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12 Best Skateboards For 8 Year Old (Improves Riding Skills)

Is your kid asking for a skateboard? And you want to have the best skateboard for 8 year old which makes skating easy for your child to learn. There will be some individuals who do not recommend skateboarding for kids as they consider it dangerous. But this isn’t at all.

When I started skating as a kid, I was properly covered by all the safety gear. Because I was taught the basics of skateboarding by my parents and that’s what a father needs to do before taking them into skateboarding. And teaching them some basics about how to stand on the board and how to place their feet in the right direction. Consequently, we all know that hard work always pays off, and now I am a Pro Skater. And I have taught skating to hundreds of people. Many of them are now pro-riders too.

I have hundreds of skateboards and trained many skaters. And made them not only eligible for doing tricks but for technical tricks. Well, after testing I have diversified the list of the top 12 skateboards for 8-year-olds. All the recommended skateboards are specially made for 8-year-old kids to come up with stunning control and balanced riding. It’s never been easy to find the perfect one as it takes a lot of time and hard work but we have done it for you. So, it may become easy to choose the right size and quality board.

Our Best 3 Experienced Products

Powell peralta Ripper off one

Powell Ripper Off

  • High-quality birchwood within the fused water-resistant glue deck for amazing strength and durability
  • Grippy and speedy wheels for street and park skating
  • Lightweight and portable
  • To have the best experience, smooth trucks are equipped
  • 100% suits 8-year-old kids, especially beginners
  • Just get the board and improve fastly
  • The skateboard is still be using my old kids after a year of continuous riding
CCS skateboard for kids

CCS Board

  • The symmetrical classic design helps all levels of riders to show their skills easily and comfortably
  • Best for tricks and cruising
  • Polyurethane 100A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings are made to provide you with very smooth and fast riding
  • Comes with a skate tool and stickers
  • 7 layers of Canadian maple are used, which is ideal for any level of rider
Gasaciods skateboard


  • Quality skateboard with strong construction of fiberglass and polypropylene
  • Anti-slip textures have made the board completely safe
  • For getting better speed, the best combination of bearings and wheels is used
  • An ideal board for cruising and learning
  • Best for beginners and experts 8-year-old kids
  • Comes with a warranty of 60 days

Here the Professionals recommended best skateboards for 8-year-old are:

Best Skateboard For 8-Year-Old

I got your back because you are looking for a skateboard that helps your kids in learning or enhances their skating skills. Durability and lightweight are also your preference. Interestingly, you’ve got every single quality in these mentioned skateboards. That doesn’t only help the kids to have balanced and controlled riding. But also assist you to increase your technical skills without any hesitation.

Image Product Details   Price
GASACIODS-SKATEBOARD-mini-cruiser-complete-22-inch-1 Powell Peralta Ripper Off Skateboard
Quality: Best Overall
Color: There are different breathtaking colors and multiple sizes to consider
Benefits: Best durable and strong deck. Grippy and speedy wheels with bearings and extra components with smooth trucks
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CCS-Skateboard-Complete-Maple-Wood CCS Complete Skateboard
Quality: Best size skateboard for 8-year-old
Color: There are tons of colors and different sizes
Benefits: Besides the quality, you get an addition of skate tools and stickers, a sturdy and durable Canadian maple deck with street and park wheels, a classic symmetrical shape for tricks, and cruising
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GASACIODS-SKATEBOARD-mini-cruiser-complete-22-inch-1 GASACIODS Skateboard Complete 22 Inch

Quality: Best size skateboard for 8-year-old
Color: There is only one color which is blue
Benefits: You get a sturdy and durable deck with shock-absorbing wheels, helps in learning as a beginner, and comes with 60 days warranty
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COMPLETE-STANDARD-SKATEBOARD-mini-cruiser-serenelife-1 Complete Standard Skateboard  

Quality: Best for a heavy kid with versatility
 Color: Two different colors are provided
Benefits: Extra sturdiness and flexibility with double kick tail for control riding, can skate in pools, parks, and on rough roads
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Quality: Best for beginners and experts kids with strong protection
Color: Multiple colors are available
You can perform tricks along with learning the skateboard, and grip tape protects your feet while riding
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phoeros-skateboard-for-kids PHOEROS Standard Skateboard For Kids

