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Best Skateboard Brands

Something that can attract skaters to the brand is the quality of the skateboard. Because your overall performance in skateboarding depends on the board you are riding. Also, the professionalism you are showing while skating the board. As far as your level is concerned, you know better.

You must be good at it for a good skater. But one thing that can make your riding experience much better than your level is the skateboard. Which you get from the best skateboard brands. In 2023, you must be aware of some brands, if you love to have different types of skateboards.

Our team has gone through and tested some of the brand boards to find the skateboarding brands list. The list has been considered based on those brands that don’t only sell versatile and quality boards. Rather prefer affordability yet longevity. Never underestimate the judgment and specs analyzing power for having the best board.

Good Skateboard Brands

I have never been a skateboarder that recommends the best brands to consider for skateboards. But nowadays, several new brands are entered the skateboarding market. And some of them sell low-quality boards at high and reasonable prices.

Now, I think it’s better to buy the board from the best skateboard brands that at least sell high-quality and long-lasting skateboards. Even there are some brands that I mentioned below that provide cost-effective skateboards. Get the findings that we’ve found from our experience with all the top brand boards.

Image Brand Best For Price
Element-skateboard-brand Element Best For Overall Check Price
santa-cruz-skateboard-brand Santa Cruz Best For Beginners Check Price
powell-peralta-skateboard-brand Powell Peralta Best Professional Skateboard Brands Check Price
Enjoi-skateboard-brand-1 Enjoi Best For Long-lasting And Strength Check Price
Anti-hero-skateboard-brand Anti-Hero Best For Graphics Check Price
Almost-skateboard-brand Almost Best For Heavy Riders Check Price
Globe-skateboard-brand Globe Best For Kids Check Price

1- Element Skateboards- Good Skateboard Brands

Element skateboard brand

Whenever we choose a skateboard, we analyze a couple of essential things quality-wise. Endurance and the efficiency of the board are those two factors. And fortunately, Element isn’t only fulfilling these requirements. Rather you get the affordable feature as well.

  • Quality Of Deck

One of the best reasons for liking this brand is the quality of its skateboard decks. As the Thriftwood maple is used to construct the decks. This makes the deck more strong and more durable but not flexible as much as Powell Peralta decks. Besides the durability, I got their boards safe for turning and performing tricks.

I usually say that the quality of the skateboard remained the same after riding it aggressively for 6 months. Element skateboards are one of them because the air inside the board didn’t let it break for a half year. You get a lot of different colors and design options for skateboards. So, you can get your desired color or design.

  • Other components

The skateboard wheels and the bearings are made to entertain the rider for a long. Because the polyurethane material is used for the wheels and sometimes the unique urethane formula for the rollers. That makes the vehicles durable and the ceramic bearings make it a perfect combination to help the wheels run faster and smoother.

You can get soft bushings or harder bushings. The bushings get decided on the basis of your weight. If you are putting on a lot of weight, better to get harder bushings. The trucks are outstanding because they assist the riders to take the curves smoothly.

  • Why You Should Get It?

I believe in paying one time for getting quality boards is much better than having cheaper boards that get broken after a month. Element skateboards are long-lasting and efficient whether you use them aggressively or normally. And all the components are made with high-quality materials to give the best experience.

2- Santa Cruz Skateboards- Best Skateboard Brand For Beginners

Santa cruz skateboard brand

If you love to perform technical tricks, Santa Cruz skateboards are the best choice for you. It makes the sliding and tricks effortless because of the design of the skateboard deck. Here are the deck features and the other components.

  • Quality Of Deck

Over 20 years of experience impressed me to consider the skateboard from Santa. But the quality of the skateboard deck has made me a regular customer. Because the 7-ply construction has always been up to the mark that any technical skater would love to have.

The unique quality of this deck is the sealing of graphics and the consistent 3D concave features at the bottom of the board. This has helped me a lot in doing the tricks easily.

  • Other Components

Urethane is the best material for skateboard wheels. And Santa is using high-rebound and durable materials for the construction of rollers. This makes the wheels more smooth and eligible for the long term.

On the other hand, the bearings perform a major role in smooth and speedy riding. You get everything from this brand whether it comes to trucks that hold up nicely. Or the bushings that assist in bearing the weight or turning the board.

  • Why You Should Get It

The best thing about this brand is that beginner can get their dreamy board. And can learn the ollies or slides within days. You might find it costly but a lot of quality and value for the money. And experienced skaters can show off their technical skills by utilizing the graphics and the concave feature.

3- Powell Peralta Skateboards- Popular Skateboard Brands

powell peralta skateboard brand

I admire this one of the most popular skateboard brands because of its quality construction. Throughout my 20 years of experience in skateboarding, I have never seen a deck as strong as Powell Perlat’s board. Even we passed the car and bike over the deck. Surprisingly, the deck touched the ground due to higher flexibility and strength but came back to the position.

