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14 Best Skateboard Decks Aug 2023 (Coolest Skate Decks)

Are you a beginner, kid, or pro rider who wishes to buy the best skateboard decks? Congratulations, you’ve found the right place. Well, you may have confusions that which factors should look at before purchasing the skateboard deck. Don’t worry, because we won’t only assist you in going through all the important factors but also get you the right and quality skateboard deck. The essential factors are the rider’s weight, the rider’s age, shape, and size of the deck (length and width). Also, that suits your skating style, and shoe size matters a lot when getting a comfortable ride.

A healthy tip for the pro riders is the weight of the coolest skate decks should be lightweight when it comes to doing tricks and advanced stunts. These are the compulsory factors that actually make the decision easier to pick the best one for you. We have experienced 200+ good skateboard decks. Many of them have come and disappeared. But still, there are some brands whose skateboard decks are ruling the market that we are gonna elaborate on to provide you with high-quality material and proficient decks.

The Skateboard decks are mostly made of glue and wood (plywood). After experiencing 200+ goods, here we have nailed it down to the top 14 best skateboard decks that are durable and strong too. Also, fully supported and will provide you with snuggly and congenial riding. Here is the list of the top 3 and 14 best skateboard deck brands.

Top 3 Picks

Powell Peralta Skateboard deck

Powell Peralta Flight Deck

  • Stronger epoxy glue and fiberglass constructed skateboard deck
  • Recommended by professional skaters after experiencing this versatile deck for every style and level of riding
  • Perfect for every skater
  • Comes with warranty
  • Super strong
Bamboo skateboard deck

Bamboo Deck

  • A combo of bamboo and maple wood makes a deck ideal for every style
  • Solvent free inks
  • Enough flexibility to maneuver the board
  • Suitable for beginners as well as pro
Powell peralta skull deck

Powell Skull & Sword

  • 7 plies hard rock maple Competing with the bamboo and maple wood
  • Modern shape deck with better tricks performing opportunities
  • Flexibility and durability level always touches the sky
  • Best for all levels and styles of riders

14 Best Skateboard decks (Top And Lightest)

All the given 14 Best skateboard decks have been chosen after using them for a couple of months by the team of senior skateboarders. This is done to check which brand’s skateboard deck suits every style and level of riding. Also, how long will it go if the beginner or the pro uses it? And we have got this versatile quality in the mentioned skateboard decks.

Further, we have given the top 3 skateboard decks above on the basis of quality and versatility. And these top 3 best skateboard decks fulfill every style and level of rider’s requirements. Just get one of them and enjoy the desired riding.

Image Product & Quality Details   Price
powell-peralta-flight-deck-2-1 Powell Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck

Quality: Best Beginner and Pro Skateboard Deck
Design: Unique and attractive design
Benefits: Perfect for every style and level of a skateboarder with huge life
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bamboo-2nd-number-1 Bamboo Skateboard Deck

Quality: Most durable skateboard decks
Colors and Designs:  Different colors and designs are available
Benefits: Super strong and best for beginners and pro
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powel-peralta-skull-1-1 Powel Peralta skull and sword deck

Quality: strongest skateboard deck
Color: Multiple colors are there
Benefits: Can take you ahead in skating as more as you want to with strength and longevity
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vision-originoal-1 Vision Reissue Skateboard Deck

Quality: early 2000s versatile skateboard deck
Color: A couple of different colors are given
Benefits: Modern truck hole pattern and modern concave creates ease in performing tricks
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cordlessblower Loaded Tesseract Skateboard Deck

Quality: best skateboard deck for tricks
Color: Given is the color with a beautiful design
Benefits: Helps the longboarders to cruise downhill and freestyle riding with breathtaking speed
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moose skateboard deck Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Quality: best decks for skating
Color: Dissimilar and eye-catching colors are available
Benefits: Best for those who love to do stunts at a higher level
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enjoi-deck-1 Enjoi Skateboard Deck

Quality: best skateboard deck for pop
Color And Design: Amazing choices are there whether you take the colors or stunning designs
Benefits: Best pop and concave deck with lightweight and durability
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cordlessblower Cal 7 Skateboard Deck