Quality: Best for any road with all skating level

Color: Different colors and design
Benefits: You’ve got double wrapped design for controlled tricks, and come with a free carry bag, best for 8-year-old beginners and pros
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Quality: Best for the 8-year-old beginner
Color: Different styles and colors are offered to choose your favorite one
Benefits: High-quality wheels ignore the small rocks and ride smoothly, can be ridden barefoot, best for all levels and styles of skaters
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metroller-skateboard METROLLER Sskateboard For Beginner

Quality: Best for tricks and super protection ability, comes with free bag and T- tool

Color: Different designs and styles are offered, get the desired one
Benefits: Perfect for beginners, pros can also take the benefits but best for the starters comes with a free carry bag and T- tool
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HIKOLE-SKATEBOARD HIKOLE Double Kick Skateboard for kids

Quality: Best For street and park skating

Color: Multiple styles with different colors are given
Benefits: Can be ridden on rough and even surfaces, super strong with a double kick tail design for maneuverability
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Quality: All-round skateboard for kids at a reasonable price

Color: Again several styles and designs options are provided
Benefits: Everyone can afford this quality skateboard, lightweight and durable for all-level skating
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andrimax-skateboards-complete-skateboards-for-beginners  Andrimax Complete Skateboard for beginners

Quality: Best for having a stable ride
Color: Dissimilar graphics and colors are offered, you can check and can select any one of them
Benefits: Double-wrapped design with a free tool to repair the skateboard, ideal for park and street skating
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Quality: Best for all with modern features
Color: Krown Rookie has also brought several color options
Benefits: High rebound polyurethane wheels with modern concave and great pop, higher flexibility, recommended for every style of riding
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1- Powell Peralta Ripper One Off Skateboard


  • The birch wood made skateboard deck comes in different sizes with captivating colors
  • To have better pop and more stiffness, the water-resistant glue is fused into the wood
  • K20 concave deck with a lot of opportunities to perform the tricks in the street and park
  • Medium and all-round wheels with 90a durometer and 53mm to have a speedy as well as tacky ride
  • Mini logo long-lasting alloy trucks for smooth turning and rolling
  • With the skateboard, have some extra bearings part as well for protection

Powell Peralta is a brand that can be considered for any age and level of skateboarder. But this skateboard is made to fulfill every rider’s requirements. Because it can improve your riding skills as well as you can get this for learning. My son and the street kids have found it more stable and controllable with enough balance.

Mostly maple and bamboo are used for the construction of decks. But the Ripper one is made with strong and lightweight birch wood. Being a user of this brand for 20 years, I hadn’t any doubt while buying this birchwood board. But there was confusion about whether it will be durable as their other skateboards or not. And I was right because the high-quality material didn’t let the board break. And it’s still in use by our kids.

Importantly, you don’t get only durability but water-resistant glue for avoiding weather damage. You might have listened more about their decks. Let me tell you about how I enjoyed the overall performance with their best trucks. The turning, rolling, bearing the impacts, and all pressures were up to the mark on these premium alloy trucks.

Your kids are going to enhance their confidence because of this overall skateboard. I would highly suggest the 8-year-old skateboarder get this absolute executant. All-round wheels with 90a hardness and 53mm diameter are used. This means the tricks and other styles can be performed with better grip and speed.

Your skateboard bearings will be protected from dust or moisture with the two removable shields. You can easily clean the inside by taking off the shields easily. Even you can lubricate with their add-on cream racing lubricant. A ball retainer has been added to ensure that every element is working fine inside and free from colliding. There are different attractive colors and sizes given, the kids can choose accordingly.



  • High-quality birch wood-made skateboard deck
  • Impassable feature for best durability
  • We’ve ridden it for 1 year and still in use
  • Increase the kid’s confidence with the best balance and control
  • Durable and grippy wheels for street, ramps, and park
  • Turn the board smoothly with strong and quality trucks
  • Get some complimentary bearings components
  • Multiple sizes and colors are offered
  • None

2- CCS Complete Skateboard For Kids

CCS complete skateboard for kids


  • CCS has made this skateboard deck with the 7 plies of Canadian maple to make it more durable and strong
  • The wood has added a lot of flex and strength to it
  • One of the best skateboards for 8-year-old kids to have
  • It comes with an addition of a skate tool and stickers
  • 100A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings for a suitable experience
  • Classic symmetrical shape for having better tricks and cruising
  • There are tons of colors and different sizes to choose favorite and required ones

There are very few brands that maintain or increase the quality with the passage of time. And CCS is one of them which always prefers to make quality skateboards. That doesn’t only remain for the years but assists in learning and polishing the skills efficiently. Well, the skateboard is made for kids who love to perform tricks.