  • Quality Of Deck

Fiber-reinforced deck structure ensures the rider has had this board for years. You can’t find the board anywhere else when it comes to strength and durability. This brand is providing warranty decks if you find any manufacturing defects. Another surprise that we get from them is the lightweight decks yet sturdy.

For the construction of the deck, maple and bamboo are used. The layers can vary as it depends on the brand. Mostly, the 7 decks are made with 7 layers. You get the double kick and deep extra concave. It helps all levels of riders to get the style done easily.

  • Other Components

Always noticed that the skateboard structure and setup have always been accurate. Whether we talk about the wheels and bearings. You get the hardness and ABEC rating according to the style of the board. The whole board seems lightweight and responsive whether someone performs ollies or cruises around the town.

  • Why You Should Get It

In the longer run, you should get this board. This famous skateboard brand will remain for years even riding it aggressively. Because the main strength of this brand is its sturdy construction. This is an absolutely recommended brand for any level and age of skateboarder. But it can be expensive for those who get the cheaper boards.

4- Enjoi Skateboards– Top Skateboard Brands

Enjoi skateboard brand

Another top skate brand that neither a beginner can miss nor an experienced skater. But you can choose the particular skateboard on the basis of your level and style. It’s been 20 years since Enjoi entered the skateboarding market and has earned enough reputation among skateboarders.

My Experience has been superb with the Enjoi skateboards as a professional skater. If you are a street or park skater, you will get highly efficient boards for technical skateboarding. Or find the board that makes your riding safer and more responsive.

  • Quality Of Deck

Enjoi constructs their skateboard decks from northern American maple wood. To make the decks stronger, epoxy resin glue is used to have long-lasting results. This wood is extraordinary because I have never seen scratches after doing a lot of sideways slides.

Usually, we see the scratches after a month or two. But these decks are made with high-quality material. You get the friendly and perfect concave with good sizes which assists every level of skaters. Start your riding with the Enjoi boards and get the best experience.

  • Other Components

The best experience doesn’t come with only having one quality part. Epic things are made with the perfection and suitability of every component. And I really enjoyed every bit of the moment when riding their board. Because the wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, and the trucks were up to the mark.

  • Why You Should Get It

It has got the same ability of a stronger board with durability as Powell Peralta. It’s confirmed that you are getting the long-lasting board at a reasonable price. And the skateboard won’t change shape after the hard riding too. The uniqueness of this brand is you get the big Panda logo on the board.

5- Anti-Hero Skateboard– Best Skateboard Brands For Adults

Anti hero skateboard brand

Anti Hero is one of the very few brands that provide quality as well as the best designs. Choosing aesthetic design has been a trend nowadays. Because individuals love to ride the board with a captivating design. Anti Hero prefers selling boards that are bigger in size a bit.

  • Quality Of Deck

This brand runs different series of boards and decks. Their skateboard decks are made with traditional maple wood. But when it comes to the concave shape, it offers a popsicle shape that let every level of rider ride this amazing shape. Their decks are made with high-quality wood for longer runs.

  • Other components

Surprisingly every Anti-Hero board is made with the exact quality wood. So, you can’t differentiate the board on the basis of quality. You will be needed to find a suitable size and style of skateboard. I would recommend this to beginners because it provides the best control. And the comfort I got was amazing because of the smoother wheels and trucks.

  • Why You Should Get It

You will have to consider this brand because their boards keep everything that an expert skater wants to have. Even I have seen a lot of beginners riding their boards with so much comfort. You can find any of the series’ expensive boards. But means a lot for the riders due to high quality and stunning designs.

6- Almost Skateboards- Best Quality Skateboard Brands

Almost skateboard brand

Another brand that prefers constructing their boards from Northern American Maple wood. The unique thing that I have analyzed while riding this board is the impact support yet lightweight. Besides the quality of the skateboard, we just can’t ignore this brand’s experience of 20 years in the market while selling the skateboards.

  • Quality Of Deck

Their decks are outstanding, these might be expensive compared to other brands. But assist every single rider to have it for years who break the board within a month. To ensure the longevity of skateboard decks, Almost provide different deck thickness options with the best pop. You must be surprised because you have seen the color and size options.

You get amazing impact support because of high-quality carbon fiber and resin glue with maple wood. Heavy riders can get their decks but I would suggest you get the best complete skateboard. Because a single deck can be costly. And the variety of designs shows the versatility of this brand.

  • Other components

As the skateboard deck is constructed with the best material. Similarly, all the components are made with standard material. Also, a good combination of urethane wheels and carbon steel bearings is used in their skateboards. And the tensor trucks that make your curves easy and smooth.

  • Why You Should Get It?

After the Powell Peralta deck’s durability, I would recommend getting the Almost skateboard decks. Because their decks are made with the standard material that even beats the Canadian maple wood. When it comes to having a complete skateboard, it costs you less than others.

You get the best pop to perform the ollies and other tricks. The beginners can have their safe riding on their boards. Heavy riders can really enjoy Almost skateboards.