Quality: popsicle skateboard deck
Color: Multiple colors are given, and can be chosen as per the requirement
Benefits: Popsicle shape with medium concavity.
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baker-real-deck-1 Baker Skateboard Deck

Quality: long-lasting skateboard decks
Color: It has offered you only one color
Benefits: You don’t need to buy the different dec for dissimilar styles as it fulfills everything
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5-blank-decks-2 5 Pro Skateboard Decks Blank

Quality: best cheap skateboard deck in bulk

Color: A lot of colors choices are there with 5 pro decks
Benefits: Super strong and this suits every style as well
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npet-blank-deck-1 NPET Blank Deck

Quality: double kick Canadian maple skateboard deck
Color: Blank skateboard deck
Benefits: Every rider can use it without having fear of breaking. Amazingly, it bears 200 kg.
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anti-hero-deck-1 Anti Hero Classic deck

Quality: iconic skateboard decks
Color: Only one color and design are available
Benefits: Ridden this for 3 months but the quality remains the same, can be used for every type of skating
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bamboo-last-one Bamboo Graphic skateboard deck

Quality: best skate deck
Color and Designs: Several colors and designs are available
Note: Amazingly strong and suits every style of riding as well
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stoked-ride-deck-1 The stoked ride skateboard deck

Quality: Most Popular quality skateboard decks
Color: Stoked has provided you with multiple colors to choose
Benefits: It has got the double kick and popsicle design
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1-Powel Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck

Powell peralta flight deck

Specifications: Best for all level & style skaters

  • Epoxy glue and fiberglass constructed skateboard deck
  • Recommended for every style and level of skater by professional riders after experiencing this versatile deck
  • Extremely suitable for every kind of skateboarding
  • Comes with warranty
  • Super strong

Powell Peralta produces according to the buyer’s demand and the flight skateboard deck is one of their best products. As we have seen many skateboard cracks because of their inflexibility. But this brand’s product is completely for those who are fed up with breaking their boards.

And re-gripping after using a month. Because you don’t need to regrip when you have this brand product. Also, It will be perfectly suitable for those who love to do tricks because it can bear the pressure flips so easily.

The deck is thinner and longer-lasting. It’s also made for those who are wishing to enhance their skills in skating because it is made of 7-ply maple wood. You can perform better flipping and slinking down the stairs in 7-ply maple wood than normal 7-plies. Pretty fancy graphics on the board make it look beautiful.

Powell flight deck before and after

There is no excuse left to purchase this product except for the price. But if you ask me then I will be recommending you purchase it. Because you are getting so many qualities at a reasonable price.

As we all know we need those skateboard decks which don’t break and enhance our interest while skating. This deck is manufactured to assist beginners in learning this skill. Or making the tricks easy for trick performers.



  • Flexibility and durability
  • Lightweight and thinner
  • Fancy graphics
  • endless pop and concave
  • You don’t need to do re-gripping
  • comes with warranty
  • A little bit higher price

2- Bamboo Skateboard Deck

Bamboo deck

Specifications: Best for street skating

  • 6 plies premium quality bamboo and maple wood constructed deck
  • Reverse psychology design with deep concave for easy control while performing
  • Multiple sizes are given: 7.75″*31.5″, 8″*31.75″, and 8.25″* 32″
  • Great snap and tons of pop
  • Suitable for every level and style of riding

It doesn’t matter what your riding style and level are, this bamboo graphic skateboard deck will help you in learning. And controlling overriding as a beginner or a pro. While on the other hand, it will help in doing ollies and some amazing tricks for skilled riders.

When I was riding, I personally realized that it is actually designed for all-level skaters. And is available in different sizes as you can select according to your requirements. I found the deck lightweight and easy to perform some skills.

Bamboo deck before and after

The deck is made of pure quality 6 plies bamboo and maple wood that improves stability. And makes sure the riders that it will remain long with sustainable quality. The graphics and the design are amazing.

Which makes it more beautiful and the quality obviously lies already. The bamboo skateboard deck resists cracks and provides you more comfort in doing top performance. This item has been made with bamboo and maple.

The concave shape is deep which actually helps the skaters to strive pressure on the edges. Also, makes some unbelievable tricks easier. And provides control while turning the board which makes it more unique.