The board comes with some additional accessories to make skateboarding easier. Besides the extra components, let me tell you that the Canadian maple wood with 7 plies is used to construct. It makes the deck much stronger and more durable. Wherever you see these materials, maple, bamboo, and Canadian maple. Never think twice about the quality of construction.

The perfect combination of wheels and bearings is taking the kids to the streets and park. Because the 100A durometer with ABEC 7 bearings will make your ride faster with a lot of tricks yet safe and smooth. The skateboard comes in multiple colors and different sizes, purely to suit 8-year-old toddlers.

Importantly, when I was testing with a few kids. I found this board suitable for cruising too. Because the deck has got a symmetrical classic shape. CCS has brought the board with a skate tool and stickers to give it another look.



  • Super durable Canadian maple wood constructed deck
  • Comes with a skate tool and stickers
  • Flexible and strong skateboard
  • Classic symmetrical shape for tricks and cruising
  • Wheels contain a durometer of 100A with ABEC 7 bearings
  • Multiple sizes and colors are given
  • When the Product arrived, it wasn’t packed properly

3- GASACIODS Skateboard Complete 22 Inch


  • Another fiberglass and polypropylene-made non-slip skateboard(22″ and 6″ wide) is a perfect choice for the kids to learn.
  • The board ensures you have a non-slip ride because of its anti-slip textures on the skateboard.
  • Polyurethane wheels and high-speed bearings provide you smooth and fast ride.
  • It’s a perfect board for cruising around the town or learning how to skate the board.

A highly recommended and beginner-aligned skateboard is a complete package for all parents to examine to give them as a gift. The deck is made of fresh nonslip polypropylene which makes the deck more stable and durable. It has got the ability to support healthy riders while bearing a weight of 220 lbs. Wheels are made of polyurethane and behave as a shock absorbers and absorb bumps as well.

These wheels remain last for a long time. And the equipment ABEC 7 bearings assist to provide a smooth and faster ride to their customers. This mini board is extremely lightweight and portable as you can put it in a backpack and can take it anywhere. There is nothing better than getting the best quality board for your beginner kids.

If I share my experience, I would recommend all parents to get this quality board. Because it’ll be easy for them to learn as a beginner. Additionally better for performing some basic skills. They are ensuring a warranty of 60 days. If your board gets cracked or happen anything you can get your refund.



  • Lightweight but yet study deck
  • Support 220 lbs weight
  • Shock absorber wheels
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Comes with a warranty of 60 days
  • Not for trailer guys

4- Complete Standard Skateboard


  • This deck is constructed with a combo of 5 layers of Canadian maple and 1 layer of bamboo. And this is the best combination for any skateboard to make the deck more strong, more flexible, and yet lightweight.
  • Double kick tails have been designed with waterproof sandpaper to ensure the riders have a safe and stable ride.
  • A suitable size boar for the 8-year-old is 28″ in length and 8″ wide.
  • 5″ aluminum trucks, PU wheels, and high-speed bearings are used.

My little one was impatiently waiting for this board as the logo on the board was so appealing. And she got attracted to this skateboard. She got the board within 5 days and started skating. Found this beginner-friendly board because it was providing full grip and control with better positioning of her feet while riding. To be honest guys, I got more than my expectations.

After getting a good response from the previous one. I got it for myself and started realizing all the components and how they work. And it did an amazing job in terms of cruising and performing tricks easily. That’s why it’s perfect for beginners and pro Riders as well.

Smoother polyurethane wheels are equipped with a board. And ABEC 7 bearings make it possible for riding in parks, and pools, or can be ridden even on rough grounds. The 5″ aluminum trucks are equipped with wheels and help to provide faster speed.

The deck is covered with nonslippery grip tape along with waterproof sandpaper to have better control of their feet. There is no need to assemble the board. As it will be arrived assembled and ready to ride.



  • Best for beginners and experts
  • Components are made of high-quality material
  • Can we ride on rough ground as well
  • Non-slippery grip tape along with Waterproof Sandpaper
  • Helps the kids to have controlled and slippery free riding
  • no need to assemble
  • Didn’t find any flaws.