7- Globe Skateboards

Globe skateboard brand

Globe is one of the brands that are famous for providing different styles of skateboards. The success of their skateboards is the use of strong materials. And the place where the boards are manufactured.

Globe constructs the boards in the DSM factory. I found one thing unique while analyzing the board was the wheel wells. These don’t let happen the wheel bite with the loose trucks. And it increases the life of the overall skateboard.

  • Quality Of Deck

Different materials are used for their dissimilar styles of skateboards. But the quality of material and manufacturing has always been their preference. As their boards are glued with epoxy resin to keep fastening the deck. That is the reason why their boards have got higher resistance and longevity.

Mostly the decks that are stronger contain heavy-weight. But the globe has brought sturdy boards with lighter weight as well as better reliability. You can get different types of skateboard decks that meet your style of skating.

  • Other components

The beauty of this brand is you get a piece of complementary equipment with any of the other components for increasing life. As they have used the wheel wells for some of their best skateboard wheels. Their wrapped and well-built trucks enhance the look of the downside. There will be different parts available and a complete board too.

  • Why You Should Get It

The skateboards are long-lasting and resist impacts without creating any problems. You find almost every style of the board there for choosing your required style. Again, I would suggest considering the full skateboard to avoid paying much higher for individual parts. As far as the level is concerned, everyone will get benefit from their skateboards. But there can be concave differences, so you have to select accordingly.

Buying Guide For Best Skateboard Brands

Our 20 years of experience would never let your skateboard down soon. Because we have mentioned the brands that we have experienced. But never consider the product by seeing the brand name. You should go for checking the material and the layers used for the skateboard, it’s essential.

How To Choose The Right Skateboard Brand?

There is no hard and fast rule for choosing the right skateboard. Some of the skaters attract by the rating and the number of reviews. Yes, this is a good way of analyzing the brand and its specific products. But the experience of riding different skateboards in particular is the thing that can choose the right brand.

Another thing is your style because some brands are famous for selling particular styles. So, you can narrow down the brands on the basis of your required styles. Also, look at how old they are in the market and their professionalism.

What Is The Best Skate Brand (2023)

The best skate brand is Powell Peralta. And if you ask our top 3 recommendations, Santa Cruz and the Element would be the best skateboard brands. Well, choosing the brand depends on the style. As people select the Globe brand when it comes to cruiser skateboards. But Powell Peralta is one of the pro skateboard brands for technical skaters and at the same time for beginners too.

Best Skateboard Deck Brands

Before deciding the best skateboard deck brands, we must be needed to go through a few of the steps to determine. First of all, the attribute that matters is how the deck will perform when it comes to your favorite style of riding. Secondly how long the deck will last? Also, the performance and the quality of the deck shouldn’t be less with the passage of time.

Obviously, the differences appear but shouldn’t be bigger. And I found these qualities in Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Element, Anti Hero, and many more. You will have a wonderful experience with these brand decks.

How To Buy A Skateboard From Best Brand?

When it comes to buying a skateboard from the best brand, you just need to inspect a few things. Because you can’t reach the desired board without these essential things. Let’s explore them one by one.

1- Your Age, Height, And Weight

Even before probing the quality of the board, you should analyze your age, height, and weight. So, when you ride the board, it helps you in executing your style successfully. For example, if you are a kid, you won’t be able to ride a board with a width of 8″. Similarly, it would be difficult for youngsters to ride smaller boards with a size of 7″. And if you are healthy, you would be needed a stronger deck with harder bushings for the best experience.

2- The Required Style

When you don’t have the right skateboard that suits your style of riding. You have wasted money buying the wrong one. Select the style first that you want to enjoy on the board.

Let’s suppose, you want to perform the tricks. Now you will be looking for the best skateboard brands for streets and park with the skateboard having good deep concave and better pop. Also, it must be lightweight to take off and stronger to bear the landings.

3- Analyze The Quality

Look at what material is used for the skateboard. If the board is made of maple or bamboo, you have found the best one. Although plastic is also doing well right now. And the deck must be constructed with at least 7 plies.

4- Assembled Or Not

If you are a beginner and less on budget, getting the assembled board would be the best decision. Because assembling the board can take you enough time. But those who love to gather the board, get this version.


The Powell Peralta and the Santa Cruz are the best brands for skateboarding. Because you find everything in their skateboards. For example, quality, longevity, balance, stability, performance, lightweight, and so on.

The best brand for beginners is Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, and Enjoi. Because these brands have got decades of experience. And know well which design and shape are gonna be better for beginners and pros.


Our list of best skateboard brands will help you in finding your favorite skateboard. That won’t only help you in having the best riding experience but also ride it for a year at least. Having the knowledge of brands will become a necessary part of choosing a decent skateboard. Because the number of brands is increasing day by day, everyone isn’t considering the quality. So, you will have to have knowledge of the best brands as well as how to choose them.

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