The mixture of bamboo and maple material importance is known by experienced skaters and it’s a perfect material to start your skating career. Or enhance your skateboarding skills by riding this amazing board. They are offering multiple sizes on their page you can select over there.



  • Bamboo and maple-made deck fulfills every rider’s requirement
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Very good pop and great snap
  • deep concave
  • Affordable
  • There is no flaw

3- Powell Peralta Skull and Sword Deck

Powell peralta skull deck

Specifications: Coolest skateboard decks

  • The deck has the construction of premium quality 7 plies hard rock maple that gives tough competition to wood-made products
  • Comes in multiple sizes and different colors
  • Modern shape deck for beginners and pro riders
  • The graphics have killer looks
  • Skateboard comes with free grip tape

As I have experienced a lot of skateboards throughout my career. But when I used the Powell Peralta skull and sword deck, I found it very beneficial. As it is perfectly made for kids, beginners, and obviously for skilled riders.

You can ask anyone who used to skate their skateboard decks back in the 1990s. Because he must have enjoyed it a lot as my father used to skate in that era. You can’t get the sturdiest, most durable, and long lasted deck anywhere in the world. Although, there are many manufacturers who make epics. But this brand has always produced amazing products.

Powell skull and sword before and after

The graphics on the board are attractive as well as the quality of the deck. Another thing that I found is that it’s more beneficial for smooth roads rather than rough roads. When I was riding their board I felt it was very comfortable and lightweight.

And these qualities were pushing me to do flips. Doing flipping and advancing tricks isn’t an easy task until the components like the best skateboard bearings, wheels, trucks, and the material used are good.

I have ridden this for 7 months and the most important thing which surprised me was the quality of the deck. It remained the same even after using it for 7 months. These kinds of qualities of course provoke every style of the skater to go for a product. This one has lasted for 2 years and other components that I purchased from other brands got failed and had to change.



  • Provides quality at a reasonable price.
  • Made of premium quality material.
  • Lightweight and durable Deck.
  • Strong construction
  • incredible flexibility
  • None

4- Vision Reissue Skateboard Deck

Vision reissue deck

Specifications: Coolest skateboard designs

  • The reissue skateboard deck is optimized and better than the previous versions
  • The wheelbase of 15″
  • It’s 30″ long and 10″ wide with low concavity
  • Fancy and captivating board graphics
  • Recommended more for the beginners

There are many brands that have been working since 1980. And vision is one of them that is still around in the market. Having been in the market for more than 40 years indicates that they are delivering high-quality boards. They are offering high-quality best skateboard decks that are made in the USA but not originals from that time.

As changes have been made to their skateboards according to the demand of the era. This makes it perfect and creates an easiness for the riders to do cruising with the best cruiser boards or do an ollie. As it has a modern truck hole pattern and modern concave.

There are many riders who still ride and used to ride back in the 1980s vision board. Now they recommend their own children to skate on the vision board too. This board is best for beginners who feel difficulty balancing their feet on the board. Because it contains an extra-wide base.

This skateboard does not include grip tape. if you are a beginner or tricks skater and quality preferer over price. Then your priority should be vision as the quality lies in the deck and can satisfy every skating style.



  • high-quality material made in the USA
  • still around the market from 1980
  • nice concave and modern hole truck pattern
  • an extra-wide base
  • Little bit expensive
  • skateboards do not include grip tape

5- Loaded Bamboo Skateboard Deck

Loaded bamboo deck

Specifications: Best for tricks and transition

  • This skateboard deck is constructed with highly efficient and eco-conscious bamboo material
  • Asymmetrical and w concave shape has everything that any rider requires
  • Size: 39″*9.5″
  • It’s versatile with great pop and a good balance of flex
  • Wheelbase: 24.5-26″

loaded boards tesseract is an outstanding deck company that only provides quality skateboards deck. And is created for freestyle riding. What does that mean? that means the riders successfully performed technical tricks and flips on the flat ground easily.

This board isn’t only for freestyle riding but it is also suitable for riding down the hill and running unbelievably fast. Please note if you are a beginner and don’t know about skating then you shouldn’t go riding down the hill. Because it runs very fast and may cause injury to you.

