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Grippiest & Durable 7 Best Skateboard Grip Tapes Oct 2023

Have you ever experienced feet slipping when performing technical tricks? You might be thinking that the problem is in your abilities. Especially when you’ve just started skateboarding. Indeed the issue is you are lacking in finding and riding the best skateboard grip tapjes. Because the grip tape performs a vital role in doing the moves safely on the skateboard.

Simply cruising the skateboard without grip tape is possible. You may have an issue while carving or turning the skateboard fastly. As it can cause you to fall because of not having the grip tape or using low-quality grip tape. You can’t even think about not getting quality board grip tape for doing the skateboarding stunts. Because compromising on quality can bring threatening injuries when doing tricks.

A lot of new techniques and positive changings have been made to the grip tape. Our decades of experience have come with those techniques that assist their skaters to get traction while riding. We’ve come up with the top 7 skateboard grip tapes after testing hundreds of different grip tapes. Our professionalism will help you in choosing suitable and quality grip tapes. Make sure to read the guide first before buying it.

Top 3 Picks

Jessup skateboard grip tape

Jessup Grip Tape

  • Strong silicon carbide grip tape adhesive to deck surface to get rid of wearing out
  • Super easy to apply and trim
  • Bubble free application
  • Perfect for landing all the tricks
  • Made to increase shoe life
  • Higher traction is there for better control
Mob grip tape

Mob Grip Tape

  • To get amazing balance while doing tricks, the tech grit feature is added
  • The sturdy adhesive tape lasts longer and provides stickiness to shoes
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant
  • Suitable size for the skateboards
  • Professionals have recommended this
Wudan skateboard grip tape

Wudan Grip Tape

  • High-density emery grains made skateboard grip tape
  • That makes it waterproof and scratch proof
  • Air bubbled free application
  • Different sizes to suit all types of boards even the scooters
  • Uncounted colors are provided
  • Can bear all the weather conditions
  • Easy to apply
  • Best for turning and tricks too

Clear And Coolest Grip Tape For Skateboards

Some skaters prefer clear skateboard grip tapes. And a few of them love to skate on the coolest grip tapes. The design or the aesthetic grip tape colors are limited to someone’s passion.

Anyone can get their favorite design grip tapes. But if you are getting a quality product, you can go either for the clear or coolest. The features should be there in the product you will be told about below before purchasing.

The grip tapes that we have brought in are amazing in quality as well as performance. You will be needed to measure the skateboard size before attaching it to your best skateboard deck. I have never got an issue while using these reviewed grip tapes doing the stunts in front of 100s of people.

We have declared our top 3 best skateboard grip tapes. You will never regret or doubt their quality at any cost. Let’s dive into the reviews and the buying guide to clear the concepts and find the related grip tapes.

Image Name Quality Dimensions Price
Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Best Overall Different sizes are provided Check Price
Mob Skateboard Grip Tape coolest grip tape Different sizes are provided Check Price
Wudan Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Best for turning and tricks too 33″ long and 9″ wide Check Price
Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape best grip tape for old-school skateboards and longboards 10″ x 48″ Check Price
Mr. Pen- Skateboard Grip Tape best grip tape for beginners 10″ x 36″ Check Price
Skull Pattern Skateboard Grip Tape Best for different designs with good quality 9″ x 33″ Check Price
ZUEXT Clear Skateboard Grip Tape Best for cruising The huge size of 11″ x 50″ Check Price

1- Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Jessup grip tape

Specifications: High-rated grip tape for skateboards

  • Superior durable silicon carbide is used for this grip tape
  • Perfect for effortless tricks
  • Easy to apply and trim
  • Extreme at strength and best at look
  • Increase the life of shoes
  • Strong grip doesn’t wear out
  • Offered the different sizes

There is always been a vision in a beginner’s mind that when I will get a skateboard. Every component will be up to par in terms of durability and performance. And there shouldn’t be any difficulty when it comes to suitability.

Here we are talking about one of the essential components. And that is the skateboard grip tape. You don’t need to think anymore about the good. Because you have got the Jessup skateboard grip tape which is absolutely up to the mark.

If you could get your feet more securely attached with any grip tape, Jessup is the brand you should move towards. Because it doesn’t only provide you with a stunning grip. But also ensures you have it for years if you use it professionally. They have been adhesive to the skater’s feet since the 1970s.

And there was no one who could introduce an effective material for the grip tape. But Jessup was the brand that introduced the best material silicon carbide. Now, you cannot think about any other material. Because it is super durable, sturdy, and helps in gripping whatever the condition is.

