjustment. I always suggest having a helmet that provides you adjustment feature. Because I’ve had a better experience with the adjustable attribute rather than a fixed one. Also, choose the strap that doesn’t hurt your skin while wearing it.

The bands are usually soft and lightweight because they are made with nylon. The straps are equipped with buckles to fix them accordingly. Never get the hard straps because it doesn’t let you ride comfortably. Choose the quality and suitable one with good durability.

  • Adjustment Of Dial

The dial fit system lies on the back of the helmet. The tightness or looseness of the headgear can be adjusted by this feature. And you can adjust your head from there as well to feel comfortable.

  • Ventilation

You can’t ignore this feature because won’t ever wish to have difficulty breathing with a lot of moisture. Which actually leads to Nervousness and causes accidents. So, easy breathing, drying of the moisture, and the targeted concentration will be done by the several ventilation holes. I suggest getting a helmet that contains around 8 holes.

When To Replace Your Skateboard Helmet?

When To Replace Your Skateboard Helmet

Mostly, the harder collisions damage the skateboard helmet inside but we think it’s good enough for the future. Checking the skateboard helmet is essential because damaged headgear can finish your skating by getting threatening bruises. The helmet must be high quality and in good health to resist falling. Whenever you see the headgear can’t be worn further, immediately change it or repair it from the experts for safety assurance.

Best skateboard Helmet Brands

The best skateboard helmet brands are Triple Eight Helmet Pro-tech certified helmet, JBM, OutdoorMaster, and Apusale skateboard helmets. These are the safest and most comfortable yet lightweight, strong, and durable.


Whether you are a part-time skater or full-time skateboarder, riding safely will be your first priority, these can be the best skateboard knee pads or helmets. And the protective skateboarding gear will do the job for you to keep you safe in case of falling. But there are some essential body parts that need to be covered. Because if you get hit on those parts, some serious injuries can occur. And one of them is the head, you can’t skate the board without the best skateboard helmets.

Especially implements for beginners, downhill riders, and tricks performers. Because some riders don’t wear them because of their years of experience. But I suggest everyone consider this safety gear for the prevention of future.

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