This board suits perfectly the riders who love to perform tricks, ollies, and sliding because of its symmetrical shape and kick tails. There is another add-on for the sliding performers during skating that is wide and tall mellow concave. Which creates an easiness during carving and sliding.

The deck is super durable and lightweight as it is made of dual bamboo cores with layers of basalt fabric. And provides balanced flex with pop for dynamic rides. When I tried it, I enjoyed it a lot while skating on their board. Because it has all qualities which every beginner and pro wants in a deck. This one is really good for everything.



  • strong and lightweight
  • perfect for freestyle and downhill riding
  • unbelievably fast
  • symmetrical shape and kick tails
  • prevent abrasive damage
  • Expensive but worth it

6- Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Specifications: top skateboard decks

  • 7 plies pure Canadian maple wood constructed deck with stronger industrial grip
  • Flexibility prevents it from breaking while facing hard impacts or landing after tricks
  • The deck has a medium concave
  • Multiple sizes and colors are offered in both dipped and stained

This skateboard deck is made of 100% quality Canadian maple wood. That not only makes the deck lightest but also offers amazing strength and rigidity to resist bitter impacts. This is more suitable for beginners who wanna learn how to push, turn and stop the skateboard. Because without understanding these skills you shouldn’t go for any tricks.

This board makes the tricks easier and more controllable. And increases the pop as it has medium and steep concave. Moose offers multiple colors and sizes ranging from 7.0-8.75 inches giving easiness to the skaters to choose the right one. The reviewed deck will be blank to show your graphical skills and you can make it more attractive.

The deck is more suitable for street skating and also for medium-level tricks performers. We can’t recommend this one to those who love to do higher stunts. As it’s not flexible and durable enough to resist extreme stunts. If you are gonna learn and don’t want to spend more, then our recommendation would be Moose blank. Because this is reliable, affordable, and flexible enough for beginners.



  • 100% Canadian maple wood constructed deck
  • available in multiple colors and different sizes
  • best for beginners
  • perfect for street and park skating
  • affordable price
  • Not recommended for high-stunt skaters

7- Enjoi Skateboard deck

Enjoi deck

Specifications: famous all-purpose skateboard decks

  • The deck is made with traditional and quality 7 plies maple wood material
  • A popsicle shape with better concave
  • Available in various sizes ranging from 7.75″ widths to 9″
  • Multiple colors are offered with super-looking branded graphics
  • Every age rider can get the required size

Looking for a top-rated skateboard dec? Then this brand won’t disappoint you at all. Whether you are a struggler or an intermediate. They have designed their board in a way for everyone to enjoy their skateboard deck.

There is nothing better than to get a suitable and quality one. And you can complete your favorite movements through this board. It has good pop and doing ollies on this board will be interesting.

When I experienced it, I found that even after doing a lot of tricks this board has also a huge life. The board is lightweight and durable. With the steeper nose, the deck has mild concave which provides a lot of pop to riders. It is made of 7 plies hard rock maple which makes it more sturdy than normal decks.

Another admirable thing is that they are providing multiple sizes which range from 7.75 to 9 inches. This means 8 year old can also skate this best one with multiple styles. And a 100% quality material deck at a reasonable cost. So, our recommendations are for every level skater.



  • Easy to carry and perform tricks with lightweight and durable
  • made of 7 plies hard rock maple
  • Nice pop and concave
  • multiple sizes and styles are available
  • perfect for any level skater
  • there is no grip tape for this deck

8- Cal 7 Skateboard Deck

Cal 7 deck

Specifications: best looking skateboard decks

  • Classy popsicle shape and symmetrical design
  • 7 plies Chinese maple constructed deck
  • Offers medium concave
  • Multiple sizes are given(7.75″ widths to 8.5″) with different colors
  • Grip tape is included

CAL 7 has designed this deck for all skaters whether they are beginners or advanced. As it is made of 7 plies maple with the classic popsicle shape and medium concave. This is super durable and completely suitable for street skaters, park skaters, and trick performers. Its width is 8 inches which always makes expert skaters perform transition terrain easily.

To all the tricks lovers, the snap and the pop I got were amazing when I skated this deck. It’s a perfect deck for smooth skating! why? because it is designed with high-grade hardware that doesn’t provide only a smoother ride. But also provides support and makes your board controllable while skating.