There are different sizes provided starting from 8 to 12 inches. And it goes up to 60 feet in length. You get the option of getting the one-time sheets 60 feet roll or the 100 feet roll, it’s up to you. The size of the board should be in your mind when purchasing the tape.

Let me share a bit of my experience here with different kinds of grip tapes. I have seen that some are more grippy and secure our feet while doing tricks. But these also create problems when getting your board off the ground. Fortunately, you get the balance here on every side.

Note: Look at the image, see our experience, and how it has worked qualitatively for several months for us with technical skateboarding.

Jessup grip tape before and after condition

Importantly, there is not as much friction that can damage your shoes. Also, you won’t lose the friction. So, you don’t face difficulty when lifting the deck in the air. Its lustrous look can impress anyone in the skatepark.

Everyone doesn’t, but you might face the tape bent when receiving the order. So, try to negotiate with them for a better experience before placing an order. Overall, it is one of the best tapes to consider whether you are getting into skateboarding or have some experience.



  • Perfect for adhesive feet and safe riding                               
  • Easy to trim
  • Durability is high
  • Lustrous look
  • Strong grip tape
  • It doesn’t let your shoes damage
  • When I received the tape, it was bent and difficult to install on the deck

2- Mob Skateboard Grip Tape

Mob grip tape

Specifications: Cool grip tapes

  • Air bubbles-free application
  • Adhesive surface to have safe turning and tricks
  • Different sizes are provided
  • Tech grit feature for balanced riding
  • No fear of wearing out the surface
  • Strong and durable grip tape

There is good news for all the skaters over there. If you want to keep yourself aside from the research for every kind of skateboard. As we do use different wheels for skateboards and dissimilar for longboards.

It means we will have to get new grip tape for different styles of boards. No, if you get the MOB perforated grip tape, you can apply this on any type of board. You will just be needed to measure the size of the skateboard and then good to go.

This is another grippy product that is made with silicon carbide. And that itself describes its strength and durability in it. You can ride in any condition because of its temperature-bearing ability. And this capability doesn’t come until it includes the waterproof and resistant tearing aptness.

As beginners face difficulty when learning the skateboard. So, they make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Similarly, anything can happen to the tape. But this MOB grip helps beginners to use it roughly or unprofessionally, the quality will remain the same.

Note: Our experience with the Mob grip tape has been superb for a lot of months but one of our friends has lost a pair of low-quality shoes.

Mob grip tape before and after condition

This perforated grip tape can take you away from the problem you usually starters face. And they try to find the solution to fix that problem, which is the creation of air bubbles while applying grip. Thanks to the MOB grip tech grit feature, it has made it easy for the technical skaters to get the stunts done smoothly.

One of the drawbacks that I got by riding this grip wore out my medium-quality shoes. I was stunned to see that everything was perfect. And giving a better experience whether with technical tricks or carving and turning.

There was a little bit of deficiency in the material in terms of damaging shoes and not riding performance. But it went solved when I got the high-quality shoes. And those shoes are still around. I wear them too for fun at home when riding with siblings

They have also given different sizes with one color. You can select the grip according to the size of the skateboard. Pair of sheets has also been offered.

Applying the folded grip tape is actually a complex task to complete if don’t get help. Because you have to plan it as much as you can for easy application. I always suggest talking with their support about the best and most suitable packaging.



  • Perforated grip tape(Air-bubbles free application) experience    
  • It can be applied to any type of board
  • Best for controlled riding
  • Secures your feet
  • Durable and strong
  • Tech Grit Feature
  • Variety of different colors
  • Try to get high-quality shoes for a better

3- Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet 33x9inch

Wudan skateboard grip tape

Specifications: Best skate grip tape

  • This grip tape suits every type of board even the scooter
  • Made with standard emery grains
  • Scratch-proof and wear resistant
  • Can withstand any weather condition
  • Air-bubbles free application

This best anti-slip grip tape is made with the material of emery. I was shocked to see the quality of this material because my experience met the standard. I got full support in securing my feet when turning at high speed.

And doing technical tricks without creating any disturbance. This substance has also got the ability to withstand any condition. But it has made the grip tape a little bit heavy.

While performing ollies, my shoes got slipped a bit because of balance. But the sticky surface didn’t let me fall as it was holding my feet tightly. Apart from the quality, You have got different options for attractive colors. And these colors won’t fade away with time. Because it is made to face the sun and it is waterproof as well.