5- CHROME WHEELS 31-Inch Skateboard


  • This deck is made of 7 plies maple wood veneer press that ensures the riders play any kind of tricks.
  • You will get an additional thing along with the skateboard and that is a carrying bag. You won’t need to carry it in your hands, just put it in the bag and take it to your school or anywhere.
  • It has also given sizess 31″ long and 8″ wide to provide you with enough space for the best positions for your feet.
  • to provide shock absorption and to give a smooth ride, PU wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings are used.
  • They have also provided you with different styles with different options to make your own choice.

The brand needs to be identified here as well as it is already dominating on Amazon in skateboarding. Because it has more than 4000 reviews positive rating ensures that they are providing good quality. A High density 8 layers Maple wood constructed deck makes it durable and strong.

When I tried, I found that if you try some dramatic tricks, it wouldn’t break. This board is far up from your expectations quality-wise. As it would help all levels of skaters to perform according to their own choices.

The double kick concave design provides better control and braking looks easy. And build up an easiness for pro riders to perform some basic or hard tricks. To give the best grip to the skater’s feet, a non-slippery surface is used on this board.

It supports the weight till 220 and my weight is 90 kg. When I have ridden this, I haven’t felt a single time that the board will break. There is only one flaw that two wheels don’t rotate smoothly but overall it’s admirable.

But to make the wheel rotate faster, high-quality thick aluminum trucks and steel axes are used. They are offering multiple printed graphic colors that would attract people while skating. Or can be used for presenting alms to your dear ones according to their favorite graphics. This skateboard is best for beginners, 8 years old, and pro riders.

Chrome wheels after ridden for a month



  • 8 layers Maple wood constructed deck
  • Double kick concave design to perform tricks easily
  • Multiple printed graphic colors are available
  • Support the weight of 220 lbs
  • Comes with a free carry bag
  • Affordable with high quality
  • 2 wheels don’t rotate smoothly.

6- PHOEROS Standard Skateboard For Kids

PHOEROS Standard Skateboard For Kids


  • To resist the shock and to make it sturdy, the deck is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood that can bear a maximum load of 220 lbs.
  • Do you want to perform tricks or want to learn tricks? it has got a double-wrapped design to support all advanced skaters to perform advanced movements.
  • A standard-size skateboard that is 31″ long and 8″ wide.
  • It’s perfectly suitable for an 8-year-old kid to have the best skateboard with quality components as a beginner kid or experienced rider.
  • It has also offered different styles with different options which is a plus point for choosing their favorite style for your kids.

Riders, this is the skateboard you are looking for as a beginner or a pro rider, yes you’ve heard right. The deck is made of 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood that ensures the durability of the board and provides stability for the riders. Overall the board is solid and sturdiest.

And the skateboard has a double-wrapped design for trick lovers to make it easy for doing the technical quick and easy quick turning. They have used waterproof sandpaper to provide you powerful grip while cruising or doing some movements.

95A wheels are used which are perfect for beginners. As they provide better grip and enough speed too. This board is also recommended for those who want to ride anywhere as you can ride it on any road.

Trucks are made of highly thickened aluminum material to make the skateboard more stable. This skateboard is perfectly fit for Presenting a present to your dear ones as I gifted this to someone recently. He liked skateboarding and now performing well.

There is no need to assemble it and it will save you time because it will be arrived assembled. There are multiple colors and different designs available. You can order any of your best-loved designs and ready to ride. A complete skateboard that comes with a carrying bag is best for 8 years old kids, beginners,s or an expert.



  • Sturdy and durable board
  • Non-slippery Waterproof Sandpaper
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • A fully completed skateboard set
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Haven’t found any flaws while skating

7- RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

 RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard


  • A plastic-made deck that material is now as good as the maple. And you can have it for kids to start their careers or for even experienced riders.
  • Multiple different styles are offered with different colors. And you can take it anywhere because of its compact size.
  • The size is 22″ long and 6″ wide which is an appropriate size for the kid.
  • Smooth PU wheels and bearings are used.
  • Can bear the weight of 198 lbs.

Another Masterpiece and beginner Oriental skateboard that is perfectly suitable for 8 years old kids. And the eye-catching commodity that I detected while skating this deck was the solid and sturdy wheels of this board. Wheels were helping to precludes from crashes when small rocks come while riding.

They are offering multiple colors and designs which couldn’t be attractive to us. Because at this age we focus on riding. But it would be fascinating for your kids especially when they skate with their friends.