This brand is giving more colors and sizes from 7.75-8.5 inch widths with awesome graphics. That makes it easy for the skaters to take the decision about their favorite style and complete size. As far as I did experience by myself, I was 90 kg and had no problem with this best one. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly efficient deck, Cal 7 is recommended.

Cal 7 before and after 6 months of hard riding



  • A high-grade hardware-designed deck
  • made of 7 plies of Chinese maple wood
  • available in various sizes and colors
  • the medium concave and popsicle shape
  • grip tape is included with the deck
  • Affordable
  • won’t remain for long

9- Baker Skateboard deck

Baker deck

Specifications: good skateboard deck

  • A lightweight and lively 7 plies maple wood-made deck
  • Moderate concave with a steeper nose
  • Size:8.25″*31.875″
  • Provides quick pop for maneuverability

Baker brand has made this deck for those who want to have it for a long time with a lightweight. Because the construction is done with 7 plies of maple wood. Which makes it strong and durable.

Also, provides you with a better grip on your feet. The size of the deck is 8.25″ in width and 31.875″ in length. It ensures all level riders have it for their level of ride.

It keeps a modern concave that provides more strength while doing flips and tricks. And the steeper nose gives more and quicker pop. The graphics on the deck is astonishing and a kind of advantage for those who wanna give it as a gift to their dear ones or relatives. And the Baker logo on the board makes the overall look aesthetic.

I had performed many tricks and never got a scratch. This proves the quality of this good. For me, whether you are a starter or a master, quality will always be the first priority to have the best ride. Just spend some bucks to get a long-lasting and quality skateboard deck.



  • 7 plies maple construction
  • made for all level riders
  • moderate concave and steeper nose
  • gives very good pop
  • Only one color and size are available
Check on Amazon

10- 5 Pro Blank Skateboard Decks

Blank set 5 decks

Specifications: cheapest skateboard decks

  • 100% Canadian maple wood-made deck
  • Modern concave design
  • Offers a lot of pop with a steep nose and tail
  • Available in several sizes with alluring colors

By choosing this brand, you would have a lot of colors and sizes options to have your favorite one. When they started to sell this deck, they got some complaints about the material. And they told their manufacturer to make it as perfect as our buyers want. They have brought a lot of improvements to this deck only to make it available for all skating styles. It is 7 plies Canadian maple constructed.

it has got a steeper nose and tail and the modern concave that provides great pop. Also provides stability and makes it suitable for all-level skaters. Well, they are offering multiple sizes that ensure all the age riders have your perfect size with the quality too. So, getting low quality will always result in delamination that down your confidence, especially as a beginner.

if you are less on a budget and don’t have extra bucks to spend, then there is no better option than this in the market. The material has a good capacity to withstand enough weight that not only fits all-age skaters but healthy skaters as well.



  • strong and durable deck
  • perfect for all ages and levels of skaters
  • multiple colors and sizes are available
  • it has a good grip
  • Lucrative in bulk
  • set of 5 skateboard deck
  • there are no graphics

11- NPET Blank Skateboard Deck

NPET blank deck

Specifications: Lightest skateboard decks

  • 100% pure Canadian maple wood made a deck with natural color
  • Classic double kick concave shape
  • Size: 8.25″*31″
  • 200 kg can bear this good, which is huge

if you are looking for an all-rounder deck that helps you in performing technical tricks and cruising, then NPET is the best choice to go for it. It has construction of 7 plies quality Canadian maple material which guarantees the rider that it will be strong and long-lasted. This provides a smooth ride as the softwood is used and sturdy as well.

Besides the quality, it has got another beauty than other fun skateboard decks is that it can bear a weight of 200 kg which means a lot. The double kick with a medium concave shape offers to do a large number of tricks and provides much pop from the nose and tail concavity. To get this one, you will find a more stable and grippy ride.

This brand is giving the opportunity to painters and drawing experts. Because the deck comes blank so that you can show your painting and graphic skills. As far as the ground is concerned, it has performed amazingly in streets and parks. And found it completely for every type of skater. They have offered a couple of sizes to have an affordable and perfect one according to your shoe size.