Good news! you don’t need to go anywhere for getting different grips for different styles of skateboards. Because you will get the best roller board and longboard grip tape here too. They have also made it trick tape and super easy for beginners to grip applications with air-bubble-free.

Size is the bigger issue here for skateboarders. The 33″ long and 9″ wide size is given. It will be difficult to choose the grip for medium-height skaters. Indeed, it’s made for skateboarders that contain sufficient height.



  • Air-bubbles free grip tape application     
  • Withstand any temperature
  • Color doesn’t fade away
  • Tightly hold the shoes
  • You can get it soon than the mentioned delivery timing
  • There is no higher durability percentage

4- Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape

Black diamond skateboard grip tape

Specifications: True skate grip

  • Standard 80-grit silicon carbide-made grip tape
  • Water-proof and wear resistant
  • It doesn’t peel off with time or wear out
  • Gives enough adhesiveness
  • Suits all the longboards and the old-school decks

Silicon carbide material made skateboard grip tape suits longboards and old-school skateboards with the size 10″ x 48″. If we keep aside the size, you can apply this tape on any kind of deck. Standard 80 grit is used to make this super durable and strong grip. Also, the backing paper is used to protect other materials sticking to the sandpaper.

It’s been 15 years making grip tapes for skateboards. The most admiring thing about the black diamond grip tape is, peels off or applies it easier than anything. And it offers or prepares the products after getting complaints or negative reviews.

You don’t need to worry about your shoes. Because I have skated the board with this tape for a year. And still, I am running in those shoes. But I bought shoes suitable for skating and walking too.

Black diamond fulfills the requirements of every type of skateboarder. Such as if you want to have the solid colored sheet, get it from there and customize it or ride it as it is. There are graphics on the sheet too, you can ride that grip tape to complement the board.

Note: It can be ridden for years and we have done it as you can see in the image below. But we tried to keep it away from the higher temperatures. If you can protect it from higher temperatures, get this brilliant product

black diamond grip tape before and after

Now we are coming down to the size. You have got all the size options. It starts from the penny boards to longboards. And the kids can use their cute grip tape on their best skateboard for an amazing riding experience.



  • A Standard 80 grit level is used                                                 
  • Water-proof and wear resistant
  • All sizes are available
  • With colors and graphics, grip tapes are available
  • Kids can get their size tape
  • Received it as a rolled not folded
  • Cannot bear high temperature

5- Mr. Pen 10″ x 36″, Skateboard Grip Tape

Mr. Pen skateboard grip tape

Specifications: Best grip tape for skateboards

  • Another grip tape that is made with the super durable silicon carbide grit
  • There is no issue with the application of grip tape because it is bubble free
  • Can bear any weather condition
  • Foam roller packed for easy apply
  • You won’t face difficulty in cutting and trimming
  • Provide better grip to the shoes

Mr. Pen has left all the expensive and quality skateboard grip tapes behind in terms of quality. They are not only giving cheaper tapes but also help in getting a better experience when doing ollies. The high-quality silicon carbide with enough grit level grip is come up with a size of 10×36 inches. This size can suit any size board.

There is no air-bubbles problem with the application of this tape. Because this one has got tiny holes to let the air passes without any disturbance. Skating the board with this sandpaper in any condition is possible. Because of the waterproof and high-temperature tolerating abilities. More importantly, beginners can easily apply it. The trimming and the removal are as easy as a cup of cake for you.

Another attractive thing is their packaging. Because some beginners expect to get the proper roller-packed grip tapes. But unfortunately, they get the folded pieces. Mr.Pen delivers the thriller as foam roller packed. We always prefer grips that don’t havoc the shoes and provide you with enough grip. You don’t need to go anywhere when you are checking at the Mr. Pen grips.



  • Air-bubbles free application                                          
  • Quality at the reasonable price
  • Packed properly with the foam roller
  • Provide better grip
  • Shoe quality remains the same
  • Grip tape is thin

6- Skull Pattern Skateboard Grip Tape

Skull Pattern Skateboard Grip Tape

Specifications: Cool grip tape designs

  • If the product doesn’t satisfy you, get your 100% refund within 24 hours
  • Emery material is used and that makes it waterproof and wear resistant
  • Available in different colors to give as a gift or find your favorite quality grip tape color
  • Adhesive surface to keep the shoes adheres while doing tricks
  • Skull graphics are really attracted

One of the best grip tapes that have given me a good experience is the skull pattern grip tape. The material used for this grip is emery which makes it waterproof and wear-resistant. The durable sandpaper has ensured the riders secure their feet when doing tricks. You can stick your shoes easily with a lot of control and no fear of wearing out the shoes.