I have seen many striplings in my neighborhood while controlling and maintaining their balance on this board. The deck is made of 100 % fresh material and all the components equipped with this board are made of high quality. These qualities make the decision easier for the customer to buy this skateboard. This board has got positive ratings a lot from buyers.

Rimable before and after condition

Another quality of this skateboard is that I am a 90 kg, healthy man. And I rode this skateboard easily for a month as it can bear the weight of 90 kg. Non Slippery grip tape has been used to provide you with full grip while skating. And you can ride barefoot as well. Perfectly made for the eight years old and the beginners.



  • Solid and sturdy wheels
  • Fresh material constructed deck
  • Perfect for 8 years old kids
  • Can support a weight of 198 lbs
  • Can be ridden barefoot
  • Won’t be suitable for pro riders

8- METROLLER Sskateboard For Beginner

METROLLER Sskateboard For Beginner


  • A deck is made of 7 layers of purely Canadian maple wood material.
  • It has a double kick concave design that not only helps the beginners to provide better control while skating but also helps in learning the tricks.
  • The given size is 31″ long and 8″ wide with multiple different kinds of styles offered.
  • To provide you with a stable ride and powerful grip, Polyurethane wheels, and ABEC 9 bearings are used.
  • Other than the superb quality, the Graphics printed onto the board are super attractive and eye-catchy.
  • You won’t need to assemble the board as it will be arrived assembled.

4 months ago, my niece asked me for the best beginner skateboard. And I ordered this board with all the safety gear as I was aware of how dangerous it can be for the kids. I received this within a week and she requested me to teach skating as she knew I’ve trained many. She started learning and told her about the basics that must be known to kids.

She kept learning and doing hard work for 15 days. And she started doing some movements after two weeks. I asked her how you find this, and she said that it made me easy to ride and easy to control as it is lightweight.

As far as my experience with this board is. I have determined this pretty customized and rare quality skateboard for beginners and for experts as well. The Deck is made of 7 layers of maple wood that make the deck strong and durable. The 5” reinforced aluminum trucks deliver solid support while skating.

Getting skateboards that are not breakable actually Boost your child’s confidence. And it is my experience the board is same as far I had received. To provide a smooth and fast ride, they’ve got high-speed 95A polyurethane wheels and ABEC 9 bearings. The deck has a double kick concave design that allows you better control and makes the tricks easy.

Another advantage especially for all-level skaters that waterproof Sandpaper is used. That provides you with high friction and nonslippery riding. It can bear a weight of 220 lbs. It is openly recommended for all level skaters, especially beginners.



  • Quality material constructed deck
  • Polyurethane 95A wheels ABEC 9 bearings
  • Perfect for beginner’s kids
  • Comes with carrying bag and T tool
  • Double kick concave design for better control
  • Waterproof Sandpaper to provide a non-slippery ride
  • You just need to tighten or lose the trucks confirming your needs.

9- HIKOLE Double Kick Skateboard For Kids

HIKOLE Double Kick Skateboard for kids


  • Another deck is made of high-quality and durable 9-plies Canadian maple to provide you with a sturdy board for advanced tricks and to bear the maximum weight.
  • A classic shape with a double kick concave design has been made to provide full support while balancing their boards.
  • The given size is 31.89″ long and 8.66″ wide.
  • Multiple styles with different colors have been offered that surely attract the kids with their favorite style.
  • Wheels are perfectly suitable for rough and even surfaces as well.

I was looking for a skateboard that should have an 8-inch width and a length of 31 inches. While scrolling down the page, this product stopped me because it had positive ratings and reviews. Why I have picked out this brand, is because of its 2 decades of experience in manufacturing skateboards. And that’s why I ordered their product. I have been riding this skateboard for six months and found it perfect for beginner kids or intermediates.

The deck is made of seven layers of Canadian Maple wood which makes it the best skateboard deck with sturdiness and durability. The double kick concave design provided you with more pop. And creates easiness for the riders to perform some basic tricks and flips.

It shows its worth when skating in streets, parks, ramp skating, and rough grounds. Because it has 50 mm 85A wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, Pu bushings, and lightweight aluminum trucks. A high-quality grip tape has been used for this to give the grippy ride to the 8-year-old children during skating.

Well, if you are considering the board as a cruiser for long distances, then it’s not recommended. But can give you the best experience for cruising short distances and performing tricks. This brand has never preferred quantity over quality as it’s got exposed after riding it. So, this is recommended for 8 years old and above with protective gear.