  • 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood deck
  • Support weight to 220 lbs
  • The board is lightweight and compact
  • double kick concave design
  • Eye-catchy in graphics on the board
  • available at a very affordable price
  • Need to clean the deck after a month

12- Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Deck

Specifications: best skateboard deck designs

  • Another Canadian maple-manufactured deck shows the quality of the product
  • The 32″ long deck is come up with multiple options of widths: 7.3″, 7.75″, 8.38″, and 8.50″
  • Perfect for all levels and styles of skates with stunning pop
  • You’re rewarded with free grip tape along the good

Another super durable 7 plies Canadian maple constructed deck. But the beauty of this brand is its uniqueness. And iconic eagle graphic on the downside of the product.

This gives a captivating and alluring look to this deck. It has a modern concavity that helps the experts to do flips and tricks. One thing I realized while riding is that I used to do slides so easily and no scratches were seen.

I had skated this for 3 months and applied it to all levels of skating. But never found any flaw and it had been used for a year. Enough concave provides ease while carving and found it more suitable for street and park skating. So, getting the best quality isn’t less than getting a free treat from friends and family.

Multiple colors and sizes have been offered by them to solve the problem of every age skater. And the free best grip tape will be provided with the deck as well. if you are a beginner or a master, I would personally recommend this to every age and every level of skater.



  • 7 layers of Canadian maple deck
  • modern concave
  • sturdy and longlasting
  • free grip tape along the deck
  • made for all skateboarding type
  • multiple colors and sizes are available
  • Not Found

13- Bamboo Graphic Deck

Bamboo graphics deck

Specifications: Best Beginner skateboard deck

  • An ideal material of bamboo and maple wood ensures the rider to use it for any style of riding without any fear of breaking it
  • Most durable and long-lasting deck
  • Deep concave with excellent pop
  • Sizes are 7.75″*32″, 8″*32″, and 8.25″*32″
  • The wheelbases respectively are 14″, 14″, and 14.5″

If you are someone who does the tricks most and wanna have more pop in the deck, bamboo is bringing off your requirements. And providing you with a customized deck to have required riding. The bamboo and maple skateboard decks have always the ability to be lightweight. And you can take it easily to your desired place where you can show your skills. And it can bear the fatty riders.

The 6 plies of bamboo and maple deck are also known for their shock-absorbent which means will be protected from cracking. The medium concavity makes sure every type of skater skates it according to your requirements. The attractive sunshine graphics on it make it overall look amazing.

They are providing multiple colors with different sizes to make it possible for everyone to skate their quality decks. And this mixture of the material makes it sustainable and maintains its strength as well. So, I would highly recommend this blending material to everyone to enjoy this mixture material product.



  • 6 plies bamboo and maple constructed skateboard deck
  • strong, flexible, and yet a lightweight deck
  • the fancy sunshine graphics look
  • multiple colors and different sizes are offered
  • suitable for every type of skating
  • good concave and more pop
  • grip tape is not included

14- Stoked Ride Blank Deck

Stoked ride deck

Specifications: pro skateboard deck

  • Another Canadian 7 plies maple wood manufactured deck
  • Double kick popsicle shape with medium concavity
  • Given sizes are: The length includes only 32″ but widths are 7.5″, 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″, and 8.5″
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals

I really personally like those brands that have a lot of experience in the skateboarding industry. Because they provide optimized decks by realizing the flaws and mistakes in the product which makes it more interesting. And Stoked ride shop is one of them with 12 years of experience and providing quality to their customers.

The deck is 100% Canadian maple with 7 layers of construction that haven’t left any deficiency while making it flexible and hard yet lightweight. It is designed for every type of skateboarding whether you are gonna learn or wanna perform tricks. They have established their name while providing quality decks at an affordable price. Because they want every passionate skater to learn whether you have a less budget.

It has a double kick and a popsicle modern design that suits technical skaters. And performs best for street and park skating. This brand is also offering multiple colors and sizes to make it possible for all age riders to have quality ones. They are not providing grip tape along the skateboard deck. So, you will need to purchase this separately from other compulsory components.