The very attractive grip tape graphics is the best choice to present as a gift. I was never a user of this sandpaper but the last year I purchased it for giving as a gift to my friend’s son. It was his birthday and I found this very unique and attractive. Because the graphics and the colors attract the kids more than the quality. Whether these are their favorite and suitable best skateboards or any other part.

When I rode on this skull pattern grip tape, never got any issues regarding the control. But one thing I would like to mention, the adhesiveness was not up to the mark. As I had to glue it after a few days of riding. Importantly, you can get your refund, if the product has defects or something unsatisfying.



  • Can get your refund in case of unsatisfying after a few days of riding
  • Best for giving the gift
  • waterproof and wear resistant
  • affordable
  • You may have needed to glue the sandpaper

7- ZUEXT Clear Skateboard Grip Tape 11″ x 50″

ZUEXT skateboard grip tape

Specifications: Extra wide grip tape

  • Another bubbles-free application of grip tape
  • perfect for bigger boards like longboards and roller boards
  • Skateboarders can also use it by customizing it using a rollerblade
  • have got the ability to bear weather conditions
  • The given size is 11″ x 50″
  • Give super relief and control to the rider’s feet when doing moves

Every rider wishes to get a grip that doesn’t let him/her fall while turning or doing technical tricks. And it lets me ride in every weather condition. As some skaters love to skate in the rain. But that is something that is not recommended because it destroys the whole board. All the qualities you have got in white ZUEXT waterproof grip tape.

The company has snatched an award for selling pro tape and got the name “pro-grade grip tape”. This is versatile and suits almost every type of board like skateboards, longboards, rollerboards, and even scooters as well.

 The silicon carbide material is used which makes the grip long-lasting. And you don’t need to think about the stickiness. I found very few tapes that are sticky and cooperative. The ZUEXT clear skateboard grip tape is one of them.

There is also the feature of the bubbles-free application. And it’s done when there are tiny holes called perforations. So, it assists the air to escape easily.

A better chance for the skaters to customize it with their favorite colors or designs. You can print the graphics as well. Because this is come up with a simple transparent grip tape skateboard color.                                                                      



  • Can bear any weather condition                             
  • Awarded by the name of Pro-grade grip tape
  • Can be applied to every type of board
  • The huge size of 11″ x 50″
  • Satisfied stickiness with no wear and tear
  • There was a bit of dust on the grip tape

Buying Guide For Best Skateboard Grip Tape

There are many skateboard parts and every component performs its role. We can’t get the required ride without even one part of a skateboard. Not only the presence of each and every part is necessary. If we look at the quality rotation of wheels, you must have the best skateboard bearings. On the other hand, the skateboard trucks should be high quality to turn the skateboard very smoothly.

Rather you will have to get quality components for the best and most memorable riding. Similarly, you need to get the high-quality and suitable tape. And we are going to discuss what grip tape is better for your safe riding.

The review section is done, let’s talk about the factors you should consider when buying the grip tape. Before moving toward it, let me explain what actually it is.

What Is Grip Tape For Skateboards?

coolest grip tapes

The skateboard grip tape is used on the deck in the shape of sandpaper. It provides traction while riding and performing ollies or 360 flips and tricks. This is made sticky to secure the rider’s feet.

There is not as much attention the skaters pay to the quality. But here the quality means the level of material. As there will be silicon carbide but no one knows how strong and durable it is.

It can only be judged and analyzed by experience. We have rejected those brands after testing that were selling bad quality grips. And brought the best and top products to give you an epic experience.

How To Make Grip Tape For Skateboards

For making the skateboard grip tape, you will need the material that makes a good combination from every aspect. The shoes should be attached wisely and help in getting the board into the air. And it doesn’t create a problem while doing the tricks and carving the board.

Also, your shoes remain healthy after riding. Because some of the cheaper tapes damage the shoe with the passage of time. And you can get all those features in silicon carbide.

After the importance of this material, let’s talk about how to make grip tape. You need a large sheet of polyester film and the screen-like designs help the skaters to apply the grip tape easily. There are some tiny holes created in the polyester film run-off water. Importantly, epoxy is used on the polyester film for making the surface sticky. And the epoxy is applied by the machine.

There are versions of silicon carbide, one is aluminum oxide. Which is cheaper than silicon oxide. But the grip tape loses the quality fastly. I would suggest getting the abrasive mineral composition silicon carbide for an amazing experience. Now spray on the prepared polyester film for producing sandpaper.