  • Sturdy and long-lasting skateboard
  • Lightweight aluminum trucks
  • Feet get supported by high-quality grip tape
  • Best For street and park skating
  • Much affordable
  • Don’t use it for long distances but for short distances.

10- GEELIFE Pro Complete Skateboard

GEELITE Pro Complete Skateboard


  • This deck is made of 7 plies of Canadian maple which has made it lightweight as well as durable.
  • It has provided you with a double kick a mild concave with a steep kick tails shape.
  • It has a size of 31″ long and 8″ wide with a wheelbase of 15.7″.
  • Perfect choice for smooth and rough surfaces.
  • PU wheels, PU bushings, and ABEC 7 bearings are used.
  • They are offering you multiple styles with a lot of options.

If you don’t have extra bucks to spend and looking for a reasonable quality board. Then this brand is suggested for your kids to learn some basic skills or perform tricks. The deck provides stability while performing tricks.

And gives you a comfortable ride as it is made of 7 layers of maple wood. The quality of this board is that it won’t be bent even after sliding or braking. You can carry it by putting it in a bag because it’s lightweight and durable as well.

The wheels are designed while keeping in mind beginners especially. As the wheels provide good speed and a better grip. If you are looking for long-lasting and performing well best skateboard bearings in speed applications, then ABEC 7 bearings are perfect for you. A non-slippery waterproof grip tape has been used to provide a powerful grip to their riders. All the components are made of quality material to satisfy every buyer.

Well, I think all the manufacturers aren’t perfect until they get the feedback after testing the product from the customers. The manufacturing companies that bring changes to skateboards after getting the feedback will always be better in my eyes. In this way, you get an optimized skateboard from every point of view. So, this is recommended for beginners and pro riders. Because it has a double kick tail concave design that makes it easy for them to do technical tricks.



  • Suitable for beginner’s kids and pros
  • Lightweight and sturdy deck
  • High-quality wheels bearings
  • Low budget board
  • Non Slippery waterproof grip tape
  • Probably the trucks could be loosened and need to be tightened.

11- Andrimax Skateboard For Beginners

Andrimax Complete Skateboard for beginners


  • It’s a perfect choice for the rider to have at least 6 or 7 plies maple made a deck for getting an overall better experience.
  • Double-wrapped design is made to provide support to all the advanced skaters for advanced tricks.
  • Aluminum durable alloy trucks and high resilience thread wheels are used to give strength and stability to the skateboard.
  • You don’t need to assemble it, just get it and start riding.

The skateboard has a lot of qualities that every beginner and expert should look for. The 7 piles of aluminum metal material make the deck more stable and shock-resisting for the rider’s easiness. And the double-wrapped design ensures that the advanced trick and sliding will be easy. Tools will be provided with the skateboard to tighten or lose the components according to requirements as I have experienced.

ABEC 11 bearings are equipped with wheels that are long-lasting and spin smoothly. Importantly, maintaining them becomes easy than other bearings. And these wheels are best for park and street skating as they are lightweight and roll fast.

These features gave an advantage to Pro riders to do ollies, power slides, and technical tricks. Perfect for those who want a comfortable riding experience and a stable board. Because the trucks have a high rebound PU dumping system to make it safe for beginners as they don’t have any experience before.

A nonslippery and waterproof grip tape on the deck provides high friction and grippy riding. Multiple colors and graphics have been offered to them. You can select anyone as per your wish and you can gift as well because there are so many options. It’s an endorsed skateboard for 5 years old or above. Choosing the right skateboard for a kid is the first step toward a successful skater.



  • ABCE 11 bearings are long-lasting
  • 7 plies aluminum Maple deck
  • Multiple colors and graphics are available
  • Thicken alloy aluminum truck
  • Non-slip waterproof grip tape for more safety
  • Found the loose trucks and tighten them accordingly

12- KROWN ROOKIE Complete Skateboard

KROWN ROOKIE Complete Skateboard


  • The deck is made with durable and flexible 7-ply maple wood.
  • Its modern concave and great pop help every style of skating.
  • The flexibility assists in preventing the board from hard impacts.
  • You have only sizes 31.5″ in length and 7.5″ in width.
  • All the components meet every riding style with different color options.

Are you looking for a skateboard that helps you learn ollies and other tricks? Now your search ends here. Because the deck is constructed with quality durable and reliable 7-ply maple wood. The second reason is it gives you more pop and assists you in learning the tricks. And beginners can also take benefit from this skateboard as it features a modern concave to give comfortable and safe riding.