  • flexible and lightweight deck
  • double kick and popsicle shape
  • multiple sizes and colors are offered
  • quality at less price
  • multiple sizes are available
  • You have to buy grip tape separately

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Skateboard Decks

skateboard decks

Buying guide has included the types and sizes of the best skateboard decks. Also, all the concave shapes with detail and the construction of the skateboard deck.

Skateboard Deck Types

There are many brands in the market that provide different sizes and shapes. And every brand is famous because of its uniqueness. here are the four major categories of skateboard decks.

Deck shapes
  • Popsicle Deck (Standard)

This deck is also called a standard deck and has more popularity than other designs. Because the popsicle is a modern skateboard deck design. This is considered to be ideal for street skating and ramp skating.

It provides you concaved nose and tail which brings ease for the riders to perform ollies and tricks. This kind of design is mostly made for tricks. Well, popsicle skateboards are a little bit hard to ride for beginners and hard to control as they are smaller compared to longboards.

  • Shaped Decks

The Shaped deck design differs from the standard popsicle decks. This design has also got some popularity among the other designs and is available in varieties in the market. Some tricks are not possible to perform on these kinds of decks.

As their cut designs and wider nose are more than popsicles. So performing tricks on the nose of the board will be harder due to their design. These kinds of designs are for most experienced skaters.

  • Longboard Decks

As the name is showing the longboard is a larger deck and longer than any skateboard. Because this kind of deck starts from 34 inches. These boards are used for cruising and racing down the hill.

The reason is they run faster than any skateboard due to their wheel size. These boards are more suitable for those who just want for cruising long distances, for the purpose of transportation, racing, and doing some tricks.

  • Cruiser Decks

These decks are mostly designed for streets cruising short distances. They are a mixture of pro decks and longboard decks. It can be longer than the standard skateboard deck but will be shorter than the longboard. But the cruiser boards are wider to provide stability and comfort while riding.

While performing tricks on the cruiser board, you may face difficulty. Because these board wheels are heavier and sticky. So it becomes difficult for the riders to get the board off the ground.

  • Shortboard Decks

These decks are perfectly suitable for those who have an interest in performing tricks and street skating or park skating. if you are a trick performer then these types of boards are waiting for you.

DECK SIZES And Information About Every Part

skateboard deck information

Well, this is one of the most important parts before considering any deck. Selecting the best size deck for yourself will make a huge impact on your riding skills. And will give you comfort while standing on the board and adjusting your feet and all the stuff. So choosing a suitable size is the most important point to consider.

  • Length

The length which is measured from the nose to the tail of the deck is called the skateboard deck length. It usually ranges from 28″ to 32″. There are also bigger boards of this length which are called longboards.

Why choosing the right length is important? Because you might be someone who loves to perform some tricks. And you are the one who likes only cruising and transportation.

  • Width
deck sizes

The width of the decks mostly ranges from 7.5″ to 8.75″. All skateboarders choose the decks according to their personal passion and skills. Most park skaters prefer wider boards for stability.

But it doesn’t mean that it has more stability and won’t be lightweight. I have mentioned some brands that have good stability and lightweight skateboard decks too. Street skaters prefer narrower boards to perform tricks.

  • Wheelbase

The wheelbase of the skateboard deck can be defined as the distance between two closer sets of mounting holes for trucks(which are near the center point) is called the wheelbase. Its ranges from 13″ to 15″ but it depends upon the skater’s height and shoe size. If you are a small guy, a smaller wheelbase will be more comfortable and for the larger guy, a wider wheelbase will be preferable.

  • Nose And Tail

The front kicktail is called the nose of the deck. And the back kicktail is called the tail of the deck. if you are new to skateboarding, you can face difficulties. But you can find by this method that the nose will be slightly bigger than the tail and the tail will be slightly smaller than the nose.

  • Mounting Holes

The holes where the skateboard trucks are attached are called mounting holes. Some skateboard decks have only one hole set and some have multiple hole sets.

  • Rails

The deck rails are actually the guard rails that not only prevent the riders from falling but also offer control and comfort in sliding. The rounded bails make the tricks easier for the skaters.

  • E F P

EFP stands for effective foot platform which is basically the area where you stand to control your board and the center area of the board.

  • Ply

A deck that is made of multiple layers of wood is called a ply. These layers of wood make the deck more strong and more durable compared to any piece of wood. The decks are not made of more than 9 plies.