Make sure that you have got a high-powered lamp for drying silicon carbide on the polyester film. And then apply acrylic copolymer resin on the polyester fil bottom. It will help the sandpaper inside sticky.

The question can arise here that the sticky sandpaper can stick with other materials as well. For avoiding sticking with other materials, the manufacturers use the backing paper on the copolymer resin. Then you cut the sandpaper with an automated machine with the required size.

Types Of Grip Tape For Skateboards

There are three different types of grip tapes for skateboards. Let’s discuss each and every type of grip tape to clear your concepts and ways for going towards it.

1- Standard grip tap

2- Specialized grip tape

3- No-abrasive grip tape

  • Standard Grip Tape

The standard grip tapes are made with a higher grit level. And some time medium grit level as well. If you look at the black diamond and the Gizzy grip tapes. They have used the standard type.

You struggled a bit with your shoes when using higher grit level tapes if the shoes keep the low quality. But our mentioned black diamond and Gizzy have got the bearable grit level that suits everything.

  • Specialized Grip Tape

There is nothing higher grit level grip tapes than the non-abrasive grips. Specialized is one of the types that uses a higher grit level. But most skaters don’t use this type.

As we can lose our shoes with time. You can get the MOB grip tape because it has been created for a strong grip. But there is no defect in terms of higher grit level or destroying the shoes.

  • Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

If you can get the molecular adhesion material grip tape, you have got the non-abrasive tape. For your kind information, it is better than silicon carbide. You get your shoes safe even after skateboarding 100s of times. And this is the new technique that has been introduced into the grip tape market for skateboards.

Essential Factors To Look for When Going For Grip Tape

1- Analyzing the size

There is no reason to ignore this point because some beginners make mistakes commonly. And it takes them to lose their money whether purchased with their pocket money or taken from their parents. Now clear your one more confusion about size.

As I met and taught a lot of skaters, whenever the conversation was going on about the size of skateboard grip tape. They take it as long as the deck is and as wide as the skateboard deck is. This is the wrong calculation, you have to get a couple of inches bigger and wider.

If you ask any non-skater, you will probably get the answer that gets the same size grip as your deck. But the experienced skateboard will advise you to get the 2 inches longer and wider because of concave shapes. Just keep in mind whenever going for buying the grip tape, get an inch or two inches longer. Who knows you might have needed to pay more for another grip because of fitting properly.

2- Sturdy Grip

It’s compulsory to have a strong grip tap. Particularly when it comes to technical skating and showing some athletic skills. If you have purchased the frailty grip tape for tricks, immediately change it. Because it will be difficult to secure your feet with those tapes. Try to get the MOB grip tape as it is super strong and helps in sticking your feet with the deck.

On the other hand, you will never regret when using Jessup for transportation and cruising a suitable skateboard. It can also be used for executing the tricks. But it suits more those who love to cruise.

3- Applying Grip Tape

While applying the grip tape, air bubbles are created when there are no holes in the skateboard grip tape. And it destroys the passion of the beginner skateboarder. It leads them to lose their confidence. And it impels the pressure to get help from the seniors or the skateboarding experts.

I have got your problem and come up with a solution. I have mentioned above about the MOB. Get the MOB perforated grip tape, it won’t let the bubbles be created while application. The reason for not making air bubbles is the small holes that it contains.

4- Designs

The design choice is totally up to you. Because there is no connection between design with the performance of skateboarding. If you look at the Jessup grip tape, it has got a lustrous or shining look. You can select any of your favorite colors over there for inner satisfaction.

5- Does Sharpness Matter?

Yes, it matters when it comes to getting a quick response when doing kickflips or 360-degree tricks. Because it gives you aggression and more control when doing the stunts. Remember! higher sharpness will wear out the shoes fastly. Try to get high-quality skating shoes that last longer and can bear coarse surfaces.

How To Make Skateboard Grip Tape Durable?

You don’t need to be more conscious about it. Just be sure that your shoes don’t contain any type of dust or mud. Because the stickiness and the control ability will lose over time.

 Use your mind, when you see the dust on it, clean it immediately. You can repeat it for any part of a skateboard. Because they demand cleanness for maintaining the health of the skateboard.

How To Clean Grip Tape

Cleaning the grip tape for a skateboard is easier than cleaning any other part of a skateboard. Just follow the steps and scrubbed it within a few minutes.