The size may be inappropriate or unsafe for a below 5 years old skater. But it’s a perfect size of 31.5″ and 7.5′ for 8 year old to get into skating and learn the beneficial skill. The lightweight aluminum alloy trucks are used to provide you better riding experience. The high rebound polyurethane wheels are used to withstand more loads and shock absorption.

And the precision ABEC 7 bearings are equipped to give you more speed and tolerance levels. To protect you from slippery while performing tricks or quick turning, the non-slippery grip tape is used for this board. A stiff and flexible board ensures all level of riders have it and make your riding memorable. You don’t need to assemble the skateboard, just open the box and be ready to hang it.

  • 7 plies pure maple wood constructed deck                              
  • Quality components meet the standard riders as well
  • A perfect size to start for an 8-year-old kid
  • You have different color options
  • double kick concave design
  • Eye-catchy in graphics on the board
  • available at a very affordable price
  • You may have needed to make adjustments to the wheels and trucks

Buying Guide For Best Skateboards For 8-Year-Old

skateboards for 8 year old

There’ll always be some points to consider before purchasing a skateboard for 8 years old kid. Well, it depends on multiple factors but some of them are very important to have a look at before selecting the best one. These factors will make it easier for any age skater to take decisions quickly. Choosing a skateboard depends on the kid’s weight and height and shoe size.

If your kid’s weight is more than a normal 8-year-old kid’s. Then it’s suggested to get the large board and the deck should have the ability to bear its weight. Because it would be tough for him to ride on less size and less load capacity board. And the chances get increase for a child to leave this skill. So, it’s very important to know, otherwise, you wouldn’t get the perfect one.

Another major factor is don’t buy a cheap skateboard for him. Especially when they are going to start skating imagine you buy a skateboard. And it gets cracked the very next day because of the material. Literally, that will lose his confidence. So, getting the quality board boosts their confidence and interest in this fruitful skill.

Another thing that I have seen in my skating career, is kids are attracted by the colors and printed graphics on the board. For those parents, who want to take them into skateboarding. You can attract them with this method although we prefer quality more than graphics.

Is It Safe For 8 Years Old Kid To Do Skateboarding?

Is it safe to ride skateboard as an 8 year old

First of all, need to clarify the concept of safe or unsafe. Well, skateboarding can be dangerous for a Pro Rider as well. Because an accident can happen anytime in terms of slipping from the board while doing tricks.

As far as the children are concerned, It can be dangerous for them also if you don’t buy them quality protective gear. Because quality safety gear will save him all the body parts in case of falling. When your kid is ready to ride, make sure you are with him and all the safety accessories are applied.


As I discussed earlier, it depends on the height and shoe size. Usually, 8-year-old kids have a height of 4’0″ to 4’4″. And for this height, a 7 to 8” wide deck is recommended. But if you want an exact size 7.75 would be better. You should select that sky is the best position for your feet and comfort you with a better grip while riding.


The best skateboard for beginner kids is made with the best quality material, and every component needs to be high quality. The Powell Peralta, Gasaciods, and chrome wheels are the best beginner kids’ skateboards.

You should look first at the material quality. If you are getting Canadian maple, maple, or bamboo material, It would be an ideal construction. Then go for the further components like wheels with polyurethane and the trucks with aluminum material construction. Size is very important

Final Words

We have given the 12 best skateboards for 8-year-old kids. All the reviewed skateboards are being selected on the basis of performance and quality while keeping in mind the 8-year-old kids. Because there are many who start skating at the age of 8 years old. But some kids start their skating career at the age of 5 years or even below.

So we have narrowed down all those skateboards that help the beginner to learn easily within a short time. Same, if the 8-year-old kid wants to have the board for tricks, our double-wrapped and double-kicktail design skateboards will assist them by executing their tricks easily.

You don’t need to worry about the skateboard’s weight-bearing ability. Because all have got the quality to bear some extra weight for heavy riders. But before selecting it, make sure to read the buying guide for a suitable skateboard.

To make it easy for all of you, we have given our top 3 choices as well to save you time. The 1st one is the Powell Peralta Ripper One Off skateboard, 2nd the other is CCS complete skateboard, 3rd is GASACIODS Skateboard. These top 3 are ideal from every side and angle. You can get these boards for beginners as well as pro riders with long-lasting features.

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