  • Radial Concave

Radial concave is a U-shaped curve deck and that is the most common concave in all types of skateboarding. Many brands use this type of concave because it provides excellent foot grip.

  • Progressive Concave

you can say that this concave shape is an extension of radial concave. And it provides a higher foot grip while performing tricks and stability on their decks. Because the end of the board is a steeper incline.

  • W Concave

Well, the word W is showing the concavity of the deck. This type of deck provides an extra foot grip. An extra curve shifts the energy to the toes and makes the turn fast and board-responsive.

  • Tub

This concave is also called flat-concave and is more similar to radial concave. It provides you with a mellower ride as it keeps your feet flatter because it has sharper rails.

  • Asymmetrical

This concave will shift its power and more control to your heels and turn your board sharp and easily.

  • Convex

Well, this type of shape is totally for those who are experienced in down-the-hill skating. Or passionate about downhill racing as it has upward facing arch in the middle.

Well, this type of shape is totally for those who are experienced in down-the-hill skating. Or passionate about downhill racing as it has upward facing arch in the middle.

Recommended Deck Sizes For Heights

Height Of SkateboarderDeck Sizes For Street SkatersDeck Sizes ForTransition Skaters
3.6ft 6.5” – 7”
7.5” or under
3.6ft-4.3ft7” – 7.2”
7. 75” – 8.1”
4.3ft-5.3ft7.3” – 7.75”
8.2” – 8.5”
Taller than 5.3ft7.8” to 8.5”
8.5” or higher


The camber and rocker actually show the position of the cure in the middle part of the skateboard. when the middle part of the board will be up, it would be known as the camber and when the middle part will be tilted down, it would be known as the rocker.


Before coming to my recommendations, I think one thing left that needs to be discussed. Which is the construction of a skateboard deck. I know it would be difficult for beginners to construct. Because I used to face a lot of difficulties while manufacturing it in my beginning days. But now have constructed and skated many best skateboard decks.

Maple wood is the material that is used mostly by manufacturers to make it lightweight, strong, and flexible as well. But some of the manufacturers use a blend of bamboo and maple wood to make it more sturdy, more lightweight, and weight bearable. The best thing about this material is you can have the required shapes without compromising on sturdiness.

some skateboard decks have used 7 plies and some 9 plies. And when these all ply pressed, makes a much stronger and more customized deck. Most importantly veneers are used to make it more durable and long-lasting.

To press the layers, a hydraulic press is used and all the parts of the deck like the tail, nose, and concave are made up when layers are pressed. After constructing it, holes are drilled for the truck. And then the deck shape is formed by the band saw. And all the other stuff like varnishing, polishing, and printing graphics before it gets ready to send to market.

Here is the video of how to make a skateboard deck.


The skateboard decks last depending on your riding style. Your skating level matters a lot too. The average skateboard deck lasts for 1 to 2 years.

You can’t decide on the deck size until you don’t know your foot size and your riding style. You should get 7.5″-8.25″ for technical tricks and if want to cruise, go for 8.5″ or above.

Final Thoughts

Indeed our team of skateboarders has chosen the Powell Peralta flight skateboard deck as a top choice. The reason is the versatility and longevity of this product. And the second reason is whatever your level and style of riding is, this deck is gonna assist you in every situation. And more importantly, beginners break it while learning because of no strength. But this one will take you as long as you would like.

We have rated the bamboo as the top 2nd skateboard deck. You can change their numbers by putting first to 2nd or 3rd. But you can’t let them go away from the top 3. Because bamboo has also got qualities that suit every stage and style of skater.

Powel Peralta’s skull and the sword have taken 3rd place in the list of our top 14 best skateboard decks. Again, its versatility helps every level of rider to get assistance in whatever type they want. It helps beginners to have safe and controlled riding. On the other hand, its design assists pro riders to perform tricks easily.

Indeed all 14 best skateboard decks meet the standard of every riding style. But some are extraordinary such as the top 3 decks. Now it’s time to get the deck that suits your riding. Importantly, before buying must read the buying guide to have suitable size skateboard decks. Otherwise, it would be difficult to have the required riding.

Best of Luck!

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