There are three different tools used to clean them. But one tool is more authentic and efficient that provides better results. And it doesn’t harm the quality of the sandpaper.

  • Grip Tape Cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Coarse brush

The last two can damage the skateboard grip tape quality. And can take more time than the grip cleaner. I would suggest getting the grip tape cleaner that gets the work done very smoothly.

Simply get the cleaner, rub it on the rubber, and scrub all the dirt with very little effort. That is all you need to do in polishing the grip tape. After getting the instructions about how to get the best and most suitable grip tape. It’s time to move towards applying the grip tape on the skateboard.

How To Apply Grip Tape To A Skateboard

Before applying the skateboard grip tape, some of the materials are necessary to be on the side.

Skate tool

Microfiber cloth


Measuring tape



  • The very first step is choosing the right place for your skateboard to avoid any kind of scratches on the board. And better to select a suitable place for sitting that lets you feel comfortable while applying.
  • Before you remove the skateboard grip tape, it’s better to detach the trucks and hardware. Make sure you are having the skate tool for that. Because it will get the job done without damaging anything for you.
  • Once the trucks are detached, remove the old product from the deck and how to take grip tape off a skateboard. You can do this by using the hairdryer. Or whatever suitable material you have right now.
  • Now you have the blank or colored skateboard deck, get the microfiber cloth and scrub all the dust over the whole skateboard.
  • Prepare your skateboard grip tape by cutting the extra size. Well, you could take an idea by measuring the previous product from the nose to the tail of the board. Now cut the extra size using the scissor.
  • Place the grip tape on the skateboard deck and judge whether the size is fitting properly or not.
  • Tip for grip tape cut-out ideas: When the grip tape is placed on the skateboard, get the razor blade and cut the extra area horizontally. It will help in measuring and cutting easily.
  • When you have placed it, push it down with your palm by medium force on all the placing areas. Then get the backing paper on the grip tape and push all the surfaces with your palm to avoid air bubbles.
  • If I were applying the grip tape, I would have gotten the piece of scrap and rubbed it on all the edges of the deck to avoid peeling. And I will recommend the same because it will increase the life of your skateboard grip tape.
  • Make sure that the holes are applicable and that the trucks can easily be mounted. Now you can install all the wheels and trucks to start riding.


Jessup skateboard grip tape is widely used by pro skaters Because the application and cutting are very easy. Also, it gives the perfect grip to technical skateboarder’s shoes while performing tricks

Jessup and the Mob are the best brands when it comes to skateboard grip tape. The reason is these have got all the features that the best grip tape contains. It keeps durability, easy application, higher traction, waterproof, and versatility for all styles

As long as you see the grip tape is started to lose its quality. You can change it because it directly affects your riding. If you get the reviewed tapes, you might be gonna change them after 2 years. If the rider uses the tape professionally

Final Words

Experiencing and analyzing the 100s of skateboard grip tapes to find the best skateboard tapes isn’t an easy task. Determining those tapes that help the skaters to perform the tricks easily or turn the board at a higher speed easy-peasy. These help you in applying and trimming the tapes bubbles-free. Also, those should remain for years to avoid paying money every couple of months.

To make your riding experience brilliant, we have come up with super sticky and non-wearing grip top skateboard grip tapes. Some of them are best for beginners and few are good for cruisers, longboarders, and skateboarders. But our top 3 picks have got all the features. Because these are versatile and best for every type and level of a skateboarder.

Our 1st pick is the Jessup, the reason for choosing is its versatility. As beginners don’t face difficulty while applying because of the perforation feature. It doesn’t get worn out with time and assists in sticking the shoes to the surface amazingly. Everything that makes it perfect, the Jessup is the name. Whether you are looking for traction or doesn’t decrease the life of shoes.

The 2nd pick is the MOB grip tape. The mob is also a versatile product that even helps you in riding the board in the rain as well. Because it is waterproof and wear-resistant. It also offers you bubbles-free application, permanent sticks to the deck’s surface, a strong grip on the rider’s shoes, and the tech grit feature for balanced riding.

The last pick in the top 3 is the WUDAN skateboard grip tape. You don’t need to get worried about applying it because of the bubble-free factor in it. All the weather conditions are protected by this tape. Wudan has provided you with a strong and durable good. And super efficient at doing the tricks safely and turning the board trouble-free and balancing.

There is no regression when you choose one of the best skateboard grip tapes. Because it doesn’t only last for years but assists you in enjoying the ride with full control and balance. But make sure that you have a suitable size for your skateboard.

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